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 on: Today at 10:45:51 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Mim

< C-40 at 5,000 feet short finals approach to Florida>>

 "Buckle up folks, we're on approach to MacDill." A bland voice came over the speakers. Some slight turbulence was felt through the old 737 went through a cross wind coming out of the gulf.

 Bonnie looked at Jon, then at Bryan and the Colonel, she really didn't know what to say now because in a way both her and the Lieutenant could be considered as some kind of oddities, if other's of course knew. It had taken a lot to keep her little secret under wraps and she now felt obliged to do the same for Jon. She had to tell Bryan what she felt first. "Oh man, I am so sorry Bry, I mean like I had no idea myself as all I remembered was the last moments when I pulled a guy out and that was it. I think it was nearly 3 months before they even woke me, so yeah..." She sniffed, she still wasn't able to make tears even though she felt the emotion of crying. "...I feel shafted to."

 Then she shifted in her seat again to face Jon and the Colonel behind her. "ElTee, you know man I had this gut feeling. Call it woman's intuition or whatever you like but somehow I felt strange when we first met. Like I was feeling deja vu, even though I'd never met you or the General back then as I was still a rookie learning my craft. But you know what, we are a team and well as a team I think we have to watch over and protect one another don't we? Your secret is safe with me, all of us, right Bry, Colonel?" Then she laughed. "Terminator eh? and a smart Clone, don't forget we also have the best mechanic in any Galaxy Bryan Walker, so if either of us break down we know who to call!"

 on: Today at 09:44:33 PM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Troy
Captain Uberti and Admiral Shran

The Admiral's antennae moved forward as he listened to Captain Hernandez.   

"The Columbia is your ship Captain. I'm keen to keep it that way. I'm happy to provide advice, but am not going to take command. As for upgrades, I see your point. Our ships could use a bit more punch. My only concern is the unfamiliarity of the technology. Captain Uberti what's your take on this?"

He was grateful to Shran for deferring to his judgement. Some flag officers charged in without assessing the situation.

"Sounds like a plan. If we had a fleet of NX-Refits at the start of the War, we would have beaten back the Romulans faster. Now we're facing an unknown threat that's seemingly very powerful. Ensign Pyvom has proven himself quite skilled at linguistics, so I'll make sure he joins the Away team to the alien ship. Hopefully we have time to dial in any additional weapon systems installed. I know the NX class could function in suborbital flight, not sure how well the refit does."

 on: Today at 09:21:18 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

Walter stood up two lone SG team members came through the Gate, it was SG4. He spoke into the PA. "Welcome back SG4, I don't see Colonel Ovcharenko or Squadron Leader MacGregor? Have they been delayed?"

 on: Today at 08:59:22 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by sorra

Just what was Albert talking about?  Did their little team have a whole lot of secrets?   He knew a little of what Bonnie was going to say, but not nearly enough of the story.  Why hadn't he been called when she was on death row? They were family just not by blood.

"Speedy?" He asked softly, reaching over to squeeze her hand.  "Why didn't you ever tell Me? I am so sorry I wasn't there for you.  I had no idea you were knocking at death's door." His throat clogged a bit as he struggled with his emotions   he could have lost her so easily.   They were certainly going to have a long talk as soon as they were alive. 

He blinked in shock as Jon told his story, glancing at Reynolds.   He was guessing Reynolds knew the story already.  He fell back in his seat, his hand still entwined with Bonnie's.  "So our team consists of a terminator I don't want to tick off and probably the smartest clone to walk the earth? Anything else we should know?" He asked, glancing around.

 on: Today at 08:47:10 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra
Flynn was grateful to give up her packs.  Except her laptop of course.  She nodded.  "That sounds great.  I could certainly go for some food and downtime."

 on: Today at 08:45:25 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra

Taleeya glanced over at Vala.  This all sounded very interesting.   "I look forward to that conversation, " she whispered back.  She was liking how Vala kept filling her in on things.   She turned her attention back to the screen, studying the pictures.  "So do we know what exactly we're looking for?" She asked.

 on: Today at 08:16:44 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Troy
Nodding in gratitude to the Airmen who came to move the extra gear, William responded to Flynn's comment.

"This has been quite the mission. Assuming we don't get pulled in for a debriefing, want to meet up in the messhall in half an hour? Grab some food and decompress."

 on: Today at 07:16:52 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Ellen_Ripley
I will apologise now for my post in the gateroom, i do not know anything about this stuff so i made it up, as you will see, if someone thinks it needs amending please let me know.

Why did i pick these  two peeps   when i know sod all about anything smart?

Don't underestimate yourself Julie, you are doing one of the best impressions of both characters I have seen in RPG for a very long time. Well done!

 on: Today at 07:15:23 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Ellen_Ripley
Yeh Felger would be great.
Would want carter to be in charge of the SGC.
Bratac and Tealc can bring in some new Jaffa trainees and one joins the SGC with their blessing. I would say new characters would be preferred but perhaps hailey could be at the SGC yeah.

The Goa’uld will return to destroy the Earth.

They're gone, dead, I highly doubt any real chance of Stargate returning would be re-hashing old enemies.

 on: Today at 07:13:08 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Ellen_Ripley
Given that the CVN's are around as quoted 330m and have a compliment of 5,000+ I do think that 225m length is quite feasible for the 304's. They do only carry 16 aircraft and a very much smaller crew, so it makes sense to me.

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