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Title: 1944 Switzerland-Germany
Post by: Mim on June 15, 2018, 05:42:35 PM

 Mission Directive: Land 401 in wilderness area of Wittenau Switzerland. Descend 1,000 mtrs by foot to border area, cross near Friedrichshafen, Germany during air raid then head for suspect SS facility located north east at Ravensburg. This where the Stargate may be hidden in one of 11 bunkers located underground. Lt Jon Nealson, Lt William Troy, Doctor Daniel Jackson.
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Post by: Bluebell722 on June 21, 2018, 11:54:06 PM

"All right, team, I'm getting ready to take her in for a landing. Strap in and hold on."

Jon checked the nav system, took the craft off of auto, made sure he was heading for the landing coordinates. He'd have to keep the craft cloaked, make sure he chose a landing spot that would look mostly undisturbed with the 401 in the midst of it. As the ground drew closer, he scanned the nav readouts, found what looked like a fairly open clearing in the middle of a heavily forested section, a place that seemed unlikely to get much in the way of foot traffic.

As much as flight tech had made leaps and bounds as far as automated functions, this type of landing required a human hand.

This was what Jon lived for.

Most days.

Jon affected the politely bored tone of a commercial airline pilot.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to start our descent into the barren wilderness of Wittnau. Please make sure your tray tables and seats are in their upright and locked positions."

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Post by: DanielRyder on June 22, 2018, 01:38:50 PM
Doctor Daniel Jackson

Daniel looked up for a brief moment from his studies of the area. When they arrived, he was looking through the archives for historical documents of the area they were headed to. It never hurt to be familiar with the place. Their destination would be in Switzerland. Listening to Jon, he responded, Alright. Doctor, ah, Jackson is, umm. I'm ready, of course."

He muttered as his brow creased together. In all of his notes as it was scrambled a bit so he forgot the name he was supposed to be. He muttered hoping someone in the group would remember, "Either one of you remember who I'm supposed to be? I seem to have forgotten but I know I'm Doctor Jackson." It was a joke. Almost a joke. Daniel sighed. His notes were a mess and he had put the name he was going as somewhere in there. It was going to be a long mission.

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Post by: Troy on June 22, 2018, 06:03:30 PM

William powered off the tablet and placed it in a nearby storage compartment. Once that was done, he strapped down in the co-pilot's seat just as the craft began it's descent. He looked out the window as the forest grew larger. At first he was unsure of where they would land, but a clearing big enough to hold the craft could be seen.

Dr Jackson's question stumped him as well.

"Good question Doc. Afraid I don't know the answer to that one."
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Post by: Bluebell722 on June 23, 2018, 12:15:25 AM

Jon was momentarily distracted from the task of landing the 401 by the fact that Daniel didn't know his own alias. While Daniel was sometimes the very definition of the absent-minded professor, for him not to know a key detail like that was - unusual, to say the least.

"Ian Jackson," he said. "Not sure about your salutation or level of education. I was planning on calling you just Jackson anyway, because that's one less thing for me to worry about. Don't want to grandfather paradox yourself or whatnot."

Then he tuned out the others and set the guiding the craft smoothly down to the ground. It landed, and he started post-flight checks, powering down, making sure all the systems were off. He didn't want to kill the power source or leave something on that would make a noise, alert a nosy local to the ship's presence. He did, however, have to make sure the cloak was up and running - and that he didn't forget the proverbial car keys.

He took a deep breath as he shut down the last of the systems.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Wittenau, Switzerland. Thank you for flying Air Nealson. The local time is...1944. Please be careful when opening the overheard compartments as contents may have shifted during the flight."

He unbuckled himself, stood up, stretched. Then he went to find his pack, make sure he had all the gear he should and no gear he shouldn't - like a digital wristwatch; he'd traded that in for a period-appropriate aviator's watch with some flight-useful complications - and then headed for the door. He would go out last, lock up behind himself.
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Post by: Troy on June 25, 2018, 08:19:27 AM
Once the craft set down in the forest clearing, William followed Lt Nealson's example of ensuring that all items from the 'future' were secured on the ship. On the off chance they were captured, or lost something, they didn't want to contaminate the timeline any further than necessary.

When he was confident everything was ready, he opened the hatch and stepped out into the sunshine. A quick look around showed no one else around which was a good sign.
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Post by: Bluebell722 on June 25, 2018, 12:45:43 PM
<Wittenau - 401-32 landing site>

"The route's pretty simple - about one klick east to the border, then we stick pretty close to the Obersee Bodensee," Jon said, fishing in his jacket pockets for a map and compass. "It's about a nine-hour hike to Friedrichshafen. Northeast from there to Ravensburg. Ready when you are."

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Post by: Troy on June 25, 2018, 08:54:06 PM
<Wittenau - 401-32 landing site>

"Everybody remember where we parked."

 William quiped as the cloaking device activated. He then listened as Jon explained the route they would take. He already had a good idea where they were heading, but was glad for the confirmation.

"A nice nine hour hike through the Alps. Could be worse, this could be the dead of winter."
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Post by: DanielRyder on June 27, 2018, 08:16:40 PM

Doctor Daniel Jackson

<Wittenau - 401-32 landing site>

"Of course. I got the location somewhere in my notes in case we forgot," Daniel sighed watching the 401 shimmer as it cloaked.

Ian Jackson. Of course. Now the mission...

Daniel turned back around and followed quickly behind Jon and Troy. He nodded as he added, "If we ever get cold. Just think warm thoughts."
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Post by: Bluebell722 on June 29, 2018, 09:18:43 PM
<Wittenau - 401-32 landing site>

Jon marked the location of the landing site on the map for good measure, then studied his compass, oriented himself Eastward, and set off.

"Warm thoughts. Are those like warm colors - red, orange, yellow?"

There was a certain pace that Jon had gotten good at marching at in basic, the kind of pace he could set and go for seemingly forever, so long as his pace was decent and his gait was smooth. His body would set into perpetual motion, as it were, and he'd go. Unfortunately, that pace was really only useful on long stretches of flat terrain, and they were in the mountains. He'd have to pick his way down carefully, because none of them could afford to be injured.

As he walked, he wondered if he should have packed a Goa'uld healing device. He still had naquadah in his blood. That would be handy to have, since even though Troy was a medic, he had emergency supplies at best, and this was a time-travel mission. A man ought to expect the worst.

Jon wondered about the wisdom of having one of those little ring-blaster things like that Ashrak had been wielding. It was small, easily concealed, and not something someone else could use against him in the event they managed to disarm him.

He’d have to talk to someone about getting his hands on that kind of gear before his next offworld mission.

Daniel had always thought he was empty-headed, spaced out on long hikes offworld.

But he was thinking, and watching, and quietly dreading when the worst befell them.
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Post by: Troy on July 05, 2018, 07:39:44 PM

The team walked in relative silence for a while, with William occasionally pulling out his compass to ensure they were still on the correct course. Even with the War on, this was still a fairly safe area to be in. Switzerland continued their trend from WW1 and remained neutral.

After a bit, William decided to break the silence.
"So Jon, why'd you choose the Marines?"
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Post by: Mim on July 05, 2018, 08:29:09 PM
<Wittenau to Ravensburg>

 As our trio strolled along within the freedom of neutral Switzerland it was if World War two didn't happen. There was very little military presence apart from the odd truck or motorcycle heading either from or two the border; on two occasions a car passed them by with passengers who could have been escaped POW's by the look of them, they were lucky.

 Nearing the border things became a little more active as it was nearing dawn, there were more soldiers to be seen, and of course that immense barbed wire fence that traversed the entire border line; with access to Germany only through designated border posts. There were of course other ways, while the Nazis were naturally on the lookout for those escaping, there was far less scrutiny for those who may want to sneak into their lands.

 A pair of young men with sheep, perhaps twenty or so came towards them. The woolen coated animals probably being herded to have their heavy coats clipped for the summer.
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 05, 2018, 08:56:25 PM
<Wittenau to Ravensburg - Border

Jon kept his voice low as they approached the two shepherds. “A lot of people expected me to join the Air Force. Seemed kinda cliche. I hate cliches. What about you? How did you pick your branch of service?”

He wasn’t a fan of small talk, but he understood it was good to build rapport with the people he was working with, and didn’t have much in the way of rapport with either of them.

He glanced over his shoulder at Jackson, then eyed the shepherds some more.

“Hey Doc, could you use your polyglot powers to talk to these guys, maybe get a sense of where security might be thin on the ground so we could cross? Or, you know, borrow wheels or something.”

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Post by: Mim on July 05, 2018, 10:24:06 PM

<Wittenau to Ravensburg - Border>

 It had been a long time since Daniel had done anything even remotely like this, walking for the sake of walking and what a beautiful land to be doing it in. His eyes were everywhere, the trees, the mountains, everything he took in and breathed deeply. Surely if there were a paradise on Earth this was it as he wasn't one to think of a remote tropical island as a paradise in his mind's eye.

 As the herders and their sheep came into view, all that did was affirm Daniel's opinion of where they were. "Probably to annoy Ja..." Then he realized that William most likely had no idea who Jon really was. "I meant to say he probably join the Marines to tick someone off. You both know Cate MacGregor right. Why do you think she joined the Air Force when both parents were Navy." He was musing just a little. They continued walking until they were almost abreast of the young men and their woolly charges when Nealson brought his attention to them. "Despite what people think, it has its disadvantages Jon. I'll give it a try but you know I did always struggle with German."

 He walked ahead the few yards that separated them. "Excuse me, we seem to be lost. Can you erm, direct us to a safe route across the border?" He asked them in near perfect Deutsch.

 The boys, for that was what they were looked at one another. "Your German is fair sir, but I think you are American is that not so?" The older boy replied. "We can speak English if that is easier for you."

 Daniel faltered a little, then waved his friends over. "Yes we are and thank you. I'm Ian Jackson, my friends here are Patrick O'Neill and John Huxley. We um..." How do you tell someone you want to sneak into the Naziland? "...well we need to cross the border unseen if you know what I mean."

 Again the boys looked at one another. "I should ask why, but that is your business Mister Jackson. The Germans allow us at times to graze our sheep on their hillsides, but not officially if you know what I mean. Down there along the fenceline three hundred meters away.." He pointed East. "...there is a part of the wire that has been dug away underneath, it is hidden by thick trees either side and please sir, if you happen to be caught you did not hear that from us. A good day to you." They both continued on behind their sheep with a border collie not far behind them.

 "Well okay thank you, um bye." He said leaving him scratching his head. "Guys, I think we have a way into Germany." Daniel told his friends as he walked back towards them.
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 07, 2018, 10:35:19 AM
Jon straightened up when Daniel approached, delivered his good news.

"Excellent. Please skip the part where you talk fast and talk lots and give us the directions, and we will make this happen. It was always a goal of mine to avoid being captured by Nazi forces, and you know me - I'm an achiever."
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Post by: Troy on July 07, 2018, 09:30:43 PM
<Wittenau to Ravensburg - Border>

William nodded at the answers from both Jon and Dr Jackson. It was a bit vague, but at the same time made sense. He chuckled a little.

"Some people join the same branch as family members, carry on the family tradition. However, I've met those who join another for that very reason. They want to forge their own path. I chose not to become a Policeman like my father. My supervisor at the ambulance company had been a PJ so he convinced me to join."

Their conversation was cut short as the border came in sight and Dr Jackson went to talk with a group of herders. He returned with good news, prompting Jon to quip about avoiding capture by the Nazis.
"That's on oddly specific goal, but an admirable one."
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 08, 2018, 03:18:14 PM
Jon drawled, "My ma did always tell me to set realistic, achievable goals for myself." He checked his compass and his map. "PJ is pretty impressive, though. Good on you."
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Post by: Troy on July 09, 2018, 09:51:01 PM
"Thanks, the Marines are no easy feat either."

William followed the other two towards the place on the border where the shepherds had pointed out a break in the wire.

"Let's hope the goal of avoiding Nazis continues to hold true."

As the approached the location William scanned the land.
"Looks like the coast is clear. Time to slip into Nazi Germany."
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 09, 2018, 11:05:03 PM
Jon scanned their surroundings instinctively as well.

"All right, let's do this. Doctors first? Or medics?"

Daniel was perfectly capable of handling himself in the field, but it was still instinctual to keep the civilians in the middle and have military personnel on point and on their six.

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<To Ravensburg - Border>

 Daniel looked at both of them thinking it was a fine time to discuss family. He simply didn't want to go there with his. "Well I guess its up to me really since those kids gave me the information. We can only hope they weren't Hitler youth just out to set us up eh?" He put his head down to take them directly to the trees and the fence line. Once in the cover of those thick pines and shrubs it took a little while to find the actual hole in the fence. That time was cut down measurably when on his hands and knees he put his palm on a pile of warm sheep's dung. "Ewk!" He whispered not knowing if and where any Germans were on the other side. "Found it." There was a bare path he could easily follow even in the early morning gloom and after about five minutes he reached the very spot the kids told him about. Just high enough for the small breed of sheep they had, for them it would be a crawl under. "I think Jon should shimmy through first though. You know just in case." He knew the man was a far better shot than he was if worse came to worse.
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Jon heard Daniel's wordless sound of disgust, resolved to follow along a bit more carefully. Even though he wasn't squeamish, he liked to avoid certain substances.

"Sure, I can take point. Huxley, you take our six?"

Jon made sure he had his weapon, an M1911, in easy reach in case of emergency, and then crouched down, surveyed the path.

He nudged the worst of the sheep dung out of the way with his boot, and then he crawled under the fence as carefully as he could.

As soon as he made it to the other side he slid out of the way so the others could clear, and he scanned his surroundings for any threats, took up a defensive position just in case.
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<To Ravensburg - Border>

 That made Daniel laugh, the last time he heard that discussion it was translated into Russian for the benefit of others. "Shest' ." Getting down low when he first made the attempt to crawl through his pack got in the way, so it was either take it off and drag it through or get through side ways; he chose the latter as it was no more than a few feet.

 More poo only this time he made sure to avoid it so that he finally came out the other side reasonably clean. Just as he did make it through the first glimpses of sunrise far to the East caught his eye, it was nothing less than stunning giving him the feeling that in this was some reward for all the effort they had made. "That is beautiful isn't it?" He said joining Jon. A tinge of red and pink edged the mountains in the distance. "We never really take the time to appreciate the wonders of nature do we? We're so busy with our lives that it just doesn't occur to us that there is more to it than just finding the next bad guy to put away." By now he was reflecting on the many missed opportunities to stop and take it all in, especially with all those missions SG1 had done over the years. "Friedrichshafen next, about eight hours and a bit. You know I'm wondering how far away the nearest train station is?"
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"Doc, I think stopping to smell the roses has always been more your thing than mine." Jon wrinkled his nose, glanced over his shoulder to make sure Daniel made it upright okay. "Not particularly rosy around here, though. I feel you about a train station. If you don't have moral objections to hopping a train, how would you feel about borrowing a car? Think that's the kind of thing Carter would consider stomping on a butterfly?"
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Post by: Troy on July 11, 2018, 06:23:04 PM
William waited until Dr Jackson made it through the fence before crawling through himself. He shook his head a little at Jon taking up a  defensive stance. Seemed to him it would only serve to draw attention to the trio. Thankfully though no Germans, or Swiss, stopped them from slipping across the border.

Once across, he followed Dr Jackson's gaze to see the sunrise.

"It is a nice view. Perhaps when this is all over, we can return when there's less pressure."

The conversation then turned to what mode of transportation they should use.
"I personally don't know the roads well enough to be driving in a car. Plus we have to take in account the rationing. I vote for the train."
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Post by: Mim on July 12, 2018, 12:31:06 AM

<<Heading to Friedrichshafen>>

 Daniel waited until Troy/Huxley was through before speaking again and when he did he decided to lower his voice knowing how sound traveled in these type of areas with the clear air and hills that surrounded them had the capacity of acting like an amplifier. "Too true, I have been known to focus on things that weren't exactly up the military soldier like path." Jon knew that better than anyone else other than Sam and Teal'c. That approach to things had landed Daniel in hot water more than once; easily distracted.

 Looking downwards into the valley he weighed the options once again and if they were going to avoid a very long walk some form of transport was going to be needed. Cars were an issue, as William pointed out there wouldn't be too many civilian cars around they could steal effectively added with the fuel situation. But traveling by any form of public transport presented its own set of issues as well. One glaring point was not so much how they appeared but what they were carrying; they really needed to be out of sight as much as possible. Digging his hand into his inner coat pocket he pulled out what looked to be a well worn and used folded map; which of course it wasn't. Unfolding it he scanned the finely detailed heavy paper. "We're here." He pointed at the colored map. "Albruck, or at least within a kilometer down that long hill. There is a freight yard there with the lines going directly to Friedrichshafen. We'll have to work on the fly but I think if we pick the right train we should be able to do it. From what I read back home, they still had a viable civilian freight service going that shouldn't be too much under scrutiny...or not. A case of pot luck. Once we're in Friedrichshafen, it'll be finding one Herr Franz Schneider, he's been listed as a German Anti Nazi underground leader. He is or was supposed to have a bakery on Wilhem Strasse, shouldn't be too hard to find I suppose. Hopefully he can help us slip into Ravensburg unseen, without of course telling him too much." Daniel looked back down the valley folded his map and put it back where it was safe. "Oh, why him? He survived the war something of a hero to us, having helped about 30 POW's get into Switzerland. So are we ready to do this?"
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Post by: Troy on July 13, 2018, 12:07:49 PM
William could see the town laid out below them, rather unscathed by the war. At least for now. He was sure that once the Allies started pushing further into France and Germany the effects of the war would be more pronounced. Plus, just because the town hadn't been bombed to pieces by the Americans and Brits didn't mean they weren't suffering.

"Hop a freight train, and then go find a baker who works for the underground. Be less conspicuous than other options. How do we ensure the train goes where we want it to?"
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 14, 2018, 09:58:06 PM
Jon listened to Daniel's instructions, nodded. "Sounds like a good plan. Makes sense to me. We could break into the main shipping office in the freight yard and get a look at the schedules if needs be."

He shifted to take point once more, compass in hand.
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<<Heading to Friedrichshafen>>

 "We could." Daniel said as they began the steep downhill walk that soon turned into a run simply because of the incline. Then they reached the end of the treeline at the bottom. "But we won't need to. This line only goes north and south eastish, with the nearest junction beyond Friedrichshafen, so any freight train heading north will be the one we need...or not. Just make sure we don't hop onto one laden with tanks and soldiers." That was going to be pretty well obvious.

 A road went stood in their way before another short downhill run to the freight yards, Daniel stood back as trucks rumbled past and the occasional Nazi staff car with motorbike escorts. Just out of the movies he thought, thinking of one movie in particular, The Great Escape. "Busy?" It was a sarcastic comment really, of course it was there was a war on. They must have stood there for a good five minutes before a chance came. "Come on, now!" He told them wondering why an Archeologist was taking the lead, he felt like poking Jon in the back just to give him a hint.

 Daniel sprinted across the road, then went stumbling down the last little hill to the rail line only to come to an abrupt stop at a chain wire fence. "Crap. Now what do we do?" He could see a large freight train just yards away from them, the engine up front chuffing steam in readiness to leave.
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Of course Daniel went sprinting off helter-skelter while a Nazi convoy was going by. Some things hadn't changed. He'd always joked about getting his colonel broken in just how he liked. Chances were Troy wouldn't understand Daniel's tendency to take over when two qualified military personnel were present. Of course, Daniel was more like an airman or a Marine than he'd like to admit in a lot of days. Far cry from the literally snot-nosed long-haired geek Jon had first met.

He dashed after Daniel, came to a halt when he saw the fence.

Jon laced his fingers together. "Doc, get over here. I'll give you a boost up and over. Then I'll give Huxley a boost over. Get to the train."

The trick to clearing a chain link fence was to go fast and flip himself over the top, use the momentum from his speed to seal the deal. He was pretty sure he could stick the landing on the other side. All that urban combat was finally paying off.

"Huxley, come on!"

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 "Yeah right we've done this before haven't we?" Daniel was by this time in his SG1 career quite athletic, a far cry from the bespectacled young Doctor of Archeology who had stepped through the Stargate so many years ago with his eyes so wide open.

 He put his foot but not all of his weight into Jon's hands, using the chain fence as leverage. With his pack and gear on his back that added to his momentum and with a slight heave he was over, landing only slightly awkwardly on the other side. He checked either side along the length of the train, no one was in sight yet. There was what looked to be a box car several wagons to his left as he faced the train; but he heard the squeal of the wheels and the brakes being released. "Come on guys the train is leaving, hurry!"

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Post by: Troy on July 17, 2018, 10:18:43 AM

With the group settling on a plan, William followed Dr Jackson over the chain link fence.
He landed cleanly and moved out of the way for Jon. Thankfully there didn't appear to be any guards patrolling the train yard.

Following Dr Jackon's lead, William took off on a jog towards the moving train. Identifying the boxcar, he quickly plotted an intercept course and increased his speed. It was the same concept as shooting at a moving target. You aim at where it will be, rather than where it currently is located.

For whatever reason, the side door to the traincar was left open, reducing the difficulty of climbing in. Grabbing the bottom of the door frame, William pulled himself up.

"Doc, if you need to, toss your pack up first. If you can at least get a hold of the doorframe's bottom, I can pull you up the rest of the way."
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 18, 2018, 12:54:45 AM
Jon tossed his pack over the fence, kept ahold of his rifle and pistol, and launched himself over with an athleticism he’d never have managed before the Divide.

He landed, scooped up his pack, and took off running after his teammates.

”Need me to cheerleader launch you, Jackson?”

Because he might or might not have learned some cheerleading moves from some women he’d been stationed with.

Guy had to pass the time somehow. And some of those tosses were useful.
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Post by: Mim on July 18, 2018, 09:39:18 PM

<<Heading to Friedrichshafen>>

 "I'm not that old yet you young whipper snapper!" Daniel had to shout at Jon over the noise of the train. He threw his pack up on William's advice, grabbed the lower door frame with his hands and the momentum did the rest. "Thanks." He said but they weren't done as he twisted around to reach out for Jon as the train began picking up a little speed. "Come on, come on!" He yelled leaning out as far as he dared. They weren't going to lose a team member like this.
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Post by: Bluebell722 on July 18, 2018, 10:37:09 PM
Jon shouted, "Dodge, Jackson!"

Then he flung his pack into the moving train car, put on a burst of speed to intercept, and launched himself into it.

He landed harder than he'd have liked, wincing at the rough treatment his weapons received, but when he stood all his limbs were working and he wasn't in any pain.

Discomfort wasn't pain.

Pain meant you were incapacitated. If you could move, you weren't in pain.

He heard his drill sergeant's old mantra.

To Daniel he said, "Thanks for the offer of the hand up. Turns out I can cheerleader launch myself."