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Author Topic: Sample Character Sheet: Weyrleader M'riel of Bronze Oreath  (Read 481 times)


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Sample Character Sheet: Weyrleader M'riel of Bronze Oreath
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:35:06 AM »

This is the character sheet I came up with for M'riel, one of my primary characters.  Obviously, I patterned him after Mark Harmon's character of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS.   :D

Name: Mitriel
Honorific (if male Dragonrider): M'riel
Birthdate (Turn.Month.Day): 1329.09.02
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Rank: Weyrleader of Izuko Island Weyr
Physical description: M'riel may be tall (exactly six feet in height), but he's no skinny Runner, either. Nor is he heavyset; his well-defined even muscle tone, developed over the many Turns, and rough, calloused hands suggest he is the athletic type or perhaps even a sergeant-at-arms. His fair-colored skin is a sharp contrast to his brownish hair, interspersed with gray strands here and there. His eyes, a bluish-gray in color, while rare in of themselves might remind one of an early morning sunrise on a cloudy day. While his eyebrows aren't overly large, they arch down to a slight angle to mirror the other; a high forehead, subtle cheekbones, chin, and nose complete the image of a rugged individual, a guard's guardsman.

M'riel prefers earthen tones and muted colors, and none of his clothing would cause him to stand out in a packed Dining Hall or other formal affair. If he could do so, he would avoid formal attire altogether unless protocol demanded he do so (or if the Weyrwoman were to ask him.)

Personality: M'riel is highly intelligent and at times relentless. Combined with a no-nonsense, business personality, he can come off as "high and mighty" and sometimes rubs people the wrong way, albeit unintentionally. To compound matters, M'riel will often force people to get to the point when he thinks someone is long-winded, and will put a sarcastic tone into his voice. He will also make it known that he doesn't like being interrupted when he's intently working on something, and has displayed a penchant for slapping someone on the back of the head if he thinks he or she isn't paying attention, or is dissatisfied with his or her attitude. Even worse, M'riel once clashed with the now-former Weyrleader and Weyrwoman on occasion, but otherwise will do his best to maintain a fragile state of peace with them, if nothing else but out of a sense of duty and honor.

However, he does have his sensitive side, as he is protective of younger Riders, and proven to be fiercely loyal to his wingmates. This side of him goes a bit deeper when he's around someone he truly cares for, and is very respectful to injured Riders and guardsmen. When he feels the need to "clear his head", M'riel will find an opportunity to work with his hands, carefully shaping wood into an elegant, useful work of art. It has also become obvious that he is deeply in love with and is devoted to the new Weyrwoman Shayna, but his sense of professionalism acts as a buffer against his feelings for his new weyrmate.

History: M'riel was the second child born to M'lin and Ariella, both respected Riders at High Reaches Weyr; and the fourth overall to M'lin as he already had two children by another woman. M'riel, or Mitriel as he was known, was always around the Dragons and their Riders while growing up in the Weyr, but with such high expectations on his shoulders to Impress to a large Brown or even a Bronze, Mitriel quietly chafed under the demands. His older half-brother, Mitandar, with whom he was close to, soon gave the young lad a way out - while the elder brother had gone away to High Reaches Hold to become a guardsman (as he had no desire whatsoever to go through the Candidacy process) five Turns prior, Mitriel sneaked into the back of a Traders' wagon bound for the Hold, and covered himself in an attempt to stowaway. Mitandar wasn't too happy with his younger half-brother upon the discovery, but after much pleading, he agreed to keep the incident a secret, but it was expected of Mitriel to do everything his brother asked. Mitriel was, of course, agreeable to the conditions, and soon found himself training under the watchful eye of the Captain of the Guards.

For several Turns, Mitriel learned the Guard trade: drill and ceremony, weapons training, tactics, search-and-rescue, basic healing. By the time he was a teenager, Mitriel was not only highly proficient with various weapons, even so far as to prove himself a deadly marksman with the bow; but was likewise found to have excellent leadership skills, earning him a promotion to a high-level rank, but not quite a full-fledged officer. During his off-duty times, Mitriel would often chat with the woodsmen and seacrafters who came to do business at High Reaches Hold, prompting him to develop a hobby in woodworking and a love for the sea.

It wasn't until he reached eighteen Turns when the usual visit from the Searchdragon and its Rider took place. Mitriel, as often as he did, chose to pay it no heed. After all, he was a high-ranking Guardsman, charged with not only the defense of the Hold but likewise ensuring the men under his command were well-cared for. Whatever process the Searchdragon used to decide who would become a Candidate was beyond anyone's comprehension, really. But the past would come back to haunt the young man when the Searchdragon laid eyes on him, and for the first time in his life did he feel truly open and exposed. Somehow, the beast knew Mitriel had a "gift", a natural talent to become a Rider, and was insistent that the Guardsman come at once to High Reaches Weyr. Mitriel wasn't so sure, but after receiving the Search token from the Rider, it took him a few days to muster the courage to discuss the situation with the Captain of the Guards, who just happened at the time to be his older half-brother. Mitandar encouraged his younger sibling that it was only right that he - Mitriel - resign his rank and follow in the footsteps of their father, and become a Dragon Candidate.

For Mitriel, life as a Dragon Candidate was nearly identical to his time as a cadet in the Guards. Mitriel was used to following orders, and was also used to giving them as well when he thought some of his fellow Candidates were out-of-line. Naturally, this led to some of the Candidates resenting the former Guardsman, but Mitriel opted to stay focused on his training, inspiring the other Candidates to follow suit. By the time he was present at his first Standing, he Impressed very high indeed; a young Bronze dragonling named Oreath had chosen him, leading to some dissention within the ranks. Some of the new Weyrlings with whom M'riel had clashed with before were jealous, accusing him of being arrogant; while the others felt that it was only right for M'riel to Impress a Bronze, as he clearly displayed the traits worthy of a leader. For the newly-bonded Bronze Weyrling pair, it was a silent agreement between the two to simply let the actions speak for themselves. Going through the Weyrling training proved to be daunting, but M'riel and Oreath were undeterred, again becoming a source of inspiration to the others.

By the time M'riel was about to graduate and become a full-fledged Rider, he was approached by one of the Wingleaders and was asked to join as a Wingthird. M'riel was humbled by this, and accepted the offer by taking the knots symbolic of his new rank, affixing them to his shoulder, then followed his new Wingleader over to the appropriate table in the Dining Hall.

No one, however, could predict just how many rises-and-falls M'riel would endure over the next three Turns. Oreath's first ever Chase involved a Green dragon whose Rider was a young flaxen-haired woman named Noemi; M'riel had been smitten with her before, but Dragonflight only amplified those feelings. It was during that particular Flight when their daughter, Riemi, was conceived; and M'riel couldn't recall being any happier then the day his daughter was born. He had stayed true to Noemi in spite of the countless times Oreath gave Chase to other Greens and the Golds; Noemi likewise remained true to him. Two Turns later, M'riel and Oreath were promoted to Wingsecond after a mishap permanently grounded the old Wingsecond pair.

Then Threadfall came.

M'riel and Oreath were woefully unprepared when it came to fighting Thread, and had it not been for some quick thinking on the Bronze pair's part, the entire Wing would have been lost. Sadly, the Wingleader was among those whom had fallen, and M'riel later learned that his Weyrmate Noemi was likewise counted among the dead, as was their only daughter. Heartbroken and devastated, M'riel only accepted the rank of Wingleader out of duty, but was now tasked with a new set of orders: To help lead a group of Riders 200 Turns into the past, and learn how to fight Thread. M'riel accepted, and soon found himself at the forefront of the group. Unbeknownst to him, however, two of the Riders under his command had secretly stolen a gold-colored Egg from the Queen's latest clutch, and had designs of their own...

M'riel, to his credit and shame, has managed up to a certain point to maintain a fragile state of peace between himself and the Weyr leadership, yet still occasionally clashed with the now former Weyrleader when he openly disagreed with a decision he viewed as unsound. What doesn't help is that one of the Gold Riders - Shayna - is a vivid reminder of Noemi; and M'riel must now endure a quiet struggle between his sense of duty and the feelings for a lost love suddenly renewed...

Eventually, M'riel and Shayna came to an understanding with each other, and started to develop a strong friendship. That bond has been tested, but has only turned into a deep understanding, a healthy respect, and a genuine love between the two Riders from different eras; the woman from Pern's past and the man from its future, with the Rising of Gold Josiath and her choosing Bronze Oreath as her mate. Yet the whole Flight has proven to be rather complicated, as Junior Goldrider Ardalae - viewed by M'riel to be a close political ally of the future Riders - was meant to be a Stand-in for Shayna; Ardalae's weyrmate K'ryn was likewise involved; and Shayna wound up going into an early labor to deliver her daughter by Searchrider R'bao. It'll prove to be the least of the new Weyrleader's worries, however, as it now falls to M'riel and Bronze Oreath to lead Izuko towards an uncertain future...and whatever actions they take could very well affect what was once their home...

Family (name, birthdays, ranks, location)

Mother: Ariella of Green Belindath; Green Rider (deceased)
Stepmother: Darisia of Green Adalinth; 1306.08.21; Green Rider; Izuko Island Weyr
Father: M'lin (Mitarlin); 1304.06.22; Former Brown Rider/Trader; Izuko Island Weyr
Arisia of Green Kelesth (half-sister); 1326.05.02; Search Rider; Izuko Island Weyr
Mitella of Green Kaith (sister); 1327.07.15; Search Rider/Guardswoman; Izuko Island Weyr
Arilin (brother); 1331.03.16; Blue Rider; status unknown
Mitandar (half-brother); 1324.10.06; Captain of the Guard; Future High Reaches Hold

Weyrmate/lover:  Noemi of Green Peridoth; Green Rider (deceased); Weyrwoman Shayna of Gold Josiath, Izuko Island Weyr
Children: None (yet)
Raine (niece by Mitella); 1359.03.22
Caliel (sister-in-law, lover of Mitella); 1337.04.18; Green Rider
R'ale (brother-in-law, weyrmated to Mitella); 1325.13.10; Blue Rider
Narisa (niece by Arisia); 1356.07.15
Adrigar (nephew by Arisia); 1358.09.21


Name: Oreath (OR-ee-ath)
Color: Bronze
Hex color code:  #88561B
Hatching Date (Turn.Month.Day): 1348.11.05, High Reaches Weyr
Rank: Current Alpha male of Izuko Island Weyr
Sire: Bronze Torath
Dam: Gold Irith
Physical description: Oreath is a large Bronze dragon, with a powerful, muscular, yet sleek build; slightly larger than most Bronze dragons, it could easily be argued that his size even rivals that of all but the largest of Golds. From head to tail, his hide is a light bronze, nearly the color of the skies at sunset, while his ridges, wings, and legs are a darker shade of bronze.

Personality: Oreath both compliments and contrasts M'riel in every sense of the two words. Calm, cool, collected; Oreath isn't the least bit reckless, but rather prefers to assess the situation first before making any decisions that could potentially cost him his own life or that of his Rider - or that of any other Dragons and their Riders under their command. (Outside of a Dragonflight, of course.) Where he contrasts with M'riel, however, is even under great stress, Oreath maintains an even temper, often reminding his Rider that sometimes, making a mistake is never a bad thing as long as someone learns from it, and often has to remind others to simply overlook the annoying trait in his Rider.

Craft Info:

Craft: Guardsman
Rank: Sergeant Major
Specialty: n/a
Turns in Craft: 12 Turns
Where studied: High Reaches Hold

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