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Title: Rules and Form for Advertisements
Post by: Mim on October 20, 2016, 07:50:55 PM
How to submit your Ad

    Advertisers are no longer free to post as Guests on Lost Worlds. To submit your ad to our Directory Section (http://lostworldssff.com/index.php?board=413.0) you must be a registered member with at least 15 posts on the board (no spam or smilie posts).

    Any ads submitted must be done by the owner or creator or appointed staff member of your forum or group Ads may be posted from any site, group or page (such as Facebook) providing it has some connection to either Sci-fi or Fantasy. It may be a Fandom site such as ours or a site devoted to role play.  We must be able to identify that person via a link to their account.

    Ads for website forums of any nature must be free to register and active. We will conduct checks on site activity.

    Forums should be online and should be open to guest views. Offline forums will be archived.

    Our button (http://lostworldssff.com/index.php?topic=2041.new#new) must be seen clearly on your site in a fixed position. If you are posting an Ad for a group or page such as Facebook, Google Groups or Tumblr, links to our forum must be posted and bumped at least once a week. Our button should be on the page where your site receives the most views, such as the main home page. Our button must not be hidden; if we cannot find it easily, your ad will be removed. After your Ad has been approved, our button (websites) or a post on your group or page must be placed within twenty four hours.

    Do not alter our button or the code in any manner whatsoever. Doing so will have your ad removed.

    To Submit your ad, using the form found below, fill it out then post it in the directory. If however if we find an error as often happens, we will email you.  Do not change this form in any way or nature.

    Only one ad per member per site or group If though you have more than one website forum, group or page, you may submit separate ads for those.
    Any issues that may arise with your ad, a member of the staff will contact you to ask that you correct it within two days Make certain that you check on your ad regularly! When you post your ad, be sure to check the "Notify me of replies." option under the 'Attachments and other options'. By doing this you will see at any time when you ad has drawn interest or a staff member has posted a notice for you there.

Please message a staff member at any time if you wish your ad deleted or archived

You may bump your ad once a week. Doing so more often than this may see your ad removed. You may however make mention of your ad in any topic of the forum that might be related to your forum or group (for example if your site or group is related to Star Wars, you may make mention in the Star Wars fandom section of our forum) if you have registered as a member with us. This is not a hard and fast rule, we won't archive your ad simply because you forgot to give it a bump up.

    If you wish to start a discussion about your site, group or page, you may do so in the Advertisement off topic section

Why should you advertise with us if you are a registered member?

 Quite simply we are going to be promoting you for free on our Forum resources such as our Facebook Page and Twitter. (When these are available)
Title: Re: Rules and Form for Advertisements
Post by: Mim on October 20, 2016, 08:17:21 PM
Code: [Select]
[B]Name goes here:[/B] The name of your site, group or page
[B]Image goes here:[/B] This can be linked ideally
[B] Link goes here:[/B] This is the direct link to your site etc
[B]Format?:[/B] SMF, Proboards, VB4, phpBB, Facebook, Tumblr etc
[B]Your Account:[/B] We need a direct link to your account wherever your ad leads to. We must be able to see who you are to be linked to your ad.
[b]About you[/b] Minimum of one paragraph about yourself
[B]Where is our LW Icon?:[/B] This is where you have placed our button on your site. The button must be in a fixed position, easily seen on the main page of your site.
 (Not applicable for non website ads.
 In this case you must post links to and a brief explanation of our site on your page/group to be bumped weekly)
[B]Classification:[/B] What type of Forum, group or page are you? Fandom, General Interest, Role Play, Social?
[B]Activity:[/B] How active is your site or group. Average posts per day, how many members do you have?
[B]Rating:[/B] How do you rate your board? PG13 (no age restrictions) PG18 (medium language and violence) or M (mature themes)

[u]For Role Play sites[/u]
[B]Story or plot:[/B] What is your site all about
[B]Any other notes:[/B]
[B]Contact?:[/B] How and where can people contact you
Title: Re: Rules and Form for Advertisements
Post by: Mim on October 20, 2016, 08:32:25 PM
Our Button


Code: [Select]
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