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Author Topic: Mini Bios of Characters that are either NPCs or WIPs  (Read 466 times)

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Mini Bios of Characters that are either NPCs or WIPs
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:30:05 PM »

Quartz Akaith and Mya: sparkly gold streaks that stand out against an off-white sparkly base coat, yet the base coat sparkles more strongly. Small quartz. Very friendly and open to dragon and person alike. Cheery and a bit nostalgic of things. Very unlike a queen except for when she guards a clutch. –Mya: friendly and respectful. Curious. Harper trained in ballads. Strong memory. Easily takes control in odd situations be them scary, strange, or sudden.

Fertile Green Kawaith and Sharra and Shipfish Klik: Assistant WeyrlingMaster. A bright lime green with olive dappling over her haunches, belly, and shoulders. A long dragon and average for a green. A very calm and nurturing green. She loves Littles and loves to teach. She has an unusual amount of patience for a green, but it is put to good use with the Weyrlings under her command.

Gold Aquifth and Melissani: Weyrwoman (about to retire). Founder. A small gold when compared to the others. Dull hide from age, streamlined. Arthritic currently, but still able to fly. Softly commanding and a force to be reckoned with should she ever be angered. Usually content to be pleasant and sincere to anyone she meets. –Melissani: Well organized, calm, commanding when needed. Stubborn. A good memory. Waist length (usually plaited) auburn hair that has many grays in it.

Krilla: Headwoman. Ready to step down whenever someone’s fit to take over.

Rashy: Dragonhealer. Master.

Bronze Lionth and M’tin: Weyrleader.

Gold Typhith and Kiara: Weyrwoman Second.

Pyrite ? and ?: Weyrsecond.

Arenite Psamth and Breccia. Weyrlingmaster. (WIP - Katlyn)

? Wher and Koy. MasterGuard. Wherleader.
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