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Author Topic: Troubles in Mirkwood  (Read 769 times)


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Re: Troubles in Mirkwood
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2014, 05:29:41 PM »

{Hadzir Thraan}

Third Age was, in during his development, always in chaos. They were always changing in state and in mind both physically and mentally. Hadzir had been raised by the Silvan Elves. He was born both Silvan Elf and Human, but his mother who was Elven had taken him to the elves of Mirkwood. There he had been raised until one day a band of orcs ambushed their caravan. They'd killed the entire group and the five year old Hadzir was protected by his mother as she made her escape. They'd chased her and when his father who had been searching for them for years finally found them, he'd defend her but it was too late. She'd died from her wounds.

His father was alone and he escaped when the Orcs continued to chase him across the land. He managed to fight them off, but he was mortally wounded. He'd found himself before the gates of Gondor and from there, the half elven was raised in a human stronghold. But he had trouble being there. The children and even the elders scorned and ridiculed him because of his nationality. Hazdir never truly felt that he belonged anywhere in Middle Earth. So by the time he was fourteen, he broke a law that got him kicked out of Gondor.

Since then, he'd been wandering the lands. He listened to the winds and the trees. He remembered the songs and the teachings by the Silven Elves. Above all, he kept them to heart and for that it saved him from death a thousand times over. He'd become a Strider and perhaps the original. He knew everything from medical science to the arts of combat. He was wise as he was quick on his feet. Because of his Elven ancestry, his bones were light that allowed him to slink through the trees without a sound. He wasn't heavy or bulky. His ears was formed a bit to make him closely resemble an Elf but not quite.

Lately, as he came upon the path, Hazdir crouched down and sniffed. Several travelers came along this path into the dark woods. He became concerned. There were whispers among the dark trees of danger and malice. The group was in danger. The travelers seemed unaware of it. Quickly, he ran forward and up in the tree as he tucked his bow over his shoulder. Grabbing the thick bark, he slinked across the branches quickly to follow the small group quietly.
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