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Title: Sirius TV Centre
Post by: VagabonD SerpenT on June 25, 2017, 02:14:23 PM
While often referred to as "the TV Tower", the actual place of action is the Sirius TV Centre - the main source of information and broadcasts for the entire solar system, not just the city and the planet. The one controlling this place is capable of doing some serious damage to the population minds in the area - 99% sounded from the net was the truth, however unbelievable that would sound in 21st century, so the people tended to believe it easily.

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The tower for broadcasting signal over the radio, TV, TerraNet and HyperNet is situated a bit away from the studios themselves and is just a complex of the equipment, ran by the robots supervised by two-three people. In theory, bringing it down would deal a bayitch of a strike to the civilian comm capabilities in system. Here it is in the background of the poorer, industrial section of the Alhabor City.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Title: Re: Sirius TV Centre
Post by: VagabonD SerpenT on July 03, 2017, 02:42:18 PM
<<2nd Company sans 3rd Platoon from the Mall>>

The giant cammomile shaped building of the Sirius TV Centre was certainly reminscing about the better days. The battle has moved closer to the planet and some of the big ships exploding in space were visible nicely in the night sky of Alhabor, sometimes being followed by the fiery rain or two of the tiny fragments and meteorite like slaps of the big hull chunks and whole sections.

Luckily, there was no chance for a stray slug from a dreadnaught to ram into the colony, or there would be a really big and deep crater instead one of the city districts. Though if one of the Entheri glazers would move in position, there would be instead a glass parking lot. Nobody can tell what of those is better.

Sounds of the fighter engines were rending the skies asunder, both the familiar Terran ship sounds and those strangely shrieking echoes of the Entheri craft. Streams of light and flocks of plasma bolts criss-crossed the sky, and the human fighters did use the missiles liberally, with them being helped by the ground heavy units.

When the Swarm fighters took out most of the satellites that were feeding the combat information to the ground forces, the AIs in the Space Navy dreadnaughts took upon their job, dedicating a per cent of their calculating powers to process the sensor data, mirror it accordingly to what would be seen from the ground position, and beam it down. It would be much harder to silence those radars and the silent gap ran no more than five minutes.

The TV Centre was billowing here and there, getting a fighter crash into it, a chunk of a cruiser and good old artillery fire - the outer positions along the building permietre were wrestled by the X-COM units away from the rebelling scum. By the time of the 2nd Company's arrival, the place was surrounded by at least two platoons of the elite Alien Combat Units of the eXtraterrestrial-COmmand, and that was just the visible ones.

As the transports touched down, Alexey jumped out and glanced at the 2nd Company's commanding officer - Petur Asgrimsson, then at Delores.

"Major, have the perimetre secured and fortified. The X-COM is great, but they are not trained for an all out war after all. Acting Lieutenant Vasquez, your Platoon is on me. Come on."

Frolov's gaze had picked out in the crowd of the people the one who seemed to be leading this gang of alien busters and marched up to him, reading the name on the chest tag as the distance shortened - Alistair MacRae ~ Bulldog. Heh, another doggy handle. Alex turned to Del and whispered to her.

"You did great so far, Del. Keep it up, I think we'll easily promote you. Just try not to bite X-COM, I know you not especially fond of the Imperial Security, but today our enemy is in the sky."

Stopping in front of Bulldog, Alexey changed the level of his voice.

"Lieutenant Colonel Alexy Frolov, Imperial Legion. Sergeant, per royal orders, all the X-COM units in the field get under military command. As the ranking officer of the Legion, I assume command of your detail. Report and provide the intel on that Jezebel unit we are after, please."

The orders given to the army were clear - reclaim the TV Centre, stop the signals broadcasting the security codes and info to the Swarm, capture the rebellion leaders alive and the most importantly - take alive, or at least take down the Jezebel unit behind all this sh*t. Alexey briefed his company on the way from the Mall about that.
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Post by: Mim on July 24, 2017, 02:32:27 AM

 Del was out of the transport like cobra, she was that quick really, armed to the teeth she looked like a walking image of those old fighting bots from the 22nd century, albeit not nearly as tall (some of those were at least five stories and took two people to operate them from within). She was hungry for the fight to as she led her team out with Reese and Sweet Pea looking just as ready to do some damage. Fortunately for them, 'Mr Grey' had been secured somewhere safely, so he was one less worry.

 "Grateful for your confidence Colonel, just hope I don't let you dow...." She looked up at the tower to where the 'Centre' was located, they were in for a fight. "I can lead this, with your permission Sir?" Her dark eyes took each team member in one by one, then fell at last on Reese and Hudson. "This will make up for the last screw up won't it guys?"
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Post by: sorra on July 25, 2017, 09:16:58 AM
Reese took a deep breath.  She didn't know how things were going to go here, but she was grateful to have Sweet Pea at her side and Del at her back.  With those two she felt like she just might get through this in one piece.  She gripped Sweet Pea's leash as they hurried off the ship, staying close to Del.

Reese looked around, wondering what this was going to entail.  She prayed that there weren't going to be many that needed medical attention.  But with this type of war she doubted that would be the case.
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Post by: Thaddeus on July 27, 2017, 07:36:14 PM

The journey had not taken them too long. Soon enough, their feet were on the ground and they were standing all outside the Sirius TV Center. Alistair had been the first out of his squad, whom all followed shortly after. The scene itself was not pretty - with chunks of burning metal having littered the ground, and artillery fire shelling the sky, Alistair had already gotten most of his nervous energy out of the way on the trip down with some well-placed banter with his squad.

There were eight of them all standing at the height of their attention, readying themselves for some action. Each of them had their own specialties, and at the same time had brought what was needed - fast, maneuverable and maximize on potential damage done on the OPFOR.

He adjusted the sling on his rifle, performing what would be his last-last minute checks of his own kit and weapons, a mental rundown of what he had on him and everything that he would end up having to know.

"Lieutenant Colonel Alexy Frolov, Imperial Legion. Sergeant, per royal orders, all the X-COM units in the field get under military command. As the ranking officer of the Legion, I assume command of your detail. Report and provide the intel on that Jezebel unit we are after, please."

Al stood up straighter, his back stiffening in response to being in such a presence of the Lt. Colonel. Out of respect, and out of a healthy amount of fear. He saluted, a quick snapping movement of his hand before it was brought back down to his side. "Aye, I regret I don't know much 'bout the Jezebel unit aside from 'he fact that we're te take 'em alive and crush 'he rebellion, colonel."
Title: Re: Sirius TV Centre
Post by: VagabonD SerpenT on August 07, 2017, 04:51:19 AM
Alexey raised his hand to let Del know he have heard her, but would reply later as he was listening into what the XCOM soldier was telling him. It was actually Frolov's fault here that he got barely any info - XCOM was a military wing of the ISS and as in any secret service or armed force, the information loved to be on the strictly need-to-know basis - lesser leaks this way.

"I see, Sergeant. Okay, get your men attached to Vasquez platoon - she would love any reinforcement there is."

By that time an XCOM Lieutenant ran up finally to the conversing people and snapped a salute at the Colonel.

"EXtraterrestrial COMmand Senior Lieutenant Atterson, Sir! Forgive the delay, I was gathering report from the squads already on site after they've kicked some rebellious butt."

At that moment one could have glanced at a small body pile in process of being assembled. The way the sodliers had to nearly cut the guns out of the dead hands meant that all of them have went down fighting like mad.

"We've managed to secure the permitre, but that bloody cammomile of the TV centre is too conveniently laden with windows and glass panes on the stairwells. We could not storm it, so we supressed the bastards and the moment you've showed up they went quiet..."

Alexey was already looking through the scope of his rifle at the various levels of the TV building, switching the sensor mode on the weapon, getting optical, infrared, electromagnetic, radiometric and even a bit of x-ray scans.

"The enemy is not an idiot... The moment we move in, we might expect heavy fire raining on us... So we have to give them something to be busy with and use our numbers as the advantage...


As all the commanders have gathered next to him, Frolov whispered out his orders, just in case the rebel forces had devices allowing to eavesdrop.

"We'll start with the heavy units moving in first. All in all, they require a lot of combine fire to take out and should provide adequate distraction, while the other platoons shoot non stop at those who make themsevles visible with their own fire.

Then, when the moment is clear, Delores takes her platoon and eight X-COM guys and darts like a starfighter toward the main entrance. That's the last place they expect us to attempt the breach. Element of surprise. From there, it's up to you how to proceed to get to the main operations of that building, but try not to kill any women - Jezebel sounds a real pain in the arse that our command would love to torture a bit. All those civilians caught redhanded today might get away with being brainwashed after all...

I will keep an eye on the permitre for a little while, cause I don't like those Entheri ships crashing, and I will try to get us powered armours."
Title: Re: Sirius TV Centre
Post by: Mim on August 07, 2017, 11:26:57 PM
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 The woman by now had acquired a rather nasty piece of weaponry. Looking much like the old world RPG launcher, this thing though was 5 times as lethal. Capable of taking down a small ship, or in a city it could vaporize a building. In the right hands it was the weapon of choice for clearing out the garbage, used tactically, she could determine to the nth degree how much of a building she needed to destroy. She swiveled her head around hearing Alexey's new orders. "Time to deal it out people. Reese, I want you and Sweet Pea to stay in the rear; close but not too close. Sergeant, you'll be right up front with me. Whenever you're ready Colonel." She was more than eager, she was like a pit bull straining at the leash.
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Post by: sorra on August 08, 2017, 08:35:23 AM

Reese listened quietly, her hand on Sweetpea's back.  She wasn't liking any of this and wished it would just end.  She was a vet, not a soldier but she wasn't about to run now.  She turned as her friend spoke and nodded.  "Got it.  We'll be close by if needed," she promised.  she would do her best to keep out of trouble though.  Sweetpea shook her head, staying by Reese's side.
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Post by: Thaddeus on August 12, 2017, 08:56:14 AM

Element of surprise.

That in itself had summed up the XCOMs. Alistair had stood by, listening attentively to the orders and the way they were going to breach and clear the TV center, his mind working away at strategies they could use. There were eight of them, working with Vasquez. They were going to just go straight through the main entrance - which in itself did not seem like a very stable plan. Perhaps it was where they least suspect it, but it was where the OPFOR would have the advantage of being able to cover most of the center.

"Time to deal it out people. Reese, I want you and Sweet Pea to stay in the rear; close but not too close. Sergeant, you'll be right up front with me. Whenever you're ready Colonel."

However, as the chain of command went - he was to follow orders from the colonel. Al checked over his men, all ready and willing to get their hands dirty and all fully expecting their work being cut out from them, he turned to them, "Bein' 'hat their are eigh' o' us, two groups of four; me and three others will go with Vasquez, the other four attempt to flank each side. Once clear, wait for further orders. Got it?" His men nodded, readying their weapons and all now turned to focus on the acting lieutenant. "Ready when yer willin'."
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Post by: VagabonD SerpenT on August 23, 2017, 01:45:32 PM
So the point will be taken by a platoon of the Legionaries and eight X-COM soldiers, good... Alexey's final thoughts were interuppted by a "rebel" suddenly opening a window close to the main entrance and hanging his bare arse out, slapping it.

"Hey, Imperials!! Kiss it... AWWWWWWWWWWW!"

The stoned idiot had caught at least four plasma bolts into his mooning backside before Frolov even moved the barrel of his own rifle to watch the body collapse to the ground.

"Well, well, well... Look at that... No wonder a small group of them was able to take a building here and there. Have you seen his eyes and how his arms jerked?"

He asked, calculating new options. The rebels were pumped with the Psycho, a combat drug that was making people tougher, stronger, able to take a lot of punishment without even noticing it, increase survival rate and mission success, but as its effects were wearing off, the soldier could have started doing something idiotic, hence the Psycho name. It was discontinued in the Imperial Military, replaced by an item with less evil side-effects, yet, naturally, it had made its way onto the black market and there slowly crawled over the realm with the help of the drug dealers. Its mass usage also meant that it surely was an Entheri intervention - even the richest mafiosi could not afford more than a few hypodermics of the chemical, due to its high price caused by the extremely high risk of having both of the seller's and buyer's bodies shortened roughly on one head's size if caught.

Colonel finally had a slightly amended plan form in his mind. He snatched a charge from his belt and loaded into the underbarrel of his rifle, aiming it in the open window and launching the grenade in. Thick green, vicious smoke spread through the interior immediately after the hit. The modern smokes were divided into two groups - near screens and remote screens. While the former were just the pure concealement, the latter one that Alexey had used was also designed to act as the crying, sneezing, annoying your arse out gas.

"Smoke screens, now! Heavies - sow some discord! After they do, Shadow -
 you going in!!"

Alex was now going to bug the command to release a few powered armour suits at least for his company here and maybe even secure a mech or a tank squad for ground support. A few beams and plasma turrets would always be handy.
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Post by: Mim on August 25, 2017, 01:45:02 AM

 Spread out in an attack formation, Del nodded sharply at the commands with her hand waving Reese and Sweet Pea back to the rear. They would be needed, but not with the initial assault. "Watch your friendlies, screw anything else." She waited for the ubiquitous 'thump thump' of the smokers, pulling down her respirator mask as she did so, another hand signal to the teams to do like wise.

 At the right moment, she made the call. "Move it!" One last head movement towards Alexy and she was off leading her team fast like a blur of movement ducking left and right, through the smoke by sense more than anything else until they were at the main doors. Another blur of her hands, two heavy grenades went in, she leaned heavily against the wall waiting for the double explosion which came very quickly, accompanied by screams of the dying. Unlimbering her main weapon, she signaled for Bulldog to take the lead.
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Post by: sorra on August 29, 2017, 08:56:01 AM

Reese gently tugged on Sweetpea's leash and the dog moved off behind her.  They brought up the rear, Reese knowing she wouldn't be a big help in a fire fight.  She could hold her own, but she and Sweetpea would be better off in the rear where Del had sent them.  She watched everyone on her team and around her, wondering just what they would find themselves getting into.
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Post by: Thaddeus on September 03, 2017, 04:53:27 PM

Another show put on my the rebels, slapping their rear end. Alistair had half a mind in shoving one up his crack but it seemed that something had come out of the rebels after all, the use of an illegal substance - which made the fight ever more fun, knowing that the enemy were more likely to be reckless in their attacks, which at the same time made them unpredictable. His lips curled upwards in a small sneer.

"Move it!"

Alistair pulled down his gas mask, as did his squad as they moved in through the smoke, their weapons shouldered as they made their way to the main doors - attempting to keep their breathing at a steady rate through their breathing apparatus. He counted in his head the double explosion, watching Vasquez hand the reins over to him.

His hand signaled for three to split off from Vasquez as the rest continued to remain with him. The three had headed for the furthest left stairwell; leaving them with two options, to continue going straight forward or continue the flanking maneuver on the right hand side, forcing the OPFOR into a vice grip. He moved further into the main lobby, firing a couple of bolts into an approaching enemy, then another, who had stepped out at the wrong time just mere seconds after his friend had fallen.
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Post by: Mim on September 05, 2017, 02:26:16 AM

 Slipping in seconds behind Alistair with the remainder of her squad, Del soon found herself all the way into the main nest. With the smoke blinding their enemy, it was easy pickings when using the EVG (enhanced vision goggles)  attached to her gas mask to see the situation. There were possibly as many as a dozen rebels holding out, several she could see lay dead on the floor, the interior of the TV centre offering them some degree of cover with several large support columns and the various bits of furniture found in places like this. Her problem was that they did not need this distraction, the Rebels were just a flea bite on the Imperials backside, they had bigger fish to fry. So she thought she would at least give them the chance to surrender before anymore unwanted deaths occurred.

 Using the speaker attached to her armoured vest, via the mic in the mask, she called to them. "You people really don't want to do this. Drop your weapons and surrender now, we'll let you walk away. Refuse and we 'will' level this place with you in it and your cause was for nothing, there are no other options." For a long few moments she was met with silence, it appeared they might be at least thinking it over.

Then, without warning a single voice called out. "Go frak yourselves!" Followed by some rather intense but erratic fire.

That was all Del needed. "Take them out!" She yelled through her coms, which was followed quickly by several bursts of heavy fire from her team, which included a few RPG rounds. Del ducked and rolled to find cover behind a large steel cabinet, setting up a cross fire to bring down the coup de grace. "Reese, as soon as the shooting stops, bring yourself and Sweet Pea in, we'll need to find the wounded." She called over her radio in between firing.
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Post by: sorra on September 05, 2017, 08:28:47 AM

Reese kept herself and Sweetpea in the back of the group and behind cover.  She wasn't a soldier and she would be more likely to put herself and the others at risk then be of any help right now.  Sweetpea on the other hand tugged just a bit on her leash, growling lowly.  Heaven help any that crossed the dog.  She would tear them limb for limb.  Reese did her best to soothe the dog while watching the action.  "Got it," she replied to her friend, waiting for a chance to slip in and help.
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Post by: VagabonD SerpenT on October 31, 2017, 01:28:05 PM
Meanwhile the drugs that were coursing through the veins of the rebels were slowly wearing off and more and more of them were finding themselves shooting at the Imperial soldiers or holed up in some cover, ready to spring for action, the haze of the psychotic dream blown away and clarity of mind returning, even if slow. A quick assement of the situation would easily tell them that the problems are just going to grow.

One of the mutineers reached for his radio, but instead he only just got the clicks and static - the jamming was working nicely, blocking all non Legion comms here in the building, except of the tight beam signal right to the Swarm that needed to be shut down.

"sh*t!! Radio is dead!! Shaun, take my spot, I'll go ask the command what to do when we're suddenly getting our asses handed to us!!"

With that, he ran off in the direction of the main studio. It was a really frantic run, full of ducking and rolling from cover to cover, but soon he was there, yanking the door open. The last thing he saw in his life was March aka Jezebel pulling the trigger with her blaster aimed right in his face and after the bolt left it, hurrying up to the doors and sealing them, blasting away the control console.

Utter demise of a simple rebel was witnessed by a few of his comrades who have ran from the different areas of the Centre with the same idea in mind and now they witnessed the entire year sans March either laying dead on the floor, heads blown off or wounded heavily, knocked out or limbless. The command chain was crippled. There was only one word heard in the mind of those people - screwed, screwed, screwed... Off they went bearing the bad news to their comrades - it was going to be their end tonight, no other option.

Back in the main hall, where there was now a momentary lull in the firefight,
 Alexey rushed in, barking into his radio:

"I do not care if those are for the Shock Armies!! We're having a major, frak it, crysis this end of the planet and if we do not fix it like two days ago, we're fucked!! So get me a dozen of the Powered Armours flown in, NOW!!!"

Clearing his throat and putting on the mask of his own, Colonel got close to Del.

"They promised to get us some heavy toys delivered finally... Okay, we need to reach the main broadcast studio, and judging from the yells I hear, the rebels just realized that the bugs chose to screw them and their uprising..."

As if to confirm his words there was a volley fire from an above gallery, luckily a blind fire case of a desperate young man who just learned he is getting a one-way ticket to Hell tonight, and most likely a crucifiction if he's taken alive, for he had not just commited an act of high treason to say the least, but was caught in collaboration with the alien enemy, thus getting a promotion from a traitor to an Enemy of the Mankind.

Frolov quickly sniped him in a random part of the body, not really caring to aim for between the eyes after having to roll a few metres like a bloody log going downhill to a river to get away from the plasma bolts.

"What a stupid goat... Okay, Bulldog, Shadow, we need to not let them jump us from behind and pincer them instead. Steamroll from two sides toward the main studio, then we crack it open and you X-COM guys will show us how one does capture an alien before it has a chance to do anything. That signal broadcast is not helping the fight up above at all."
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Post by: Mim on November 01, 2017, 10:33:03 PM

 For a moment Del weighed up the situation, right now they needed Sweet Peas senses to alert them to anything forward of them. These aliens smelled way different to humans, for a dog that is going to stand out to her nose like poo among roses. "Okay then sir, we'll get up there. Reese..." She looked at her buddy and their furry friend. "..you're up front with me now. Bulldog, when we get closer, we'll let Sweet Pea here tell us exactly where they are. Once we've found them, we'll use whatever means necessary to take them down...alive. If not, tough breaks for them eh?"
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Post by: sorra on November 05, 2017, 08:53:45 PM
Reese moved up beside Del, Sweet Pearl beside her.  The dog raised her head, sniffing the air.  She seemed to understand that she was supposed to work now.  "Right.  I'll stick close and it seems Sweet Pearl is ready to work."