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Title: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Ares on May 09, 2015, 10:09:20 AM
(http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/WardenAv_zps2usmaijx.png) (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/ObsidianAv_zpsqhfne6rh.png)

People assume there is only one Pegasus galaxy, when in reality, there are two galaxies in the Local Group called Pegasus Dwarf; the Pegasus Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy and the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy.  The Ancients settled Atlantis and seeded humanity in the Irregular Galaxy, where there were more planets and systems to increase the chances of growing life. 

This is not to say the other was devoid of life of it's own.  The Spheroidal Galaxy side was relatively neglected, the galactic equivalent of the 'back yard', but even this place felt the touch of the Ancient's genesis machines at work. Out here, where the halo of the galaxy and its dark matter mingled with the stardust and spiral arms of the galaxy, and it was out here, far from the lurking eyes of the Ancients and their scanners, where the Primary from the Lantean war rallied her people, and launched a campaign against their creators.

It was out here, in the dark, deep beneath the surface of a planet that had no name, no life, no light, where the balance of power shifted in the Wraith's favor.  Below the surface of the nondescript, lifeless husk, was the prototypes of the later grand cloning chambers.  Here, the first Drones were devised from Wraith DNA and genetic manipulation. And it was here, the small fleet of the Dark Queen assembled from their random departures.

The Warden stood at the main control of the Hive, one hand lightly resting on the membrane and stroking a finger here and there as they neared the planet.  It had been confirmed through rigorous mental sifting that none of the modern era Wraith or Drones even recalled this place, and so it was chosen as where things would start anew. 

The Queen came out of her chamber and glided into the control hall, and the mist that formed the viewer began to fall without being asked, the Hive and it's Queen being nearly one and the same.  They looked out at the planet, and were of mixed feelings.  On the one hand, this could potentially be the rebirth and reemergence of the Wraith as a species.  On the other, this had been where the decision to leave, to bury themselves and sleep away the centuries had been made. 

The Warden, remembering said decision, came around the console and stood beside and slightly behind her, saying and thinking nothing, allowing her to metaphorically lean against him for support without actually doing so and showing even a hint of weakness.

"Gather them ... we shuttle to the interior.  Obsidian and Alpha will remain here.  Insure the other Commanders that their presence is not a suggestion ... and bring the new one... "

His crowned head bowed, and he took a step back before straightening and turning on his heel to do as she bid.
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Post by: Star Hunter on May 11, 2015, 08:06:26 PM

When Pulse felt the jump out of hyperspace again, it seemed to be far, far away from every place he knew. He silently checked the console and hacked into the navigational systems in order to find out the current position, and was quite overwhelmed with what he found out. What, in the name of the stars, did they want here? Pulse hadn't even known their ships were capable of jumping that far. He was quite appalled.

The cleverman remained calm, though. He didn't show his fears or thoughts, but kept on working on his order.
If he wanted to live, he had to find a solution to the task he had been given, he knew that.
But in the end it was nothing different to what he was used to. He always had worked for different factions, just to be allowed to live on. He didn't care anymore for whom he worked; he just fulfilled his duty in order to live. And that's what he did now. He didn't pay any attention to what was happening to the ship. It didn't concern him anyway, did it?
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Ares on May 12, 2015, 05:18:35 PM
(http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/WardenAv_zps2usmaijx.png) (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/ObsidianAv_zpsqhfne6rh.png) (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/Alphas_zpsq8fd776u.jpg?t=1431378892)

A pair of Alphas came into the lab, followed shorty by the Warden, his fingertips lightly pressed together even as he walked.  The other Clevermen straightened and glanced his way, then one stepped forward as if addressed, moving to the Warden's side.  His crowned mask turned toward Pulse afterward.

"Your presence is requested..." He was careful with his wording, not saying 'required' or simply giving an order of 'come', leaving the choice to come up to him.  The Queen's plans would not be overlooked even in the slightest of things. 

On the command level, the Queen herself was issuing dispersion orders, darts and shuttles moving to and from the hive to the other cruisers as crew were rearranged, and landing parties were gathered.
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Star Hunter on May 13, 2015, 06:55:25 AM

As soon as Pulse had resigned himself to his new task, he wondered why the commander came into the laboratory again. Pulse lowered his head, but did not move at first. When the commander addressed him mentally he felt a shiver going down his spine. What else did he want from him? Usually, he got an order and was left alone for the time being afterward. This didn't seem to be the case here.
The small cleverman nodded obediently and stepped forward too. He followed the commander back to the command level where he led him to.
Pulse actually didn't expect to see the hive's queen so early again. Usually, millenia could pass without someone seeing their queen ever again, so how come?
As soon as he felt and saw the queen, he sank to the ground and on his knees again.
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Post by: Ares on May 15, 2015, 04:51:48 PM
(http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/WardenAv_zps2usmaijx.png) (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/ObsidianAv_zpsqhfne6rh.png) (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l35/Assamiteprince/SG%20Screens/Alphas_zpsq8fd776u.jpg?t=1431378892)

The Warden lead the two clevermen back to the bridge where the Queen was giving her instructions from.  When Pulse reflexively lowered to his knee, the other did likewise, adding the sweeping hair and slight head tilt exposing his neck like the Alphas had done earlier.

Obsidian turned to regard them and made a gesture to bid them rise.  "You will take a scout ship, and your current work, to the surface.  I am hoping what you find there aids us all..."  With that she returned to directing the shuffling of crew from ship to ship to surface.

The Warden inclined his head and made a 'follow me' gesture, but pointed at the two Alpha drones and bid them stay with the Queen, so it would just be the two clevermen and the Warden boarding the scout ship.
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Star Hunter on May 15, 2015, 07:34:37 PM
Pulse was quite confused when the queen dismissed him so early, after giving only one order.
This had probably been his shortest audience ever.
And he wasn't sad about it.

As quickly as possible, Pulse jumped back onto his feet and followed the commander out of the hall.
He shivered when he felt the queen in his back. It was an awkward feeling.
But what was he supposed to find down there? He didn't even know where they were.
Things were all but secret on this mysterious ship. But it was obviously his queen now, even if the way he had … acquired him hadn't been very legitimate.
But that was of no concern to him. He was only a cleverman. This queen… even though she radiated pure power and fear, he felt safer in her presence than in that of the female hybrid he had been serving the last months.

When they boarded the shuttle, Pulse turned to the commander, only mentally, for clevermen were not allowed to speak on his old hive and he was used to that habit. 'What am I supposed to find, sir?', he asked descretely.
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Post by: Ares on May 21, 2015, 06:32:57 PM

The Warden waited till the scout ship had departed from the Hive escorted by two darts on either side, toward the husk of a planetoid around which they orbited, before answering the question Pulse put forward.

"It was here many Wraith were sent in secret, during the War with the Ancients.  It was here, the means to defeat them were designed, and developed.  The prototype cloning facilities and their architecture are here.  You will be able to work with the original designs, the finished schematics, as well as test your theorems with the real thing here...

The masked head turned to regard the Wraith Cleverman as they entered what looked like the maw of some ancient monster, delving into the dark of it's core. "Few Wraith alive, even then, knew where this place was.  I doubt any yet living remember it either.  We will be safe here..."
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Star Hunter on May 26, 2015, 11:34:26 AM
Safe did sound good indeed. Even though the facility might seem threatening to humans, for a Wraith it was a common sight. Pulse actually even was excited because he was one of the few who got to see this ancient construction. But he was a bit frightened of the task that had been assigned to him. It was not a small task and he knew it would take him some time.
'I will need time to figure this out, sir', he replied cautiously. Sometimes he was just modest with his predictions, but that was how he had managed to survive until now. Being arrogant he wouldn't have.
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Ares on May 26, 2015, 05:15:34 PM

As the scout vessel came down on a platform that hadn't seen activity in over ten thousand years, it kicked up sillica and other dust accumulated through the centuries.  The Warden inclined his head with a slow nod, "That would be why security and long term safety were factored into the decision to come here.  You will have ample time, while the other half of our Queen's plans are made manifest."  The subtle hint that what Pulse was doing was only one part of a multi part plan was meant to both reassure the Cleverman that he was not the only one working, but also let him know he was a part of something bigger, grander than just one project. 

Even if that project would change and revolutionize the Wraith for generations to come.

The Warden made his way to the rear of the vessel, and the end of the ramp touched down with a quiet 'whomp' that echoed in the great space.  Their two dart escort came to land on either side, the other two Clevermen emerging to join them as the Warden lead them deeper into the ancient facility.
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Star Hunter on May 26, 2015, 07:00:22 PM

Pulse let out a quiet sigh. He would never leave this place again, maybe. At least not in the foreseeable future. But that was alright to him. Where should he go anyway? There was no such place called 'home'. He didn't know where his brothers were, and even if he did he'd never be allowed to see them. Possibly they had even become blades, so he would just be a shame to them anyway.

When the ramp opened Pulse had to suppress a cough as dust particles penetrated his lungs.

A bigger plan? Pulse wasn't exactly ambitious. He just did what he had to survive since he was used to the fact that clevermen weren't worth anything anyway. Being part of a greater plan didn't change that either. It just showed him that the Queen relied on him and that made him anxious. What if he failed? What if he succeeded? What would happen next when the Queen's other plans were finished? What was the Queen's plan at all?

Pulse followed the commander into the facility. It seemed very old and intimidating. Pulse wasn't sure at all if he was able to accomplish this task that had been set on him, but he dared not say so. If he didn't try it at all they could as well kill him if he was no use to them, so he had to try or die.
Title: Pegasus Halo~Small Victories
Post by: Mim on September 28, 2016, 02:58:20 AM

 Hours later 4 ships of Todd's fleet appeared only to find debris, the remainder of the Queen's ships it appeared. As Rhiase searched for survivors two things occurred, the Vanir fleet that had apparently dispatched Obsidian so easily, returned knowing other Wraith would come looking for the remains as frantic calls for help were sent out. Secondly another small fleet of three ships joined with Rhiase's command in a fight for their lives; that was commanded by a Queen calling herself Halinor.

 During the battle one of Halinor's Wraith, Moon Whisper defected to Rhiase's command, making things just a little difficult in negotiating with her. Rhiase prevailed and now a plan was put in place after a smallish victory, to at least eliminate the lead ship of the Vanir fleet. Typically the young half breeds plans were often madness, this was no different as she launched her small stealth cruiser at the Command ship of the Vanir with Halinor and Moon Whisper with her as the only support. She had clamped her cruiser to the capitol ship, boring a hole in its hull. Her plan was simple, make their way to the main reactor and plant a bomb.

Read on.
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Post by: Melee_Magthere on September 29, 2016, 02:15:35 AM

Making a bomb into a vanir ship was madness, it couldn't success. Halinor knew that and silently in her mind she promised, that if there was any kind of difficulty shown up, she will withdraw herself from this madness. Actually, she shouldn't even make a deal with Rhiase at all… But right now they were fighting those Vanir ships and it was unsecure to think or do anything else. She was furious.
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Post by: Shadowlord on September 29, 2016, 06:48:28 AM
Moon Whisper

Moon Whisper made his way down the halls of the ship after seeing the human clones a shame really in a way if the Wraith and Vanir worked together maybe they would have had a positive alliance.
Now though he was forced to simply follow the one known as Rhiase.

"Do you believe that destroying this ship will truly make a difference?" asked Moon Whisper curious as to what Rhiase thought

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Post by: Mim on September 30, 2016, 01:37:46 AM


 Not long after they had dropped into the ship, Rhiase noticed how deathly quiet it was. No guards, no stamping of marching feet, not even a security alarm that the ship had been penetrated. Not that she didn't expect it entirely, on a previous mission she found entire Vanir ship controlled by just one; every element, even the drone fighter craft were guided by one individual. The Vanir perhaps were to, like their cousins she had heard about in the Milky Way, a dying race and their numbers were too few.

 Moving down towards the center of the ship, they hadn't gone far when Rhiase brought her hand up sharply, she had stopped at a set of large double doors which had square glass windows set in them. Her eyes were drawn inward, there she saw row upon row of Genii soldiers sitting upright, themselves staring forward as if....she knew straight away. "Clones!" She hissed and she knew to what they were doing. The Vanir not having the numbers themselves to build an army were creating one of their own; with only one purpose, to use them against human worlds to cut off the Wraith food chain.

 "Come on." She said as she began walking quickly in the direction of where she knew the reactor core was. They had to destroy this ship at least, as it was she was sure the control ship for the others. "A big difference Moon. Just eliminating one of their ships slows them down by a percentage point."
Title: Re: Pegasus Halo
Post by: Shadowlord on October 18, 2016, 11:49:03 AM
"Cloned humans very interesting" replied Moon Whisper wanting to know more

"Then they are weak" he said if one ship was really that important to them

He was now here for a fight to destroy this ship but he began to wonder if it could be captured instead.
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Post by: Mim on October 19, 2016, 01:34:48 AM

 ~From this point on, say nothing aloud, use only your thoughts~ How stupid of her to even take the risk in speaking with the all too human tongue. It was bad enough that they were on a ship that could quite possibly carry up to 20,000 of these creatures given its immense size; they were Wraith after all, there were few mortals who could face them one on one. These odds though were typically Rhiase's daring, her willingness to confront almost any foe without regard to her own life. If she was to lay that down to protect her species, so be it.

 Silently they passed through yet more empty passages, which made her realise at some point it was possible this ship was automated, or at least controlled by a single or a small handful of Vanir minds. She knew that was possible.

 Five or six levels down they finally reached the reactor core; to say it was vast surely wasn't the right description. A single Wraith cruiser could comfortably fit inside. Now she was running, charges moving like pendulums on her back. A long walkway brought her to the center of the core. ~Moon, take your charges on the....~ She stopped mid sentence, her eyes drawn to movement on another walk way directly above them. Someone or something was up there. ~Hurry!~ She knelt down, quickly undoing the belt that held her explosives then placing them hard against the cylindrical surface of the core.
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Post by: Shadowlord on October 25, 2016, 02:11:32 AM
"As you wish" he replied with his mind not afraid of being heard so much but deciding it could for the moment save them trouble

He figured they could steal the ship and then send the humans to a world as a food source though trying to breed clones could prove to be a poor food source. With losing another hive he was now forced to perhaps rely on Rhiase for the moment to feed him and the wraith and human worshipers that had come with him.

For the moment he still was obliged to help her with this problem but he still felt that she was not true wraith and that posed problems for him. At least he could say that she was not as foolish as his last queen and perhaps they could yet defeat these Vanir and build a new wraith civilization for true wraith.

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Post by: Mim on November 02, 2016, 02:06:59 AM

 Just at that moment when Rhiase had fixed her charges, a sudden shot from an energy weapon passed over her head to impact on metal not ten feet away from her. Fortunately she was now down behind the huge circular bulge of the core reactor, otherwise it would have been her head severed; it was a powerful weapon. She glanced up to see the familiar form of a Vanir armored solider, knowing encased inside that armor was a small puny creature. She foolishly hadn't brought a pulse gun with her, thinking this would be so quick as had been before. She glanced at Moon, he at least did have his weapon with him. "Distract him before he raises the alarm, or kill him if you can." They had exactly seven and one half minutes to get of the ship, it would take six minutes to get back to the hole she made for them to enter.

 No sooner were the words out of her mouth and she was off running in a low crouched manner, more shots fired wildly at her, yet so far from only one shooter.
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Post by: Melee_Magthere on November 08, 2016, 03:34:33 PM
- Halinor -

They were fighting vanir and Halinor was not very pleased. Everything would have went so much better if she would just leave this to Rhiase, that annoying upstart. Her empire needed her and she couldn't let her cruisers wound in any battles before her old territory was cleared and safe. Thought... Vanir were a threat, but still... Halinir watched with little joy when Rhiase attacked vanir.
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Post by: Shadowlord on November 09, 2016, 09:23:19 AM
Moon Whisper nodded as he brought up his blade as the Vanir attacked them.
It had been a long time since the wraith had a true challenge ever since their former enemy had been defeated.

Flipping up he took off the creatures head forcing it to the ground.
He knew that time was short before the ship was destroyed though it was such a waste of technology.

Another two Vanir then appeared firing at the group as he dodged their fire.
The ship was going to explode and he had to quickly follow after Rhiase as best as he could.

"We need to hurry!" he yelled
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Post by: Mim on November 10, 2016, 12:35:29 AM

 No time for delay now, Moon had brought the opportunity for escape, she'd thank him later perhaps. For all they had to do now was to get as far away as possible. Fortunately for them, Wraith were swift on their feet, Rhiase could be even swifter if she chose to; she ran like the wind not even looking back, knowing her companions were close behind her.

 With the minutes ticking down, she made it back to where they had started, regretting she was not able to take one of those clones with them. Better luck next time. A quick upwards leap into and through the hole in the hull and she was scrambling back into her seat within her small cruiser. The moment Moon and Halinor were seated she only had to punch the engine control. "Come on!" she yelled.
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Post by: Shadowlord on November 18, 2016, 05:03:02 AM
Moon Whisper seated himself in the seat it seemed many Vanir were behind him but a few more moments and they would cease to exist.

"Let us leave this place quickly" he said not wanting to get blown apart

He could sense the Vanir attempting to get inside pounding and blasting the hull of the ship.
They needed to leave now or they would not get away at all before the ship exploded.
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Post by: Mim on November 21, 2016, 07:12:16 PM

 With Whisper safely secured and hopefully Halinor as well, Reese closed the seal from within then blew off the clamps holding her little ship. All the while her mind was counting down the timer since she knew to the second how long they had; not many of those. Pushing the thrust lever fully forwards at the same time as she pulled the control yoke back, the cruiser blasted away from the Vanir mothership with a violent shake. In mere seconds they were fifty, then two hundred kilometers away, right at the edge of what she knew to be the limit of the explosion (she hoped); but still a little way to go to their own ships.

 They had about ten kilometers to go when the reactors of the Vanir ship exploded with such a force it sent a blue white expanding ring out that was almost as fast as Rhiase's cruiser itself. It didn't matter that they were far enough away, the shock wave was enough to tip the ship over end for end. Fortunately both the inertial dampeners and sturdy belts protected the passengers, though they did take some shrapnel hits; a lot of them. "Argh!" Her breath exited from her lungs loudly as she swore at her own high risk adventure. "We're still alive at least. Halinor I will drop you at your ship if I can." She still had a lot of work to do as the cruiser shook and rolled.

 Rhiase struggled to bring her ship back into control, even with her strength it was difficult. At last though she managed, only just, leveling out less than a kilometer from her Hive. She didn't stop though, instead flying directly to Halinor's ship, then activating a modified culling beam that worked much like those used by the Asgard; dropping the Wraith Queen back into her own bridge. With that done, Rhiase turned about and in doing so she could see the damage done. The Vanir Mothership was debris, three others so badly damaged they were surely unsalvageable and the last was already pulling out. It in a way confirmed her suspicions that these ships did not have large crews, more they may have only one or a small few commanding them, otherwise they would have at least stayed to pick up survivors.

 "Moon, the moment we set down we're leaving this sector. I need to track Guide as I feel another force may have gone in pursuit of his ships"

<<To Unknown Arrivals>> (http://lostworldssff.com/index.php?topic=1149.msg45108#new)
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Post by: Shadowlord on November 26, 2016, 04:03:06 PM
"Very well" replied Moon Whisper

He was not certain but he presumed this meant he would now be a permanent member of Rhiase's crew which he was not certain how he felt about that but for now they had to rescue Guide though he did not trust the Wraith commander.

"Do you normally get into all these battles?" he asked presuming the answer was yes considering what was known about her