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Title: Sam Carter
Post by: Troy on July 11, 2018, 02:23:53 PM
I realize that pilot episodes are sometimes different than the rest of the show, but Carter's background has always confused me a little.

She attended the AF Academy with a science background, and according to the Wiki earned her PHD while there. The real Academy doesn't go that high, but I'll overlook that.

When Jack is trying to convince her not to go though the Gate, she says she logged over 100 hrs over enemy airspace during the Gulf War. The implication being she flew on fighters or bombers. I'm trying to figure out what an Astrophysicist is doing in a combat zone.  :huh
Title: Re: Sam Carter
Post by: Bluebell722 on July 11, 2018, 03:10:36 PM
I looked at the other Wiki and it says she got her Bachelor's at the Academy but we don't know where she got her PhD - you're right, the Academy doesn't offer education at the graduate level like that. She doesn't wear wings on her uniform but she has demonstrated pilot skills in the past, so her being a pilot isn't that strange. No reason she couldn't be both a scientist and a pilot since she did both anyway. Of course, she wouldn't have been a combat pilot during the Gulf War because I don't think women could be combat pilots back then in the Air Force, but she could still very well have flown craft in enemy airspace. For Sheppard, Lorne, Teldy, O'Neill, and really any other officer to make it to Major or higher they'd have to get their Masters or its equivalent, so for Sam would have been set on that score when she started the series with her PhD as a captain.

Of course, for most of Stargate the Air Force acts as ground troops alongside the Marines (and I think there's maybe one Army SG team and one Navy SG team by the end of the television series? Plus some Russians), so if Sam acted more like a pilot than a theoretical physicist at points in her career I don't think it's completely implausible.
Title: Re: Sam Carter
Post by: Mim on July 11, 2018, 05:57:49 PM
 It's highly possible Sam went the same route as my oldest Sister. She went through the academy here earning her BA in Electrical Engineering. She later did her PhD in physics outside of the Academy system and yet she still functions as a Combat Systems Warfare officer (Navy). She could had as easily done the same with Air Force which was her second choice.
Title: Re: Sam Carter
Post by: Bowsy 112 on July 11, 2018, 06:42:08 PM
Dose the degree you choose limit what field you can go in to for the USAF.

I kniw it sort of dose here if you go through a military achadamy, but thats because your expected to put your degree to use with in the military, however, here, if you go for something that dosnt really require a degree. You can do whatever you like.

Carter wouldn't have just joined the USAF at the start of the Gulf War, but she wouldnt have been it it long? Right. Given she is a captain in 1997, is it possible she did any old degree, was a pilot, did her 100 hours in the Gulf War, maybe as somebody in a bomber or something. (I'm not to sure on the USAF Rules for Women flying over enemy airspace in the Late 80's and early 90's.) and then went in to a more scientific role after getting her PHD? Where she went on to work at the Pentagon on the Dialing Computer and stuff?

I mean I am not to sure on how the USAF works when it comes to things like this so its just an idea?
Title: Re: Sam Carter
Post by: Mim on July 11, 2018, 06:55:57 PM
 Sam doesn't mention what she was flying, combat hours also include flying C-130's. Jeannie Leavitt (Now a General) was the first female USAF combat pilot and she didn't get into the seat until 93. So in reality the only aircraft possible for Sam to have been in was a C-130. She wouldn't have even been crew on a B52 or F111. I'm not sure of how the creditations work in the US military for their degrees.
Title: Re: Sam Carter
Post by: Troy on July 11, 2018, 07:18:18 PM
I think 25 is the cut off age for the Academy. Going off her age on the SG Wiki, she would have been a Butterbar during the war. She could have been aircrew on any number of larger planes, possibly even the BUFF as a navigator or weapons officer. Transport/tanker planes is certainly a possibility.

After that, she continued working on her Masters/PHD. It's not a deal-breaker either way, just a bit of a oddity I noticed. At some point I'll have to rewatch the series and keep an eye on Carter. Likely it was a classic case of the Pilot character traits not carrying over to the rest of the show.

Title: Re: Sam Carter
Post by: Bowsy 112 on July 11, 2018, 07:30:21 PM
I think its a bit like the 'Reproductive organs are on the inside' quote where its something said in the pilot episode to make her sound 'badass' (Because to be fair its a TV trope, you have to establish all the characters aspects in the first episode, but the episodes dont always last long enough to portray them all.)