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Title: Crematoria
Post by: Khnum on August 11, 2015, 02:41:18 AM
The choice of the host

Planet  Crematoria, Andromeda  galaxy

The air that night usually cool and calm, now he had risen swelling heat that quickly had woken up with his strong gusts the whole camp primitive. The wind had covered the entire village and suddenly appeared in the sky a huge pyramid with its light rays, illuminating everything around human habitation and its surroundings. The air became unbreathable and the screams of women and children mingled before the frantic rush to those who did not understand what it was. since the Wraith had been seen near the door Astria, they had passed a few weeks, but the door had not arrived Astria nothing. No darth was released, no wraith was down on the planet and the same sounds were very different from those that usually were heard during a Wraith attack the village. The roar of the mother ship sounded gloomy atmosphere while genete village receded running in shelters that had been used for centuries to survive the incursions of the wraith. But something was different from the usual, the same ship did not look like the ships beehives of wraith, his form was geometric, square rather triangular. The immense vessel continued its descent slowly while a beam of light from the top down to the surface of the planet, scanning every inch of the surface in search of something. And he found something. He was a blind boy who had been abandoned, probably forgotten in his tent by his family, who terrified, had abandoned him to his fate. It would have been devoured by the Wraith thought his family, but his fate was very different from that envisaged were those who had deserted him. The light enveloped him and the young man disappeared into thin air while the giant pyramid rested on the ground before the camp. The lights came on its hull and a few moments later, the same spaceship began to slowly open showing its ventral side illuminated by thousands of white lights. Four gliders came out shooting from the center opening of the hull direct probably track down the world's population. The scene shifts within the structure where we see the boy's body to the ground unconscious, before him a warrior whose helmet fail to recognize initially because of the darkness of the place, barely lit by four braziers on the sides of great throne room. Similar to the throne room of the ship of Sokar, we see that has a triclinium empty before which is placed a table with cups and silver goblets of various sizes and shapes. The warrior looks at the boy lying on the ground and down to look at his features.

"What has my lord questionable taste to choose a guest so skinny, so inappropriate in my opinion, but if he chose not I can only serve once it is united to this body!" He concluded leaving the boy's body on the floor. In the room we feel more enter warriors we see take what appears to be a large jar with golden stylized representations in Greco-Roman style on a single strip that runs around the vase intero.raffigurante demons Clutching the unfortunate hair, dragging them the abyss. The jar is placed on a table elegantly stained and supported by four telamons depicting four horned demons haired reminiscent of snakes.

"In all cultures in which my master has ruled, he is known by several names, but only one is his real name, only one is the name that few know, in this galaxy will start anew from zero to reign, a new domain fighting the Wraith, taking their lives with joy, to see the terror in their eyes when they say his name but I see with pleasure that my lord is ready to take possession of your body my boy ... is really an honor to be of you to become his human host, an honor reserved until now only a few human! " He concluded the First Prime bringing to the table where the jar was placed.

Two Jaffa watched the scene while the other two took the boy and placed him on the stretcher in a sitting position despite the dead weight. In the other room they came fù Jaffa and then you sang several songs gloomy and dark like Gregorian chants while the jar was opened by breaking the seal. The hand of the Goa'uld Jaffa picked it stood, well aware that the installation ceremony was integral to start one more time to a new planet. The Jaffa lasciòla jar with the symbiont in hand strangely silent and walked to the triclinium where he raised his arm, handing it to the human host and opening the hand. The symbiont jumped into the neck of the boy slipping of momentum in the neck. The guest regained consciousness for a few moments and then his eyes lit up and the unmistakable voice rieccheggiò in dismal throne room.

"I am the great god of evil, the fearsome Paimon ruler of hell, from this moment will transform this planet at will to create hell on this planet and in this mission my trusty First Prime Adramelech will have full autonomy, bow down now before your only God! " He concluded the Goa'uld doing more sparkle her eyes instead of a golden light, appeared a reflection blood red.
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Post by: Khnum on August 11, 2015, 02:43:58 AM
Crematoria, Paimon temple

"He had taken a guest again, a young man by the population of the planet so primitive that in some ways, it reminded him of the arrival of Ra on planet Earth. That planet was eventually killed Ra is the same, that his lord Sokar. Of course the latter skillfully killed by an explosion triggered by an agent Tok'ra on board a cargo ship goods. No one had ever managed even to injure both Goa'uld, so different and in some ways so similar to each other. Ra as Sokar, believed to be immune to any No direct attack and only the same Ra, in the past had a similar problem when the planet of the Tau'ri, rebelled against him in the revolt fomented by agents of the Stargate Commando. He had been forced to flee by abandoning the Stargate on the planet without the possibility of being able to recover. Earth remained without any tyranny of any Goa'uld (so we thought) grew up in technology to attack him on the same ship that had seen the loss of the planet Earth. His ship and wheel building had exploded in the orbit of Abydos, a remote planet, known for its active naquadah mines. After the fall of Ra, dozens of System Lords became war ... many of them were wiped out by the Goa'uld emerging, others retreated into their new acquisitions acquired planetary and that was how Sokar filming a portion of its former power! "read on the wall a young boy looking at paintings the figures that told of how Paimon would eventually come right on Inferus planet, coming to dominate it completely.

"Within a few months, however, the other gods acquired the possessions of the late sun god Baal ... the destroyer, Cronus the God of Time and civilization but excelled on all the snake Apophis, God of Chaos and evil, that with his invincible army of Serpent Guards, defeated all opponents, managing to dominate the central government of the galaxy .... "

"... But the reign of Apophis that lasted a few years, the day after his appointment as Supreme System Lord, he longed to find a guest worthy of their queen, through the door of heaven coming to the planet of the Tau'ri them ... incurred in their anger and their attention, attracting about whether the disaster ... even Abydos and was visited by that planet that we now know did not exist anymore, took two young men to make the guests of his son and his wife, Queen Amanuet! "At this point the boy paused reading to himself the rest of the story before exposing it to his companions.

"Warriors of the Tau'ri, those who control the holy city of Atlantys, came finally to strike again the snake God forcing him to fold its coils and by doing so other Gods including Sokar, the God of Death, became bolder and strong snake Apophis ... .. in short the God hawk and then the same Sokar and imprisoned him was the same Sokar, the hated rival of the late Ra, who used it to rot in the flames of Netu! "

"But evil and plans the same Sokar could not be still kept in the dark, instigators of the Gods, was discovered where God brought the snake, and taking advantage of what caused the death of the God of Death Seker Netu in the sky!" Concluded the boy completely finishing the reading of the entire wall. Since he had come Paimon, the population or at least a small elite had been allowed to educate themselves, so as to become priests of the same Paimon.

"It was then that God Paimon, ruler of Sheol, became great and ruled what remained of Sokar, but the days following the fall of Sokar, heralded as the continuing victories of the misfortune of all armed commando Stargate of the Gods ... "

"Dakara was the place for divine eccelleza, its location and its control were fundamental to the gods, without it, we serve those who have less power and can do less than they once did, and Paimon aware of this decided for groped again a final attack to regain the lost power of God, but the infidels made it impossible for such a will and Paimon was forced to abandon those who revered him still, to come in this place to begin his eternal kingdom ... taking one of the children of the people, he became part of us, choosing us as his most loyal followers and sending fatigue those who were opposed to him! "concluded the boy priest finished reading the story fully illustrated on the walls of the temple to a group of young novices while in room came two Jaffa and the same Adramelech, at the sight of all bowed immediately.

Light steps sounded while Paimon appeared covered with a robe and his face hidden by what looked like a golden reflective surface. The Goa'uld went to sit on the triclinium placed over some steps while the same Adramelech he went to the right of a triclinium remaining silent. The atmosphere was tense, the smallest problem head would fall as was once the case with some of the temple novices who did not respect the rituals brought to perfection by the Goa'uld.

"My lord Paimon the priestly caste would like to know better your intention if you pemettete!" Exclaimed with disgust Adramelech seeing personally present worry for the request just made.
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Post by: Khnum on August 11, 2015, 02:49:47 AM
Crematoria, Paimon Castle

The ceremony took place without incident, the priests of the new ruler of the planet had been awarded to their task and immediately left the room chanting the name of the same Paimon, with slow steps and rhythmic to the exit of the temple. Outside the temple Paimon showed himself more as a style building early Christian heavy and massive. The thick stone walls made it dark massif of being octagonal topped by a high dome ending with a statue of the angel bearing a sword and a laurel wreath. It was built in just six months since he had arrived the same Goa'uld, taking advantage of the rapidly advancing technology labor of the people. In the short time he had reached the age of iron, and had laid the foundations for the creation of a civilization stops medieval age adoring the devil called Paimon. Sokar had been his inspiration and an extensive building program was initiated in those months in which Adramelech had traveled almost the entire surface of the planet in order to find sufficient manpower for the projects of his master. But now the Jaffa returned worried because the world did not have enough people for projects of the same Paimon. The projects were reviewed or extended in the long run. The patience of the Goa'uld certainly was not one of his more quality, so much so that in recent months many residents and even some Jaffa were killed in public executions. Since then, the population worshiped Paimon as the demon of fear. A reputation that Paimon was proud to bring, he wanted to be the king's death, but had to settle for the title of Inferus that the people had given him. One thing Adramelech had failed. The planet earth was being formed quickly even by the standards of the same Goa'uld. Every day were opened huge cracks from which came sulphurous gas. Some rivers dried up as fountains of lava and volcanic explosions followed one another over the entire surface of the planet. Even the seas were not spared from the earth formation implemented. Underwater volcanoes exploded in all their power and tidal waves were recorded in both hemispheres. The fauna in part started to become extinct while the raids carried out by the Jaffa, quickly brought the entire population on the planet, gathered around the medieval town that was built around the castle of the Goa'uld and his temple. From his castle, Paimon watched hidden by long black curtains damask and marked with the five-pointed star inherited from Sokar, the unfolding of the work. The Great Pyramid, his ship had been taken in a place inaccessible and hidden inside a volcanic crater where the shield that protected it was maintained continuously by the energy of the same volcano. He returned to sit on his triclinium as her former master, Paimon lowered his head as he entered the hall Adramelech who immediately bowed before the Goa'uld giving him word.

"My lord, we have identified a large deposit of naquadah present at the surface level, and given the presence of heads of geothermal energy could build a shipyard to start building your fleet Ha'tak as you requested, I am currently selecting workers for mines and those for the yard but I think it is necessary to clone the Unas at least at this time for particularly heavy work, the population of the planet is not yet able to better understand your wishes and the Unas they are strong enough to convert the efforts and the extracted material in the construction of ships Ha'tak! "concluded the Jaffa bowing his head waiting for the reply.

"I want that the mines are operational within a week from now, I will not wait for biblical times that our brothers of the Milky Way have in building up their forces, especially now that the Wraith seem to have forgotten this solar system and in particular of this planet .... "

"... And when they arrived they will, they will have a nasty surprise, I'm going to destroy their entire fleet in order to send a very clear message to these insects that De crush under their feet!" Concluded Paimon while Adramelech at that bent head standing up and standing out from the throne room. The eyes of the Goa'uld brightened slightly but the mask did not allow anyone to see. In the room were only the Goa'uld and two Necropolis Guards with their heavy armor and terrible blood red.

Outside the palace / castle life it was quiet although you could see how the people still had not completely practice that lifestyle that had been imposed. Strangely, despite the execution of some rebels, now nobody was openly hostile to the Goa'uld, and in many praised him for the new-found prosperity. The planet had been visited by some Athosians months before, but since I had come Paimon, no one had come to trade until that morning when the door Astria took action and it had left two men from Dagan, a planet similar in some verses the same Inferus.
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Post by: Khnum on September 29, 2015, 05:48:47 AM
Planet Crematoria


The conditions of the planet itself were something really absurd for the same senzient life, let alone the human. the planet reached the millions of degrees in its side perpetually sun as thousands of degrees below zero in the shade. In the small and limited intermediate zone it was collecting the small community, which nevertheless soon be extinct since the habitable zones became increasingly rapidly uninhabitable because of the intense heat rising from the same star of the solar system in which orbited the planet had placed PAIMON his residence in the middle place, which he believed to be the heir of the fearsome Sokar, but which in reality was nothing more than a simple underlord that airs it gave. The same population as the planet's surface at first had feared and honored, but now before the progressive failure of the coat and the temperature increase, even he could nothing but increase its security by using conscription of young people to Jaffa his entourage. Adramelech had been at his side since the beginning of their arrival, but also the hours Jaffa doubted the possibility to continue to stay on the planet and also in the same capacity of the Goa'uld to govern not instilling further panic. In the last few weeks a part of the village was suddenly went to the fire and the line had approached several meters from the previous position. measurements were made before and after the arrival of that Goa'uld and legends about the great evil in those places where they would be cursed, followed one another in the population of the planet or what remained of it. Paimon closed in his pyramid did not dare go out pr the fear of being killed, closed the throne room a few steps from his sarcophagus, had started to riacendere engines to leave the planet when that day suddenly appeared on the ship's sensors, a signal unequivocal. Adramelech followed him from the viewer and behind him Paimon watched and worried at the same time excited by the idea of ​​having to find another Goa'uld besides him in that galaxy. The sensors were clear.

"Lord Paimon, sensors indicate the presence of a Ha'tak in galactic sector, given the speed with which you move through the galaxy Andromeda, I guess it is a vessel sperimantale drifted also because their track energy is not very clear to our values ​​of feedback! " He concluded the Jaffa keeping his head down on the console while the signal became more and more evident.

"This is not about other Ha'tak belonged to God Sokar but even none of the Goa'uld known sembvra that present a Hyperdrive quite powerful and also the track armament is far superior to our Lord .... PAIMON such ship would be ideal to leave this place and start over on a planet more appropriate! " He asked ilfine Adramalech but PAIMON replied raising his kara'kesh and emitting his punishment. The Jaffa was thrown back falling to the ground. Mask Paimon returned to cells hive.

(http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu343/Nirti81/Adramelech.jpg) (http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu343/Nirti81/Paimon.jpg)
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Crematoria Planet

The signal of the new arrival was clear on the display of the throne room of the same Goa'uld and Adramelech it was monitoring even if the punishment just suffered, had left him a little surprised and disappointed er council rejected by his own lord Goa'uld . Paimon certainly was in no condition to suffer an attack by any Goa'uld, his Ha'tak was damaged by the extreme heat and shields were however not been repaired permanently. Damage dell'atmsfera toxic were also evident in the structure of the ship itself. The route of the ship was not properly directed to the planet known as Crematoria, but in a distant solar system in which evidently was the possibility of a sentient life. Activating only up to Crematoria, the heir of Sokar had not had the chance to look for other suitable planets, his ship was too damaged to rise in flight and repairs were almost useless. In those minutes duivenuti first quarter-hour and then almost a full hour, Paimon observed as the route was fast and direct to the final destination. The sensors had indicated but the unavailability of shuttles tel'tak for colonization, had blocked Paimon on the surface of Crematoria like a forced exile. A heavenly punishment for the Goa'uld. Finally the ship was close enough that it can be scanned and in awe of that Goa'uld, the sensors of his ship were finally able to distinguish the track clear energy in order to identify it completely. The shape was that of a classic Ha'tak, but the energy of the weapons and shields so different and more powerful than that usually supplied to ships in possession of the Goa'uld, indicated a technological upgrade well above that established by the Sokar for its ships. Adramelech continued fast scans while the patience of the same Paimon began to wane until he turned back to the Goa'uld esonendo lessons learned from sensors deep.

"The energy matrix of the passing ship in Hyperdrive is clearly Goa'uld and sencondo sensors resembles a Goa'uld called Khnum, it's probably one of his Ha'tak sent or dispersed in this galaxy as a result of some serious phenomenon astral which he could have given her a boost so quick to let it reach in this galaxy! " concluded Jafa remaining silent finally hoping that the mood of the same Paimon was not still angry with him for his earlier words.

"A ship of weak Khnum ... interesting follow it on the display until its final destination and then prepares a message with which arrirarla on this planet, if this ship is really so powerful, then the case will abandon this ship and taking as obsolete I compete! " replied she amused and mean the same Paimon from under his mask while Adramelech returned to commands from the computer to continue the monitoring of the new Ha'tak arrived in the galaxy Andromeda.

(http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu343/Nirti81/Paimon.jpg) (http://i662.photobucket.com/albums/uu343/Nirti81/Adramelech.jpg)

Hypespace, Arensnuphis Ha'tak

We see clearly the Goa'uld seated on a low throne placed on a lifting of the floor, an animal skin while down from the back of the throne room there are many Serpent Guards and even some Horus Guards with full armor. A guard of each sect next to Jaffa and Goa'uld sitting on the throne while the rest of the golden room, is a bustle of Jaffa engaged in a variety of activities. The Goa'uld we see Arensnuphis be as a garment in Arabic style golden flakes that with the room lighting and the color of his skin tanned and sallow of the Goa'uld, stands out in a evidenete, a scepter is placed at ' inside of a door objects while the expression of the Goa'uld is serene and at the same time worried, especially when suddenly the Jaffa at the controls. the ship turns to the Goa'uld with what we learned just moments before.

"My lord Arensnuphis, the ship's sensors indicated the presence of a planet on our route on the surface there is a signal energy typically Goa'uld and second sensors similar to the vessels holding a renegade Sokar!" He concluded the Jaffa remaining silent while Arensnuphis came down from his throne approaching the console to check in turn the goodness of the statements. Unfortunately the Jaffa was right and the terror of Arensnuphis began again make its way into the mind of the Goa'uld almost up to obscure it for a moment before returning to full awareness.

"Let's worry about a problem at a time, as established route to our destination, we will examine this signal when it is the case, we must establish a base of operations to the coordinates established!" completed Arensnuphis coming sdee on his golden throne while in the hall of pel'tak you breathed again looked more relaxed.