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Author Topic: The Regal Wars Storyline  (Read 279 times)


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The Regal Wars Storyline
« on: January 30, 2017, 07:52:11 PM »

 The year is 1560, history is being re-written. We will point out from the beginning, this is not historical accuracy, this is historical fiction, a story that we are weaving of our own.

 There are wars in Europe, as there have been for centuries with one ruler or another seeking to either expand their Empire or simply make their power known to the world.

 England and Spain have been at each others throats for nearly one hundred years now on and off and with the conquests of America this has reached new heights on both side of the channel. Especially for England as she fights not only the Spanish, but at times the French as well and then there are the Irish rebels.

 For a time though there is relative peace between France and England, as Elizabeth forces the ten year old Charles of France to back away from his claims to the Scottish throne after the death of Mary, leaving Elizabeth to support the young twenty year old James, son of Mary. This leaves England and Scotland free to deal with the Irish rebellion that is threatening the stability of both nations.

 Spain though has other ideas. Needing to assert its sea power and its aggressive colonizing of the Americas, they see England as a threat. To counter that, seeds are sown from the Spanish throne to destabilize England by secretly supporting the rebellion in Ireland, as well as wantonly attacking small English garrisons around the Caribbean. This leads to a new tactic by England, granting a full pardon to all who pirate captains, allowing them to roam free to attack any Spanish or Dutch ship on sight, providing they take a commission in Elizabeth's new navy.

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