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 on: Today at 12:55:27 PM 
Started by Bowsy 112 - Last post by Bowsy 112
On a junction on the main corridor from the elevator to the commanders office and briefing room was a hallway that led to three small rooms, that in mid 2003 became the offices for the British, French, Chinese and Russian military representatives to the SGC. The smallest room at the end of the hallway served as little more than a cupboard with stacks of office supplies, a photocopier, scanner and all the other large machines that cluttered offices though they were really no longer needed. And on the left side of the hallway was one office for two people and on the right side was another, initially the French and Chinese officers shared the one on the left and the British and Russian officers shared the office on the right.

 on: Today at 12:50:37 PM 
Started by Khnum - Last post by Khnum
Echeyde, Achaman temple

The hours were passing slowly on the planet Echeyde. Achaman the sovereign goa'uld who reigned over that small and insignificant planet, watched the sun slowly flow through the great tool of minusration that he had installed inside what was to be his temple. The latter was a large cave or rather a circular chamber with pictograms painted on the walls with very simple geometric shapes. Located against the back wall, a large statue that represented it in a stylized manner and before it numerous offers made from skins of goats, milk and gofio, a preparation made with millet flour. As simple as ever, it had been the offerings made to him by the worship of the supreme God of the whole planet. But despite the simplicity of this series of offers, Achaman knew well the ardor of his servants, the guanches that he had gradually deported over hundreds of thousands of years right towards Echeyde. He had kept primitive, troglodytes specially, easier it would have been to control them and draw resources from them while his real attention was quite different. But since then things had changed sharply at least as far as Achaman was concerned. In the aftermath of the fall of the empire goa'uld, the population had not rebelled except for some villages that had been immeditably exterminated and on them had been created a legend created ad hoc to justify so much violence against decidedly primitive populations.Remember even when his statues had been torn and shattered, when many of the Tibicenas Guards were supposed to protect him, they rebelled and wounded him severely. But since then he had reestablished his power on the planet, perhaps even heavier than before. Since then a series of battles had been fought in the various provinces of that marginal kingdom. Yet Achaman had once again survived and continued to rule as an absolute monarch. The plans for his succession had been aborted. He would not allow anyone to try his power, no one until he was alive. a sound of footsteps took him away and the goa'uld saw his First Prime Dacil enter the courtroom. The look particularly worried.

"My lord ... we have completed the preparations in case we reach Khnum in the orbit of the planet Chundel, but according to our informants, the battle is not going very well and there are many losses among the allied ranks ... Khnum has lost a ha'tak and it is expected that many others will be destroyed! " Dacil concluded waiting for a reply from Achaman.

"Stand by, the fleet is approaching the planet but remain protected and do not give the enemy's attention or we will be under siege when it is not necessary!" the System Lord concluded, making his eyes sparkle. But Dacil pressed again.

"The fleet is already in position, the data indicate however that it is the large numbers, which make this enemy a considerable danger, their power is not as great as the Navi Orii or the Asgard ... those who were a danger really remarkable for any fleet goa'uld ... however we are ready to give relief at the right time and even if we were hit by bullet weapons, our shields would hold up enough to avoid structural damage! " he finally completed but Achaman's gaze was grim, hardened. The goa'uld took a few steps toward the First Prime, approaching his warrior calmly.

"Pray that your gesture does not really unleash this enemy, or it is better that you no longer see you in my presence Dacil!" concluded the goa'uld making his eyes flaming before going beyond it completely. Dacil remained motionless, almost frozen by the harsh words of his Lord. The atmosphere had become unbreathable because of the tension that had accumulated and released at that moment. He had accomplished something that had not been ordered, something that could have serious repercussions.

"The fleet has not aroused the attention of the enemy, it is inside a nebula that masks its presence perfectly, on other occasions such concealment has worked perfectly!"finally concluded trying to take a little breath.

 on: Today at 12:45:20 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Cipherhornet18
Oh weapons, you have no idea. Plus I might've left Mako sitting with more than a few unique toys...

Maybe one of their guns off the sacrificial guy...

But I mention Intars because if they're a hybrid bullet/energy round, it should be possible to adjust the energy in question from a heavy stun to something better suited for dealing with them without changing up our weapons, just the ammo we take into the field. Use the technology gained from the various energy weapons we've encountered plus the Kull Disruptor and...poof. Problem solved.

And I figured you had done something like that. Good to see you taking up McKay.

 on: Today at 12:24:35 PM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Bowsy 112
Major Fred Rivers
Captain Harly Green
1st Lieutenant Charlotte Summers
Company Sergeant Major Gary Carter

Fred quickly bound up the stairs to the control room, having left his rifle with his team.
"Colonel. Sir." He said as he approached the group, wanting to catch Sheppard before he left.
"Seeing as SG-4 isnt around yet, would it be okay if me and my team headed back to earth without them?" He asked as he looked to Amelia and gave her a polite nod.
"They are a lot closer to Mike than my team. So they'll probably hang around for a while."

 on: Today at 08:56:57 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Khnum
Khnum apo'tak

As the minutes passed, the shields of the System Lord Khnum fleet came down beneath the blows or rather the bullets fired from enemy ships. The goa'uld had seen the first of the fifteen ha'taks explode and knew that despite the rest of his fleet he had carried the survivors, however some further loss had occurred. It was inevitable, but for this reason the System Lord insisted on continuing to attack the enemy relentlessly. he knew that even the flagship had a limit, after which it too would be destroyed. But it would not have come that far, at least not on that occasion.

"We punched the shields of at least three enemy ha'taks or what should be a ha'tak, the landing crews are ready if you intend to board them!" he exclaimed, addressing himself directly to the System Lord, the jaffa at the controls of the ship.

"Prepare the landing team but wait until you have completely disabled every danger from each of them, I do not want exaggerated losses to conquer an enemy vessel!" the System Lord replied but again jandir replied adding himself.

"The Tau'rì ships and especially those of Grundel and FJN, are in obvious difficulty, I send five of our mother ships to their protection and I open a channel to warn of our intervention?" finally asked the jaffa awaiting Khnum's reply. The latter merely nodded his head while the message was composed and sent in a few moments.

"We are aware of your difficulties, five ha'tak will position themselves as shields while we organize the transport from ships close to being destroyed, we have recorded serious damage to many of the enemy vessels and Lord Khnum will maintain the position until it is decided otherwise!" said the message sent both to the Grundel fleet, to the tau'rì and the Free Jaffa Nation. Khnum did not know how they would take it, but he had no time to ask, he absolutely had to cope with a hailstorm on the shields of the entire fleet, thinking of his former enemies and allies for the occasion.

 on: Today at 05:31:24 AM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Teddy
Regular lil tealeaf you are lol 

And the Vanir plasma weapons can get thro their suits, did we manage to get any?

Oops edit:  As of now, with GHs permission I will be taking over McKay for a short while, Mel has also given me the go ahead, hope this is ok with every one

 on: Today at 05:07:53 AM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Cipherhornet18

Tais-toi! Personne n'est intéressé par vos diatribes!" Aurore shouted back at the Forerunner. She then looked at Brian.

"For some reason or another, it was suggested that you would be suited towards interrogation." Aurore explained.

"Ah, I can't imagine why, ma'am. I'm just a Combat Rescue Officer, I'm no more qualified than anyone else on my team." Brian replied, glancing between Michelle and Aurore. He wasn't going to give the Forerunner the time of day until he was told to speak to her.

 on: Today at 04:52:53 AM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Teddy
Rodney looked at Sheppard and nodded

"Yes yes I've got a few ideas about that"

A familiar voice sounded over his ear piece

"Rodney, Zelenka, respond please"

Mckay clicked his ear piece with a hint of irritation in his voice and a condescending tone

"Yes Zelenka, what is it?"

""Erm, it was nothing, forget it"

Mckay rolled his eyes and shook his head

"Ok, well, when you have done playing with the earwigs meet me in my lab now, Tama and I are on our way"

Rodney looked over at Sheppard and pointed quickly at him

"I will catch you later"

And with that he left

<<To McKays Lab>>

 on: Today at 04:44:20 AM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Teddy
He had just arrived in his lab when McKay finally answered

"Yes Zelenka, what is it?"

Zelenka clicked his ear piece

"Erm, it was nothing, forget it"

He waited for some sarcastic reply from McKay, and McKay didn't disappoint him

"Ok, well, when you have done playing with the earwigs meet me in my lab now, Tama and I are on our way"

Now it was Radek's turn to roll his eyes as he turned around and made his way to McKays lab

<<To McKays Lab>>

 on: Today at 02:50:31 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 Crippling blows were now being felt throughout the fleet as the sheer number of missiles or whatever they were began taking their toll on the ship's shields. Grundel did notice though that the Tauri cruisers, the smaller ships somehow held up structurally even if their shielding strength was low. Her heart leaped as she witnessed the destruction of some of her own and those of her allies, a tear formed in her eyes. How could such monstrous actions go unpunished, how could they have all not seen this coming, where was this race hiding all these years?

 All these thoughts though did nothing while people were dying. She growled in utter contempt for this destructive race, moving her ship closer to the Rama once she heard the radio call between her and the Tauri ship. "Ishta, I too can take many, I know your ship is large but others will help!" Her call was made in the truest sense of comrades at arms, for despite their inherent differences, that was exactly what they were.


 They might have a chance, Ishta acknowledged both Ellis and Grundel with a coded signal, more so that their enemy could not try to intercept the process, then she began emptying her ship of all survivors other than those left on the Pel'tak. Somehow she knew they would survive. As crew began to be beamed away, she redirected her Gliders and support craft to other ships, then dealt with Cam's request. "I have little power left, but I will do what I can." She took the chance to shift some of the ships power generation to sensors, even in doing that the Rama shuddered again. "There!" She exclaimed. "To the left of that mass, behind those smaller ships. I do not know what kind of vessel it is, nor where it came from, but it is large, very large. And...Cameron Mitchell, you will not go alone, I have nothing left here."

 She moved like the feline she was, swiftly. "Taleeya, lead the way to the lower second Glider bay, my private drop ship is there, I will be right behind you." From there she went to Cooper and Vala. "She needs help, you and I may have to guide her until she regains her senses, that or I send her to the Hammond."

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