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Title: PG8-K59 Alpha Site stables
Post by: Ellen_Ripley on September 20, 2015, 11:28:14 PM
A tall building some 30 odd feet wide and as much as perhaps 200 feet long. A small door set in the large double front doors and was at the northern end, its twin at the southern end. The sight to behold once you were inside, rows of stalls, stable hands going about their business of course and the smell of hay and horse. A little overpowering at first.

Every single one of them was a trained warhorse. Trained to obey the rider with leg inputs and trained to fight as well. But these animals were extremely intelligent also, being able to understand voice commands, even if they had never heard it before, they were remarkable and the Cavaleiros, regarded them as family.
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Post by: Robert Laurel on September 22, 2015, 04:27:25 PM
Margit entered the stables with the others. "Mein Gott, these horses are magnificent." She grinned at Josile. "Please choose a gentle one who can bear a barely proficient rider." She could imagine what her troops would say when they saw her riding up.
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Post by: Ellen_Ripley on September 22, 2015, 08:45:12 PM
{Cmdr Jordan O'Neil} NPC

{Josile Seranatel} NPC

<<From Gate Room>>

The little journey via the underground tunnels was a casual ten minute walk, along the way both Jordan and Josile together took the time to explain to Margit and Paul some of the history of the planet and people that called the 'Wold' home. Josile told them how their ancestors were apparently brought here from another world thousands of years ago by those known today as the Asgard. She explained that since meeting their friends from Earth, it was suspected that planet was possibly their ancient home and how the chronicles detailed the fact that from wherever they originated, those people were bound to a world surrounded by horses, yet none were brought with them. The steeds they regarded as their friends were already here, left by some other race long ago to roam wild; though apparently they were quite willing to accept the humans from the outset.

Jordan had never heard this story before, her own suspicions were that quite possibly this world might have once been a home to the El'Dari. Since many of the chambers more recently discovered had more of an air of that race than the Ancients, on that basis she thought it would have been logical for them to have left the horses behind, given what they know of that race more recently. They were remarkable to, in that these wonderful creatures were long lived, the average age of a trained warhorse being around fifty or so. Many of them were still serving at well over eighty years of age and it was unknown as to how long they did live, as one retirement they were released back into the wilds far to the east, free to roam their last days.

The majority of the horses were blacks, some few were bays but of a very dark hue. White and lighter coloured horses were so rare, they were thought to be sacred and left in the wilds, though some few did find their way to the Cavaleiros but more as simply as guests or visitors to your holdings. At Margit's request Josile managed one of her very rare smiles, her footsteps leading the others to somewhere around the middle of the long stable halls. She stopped at one stall which like all the others was both roomy and comfortable for the mounts, the tack and gear stored neatly on the large wooden double doors. Within this particular compartment a rather broad backed plump looking mare with a white tear drop on her forehead stood eagerly awaiting company; for a horse she had a rather happy looking face. "Margit this is Wind. She is one of our training steeds for the younger riders. You'll find none better for you." Wind looked at the humans, letting out a rather amusing whinny.

Jordan stood next to Paul, giving him a nudge in the side. "You see that largish horse down a little from Josile, the one who looks a little roguish. That's Brandy, the general's horse and I know she'd love you to have him." What she didn't say was that Brandy tended to be something like a human teenager, often wishing to do things his way. But he had a personality to, a rather humorous one, which Paul no doubt would find out.

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Post by: Nerdlover on September 25, 2015, 10:22:59 AM
Paul was engrossed in the story on the way down. It wasn't too unfamiliar they had been to many planets of alien and human transplants. Many of the "higher" alien races took it upon themselves to colonize other planets moving humans and other races around as they pleased. As humans were highly adaptable most did fine, but that still bothered Paul, what right did they have moving people around like that?

When he entered the stables however he saw that while it may have overstepped to move these people they were no worse for wear. They were doing quite well. The horses were magnificent you could see the intelligence in their eyes.

Paul looked at the horse that Jordan suggested and was immediately intimidated. "Yeah I think I'll let Josile choose a horse for me." Paul was not a very big guy, not very tall, but it rarely bothered him, but the horse immediately made him feel smaller than he had in decades. Turning to Josile, "I haven't ridden a horse since Boy Scout camp and that was longer ago than I would care to admit." He was slightly embarrassed by this admission but he felt it was important to be honest when his life was going to be in the hands of a large strong willed animal.
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Post by: Mim on September 29, 2015, 12:04:11 AM

Sometimes despite even the worst of circumstances, in this case the gloom hanging over the collective heads of the base in regard to the missing women; there was reason to smile. Though Jordan barely knew Paul, she could see he had a good head on his shoulders and wasn't afraid to be self critical, even if it was in an amusing way. He will be a fine commander of the base, of that she was sure. "I can go one better Colonel. When I first arrived here I had never ridden a horse in my life other than a carousel when I was about as high as your knee. You've nothing to worry about really...." She walked down a little to her own black mare Redeemer, reaching out to stroke her nose. "...this is Redeemer, we've been buddies since about three months after I came. I'd trust her with my life and you know what Colonel? She knew I couldn't ride for peanuts and yet after just five minutes she was teaching me."


"Jordan O'Neil is correct Colonel Davis. I would say this, why not let the steed choose you?" Josile cupped her mouth, speaking clearly that echoed through the long halls. "Naga estes companio!" a moment of silence followed, then the heads of horse started appearing from their stalls, all of them were looking at the humans as if appraising them. A little after that a soft whinny was heard several yards from where they stood, then hooves at the door of that stall. Josile walked down that way, opening the door, then simply walked back with a beautiful young colt following her. "This be Blaze, he has not long since finished his training. He has chosen." As simple as that. She could well had done the same for Margit, but her mind had been set even before they arrived.
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Post by: Nerdlover on September 30, 2015, 03:39:02 PM
Paul's mouth fell open upon hearing the knowing sounds and seeing the looks of the horses. It seemed surreal as they clearly evaluated him. He felt exposed and scrutinized by these creatures that he was quickly beginning to understand were not merely horses, but true sentient and intelligent beings of their own right. When Josile walked toward him with Blaze he could tell that this horse was going to be more than a mode of transportation. As he looked at the horse he could feel all the unease fall from him and excitement began to build as he realized that he and this animal would develop a profound bond.

"Thank you Madam and I look forward to getting to know Blaze and learning everything I can from him."
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Post by: Robert Laurel on October 01, 2015, 08:33:20 PM
Margit stared at the animal in admiration. "He is magnificent, Josile. I thank you." She reached over to pet him, causing him to whinny in pleasure. "We are going to get along very well, you and I," she said.
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Post by: Mim on October 02, 2015, 03:18:40 AM

As the others spoke, grooms came seemingly from nowhere to begin the task of saddling their mounts. They were all teenagers, boys and girls essentially in training to become mounted warriors of the Cavaleiros. One scruffy haired blonde boy looked up to Jordan as if she could part the waters, he was so particular as to how he was around her, bowing and toffing his brow at every turn. Jordan once asked him not to, that was a while ago. But since her battle with the Inceptorizard, she had gained new pride among the local kids, to such an extent it embarrassed her more often than night. When he had finished with Redeemer, Jordan spoke quietly with him, admonishing to be sure that he was into his study this evening rather than swimming with his friends.

Mounting smartly, she certainly had the look of a warrior, to the point the boy had placed a Cavaleiros shock lance in its holder by her side. She rolled her eyes when she saw that.


"It is my duty and pleasure to you both." Josile told them politely as her own mount Taman (swift in the local tongue) was brought to her. She all but leaped into her saddle such was her ease in doing so. "You both have fine companions, Jordan shall we start with the road to your aircraft yards?"

Jordan nodded an affirmative. "As good as any place and that will allow Margit to see her troops sooner rather than later."

<<To Main Entrance>>
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Post by: Nerdlover on October 07, 2015, 02:02:01 PM
Paul climbed up on the beast known as Blaze. He was nervous but as soon as he was saddled up he somehow felt an energy flow through that was undoubtedly coming from Blaze. He didn't exactly feel at ease or relaxed but more prepared and able then we was on the ground. The horse gave a soft whinny that was almost as he was saying "We are not animal and human but equal companions". Paul grabbed the reins and though he had no idea how to "steer" a horse he didn't need to ask it was as if Blaze knew his intentions before Paul had even realized them. He and Blaze turned to follow the others.

To Main Entrance
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Post by: Robert Laurel on October 08, 2015, 11:47:58 PM
Margit mounted and grinned at the others. "Let's go give my soldiers something to talk about for the next week or so."

<<To Main Entrance>>
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Post by: DanielRyder on October 09, 2015, 02:43:56 AM


Lieutenant Agathon to Commander O'Neill, I'm on my way to Foreston. Is there anything you want me to do?"
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Post by: Mim on October 12, 2015, 09:30:46 PM
*Time jump 0f 24 hours to 1700 alpha site time 19-08-2011*
~All base personnel to assemble in the main conference room for the handing over of command to Colonel Paul Davis USAF~ *visiting personnel optional*

Conference Rooms (http://lostworlds.megabytetechsolutions.org/index.php?topic=1371.msg33482#new)

*Cmdr Jordan O'Neil, Jon Agathon, Aria Isael, Joarm Metzka and Taer will be on patrol outside the city limits of Foreston*