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 on: Today at 04:42:03 PM 
Started by MelsMum - Last post by Altzek
Happy birthday.

 on: Today at 09:45:26 AM 
Started by Shadowlord - Last post by sorra

<Asteroid Field>

Skia growled under her breath.  What was the ship thinking?  It didn't stand a chance once they open fired.  She nodded her head slightly.  "Destroy it," she said with anger in her voice.  Who in their right mind would fly straight into harm's way?  Maybe Rak'shee was right.  Was this a suicide attempt?  and if so for what purpose?

 on: Today at 09:36:24 AM 
Started by Shadowlord - Last post by Shadowlord
"Unknown Goa'uld vessel you are required to cease your approach or be fired upon in the name of the goddess Skia." The Jaffa despite speaking confidently did nothing to sway the pyramid ship into ceasing its advance.

"We have a duty to fulfill, open fire all staff weapons." The Ha'tak began firing on the advancing pyramid vessel.

The Cheops class warship returned fire as it moved into attack range but its cannons were no longer advanced enough to damage a modern mothership design. The vessels shields despite being as old as they were soaked up plasma fire from the Ha'tak but as it drew closer they began to falter before finally failing to the powerful cannons.

"Lady Skia the ship still approaches, I believe it is best we destroy the vessel immediately." Said the Jaffa nervously.

"The possibility that this is a suicide attempt should not be ruled out, destroying the vessel is the safest option." Rak'shee said knowing that Skia had little time to make a decision to destroy the vessel or not.

 on: Today at 09:23:56 AM 
Started by MelsMum - Last post by Shadowlord
John had to admit that being privy to a bit of extra information could prove useful but for now all it did was give him a sense of unease, after all any threat to the rest of England always had a chance of affecting him as well. Regardless the queen would be satisfied tomorrow and then she would move on, still with the assassination attempt earlier he knew things were not going to be that simple and he was truly glad that his forces had been conducting themselves so well.

"I am certain no threat would dare challenge you your majesty." He said hoping that the queen would do her best to keep harm away from Kent.

"Right this way your majesty." John was ready to take her to her rooms location.

 on: Today at 09:08:07 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Shadowlord
"No point in wasting more time, don't you agree Urzoth?" Asked Tor interested in the slightly different exit strategy.

"I should go with you Lanam, it may be risky but I don't feel like leaving you here alone." Worthag wasn't finished here just yet anyway.

"Besides if you get caught perhaps you will need my help." Worthag would be happy to slay a few more of his foes if it came down to it.

 on: Today at 09:05:29 AM 
Started by Shadowlord - Last post by sorra

<Asteroid Field>

Skia nodded a bit as they toured the facility.  It would work for now.  There were still things that needed done, but she would have to see if she had the work force to accomplish them.  She was going to need more help if she hoped to accomplish half of what she was planning.

A frown marred her pretty face as the new ship appeared.  So much for getting a chance to settle into her new holdings. "Try to contact them and see what they want.  If they refuse to answer then we'll use force." She wasn't above using force, but she was also curious as to why this other ship was there.

 on: Today at 08:59:03 AM 
Started by Shadowlord - Last post by Shadowlord
<Asteroid Field>

The base was as Rak'shee had been expecting and the ordinary Goa'uld architecture if it could be called that was what the base was artistically crafted as. Crocodile guards already performed sentry duties along the many hallways that connected the different sections of the asteroid base.

Rak'shee had little to say as they toured the new facility, a large pyramid structure would also be constructured in orbit of the asteroid to act as a construction and docking platform for new smaller produced vessels. Mining the Naquadah would be easy the hard part was deciding and making sure it was put to best possible use.

A Cheops class warship dropped out of hyperspace close by and was picked up on the sensors of Skia's mothership. The Jaffa aboard the Pel'tak immediately moved to inform Skia of what was taking place.

"Again we have no idea who they are or why they are here." Said the Jaffa on the communication orb.

"Presumedly the Naquadah." Replied Rak'shee feeling a sense of concern wash over him.

"The ship appears to have detected us and is making an approach, we are prepared to destroy them." The Jaffa said seeming confident the battle would be an easy victory.

 on: Today at 08:34:37 AM 
Started by MelsMum - Last post by sorra
Michelle was still learning the politics at Alpha Site, but it appeared Miki knew who Josile was talking about.  She had a guess herself, but she wasn't positive.  "Then lets..."  Her words were cut short by the ringing of Miki's phone.  She raised a brow, wondering just who was getting of her.

 on: Today at 08:28:45 AM 
Started by Robert Laurel - Last post by sorra

Ty's eyes widened.  "Shoot!" he shouted.  "What the heck is going on here?" He fired a couple shots to cover their tail as Mesa turned the little 401 to high tail it back to the Saggitta.

Before they got the whole way back though Lilly's voice blared on the radio. "You got it, Lilly," Mesa answered.  "You heard her Ty.  Give her some cover."

Ty nodded.  He took aim, laying a round of cover fire for Lilly as she moved her ship in for the shot.  He prayed it worked and they could at least disable the other ship a bit.  Otherwise they could all be in serious trouble.

 on: Today at 08:15:31 AM 
Started by Rodgin Kemph - Last post by sorra
I will be vacationing in the mountains from October 5-8.  Not sure if I will have any reception.  I will also be out of town for a business trip Oct 30-Nov4.  I should hopefully have reception on the second trip though to at least pop in.

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