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 on: Today at 07:14:19 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra
Sarah hid a smile behind her hand when she caught sight of Walter reading.  She might just do that herself later on.  Perhaps a good mystery or just a romance.  She wasn't sure what mood she was in.  Right now though there were still things to take care of.

"Unfortunately you're right.  It seems like it is never quiet around here," she agreed.  "What about SG-9?  Did they make it back with Anne's son?" she asked.  A frown marred her brow.  "That is odd that SG-7 and 1 haven't checked in yet.  Where were their last locations?" She hoped they were worrying for nothing, but normally the teams were good about checking in regularly.

 on: Today at 04:47:46 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Bowsy 112
Fred went to his radio to contact Harly but got nothing and as he was about to contact Harly two humanoid shapes stepped through the wall, slightly over six feet tall they looked like armoured suits, a few lights on their body's seam to indicate controls. Neither had weapons drawn but they had weapons on their Legs Fred had seen a few photos taken of the Pegasus replicator stun weapons and those were what these robots seamed to carry. They stood outside the room and seamed to be studying Gary and Fred for a moment. Gary looked to his commanding officer for a moment not to sure what to do. Fred opened his mouth to speak but suddenly the robot beat him to it.
“Weapons detected, hostile threat likely.” Suddenly both suits drew their weapons one turning to Fred and the other to Gary.
“Get to the others, I’ll see you there.” Ordered Fred as he snapped up his rifle and fired a single round in to the back of the head of the suit facing Gary, it turned and now both were facing him one of the blue lights on their chest seamed to turn to orange. Fred was backing away as quickly as he could. Not taking his eyes off of the robotic suits. As both seamed to still be analysing him as he saw Gary disappeared up the staircase behind their shoulder. Finally the one behind that he had shot and done no damage to responded.
” Threat reviewed. Remove threat.” The lead robot seamed to try to fire his weapon but nothing happened. Fred almost tripped as he walked through the door on to the landing in the stair case He was about to go up he was still formulating a plan.
“Weapon Inoperable.” It dropped its weapon, behind it the other robot couldn’t seam to line up a shot. The armoured shoulders seamed to restrict movement and though the hallway was wide enough for them to walk side by side the unarmed one seamed to be path finding for the other. In that moment he decided to go down, lead them away from the team, but he took to long to decide. The first robot was in arms reach and with a shove he sent Fred backwards over the bannister on the, though he didn’t fall down the middle of the stairwell, he ended up on the downwards stairs and rolled down it to the next landing. He felt winded but took a moment to snap his rifle back up having landed on his back he observed as the unarmed bot marched imposingly down the stairs but the other took up a firing position, Fred fired first, three rounds, single shot smacked off the helmet with sparks, the fourth though cracked the visor, these things weren’t invincible, just tough. He would have continued firing. But the unarmed bot was almost at his position. He scrambled to his feet his back aching, mostly in his lower back and left shoulder, he told himself it was no worse that when he crashed his bike when he was twelve. Of course he wasn’t as much of a damage sponge as he had been when he was a kid. He made his way down the stairs a few flights, the robots seamed to be slow taking their time, the thunk thunk thunk of their boots as they took one step at a time matched with the clattering of Fred’s as he ran, jumped and stumbles anywhere between three and 8 steps at a time. His initial plan was to stop and fight a few steps down, take pot shots at the bot on over watch. But then he realized something, there were three trucks in the hanger at the bottom of the spire, plus a puddle jumper, One of those trucks had a huge railgun designed to take out space fighters. The whole reason Fred had requested it. So instead of fighting he continued down the stairs. A few floors from the bottom he got careless, no longer sticking to the wall he grabbed on to the inside bannister for stability and was almost hit by a blast from the armed robots weapon, there was still the thunk, thunk, thunk of foot steps as he made his way through the hallway in to the noticeably colder hanger bay, there were the trucks and the jumper, thankfully the Jumper didn’t block the line of for the gun. Fred ran over to it, dropping his rifle in to the drivers seat as he punched the ignition button and climbed in to the back in to the gunners seat and took the controls after he pulled on the ear protection that sat on a hood over the console as the engine roared to life he traversed the gun and aimed it at the hallway where he had just come from. It felt like hours whilst Fred waited there, he didn’t dare take his eyes off the opening or his hands from the triggers. It was so hard not to jam his fingers down as soon as he had seen a glimpse of the robot, but he had to wait. Finally the first robot came out of the hallway and Fred pulled the triggers. He didn’t release them for fifteen seconds. He counted. Those things were unknown hostiles and he wasn’t about to risk his team to find out if they were worth trying to recover intact. The Robots didn’t seam to match the ancient style more copper and bronze and steel to light blue and silver that even a decaying ancient city ship seamed to have tones of. Likely these were just some scavengers guard dogs. Except they were advanced, and bullet resistant unlike dogs. There was smoke surrounding the doorway but it was slowly clearing he could see the pot marked and projectile scarred walls. Thankfully there looked to be no structural damage. His faith in Ancient architecture he didn’t know he had was paying off, he knew Atlantis only ever needed a lick of paint after a gun fight in its hallways. So he had never contemplated he could make the tower structurally unstable. He wanted to rush off the gun and grab his rifle and go make sure it was dead. But if it wasn’t, that would be a terrible move. These things had labelled him and Gary as a threat, Fred had made himself the prime threat to draw their attention, he had seen Terminator enough times to know that these robots didn’t plan to incapacitate him and send him back through the gate with a slap on the wrist. They would kill him, and with out guns that killed, well he could only assume how violent that would be.

 on: Today at 04:43:24 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 Finally Walter once again found a little slice of peace and quiet so he could get back to that book his son gave him. Not that he was a huge fan of fantasy of course, he never even delved all that much into the Lord of the Rings fad other than to take his boy (at the time) to see the movies as they came out. By that time Walter was well and truly immersed in the Stargate program, so anything else was considered just that, fantasy. Yet he found the writings of this current book, quite old now, rather intriguing, especially the concepts. He had just finished chapter nine of "Eye of the World" when Sarah made her way to him. Gently he placed the large tome down to give her his fullest attention.

 "Yes ma'am, at last. Although I guess we both know that won't last will it? I'm waiting for SG teams 1, 7 and 12 to call in. Major Rivers of 12 did call a while ago I should add. It's 7 and SG1 I'm getting concerned about now. How about you?"

 on: Today at 04:40:14 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra
John walked into the room to take his place at the table. He'd been called for a briefing and by nature he didn't want to be late. The Captain was talking, so rather than interrupt, John sat in the nearest chair.

John kept glancing at his watch as he fast walked down the hall.  Where had the time gone?  One minute he had plenty of time and now if he wasn't careful he was going to be late.  He was never late and it wasn't about to happen now even if he had to break his own rules and start jogging.  He glanced at his watch once more as he neared the briefing room.

He stepped into the room where everyone was still gathering with just a couple minutes left to spare.  Good, he hadn't broken his streak yet.  Still one to be on time.  John stepped around a few of the others who had been summoned to this meeting as well and sank into one of the few empty chairs, feeling relieved and a bit tired now from worrying.  Just as John sank into the chair the captain started into the briefing, making the young man realize he had cut himself a lot closer on time then he had ever meant to.  Darn it!  He would have to fix that.
John stole a glance at their captain as the man droned on, wondering just what was on the man's agenda today.  He hoped and prayed the man wasn't just going to rattle on about nothing or start into one of his man stories of how things had changed since he was in their position.  Or his famous line of this reminds me of a time.  John silently groaned.  He had heard those stories countless times.  Would today be different. Only time would tell.

 on: Today at 04:35:02 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra
Mesa scrubbed at her face as she walked down the still unfamiliar hallways of the Okinawa.  It was completely different from the Dreadnought and she couldn't help but wonder what the command would be like here.  Although no matter what the new command was like she would follow orders just like she had before.  She could certainly go for having her best friend at her back though.  Where was Ty?  Would she see him again anytime soon?  Questions that she had no answers for which drove her crazy.

Mesa was still thinking about Ty and where he was when she stepped onto the bridge.  Maybe thinking about her cowboy friend was what prompting her next image.  She barely registered Frank's words as she found herself picturing him in tight fitting Wrangler jeans, work boots, and with a ball cap or cowboy hat.  Heaven help her, what had come over her?  She was sounding like her sister now.

 on: Today at 04:27:28 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra
Sarah nodded.  It seemed Anne was right.  "I'll make sure to ask him as soon as I see him," she promised. "And let you know."

She waited just a few stalling seconds before heading out of the room.  She needed to remember to check on the off world teams and also SG-9 and Anne's son. She couldn't blame Anne for being worried about the man.  Would she be that way once she had her little one?  Maybe she would see more of Sean then.  She tried not to think about that as she headed down to the Gate Room to find Walter.

<<To Gate Room>>

 on: Today at 04:22:45 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by sorra
Flynn grinned at Fox. "No offense taken," she promised the man.  "Some of us geeks can be a royal pain in the backside."  And she knew she had been one of those before.  She was trying to pull her own weight now though.

She followed the others, not stopping til they reached Cate and William.  Seriously?  More prisoners?  She shivered a bit as she remembered being a prisoner herself.  Yes, those miserable Borg hadn't taken pity on her and judging by Cate's face she had dealt with similar things.  The young woman shook her head, her blue gray eyes full of uncertainty.  "Do we really want to lower ourselves to their level?  I mean I'm not saying we feed them a steak dinner or anything, but is torture really the best way?"

 on: Today at 04:16:47 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra
<<From CO's Office>>

Sarah carefully made her way back down to the gate room.  She wasn't sure exactly what Anne needed to see her about, but before heading there she needed to check in with Walter.  She hid a yawn behind a smile as she caught sight of him.  "Things finally slow down for you?" she asked him, walking over.  Sarah studied the gate.  It was still something to behold even after all this time.

 on: Today at 04:14:58 PM 
Started by Kendrall - Last post by sorra

<<From Apollo>>

Bryan blinked as he reappeared.  Well, that certainly beat walking, yet it still left him feeling a bit tingly.  Would that feeling ever go away?  He had no idea but he wouldn't complain.  He grinned when he saw Bonnie. "Still always have to be first," he teased her as he moved to find an empty seat to wait along with the others.

Bryan nodded to Reynolds. "Looks like we survived another mission, sir," he said, yawning a bit.  None of them had had much time to decompress yet.  Although he knew that debriefing was highly important and none of them would be resting til after that.  He thinned his lips a bit.  "Tough guy though.  Bet he's back on his feet by tomorrow if he has anything to say about it."

 on: Today at 04:11:52 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by sorra

Bryan didn't have long to think about much as once again the beam came to life.  Before he could even blink they were all headed back to the SGC.

<<To Briefing Room>>

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