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 on: Today at 11:09:34 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 *River back to camp*

 With Ruffles getting anxious about the smoke, he somehow found comfort in standing next to his former enemy. Dogs were weird like that, once a canine was defeated in battle they could easily become good chums after that with the victor taking on the role of mentor to the vanquished. The only thing was neither animal's tails were wagging when they should be, the heads were hung low and that was for one single primal reason, all animals feared fires, more so wild fires. "Well um er, with all due respect ma'ams. While ya'all are discussing the finer points of who is the winner or not, we're not going to get far thataway." Kayla pointed directly into the fire where the trail was absorbed by flames.

"She's right, so I guess while you figure it out, we might as well get wet...again." Not that either her or Kayla had dried out at this point. "We can follow the river along from this side, but half way between is a large boulder that you can only get passed by going into the water as grown into the trees, or rather the trees have grown into it."

 Cate wasn't the throw your hands in the air type of woman. She might have her arms cut off and she'd still find a way to fight back. "As we say don't count your chickens until they've hatched." She knew quite well if this woman intended to use the Stargate, that might prove difficult with the DHD knocked out. Cate could fix it, but not until the fire died down. "I suggest we do as they say, or we will have to break out the sun block and I am so over the summer tan look. I think for now we call a truce and get the truck out of here don't you?" One thing she wasn't going to do was have her at her back, Cate gently nudged the Goa'uld towards the river bank on this side. "Kayla, leads us out and be quick about it. Khoury take six and I'll be in the high diddle diddle with our friend here." She shot her a glance. "By the way, since I know all the remaining Goa'uld, some personally, I don't know you do I? You may know my name though if you've hung around the old water cooler at any time, Cate MacGregor; your lot tend to call me a lot of things, but I like the Angel of Death the most. Kinda has a nice ring to it doesn't it?" An absurd reputation really, she had only killed two Goa'uld and they were minor, but she had died for all free living beings, not once but twice.

 *Near Camp*

 Not being easily startled, well not always. James feigned complete innocence on that score when Kylee turned up out of nowhere. "Luck kid, pure luck. This thing.." He slapped the barrel of the AT-4 making it ring. "...isn't designed for that. It's an artillery piece, not anti-aircraft. But I figured that one or two others have done it, so why not. I might start a trend maybe. " He offered her his canteen as he stood. "Fire's gonna sweep through this area shortly, we'd better get back into the camp, Cate...hold on." As he walked towards the trees he called on his radio again. "Commander how you all doing there?" It would be just too obvious if he received no reply.

 "Making our way back to camp Fox with a guest, break out the new china. We'll reach you in less than ten." Came the reply.

 "Copy that." He waited a moment. "You know, something is making the hair on my neck stand up, or would if I had any. I have a bad feeling." James led Kylee back to camp, talking as they went. "I just saw that through the haze, you've got some moves girl. Are you alright? I mean jumping from a moving car is one thing, jumping from a Al-Kesh on its way down is something else again."



 <In Orbit>

 By this time Ba'al had changed into something more befitting a Goa'uld. One of his older long black coats, matching pants, boots and a type of polar necked undershirt unique to only him. He listened intently as a man, a human and not a Jaffa (he no longer trusted them, or at least not many of them, a few still served him), gave off reports from the surface. "One of them, that male soldier started a fire sir. Not a bad tactic really." He looked down then up again. "The women are moving west along the river back back towards the male and another female."

 "And the other ship, did you manage to identify it before it moved?"

 "Aye sir. An older class Hat'ak, very similar to Morrigan's earlier ships. If anything I would have said it was her, but we can only guess can't we?"

 "Yes and no Commander. I wonder..." Ba'al mused on several possibilities. "We could do something about that fire, but I think we should let them suffer a little discomfort for a while. It will burn itself out in an hour or so. When it does we shall have a little meeting with this strange group. One of them a Goa'uld, but none that I know of would be so bold as to encroach so closely into Tauri held territory, not now. I wonder.." He said again repeating himself.

 on: Today at 09:27:42 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 As if some unseen or unheard command was given, twelve Leopard clan and the same number of Raven clan guards arrayed in a single line on each side of the reception room snapped to attention, their new pulse rifles make a cracking sound as it hit the armor near the shoulder. Of equal proportions both height and indeed gender, their steely eyes looked directly forward unblinking.

 Allienna stood in front of the elder, she made a slight half bow in respect of Macha's position and heritage in the family. "It may be said in that way, inevitability I think is what history will write." She held out her left arm for Macha to take. "Come, dear Aunt, there is much to be told and so very little time to tell it all. Your favorite Grundel will be pleased to hear of your return from the shadows." Her younger sister simply followed in what was becoming a family tradition over the many ages; two siblings, each with their own traits and each one sister of the other from the older generation. Grundel was more like Macha in this, while Allie was far more like her mother Morirgan.

 Leading the other to a large drawing room off her private suite she ushered the elder System Lord to a lounge. Without a word household attendants brought wine and plates of light food, local cheeses fruits and platters of various seafoods. Allie released the arm, sitting herself on a double settee, somewhat slightly hard to do in armor, though she managed.

 on: Today at 09:23:37 PM 
Started by Kendrall - Last post by Troy
"Once we had a fix on the position of the Goa'uld we set up an ambush. Finding a lone operative we gave him the opportunity to surrender. When he refused, I threw a flash bang grenade into the cave. With members of SG-18 providing support, we cuffed the Goa'uld and took them captive. We took her back to Base Camp, while the rest of SG-4 & 18 took care of the other Jaffa. When receiving permission from the SGC, we returned with our prisoner."

William gave a summary of events from his perspective, what the others did he didn't have direct knowledge of.

 on: Today at 08:48:35 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Shadowlord
“In the name of Sobek you will identify yourself immediately.” Kafir spoke to Kae’tar.

He didn’t much like the situation he was now in, but this place he supposed was too good a find to be coveted by others. The fact that Khan had no real desire to fight, or so he said made Kafir feel as if the forces of Khnum would not be as much of a threat if he took this carefully.

“My name is Kafir, what are yours?” He says to the leaders of both teams.

 on: Today at 08:44:42 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 Finding herself shaking with nerves, Bobbie looped one arm in Kim's. It was a strange scene really, here were two young women full of bravado in battle, reduced to shaking tearful wrecks at a wedding. Some things never change. "I'm going to sleep for a year after this K...." She never finished as Fran looked up and around at everyone. This was the big moment.


 Looking the epitome of the clergy, Fran told them. "Michelle and Alexander, seek from within yourselves the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things that you must and the wisdom to know the difference.
Live each day, one day at a time enjoying your time together, one moment at a time.
Seek the wisdom of experience, learning all that you can from each other, accept hardships as the building blocks of experience. Realizing that accepting both the good and bad are simply a part of being alive. Strive to make as many things right as is humanly possible in your life together. That you may find eternal happiness in the life you share from this day forward"
She then leaned forward softly speaking away from the microphone. "Alex the rings."

 on: Today at 07:45:07 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 <UNS Rabaul Bridge>

 The sound of the mic being slammed down brought a sharp intake of breath from the bridge crew. Rarely if ever had they seen their CO rise to anger, yet those cutting words went straight to his heart and the fact it was on speaker made it even worse. Good luck then, he wasn't even going to dignify a worthy reply. "Right then, you all heard it! Finding survivors is secondary eh? Be buggered. Mike! Set a course back to the planet's surface, we'll put every man jack of us down there looking for whoever we can find and if we just happen to come across what they are asking for, we may find room for it. We'll leave as few on board as we can spare, that will be all." The planet in question was little more than an hour in front of them and with no Stargate it was as they say, off the charts.


 on: Today at 06:36:53 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Mim

 The sound you could hear among the gathered generals and staff might only be described as concerned murmuring. And for good reason as Sunniva waited her time to speak again; when she did it was probably not something John or his friends expected to hear. "Before we venture much further John Sheppard, I ask that you allow me to tell you something of the histories betwixt the El'Dari and our cousins the Dökkálfar."

 Her raven covered head dropped down as if recalling something of deep sorrow before lifting again, indeed small tears formed at the corners of her eyes. "Our story goes back before the time that human kind walked upon mortal soil, back to the creation of our three races, those you know as the Asgard, my own kind and the Vanir. At the beginning we were as one, yet the sun had barely shown his face across the lands when division came born out of spite and jealousy harbored by the Dökkálfar when they felt our older brethren were being more favored by the Valar. It was not so, but they refused to see it. Over time disgruntlement turned to hatred, then war." She breathed deeply, her chest rising and falling. "It lasted on and off over thousands of years until the coming of man; we were at that time having reached the pinnacle of our civilisation on the cusp of the first cloning developments, though we were still as we appear now. The Dökkálfar again sought reason for their hatred by sowing seeds of dissent among the three, claiming we had been abandoned by the Gods in favor of mankind and saw both the Asgard and us as a tool to that favor. They could not win another war but just prior to their leaving us for what we thought for good, they launched one final attack on all civilisation raising vast armies to march across the galaxy, your galaxy, in a devastating blow that took thousands more years for all to recover. In the end, sick of war we left and roamed the galaxies and like the Asgard we pushed the cloning technology further to extend our already long lives. The Dökkálfar apparently doing the same by leaving agents among us, then copying what we did. For you see John, they are not deeply technological by nature, theirs being focused on war; that in the beginning was something they did well, guarding our worlds from the enemies arising as life took hold across the universe. I will jump ahead in time now." Sunniva leaned on the star chart, her hand sweeping across it to show its vastness.

 "We the El'Dari have not had contact with either of our cousins since that time we first departed. Three hundred and fifty years ago as you would count we began the reversal process of our cloning, we chose this far corner of the Pegasus galaxy for a reason." She pointed to the thick belt of minor stars and space 'dust' that surrounded the El'Dari worlds. "The Milky Way had become far too crowded and hostile, no matter where we turned hate and war followed; indeed one race that your people name as the Borg, or Borgesktemyu to us have spread far and wide and even though they are now a spent force, they managed to pursue us even to this far flung dot on the Universe map. Only in the last few years had we finally managed to defeat them then find what we thought the peace we longed for, we learn that our isolation was not something that could last. Since we have met and engaged with your people we found that this galaxy to was inhabited by hostile species, the Wraith and as we discuss now, the Vanir." The woman wiped her brow, took a sip from an offered cup.

"When we learned that some years ago, I think Richard Woolsey mentioned around three, that your first encounter with the Vanir began with hostility and that progressed to them removing human populations to deny the Wraith of their food source, we were of mixed emotions thinking they had at last found a peaceful purpose for their being. We did not reach out to them then, nor did we find reason to until now. That they are reverting to their old ways doesn't really surprise us and no one can deny it must end now. I mentioned our emissaries, one of them did manage to get a message to us in that we could not understand given their limited numbers how they have amassed such a large fleet in a very short time. Those human populations they initially took to deny the Wraith were not taken out of kindness; this was long planned. Those poor souls who still live are being used as forced labor, much like your Goa'uld have done. Then they have turned their cloning skills to creating warriors as you have seen. Dorestinaya." Her hand tilted towards her commander.


 "Thank you Sunniva." The warrior leaned with her knuckles downward where she stood at the edge of the table. "What began as mercy missions soon turned to battle. Five worlds we have been to, on the last three we were attacked as if our movements were being watched. One world we arrived as the razing was taking place, Colonel to see that is not something anyone no matter how hard they are should be faced with; the cruelty inflicted upon those poor souls by the Vanir clone army was beyond despicable. We lost many in those engagements for we found as I am sure you have, the battle armor issued to the clones is of a type we have never encountered before. Our tactics had to change and change quickly. We reconfigured some of our Axim rifles so that distributed among our troops, one within each squad of eight. What we did was rather than having a killing or penetrating blast, the altered weapons focused on a shock wave to knock the enemy off their feet and in most cases rendering the other unconscious; its beam wide enough to take in several at once. From that point it was either render a coup de grâce as you would say, or gather them up, remove their armor and take them prisoner as you saw when we came in." There was more, a less successful venture. "Their ships on the other hand present a different problem, we are yet to find a better way to counter them other than to try and isolate individual ships and do as much damage as we can, then boarding them. They are very, very hard to kill."


 At last Abi found a space where she could say something. "So what you are hinting at is that we face an uphill battle all around, is that it?"

"Yes. But not an impossible hill Abigail Lawson." Sunniva told her. "We will prevail and Colonel, Lieutenant, I would like to send Dorestinya back with you if this is acceptable to you?"

 on: Today at 01:19:48 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by DanielRyder

"Yes, ma'am," the Okinawa's navigator replied with a nod before focusing on the task on hand. A small, random noise esaped his mouth as his thought process sped up a bit, uhhh...hmm. Looking over the data he had displayed on the tablet, Ben responded, "I'll update you on the Vanir soon as I have gathered all the data, captain."

During the time he had experienced on the bridge, it was nice to meet Larrin on the bridge. Not yet face to face, of course, but Ben had heard of Sheppard's exploits with the woman, the leader of the Traveler. He had hoped to meet her. Maybe invite her to dinner or two. See what stirs up between them. Maybe some music. On a different note, he could literally feel the tension between Larrin and Ingrid. It was going to be an interesting flight.

Clearing his throat, he refocused his attention on the display. With the tablet on hand, he studied the map and replied as Helm set the course toward the not-so-fabled Atlantis, "Next stop, Atlantis. Hitting the hyperspace in three, two, one..." Ben mumbled slightly after the countdown as the Okinawa entered hyperspace.

 on: Today at 01:08:54 PM 
Started by Khnum - Last post by Khnum
Sea Ziday, 15 km from the coast

The sea stood out on the horizon before the eyes of Achaman. The System Lord observed the majesty of the great expanse of water that lay before his face. His mind remembered when he arrived in that small archipelago in one of the oceans of the tau'rì planet. He had to fulfill a mission, he had to eliminate all those who had allied with Sokar against the Supreme System Lord Ra. The mission had been a success, since then he had decided to take under his control those seven major islands and the countless islets. He had raised the population in his cult, in his complete veneration, using the children Chaxiraxi brought with him. Since then many of those sons were now dead, many killed by enemies, but others by Achaman himself. Very little remained of the family of the Gods Guanches, perhaps only he and the queen Chaxiraxi. Abora lay imprisoned in a sarcophagus in a sealed cavern, besides him the memory remained of Acoran, the only one of the Goa'uld of the family of the Gods Guanches, able to rival him. But even Acoran was dead, none remained. Echeyde had always remained a paradise, the mountains offered refuge to the population and beyond, he had learned to live hidden away from prying eyes. his palace was the only building really visible on the surface, but it was also the one most defended. The gaze was lost in the horizon, off a small boat stood out far away. Achaman smiled as soon as he saw her. The population had been forced to an eternal life in the stone age, in this way it could govern it more effectively than other more advanced populations. Footsteps made the System Lord turn around. Doramas was behind him. The head uncovered.

"Observe Doramas ... the splendor of Echeyde, before us the sea of ​​Ziday, a place where delights of the sea are offered to my people and where my ships rest waiting to enter the war, had it not been for the fall of Dakara, today I would not even appreciate this small and insignificant planet in the Milky Way, yet now returning to its surface is something I can hardly explain! " he completed Achaman, smiling as the breeze moved his long robes slightly.

"I understand my lord your satisfaction, after all you have chosen this planet not by chance, not only for its mineral resources, but above all for its beauty, Echeyde is really the paradise that your people hope to reach one day!" replied the First Prime, taking right to the side of his lord.

"But I guess you haven't come up to my presence to share with your lord, the splendor of this planet, tell me, therefore, Doramas!" The jaffa did not wait any longer.

"It seems that Lady Alienna has been visited by a member of her family believed dead for some time, it seems that Lord Macha has returned from the underworld!" completed the First Prime by looking into his master's eyes.

 on: Today at 11:42:28 AM 
Started by Impiousimp - Last post by Impiousimp
The more I think about it it the more I think after Eli disappeared there had to be some rumors going around.

Like maybe the Game was made by Scientologists (in the vein of battlefield earth) or the guy from ancient aliens.

Infact that makes me wonder about whether stargate verse has an ancient aliens proxy.  How close would the show get to the truth?

Would eli's vanishing lead.to crazy rumors?  He must have had friends who noticed he's gone.

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