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Title: PG8-K59 Alpha Site QM store and PX Lvl 16b
Post by: Mim on December 18, 2017, 04:48:17 PM
 Situated on a mezzanine of the 16th level at the far southern end, up a flight of stairs and you will find a long passageway. On either side are two large stores, to the right is the QM store, where you'll find all your issued equipment and clothing as supplied by whatever service you come from; included are accessories such as belts, packs and items not found in the armory.

 On the right side of the passageway, fronted by a large glazed window either side of double red painted doors is the PX. Not officially a military PX store, the Alpha site shop is essentially a privately run enterprise where you can buy with your Alpha site debit card everything from a custom made dress uniform, to those special boots that the service just won't issue. There is also a duty free store selling everything you'd expect from cameras to cigarettes and alcohol. You'll also find within Al's Burgers, taking you back to the 60's so you can order your favorite shake, bacon and egg burger or a stack of pancakes.


 The QM is Petty Officer (Stores) Ian Ferguson RN. (NPC'd by anyone)
 Proprietor of the PX is former US Marine Sergeant Alison Hancock


Title: Re: PG8-K59 Alpha Site QM store and PX Lvl 16b
Post by: Mim on December 19, 2017, 08:59:51 PM

 Spencer had done an excellent job of leading Josile to the designated area, it was more or less within the same general vicinity as the Briefing room other than the four floors down they had to go, it wasn't that far really. "I keep forgetting how vast this place is Lieutenant, how do you manage to find your way around?" She asked, although the answer was obvious, there were little map stations located on every other wall.

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Title: Re: PG8-K59 Alpha Site QM store and PX Lvl 16b
Post by: Bowsy 112 on December 19, 2017, 09:09:01 PM
1st Lt Spencer

John nodded as he entered the QM stores.
"Honestly. Just used to the logic of Military bases designed by Americans." He said with a small shrug before turning to the attending QM NCO.
"MCU requires woodland MARPAT cammies. Nineteen of them." He said before handing over a note to the British PO in the QM stores.
Title: Re: PG8-K59 Alpha Site QM store and PX Lvl 16b
Post by: Mim on January 01, 2018, 09:31:59 PM
{PONS  Ian Ferguson RN} NPC

 "Shouldn't take long Gov." Ian said casually, he could get away with it, as if you took offence to his manner you'd be walking around naked in any case, plus he was far too old for anyone to really be offended with him. He read the note, then entered the MCU in his computer, coming up with the complete list of personnel, their clothing and boot sizes as well as preferred accessories. In a few moments, the whirring of the automatic stores system could be heard, the little robotic bin selector going up and down the aisles through all the sizes selecting everything required, including underwear and socks to go with it all. This time boots weren't required but if any of them needed new ones, they could have them.

 A short time after he was stacking baskets on the bench, each one with a printed label for the owner attached. He looked over at Josile then Spencer. "You kitting Miss Seranatel out as well Leftenant?"


 Josile smiled at Spencer's reply, it made sense at least to her it did. "I think that is the concept Petty Officer. Although the choices I will leave to the Lieutenant here, I think though what you have given them would be adequate for me as well."

 That made it easier, although Ian would have to measure the woman up beforehand.

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Title: Re: PG8-K59 Alpha Site QM store and PX Lvl 16b
Post by: Bowsy 112 on January 02, 2018, 02:37:35 PM
1st Lt Spencer

Spencer glanced to the local and was honestly a little unsure of what to say next, he had no knowledge of her. Or her or her skills he looked back to the Navy NCO in the store and shrugged.
"I would suggest just the basic SGC Kit unless she has something specific in mind." He then took a moment and nodded to both of them. "I'll be right back." He said as he walked over to the PX He wasnt a smoker on the team but he knew lots of them were, so was going to buy a few packs of cigarettes and a few tins of dip for the team. Looking around trying to figure out there this PX kept those items. It was just one of those things Every PX was different.
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Post by: Mim on January 05, 2018, 12:41:53 AM

{PONS  Ian Ferguson RN} NPC

 "Yes, we can do that for you, I do in fact have some gear that was intended for the SG teams until they decided they wanted their own unique look." He tapped his keyboard bringing up a photo of some of his stock.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


 Josile took one look at the picture, she was impressed. "That will be fine Petty Officer. I will need your boots of course, I hope I don't have to break them in though."

 "No ma'am you won't. All our boots are pre-stretched, making them ready for wear." He stepped from behind his counter with a tape measure. "Mind if I take some sizes off you ma'am?"

 "Not at all." She did, but would never show it in front of her Tauri friends.

 Josile did as she was told, lifting her arms when asked until finally he wanted her boots off so he could get the right shoe size. He let her stand on the measuring plate, then gave her the thumbs up. "Seven and a half." Ian went back to his computer, entered her name, gave her a serial number and soon after her kit and boots were delivered. "You'll need to go to the armory when you leave here ma'am."

 Thanking Ian, Josile slipped into the change room. Soon after she emerged fully dressed looking ready for battle. The only thing missing for her at least was the traditional Cavaleiros face paint. When she returned Josile waited for Spencer to come back.

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Post by: Mim on January 12, 2018, 02:27:10 PM
<MCU all + Josile to surface hangar>>>