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Title: Multiverse Incident - Titan
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on July 13, 2018, 11:27:37 PM
{Q - GM/Narrator}



"Welcome to base camp, mes amis! This station that I provided these poor fools will suffice for all of their needs. I knew that some of them were going to be bringing on unwanted stragglers, so it can support their needs all and well. I kept the aesthetic rather sterile, humans seem to like that. The others, well, they can throw down a rug or mount a dead beast to the wall, what do I care? Thanks to it being a creation of my own design, they have no worry for life support, and the replicators I borrowed from Starfleet don't need anything as simplistic as matter or algorithms. Just tell it what you want, and it'll make it appear. Food, drink, supplies, and I even installed a few big ones to handle larger materials. Exactly as it is needed or requested. Voila!"

"Oh, but my generosity doesn't stop there. The docking bays and yards are fully capable of repairing any damage by way of automated repair units. It takes time, but they can repair any ship and without deviation from the specifications of that ship. Even if the ship is modified, they'll be fully repaired with the modifications intact...ugh, this is all getting a bit tedious. Oh, but you have to provide your own defenses, I'm not doing that for these people. They have enough weapons to point at each other to do something constructive with them. Now if it helps, oh, won't that be the surprise."

"This is all boring me, let's discuss the surface of Titan. That's slightly less boring because some of these people might end up dead, like the other sites. So, the humans in this universe figured the best idea they had was to thaw Titan's frozen methane and set up floating habitats. IQ wasn't a major trait, I suppose. Honestly, I think even Benji could tell you why this was a bad idea, and it wasn't for the oh so alluring odor this place gives off now. No, as you can expect when it came time to put these humans out of their misery, it was easier to just sink most of these platforms. A few still stand, they were used as bases in the later conflict, and failed just as spectacularly. But, they could still hold clues that these people would need. If, of course, they can get past the smell."

"Honestly. Thawing frozen methane. Ugh."

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Post by: Bowsy 112 on July 16, 2018, 08:51:40 PM
NX-02 COLUMBIA (Refit) 2162
Standard Crew Compliment.  85 Starfleet. 15 MACO's

Captain Hernandaz - Ship Commander
Commander Rivers - Engineering / First Officer
Commander Woodward - Science
Lieutenant Jenkins - Tactical
Lieutenant Tippen - Medical
Ensigh Farnam - Helm
Ensign Marie - Comms
Major Avery - MACO

Columbia sat a few kilometres from the station, they had gotten close enouth to recieve an automated message, at least what they assumed was an automated message about the stations capabilities, Erica defiantly recalled the autonomous space station that Enterprise had encountered almost a decade ago, she had transported over pretty sharpish with Major Avery and a few others and had encountered a Captain Hunt and a tall, what she assumed was a man in armour, in the hangar bay. The Armoured man who had introduced himself with a number. 'Spartan 112' had recognised them, or at least the patch on their arms. He had mentioned that their ship looked a little worse for ware, and that if they needed anything his ship. A 'Covenant' Class Corvette, or something like that. was available to be stripped and scuttled, he also seamed unimpressed with their weapons, and suggested they take some of the Alien weapons that were left aboard. He then left as did the other Captain.

She gave orders for Columbia to dock with the ship, with caution, and to start to search her for anything useful, though Challenger had assisted them in basic repairs, She was still reluctant to disclose all her plans to them, it would have been very easy for them to just be a false friendly face to lull her and her crew in to a false sense of security. After exploring the station a little Erica decided it posed no threat, but she at least wanted to understand the alien ship before she had the station mate parts of it on to her ship.

Back on her ship Rivers had already worked out how to mate the Corvettes two main weapon systems to the Columbia, and though he said they were seemingly a little less controllable than their own phaser's the 'Plasma' Torpedos and Batteries would definatly provide a much bigger punch, though even with the station, they would only have the ability to four of the batteries, and a single torpedo launcher, they were doing well, Rivers even predicted that he could boost their shield capability by 300% if they were lucky, and Ensigh Marie was able to decipher some of the language, though a lot seamed to be religious nonsense.

Erica was in her ready room as she opened a comm. to Challenger.
"Challenger, this is Hernandez, I think its worth we take the time to sit down and have a chat." She took a moment and then added.
"We can meet on the station, when ever your ready."

It didnt take her long for her to be in the control room, The only person with her was Major Avery, he had done some tests on the small arms on the ship, and had picked up a 'Covenant Carbine' He claimed it was more effective than a MACO issue Phase rifle, though it lacked a stun setting, it did seam to have more penetration and stopping power, though not all the MACO;s had changed some had, interesting in using the new and more destructive weapons. She herself had decided to bring a MACO pistol, it had a little more stopping power than its Starfleet issue counter part, and she didnt want to be caught short here, she still wasnt sure who to trust, for all she knew these could all be Romulan Marauder Drones, maybe an advancement on the technology, so she waited to see who would be wearing the blue jumpsuit.
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The over seventy soldiers making up Lieutenant Aqas’ company had landed upon the station with ease, the Navy would leave them here to support the one and only Tech priest, the Tech priest was a member of the Cult Mechanicus, the worshippers of the machine god were masters of creating and maintaining technology and naturally found themselves intrigued by Xenos tech. Aqas had simple orders to guard the cybernetic individual and to make sure he had the chance to learn all he could from this disturbing Xenos station.

“Sir I don’t like that we’re just going to ignore these heretics.” the Seargent said referring to all the other humans on the station.

“You heard the Admiral, we avoid them if we can but if they get in our way we purge the station.” The Lieutenant was naturally more concerned about the fact that the Navy had no idea how they had gotten here.

“Understood sir, alright guardsmen we’re splitting up into squads of two, if you find anything important announce it, if you find anything dangerous then announce it, if you find something that you’re not sure what it is announce it and most of all if any of these heretics approach you then announce it!” the Seargent was taking no chances.

The guardsmen began moving off towards their own destinations leaving the Lieutenant and two squads remaining along with the lone Tech Priest. The station seemed large and covering it with so few troops would be difficult but he assumed the Admiral wasn’t too happy about having been forced aboard this hunk of Xenos trash.

“Well Tech priest, where do you suggest we start?” The Lieutenant knew as all Imperial guard officers did that it was always best to let the Mechanicus have their way.

“Such technology and yet I cannot detect any defences.” the Tech priest’s metal masked face looked around the room, it’s metal arms moving to grab sensor instruments to scan everything.

“From what we know we were brought here against our will but this was seemingly not Chaos protocol.” Tech priests were rarely fazed, their emotions had long since been replaced by the cold and calm feelings of a machine.

“The Admiral believes we’re here because some Xenos scum wishes for us to fight some other Xenos, frankly to me it sounds like some Chaos trick.”

“Perhaps, I venture that we’ve been pulled from our own reality to a different one only this isn’t the warp.” the Tech priest began moving toward the hangar exit with the rest of the guardsmen.

“This station is a trove of Xenos technology however it seems it was placed here for us to use, clearly this Xenos knows little of our sanctions.” the guard were only allowed to use technology that had been sanctioned by the Cult Mechanicus, of course there were those that defied these sanctions.

“Tech priest, do you recognise any of this technology?” The Lieutenant asked curious what it all was.

“Strangely it is fairly standard technology yet seems to be upgraded to an extent that simple scans will not suffice, I will need to scour this technology more thoroughly.”

“Tech priest surely you don’t mean-“

“Lieutenant, I must begin pulling apart the technology of this station if I am to learn how it functions.”
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Post by: Troy on July 17, 2018, 02:02:30 PM
IKS Pomarc


Alexander was wrapping up his meeting with Jadzia when he was informed of four other Klingon ships decloaking. Their leader, a Khel vestai-Kurkura, had apparently been transported to the station and had pledged their support in the upcoming struggle. He didn’t recognize the name, but that didn’t mean much.

“Shall we pay him a visit? See if either one of us has a reputation with him?”

Jadzia nodded.
“Lead the way.”

The transporter operator did their job well, setting the duo down on the bridge of the Klingon ship.  With a nod from Jadzia, Alexander walked up and clasped the other Klingon on the shoulder.

“I am Alexander Rozhenko, house of Martok. Who are you?”

Khel had received the notice of a meeting, desired by Alexander .  He was the warrior in charge of the other contingent of Klingon warships that had preceded him to this unknown station.  As he was preparing some logs to be transmitted to the other ships in his group, the door chimed."Enter! The door opened and two figures walked in.  He had heard of Alexanders exploits during the war and had heard stories from some about his 'earlier' years.  All of this had occurred whilst he was on DS-9.  But, the other individual had only been spoken of by those who had held her with the deepest respect.He tried to not show it, but it was hard to see  a warrior who should have been in Sto-Vo-Cor, alive and vital.
"I am Lt. Comm. Khel vestai-Kurkura, of House Kurkura, I am Honored to meet you both!  I am still going over the logs of these meetings and I believe that We have a common enemy.  My ship, the Le'Vek stands ready to serve.  With your indulgence,I would have my second ship join in the search of the Asteroid field, the other two vessels will stay in orbit to protect this station!  But..you are here for a reason and I do not want to delay your efforts..So, Alexander Roschenko and Jadzia Dax, how may I assist you both is this operation?"

   Like many Klingons, Khel seemed to get straight to the point. It helped that they were in a potential combat scenario where a lot of postering and discussion could sometimes be detrimental. He had already come up with a deployment strategy for his fleet, which further served to prove his skill as a higher ranking officer in the Klingon Defense Force.
   While he didn’t know anything about his fellow commander, Alexander was sure he would go on to have a long and victorious career. He grasped Khel by the forearm in greeting.
   “You are correct, we are facing a common but currently unknown opponent. Captain Dax has more detailed information so I will let her fill you in.”
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While she was a career Starfleet Officer, Jadzia had enough Klingon influence to fit in well with their culture. Judging by his uniform and ship design, Khel was close to their own timeline which made things easier.

“I am honored to serve with a member of the House of Kurkura. A powerful being by the name of Q has brought us all here, supposedly to deal with a force that could pose a credible threat to all of us. While I have limited experience in dealing with Q, he was a frequent visitor to the Enterprise-D under Captain Picard, and occasionally Voyager under Captain Janeway. All Starfleet crews are strongly urged to cooperate with Q as much as possible. We have multiple Starfleet crews from all over the timeline, and crews from around a half dozen other universes. Plus we have your ships and those under Alexander.”

For a threat this large, she was a bit surprised the Borg or Tholians weren’t included, but perhaps they were seen as too volatile. She compared Khel’s planned deployment against what had already been arranged.

“One of the older Starfleet vessels was going to explore the outer solar system before returning here, and the Klobech is remaining behind. I am unsure what the others are all doing, but leaving a few ships behind for defense would be a smart move.”

Returning the strong grip offered by Alexander, Khel knew he was among allies!

"Ive done some further reading about this 'Q' and found out that he had also visited Deep Space 9 on at least two occasions, but, I digress!  As you have read, I will place the IKV Kangs Fury and the IKV Vengeance at the disposal of the commander who will defend the station.  My ships, the Le'Vek and the IKV Gorkon, under the command of Lt. Rodek tai-Noggra will aide in the exploration of the Asteroid field.  As allies, I would like to hear both of your thoughts on these deployments!

Pressing a button on his console, the door opened and an older warrior entered, carrying 4 goblets and a pitcher.

"My adjutant..Sgt.Major M'Rok, of House Noggra a strong comrade and an Imperial Marine!  I believe that there should be a toast to Our victory or to Our magnificent deaths, before we enter the fray!"

While Jadiza knew a few ships would be exploring Titan itself, it made sense to leave a few Klingon ships in orbit of Titan Station for Defense. As the saying went, "Even half drunk, Klingons are among the best warriors in the galaxy."  Plus their cloaking devices might come in handy. The station would appear to be mostly undefended, then three Klingon ships suddenly decloak and open fire.

Alexander gave his approval as well.
“I will inform Colonel G'oxa of the plan. The three ships can coordinate on a specific battleplan. For now let’s drink a toast, hopefully to Victory. If not, we shall all meet again in Sto'Vo'Kor.”

They each took a glass and raised them in the air. As she raised hers, Jadzia spoke in Klingon.

“jIlajneS ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj. I am honoured to accept. May our enemies run in fear.”

As Khel began the toast, Alexander let him make the first speech before giving one of his own.
“SoHDaq qeylIS qa' yInjaj. May the spirit of Kahless dwell within you!.”
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Titan Station
{Vice Admiral Sabine Locke}
{Agent Arleigh Grant, Terran Empire}

"Well, well, well...this is quite a place. Might give us a foothold, even." Arleigh said, in a voice that was half impressed and half purring. She walked with a swagger that indicated a fair bit of cockiness, but she did refrain from wearing her normal Terran uniform and instead was in an all black tight jumpsuit with a black long jacket. The right arm bore the insignia of the Terran Empire, a downward pointed dagger behind Earth, but it was in a dull grey metal rather than the usual bright red and gold.

"Captain..." Five started, but Arleigh chuckled, cutting her off.

"Agent. Let's face it, my rank is otherwise irrelevant. Even as Captain Arleigh Grant of Starfleet Intelligence. I'm a Temporal Agent first." Arleigh said. Five frowned, not knowing that a Terran had been so highly placed in Starfleet.

"Agent. Please go meet with the team in the Hangar. Given their behavior, I would appreciate it if they did not sabotage or damage the station." Five said.

"You want the savage to go talk with the savages. Next time, be a little more clear, Admiral. And let's face it, you Federation types always love to lord over how superior you are to us Terrans. But how well has your acceptance and peace worked out the last five years? Hmm?" Arleigh rolled her eyes, "I'm beaming over a squad of my MACOs, by the by. Good day, Admiral."

As she said that, four beings were beamed in right behind her, all of them armored and armed with Terran Phaser Rifles. Even Arleigh wore a Terran Phaser Pistol at her side, alongside her 22nd Century-era issued knife. It was a throwback to her days on NX-16 Dauntless...


They headed straight to the Hangar, but intercepted the group of humans that had been left by Admiral Dragonclaw well before then, stopping there.

"Greetings. I'm Captain Arleigh Grant, of the Terran Empire. You seem intent on exploring this station, perhaps I can help." Arleigh said in greeting. The Terran MACOs said nothing, did nothing, just stood there with their phaser rifles in hand, their black armor hiding their expressions.
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(USS Challenger)

Galdino was about to order the ship to head out when a call came in from the Columbia requesting a rendezvous on the station.

"Helm belay that order. Maintain our present position for now. Commander Zh'vanet you have the Bridge. Ensign Pyvom inform Major Landry I'll be beaming down to the station. I'm not asking for an escort, but just want her to be aware."

He stopped short of the turbolift as a thought came to him.
"Inform the Admiral of the request as well. I'm sure he'd be interested."

Sure enough Shran met Galdino in the transporter room, his attenna twitching with anticipation.
"Did she say what the meeting was about?"

"No sir. Just that quote, 'we should have a chat.' Guess we'll find out."

"You Humans never cease to amaze me. Half the time you act like us Andorians or Tellarties. The rest of the time you're as enigmatic as the Vulcans."

Galdino simply shrugged as he stepped onto the tranporter.
"And yet, we united all of you. With all little push from the Romulans."

(Titan Station)

After a quick chat with Landry, who met them at the beam in sight, Galdino and Shran entered the control room. He noticed she had a MACO pistol while the MACO next to her was carrying an unfamiliar rifle. Shran and Gardino were armed with the standard phase pistol, but kept them holstered.
"Captain. Major. What can we do for you?"

As it was his presence requested for the meeting, Captain Uberti was allowed to take lead.
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Khel looked to his new allies, hoping to find future friends..but, pushing that aside, for the moment,"I would suggest that we prepare our ships for the mission and inform our respective crews of the Glory that awaits them!  If you both would care to use my ships transporters..."  he grinned.."I will have my aide, the Sgt-Major escort you to the transporter room" Pressing a button on his console"XO,pipe this throughout the ship and prepare the Le'Vek for departure .And, after he has seen to Our guests, have the Sergeant-Major report back to my quarters..Thank you,Lt. MaCet!..Captain out!
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NX-02 COLUMBIA (Refit) 2162
Standard Crew Compliment.  85 Starfleet. 15 MACO's

Captain Hernandaz - Ship Commander
Commander Rivers - Engineering / First Officer
Commander Woodward - Science
Lieutenant Jenkins - Tactical
Lieutenant Tippen - Medical
Ensigh Farnam - Helm
Ensign Marie - Comms
Major Avery - MACO

Erica looked to Admiral Shran a little stunned, it was enough to convince her that this was a genuine incident, It wouldnt have been likely for some alien presence to think to include Admiral Shran in a simulation. She took a moment to nod.
"Sir." She said. "I..." She took a moment to compose herself. "I'm sorry I have been quiet on the comms, I just, wasnt sure how to take this whole situation. For all I knew it was some, space entity playing tricks or the Romulans after us again." The War had left their scars of Hernandez. A bit like Archer in the Expanse, it had hardened her, but she had never softened. Afterwards, she had been suggested for a position at the Earth Embassy on Andoria due to it, but she refused to give up Columbia. The Enterprise may have been Mothballed, and Columbia was not far behind her, but she still had a few good years left. Erica was determianed to fly her ship till it fell apart at the seams.
"We are currently checking out one of the other ships, it was going to be scuttled by some other group brought here. We are interested in her weapons and shields, as our weapons took some damage when we were brought here, we were in the process of upgrading them and the power surge that knocked out our Artificial Gravity also damaged them. Our shields are fine but our Chief Engineer says that this ships shields are better. As are the weapons, if a little shorter ranged." She shrugged. "We could quite easily upgrade both out ships from it." She shrugged. "We dont know what is out here, all we know is that their our some ships here from out universe from the future and they seam scared of what might be comming, so any help is good help in m books."
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{Stephanie Shepard - Spectre/Former Cerberus Operative}
Normandy SR-2, Conference Room
<Titan Orbit>

Most people still only called Stephanie "Commander" or "Shepard", but really, she wasn't a Commander anymore. She had died 6 months ago, and the fringe Humanity-First movement known as "Cerberus" brought her back to life. Right now, she was only in command by sheer loyalty from her crew, since she also had turned her back on the Illusive Man. They never got along; Shepard had a very optimistic view of people and events, tended to trust easier and try to work together with people and aliens, whereas the Illusive Man only saw what he could control, manipulate or destroy. He resented her decision to destroy the Collector Base, and she thought he was insane if he ever thought she was going to save it. Especially after seeing what all the kidnapped colonists in the Terminus Systems had been used for.

The Human Reaper still gave her nightmares as she had battled against it alongside Garrus and Grunt. Both the Turian and Krogan made good points, Grunt stating in a rather blunt way it was a weapon an enemy was leaving them, but Garrus had seen firsthand what the Reapers represented. But Grunt was, in a rare moment, just being the voice of the devil's advocate, because to her surprise, he actually approved of destroying the base in the end.

"We need a game plan, Shepard. We don't even know what to expect to find on Titan." Miranda Lawson, Shepard's second-in-command, stated.

"Nothing good, I imagine. We have no idea how long those structures have been left to rot." Tali'Zorah vas Normandy replied skeptically. The young Quarian engineer was probably the closest thing they had to an expert in the field.

"Eh, screw 'em. If they haven't sunk now, they won't sink if we step on 'em. I say we get down there and find some skulls to bust before I get really bored." Urdnot Grunt chimed in, before chuckling.

"Yeah, easy, Junior. I'd rather not fall into an ocean of methane, thanks." Zaeed Massani, an aged human mercenary, replied, rolling his eyes.

"Grunt likely onto something. Structures faced likely strong tidal conditions and war. Should be safe. In theory." Doctor Mordin Solus, the ex-STG Salarian scientist added.

"Most of the teams are still investigating the station, but we should check out the surface." Stephanie said, "I'd rather not have something sneak up on us from there."

"What, like a kraken?" Kasumi Goto, thief extraordinaire, commented playfully.

"Really?" Operative Jacob Taylor, the other (former) Cerberus operative placed at Shepard's disposal when this all began, commented with a raised eyebrow. Kasumi just giggled at him before winking.

"Sheppard, Commander. There is a lack of data present to form any rational course of action. We are unsure if venturing to Titan's surface is...advisable." Legion said, its voice cold and metallic like its Geth shell was.

"What, and going through the Omega Relay was? This is Sheppard we're talking about here..." Garrus Vakarian, an ex-CSec agent turned freelancer known as "Archangel", commented with a chuckle. He knew all too well the impossible odds Shepard and her crew often had to tackle. And that was when she was still an Alliance officer and the Normandy was "SR-1".

"Look, all of this is oh so interesting, but can we wrap this little tea party up and actually do something. Jesus, you all whine like a bunch of schoolgirls." Jack sneered from the corner. The young woman was a powerful biotic and had a bad attitude to match. When that armor fell away, Shepard had seen glimpses of her true self; a lost girl who had been abused her whole life, exploited by others. When faced with Shepard's genuine friendship, she hadn't known what to do with it.

"We must be cautious, but I am inclined to agree with Jack. Action is preferable in this situation to speculation." Justicar Samara said. Her voice was smooth and calm, a contradiction to Jack, but given the Asari had more than a couple centuries on everyone in the room, she had ample time to learn patience.

"EDI, put out a call to the fleet that remained, tell them we're going to go to the surface and are looking for volunteers. And if they want some help with the station, if they need it, we'll send some people their way too." Shepard said.

"Of course, Shepard." The unshackled AI replied.

"Let's see what the others want to do and try to work with them. We're not on our own. For once." Shepard commented.
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<Titan Station Hangar>
<Lieutenant Aqas’s Company>

The Tech priest’s words alone had taken him by surprise but he supposed it was not his place to judge the Cult Mechanicus. Even more surprise was brought when some unknown humans casually approached them. The Tech priest simply glanced at him expecting him to make such a call, the sergeant said nothing but Aqas could tell he was itching to blow the heretics away if they made one wrong move.

He didn’t want to start an unnecessary fight as his orders were only to learn of the station. “Greetings, I am Lieutenant Aqas.” the gas masked helmeted soldiers were all outfitted in their desert sand colours that symbolised Armageddon.

“Are you familiar with the station?” the Lieutenant wasn’t sure if these people were about to attack.
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Titan Station

"That's understandable Captain. As you humans say, 'Best to air on the side of caution.' This is an unusual situation, but all the evidence points to it being real. As for the upgrades, I'll let Captain Uberti make that decision."

Galdino considered his fellow Captain's offer of scavenging technology from an abandoned ship.
"As you pointed out, we have no idea what's coming and more powerful ships than us are concerned. It would certainly be wise to take advantage of whatever help we can get. One of the other Starfleet ships provided some assistance. They enabled our shields to operate at higher warp speeds and slightly upgraded our weapons. However, we could always use more of an edge."

There was always the age old question of power verus range, but unless there was a major reduction in range he would go with more power.
"Considering the Challenger has already had some help, let's focus on the Columbia first. Then we can take a look at my ship."
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NX-02 COLUMBIA (Refit) 2162
Standard Crew Compliment.  85 Starfleet. 15 MACO's

Captain Hernandaz - Ship Commander
Commander Rivers - Engineering / First Officer
Commander Woodward - Science
Lieutenant Jenkins - Tactical
Lieutenant Tippen - Medical
Ensigh Farnam - Helm
Ensign Marie - Comms
Major Avery - MACO

"Well the ship we are pillaging from is about four times the length of our own ships, And its considered small where it comes from. So there is enough to go around, as much as I want to trust the other star fleet ships out here, I'd rather not be dependent on them. Commander Rivers tells me though that mating the alien systems to our own wont be any trouble, its just a matter of making sure all the translation software is correct." She may have been over simplifying things but Rivers had been Columbia's longest serving Engineer after Commander Tuckers short stint in the role and had just as much time in the role as the fleets leading engineer, she trusted his judgement, more than some engineer from their future.
"Though I do think, with out really knowing to much, our two ships are the lightweights of this fleet, it may be worth seeing what we could offer in terms of close air support if we need to, some of these ships out there dont look capable of sub orbital flight, not with out assistance, but we could, theoretically fill the role nicely." She shrugged. "I dont know if its the best, or even a good idea, I dont know everything about every ship out there. Just, going off of what I can see. Its down to you sir." She said looking to Shran. "The Columbia is yours to command sir."
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Looking over the text on his P.A.D.D., Khel awaited for his aides return.  With an almost silent swoosh, it opened to reveal the Sgt. Major."Ive been thinking on our recent meeting with our new allies.  My original thought had been to take Le'Vek and Gorkon into the Asteroid field.  But, I now believe that We would all be better served  by exploring Titan with our allies!  And that brings me to another matter, long overdue, my old comrade!!  You have "dodged", as the Tera'gnan would say, this bullet for long enough..I hereby promote you to the rank of Second Lt. tai, for all of your many years of service to the Empire!  No protests please..now, have yourself transported over to the Gorkon and take this coded message to your kinsman, Lt. Rodek..dismiss and Qapla'!
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Captain Uberti and Admiral Shran

The Admiral's antennae moved forward as he listened to Captain Hernandez.   

"The Columbia is your ship Captain. I'm keen to keep it that way. I'm happy to provide advice, but am not going to take command. As for upgrades, I see your point. Our ships could use a bit more punch. My only concern is the unfamiliarity of the technology. Captain Uberti what's your take on this?"

He was grateful to Shran for deferring to his judgement. Some flag officers charged in without assessing the situation.

"Sounds like a plan. If we had a fleet of NX-Refits at the start of the War, we would have beaten back the Romulans faster. Now we're facing an unknown threat that's seemingly very powerful. Ensign Pyvom has proven himself quite skilled at linguistics, so I'll make sure he joins the Away team to the alien ship. Hopefully we have time to dial in any additional weapon systems installed. I know the NX class could function in suborbital flight, not sure how well the refit does."

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{Agent Arleigh Grant, Terran Empire}

Arleigh shrugged.

"Not any more than you, I imagine. But the Admiral likely wanted me to observe you, since she probably isn't so sure about some of us. She has every reason to distrust me, despite appearances, I represent an alternate timeline of theirs, one where the Terran Empire, not the Federation, rules the Quadrant." Arleigh said, "But for the sake of this alliance, I suppose I also am in a position to help both you understand her, and she to understand you." Arleigh shrugged again.

She looked around the expansive station, "This place is far too sterile for my liking, but it may end up serving a purpose to our survival. Or at least, I hope."
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NX-02 COLUMBIA (Refit) 2162
Standard Crew Compliment.  85 Starfleet. 15 MACO's

Captain Hernandaz - Ship Commander
Commander Rivers - Engineering / First Officer
Commander Woodward - Science
Lieutenant Jenkins - Tactical
Lieutenant Tippen - Medical
Ensigh Farnam - Helm
Ensign Marie - Comms
Major Avery - MACO

Erica thought for a moment as she lent on the centre console for a moment looking to her fellow Captain and the Andorian. Listening to what they had to say.
"Well they should be fine so long as we dont get to close to the ground and keep moving at speed when in an Atmosphere. Though I have to be honest, If what we face out here is a contemporary of some of these ships, even just the ones a hundred years on from ours, I dont feel either of our ships will do well. No matter how many upgrades we bolt on, we've jad shields for half a decade, some of these ships have had them for three century's. So I would suggest we put out selves in a role where we have an advantage, IE supporting any ground operations. At the very least we should be able to work in tandem to a better degree than a lot of these other ships out there." She added. "But its all speculation till we meet the enemy, and as... crass as it may seam. I would prefer somebody else's ship meets them first, just incase." She said. "Like with our ships some of my MACO contingent have taken on the alien weapons, though the ones they had issued were effective, I cant help but think of the Enterprises reports of the Augments or the xindi Reptilians when thinking what we might face out here. And acording to Major Avery here, these alien weapons have more power than out own. Though the, umm Spartans took quite a lot of weapons they didnt take all of them so feel free to pick and choose, all they have asked is that we leave the 'Spirits' untouched, at first I thiught it was some religious thing, but it turns out that the ships in the hanger bay that look like tuning forks are called Spirits. There are a few other sorts of ships but I have ordered my teams to leave them alone for now.
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<Titan Station Hangar>
<Lieutenant Aqas’s Company>

“Strange.” the Lieutenant had not expected this Captain Arleigh to approach them so openly.

Truly it hadn’t occurred to him that he’d be needing to be diplomatic as that wasn’t usually one of the Guards strong points. Still orders were orders and it wouldn’t hurt to attempt to act like he was playing along.

“By Admiral you must mean yours?” Aqas certainly doubted he had authority to speak to the heretical Admiral but it was interesting to note they were being observed.

“You come from your own universes Empire but work with this so called federation, I’m listening, tell me more.” the chance to learn about the station and their potential enemies seemed too good to pass up but he had to admit that he felt a sort of mutual understnading with this Captain.

The Tech priest turned to face Arleigh, one of the extra robotic arms holding a scanning tool. “I am to assume you are not the creators of this station, I would very much like to begin disassembling of the station when possible.”

“Priest I am unsure if that’s a good idea.”

“Are you denying me my objective Lieutenant?” the Tech priest sounded emotionless but when it came to technology one did well not to underestimate a Tech priest’s passion.

“Of course not Tech priest, but perhaps Arleigh here has more to say first.”

“What the organic flesh says is irrelevant, this one is clearly here to force some level of authority over us and that should be seen as an act of aggression.”

Getting on the bad side of the Mechanicus was a bad idea but he was placed in command for a reason. “You have been heard Tech priest but this is a Guard matter.”

“The machine spirits do not require us” the Tech priest seemed to stare at the Terran Captain with little sense or care for discussion.
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On board the two Imperial Klingon Vessels, the C.O.s were viewing the distant station.  They had been relegated to 'sentry duty'!
{Bridge:IKV Gowron,Lt.M'TeK tai-Kang}"Comms., send a coded message to my counter-part on "Kors Wrath"

On-board IKV IKV Kors Wrath.."Lt. a  coded message has been dispatched from IKV Gowron.."
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His fellow Captain had some valid points which he acknowledged.
"Agreed. We may be high tech in our era but plenty others clearly outgun us. Given our apparent tech disparity, a support role would be more appropriate. I've already dispatched the MACO to provide security to a science and engineering team tasked with exploring this station. Even back home, I wouldn't send out an away team without security."

Maybe it was his engineering background, but Galdino was still a bit wary about fully modifying the Challenger with equipment from an Alien ship. However, it was worth taking a look at.
"Send us the coordinates of the Alien ship and I'll come over with an engineering team to take a look."

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{Cmdr. Stephanie Shepard}


"This is Commander Shepard of the Normandy. We are preparing to investigate the surface of Titan. Is there anyone else interested in conducting this search alongside us?"[/color]
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{Agent Arleigh Grant, Terran Empire}

"She's not MY Admiral, per say. But yes. As for my working with her, well, I've learned that the fate of my timeline is often hinged on theirs. Hardly my fault they went and started the Temporal Cold War, but it became my problem when they recruited one of the Empire's heroes to their cause. That made matters problematic. Especially when she realized she could reach across timelines to find more of herself to recruit. A word of warning, don't do that. You can't account for how you will react to yourself when the decisions you make are so varying." Arleigh explained, sounding almost like the situation had been an irritation rather than a chaotic temporal crisis that nearly caused more than a few problems.

"My Empire took what it wanted, saw the Vulcans as invaders and infiltrators instead of the beings who helped uplift the Federation's humans. As such, our Starfleet was founded much faster because if they withheld technology from us, they suffered for it. But we never did learn the meaning of moderation, and suffered for it. We lost our Empire for a time, reclaimed it, and sought instead to slowly advance, solidify all of our conquests one by one first before moving on. We realized that the Federation's ideals could be molded into our own to temper ourselves. After all; conquest is easy, control is not." Arleigh added, adding the words of Emperor Spock. She then turned to regard the Tech Priest.

"You could tear this station apart, but it would likely attract not only the ire of many of the people already here, but likely even the ire of the being that brought us here. Q is a being of power far beyond any of our means of comprehension. The Federation may act like they know what he is capable of, but even they don't understand. I tend to regard him akin to an ancient mythological being known as Loki. Perhaps not good or evil, but one who will sow discord for his own amusement and for reasons that may be either very complicated or just out of the reason I stated." Arleigh said, her tone shifting from the haughty near-aristocratic one to that which was more serious and sterile, more in line with the Federation. Had she spoken as such in their uniform, she would have been easily confused for one of them. And that, of course, was the point...

"Perhaps, though, we can assist in learning more about this station together without ripping our only base of operations in this universe to pieces to sate your...erm...curiosity." Arleigh said, now cracking a thin smile.
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{Bridge: IKV Kors Wrath

{Bridge:IKV Gowron

Lt. Grilka sat in her command chair and studied the coded transmission.  She understood the meaning, but she also knew some possible implications, if she were to agree to this idea.  She longed for the glories of combat and the Honor she could bring to her House.  But, if this being was as powerful as the reports she had read, they could find themselves among the "Honored Dead!"!!"Comms,,send this in response..I recommend that only one team, each be apprised of the situation..let them be prepared
On the Bridge of IKV Gowron,Lt. M'TeK read the response from his counter-part"Send this message..Qapla'!"  Sensing the mood of his crew and grinning at the promised Glory for the Empire, his ship and for his line, he gave the order.."Activate Rokhegh Team! Likewise, on Kors Wrath, the Techs were reviving their primary Team of Imperial Marines.."Honor and Glory to the Empire!
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With the various Starfleet vessels moving off to explore the other locations, it was decided to leave the Cochrane in orbit around Titan. The Challenger had been slated for a quick recon of the outer systems, but was delayed due to a meeting with Captain Hernandez of the Columbia.

Therefore the Cochrane had taken up that role, dropping off sensor probes at key locations  between Jupiter and Pluto. The Intrepid class starship had returned from her mission when they picked up the Normandy's hail.

"Lt Wildman, open a channel to the Normandy."

"Aye sir."

Once the channel was open, Nigem responded.

"Commander Shepard. This is Captain Zaveri of the Cochrane. We are approaching Titan and will be in orbit in three minutes."
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<Titan Station Hangar>
<Lieutenant Aqas’s Company>

The Tech Priest remained silent and waited for the Lieitenant to speak to Arleigh as his interest in socialising had gone. Aqas found learning of the history of this people fascinating but it made him feel all the more untrusting of this so called Federation.

“You were right not to trust Xenos filth, the Emperor would be proud of you.” Aqas wondered if Arleigh could yet be saved from this heretical path.

“I accept your help, are there others like you also here or only you and the Federation? Either way it was time to move forward and find out how this station could help them.

“Tell me more about the people on this station, I noticed they all seem rather friendly towards one another.” Aqas figured this was information that could help them in the long term.

“I accept your assistance, for now.” the Tech Priest didn’t much care for the ire of others but had to admit that this Q was a threat that they needed to learn more of.

“Tell me what this Q is capable of and why he is the way he is.” the Tech Priest would store all information for further revision later.
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{Agent Arleigh Grant, Terran Empire}

"It would seem that many people were pulled from the mirror of my timeline, just across time, though I'm sure Q will change that in a moment. As far as Q, he's a being of omnipotent power. Which is why I'm suspicious of why he brought us here." Arleigh said. "Past that, well, I haven't seen their variations before."

"As for why Q is the way he is...I don't suppose you've heard of the mythological being known as Loki, god of mischief? Just a being who enjoyed chaos. I don't pretend to know what he knows, though." Arleigh replied with a shrug.

"So. Given what you've said, you are humans, under an Emperor, who do not let others dictate their fate." Arleigh said.
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{Commander Iden Versio}


"Very well, Captain. We will await you in orbit and then proceed down once you're read. Corvus out." Iden replied, before looking to her fellow agents.

"Can we trust them, Commander? These people are quite peculiar, after all." Agent Gideon Hask commented.

"We don't exactly have many options. A lot of these people seem to know each other, but there are plenty who don't know each other." Agent Del Meeko replied.

"Some seemed awfully eager to just start shooting, too. Not really sure what to make of these people. And then this Q sort...you think...well..." Hask trailed off.

"What, a Jedi? Oh come on, Gideon, they're all dead. And none of those stories said anything about Jedi summoning people at will." Iden snorted.

"Besides, if they were that powerful, they wouldn't have made a clone army." Del added. Gideon shrugged.

"Just a thought. Anyways, how do we want to head down?" Gideon asked.

"We'll go down with TIEs, leave the Corvus in orbit for now." Iden replied. "Load up for combat, though, we don't know what to expect."

"Understood, Commander. Should one of us stay airborne just in case?" Iden looked at Gideon with a slight grin, neither of them passed up any opportunity to fly.

"Good point, Agent Hask. You can stay airborne." Iden replied, "Agent Meeko, you'll be on the ground with me."

"Yes, Commander."
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(USS Cochrane)

Just as they settled into orbit, they were hailed by the Phalanx. Captain Zaveri listened to their request for two industrial replicators. They weren't specific on which ally needed the technology, but he was sure they had a legitimate reason. There was a pause as he checked the ship's stores.

"Can do Captain. We'll send it over on the Sloane. ETA, five minutes."

It would take a few minutes to move the items to the shuttle and transport them from Titan to the Asteroid Belt.

"Lt Wildman. Prep the Sloane for launch. I'm assigning Chief Reese to help provide security. I know Q has said we can't fight each other, but as you humans say, 'better safe than sorry.' "

"Will do Captain."O

While she was prepping the shuttle, Chief Reese and Engineer Tekina reece showed up with the replicators. Once the equipment was secured, the trio was given permission to launch. When the shuttle had cleared the ship, the Cochrane continued on their primary mission.

"USS Cochrane to Corvus, we have entered orbit and are preparing for descent."  
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<Titan Station Hangar>
<Lieutenant Aqas’s Company>

Lieutenant Aqas was enjoying the talk but they had a station to explore as well and it was clear the Tech Priest wasn’t enjoying being held back from his devout work. Still this talk was revealing a wealth of knowledge that would need to be sent back to the fleet for examination.

“We allow people to decide their fate so long as they follow the will of the Emperor and do not falter to Chaos.”

“Of course some sacrifices must be made for the good of the Imperium of man, and the next invasion of Chaos and Xenos filth is almost always just over the horizon.”

“You said you would assist us in exploring the station, please begin so.”
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{Commander Iden Versio}


"Understood. We are heading down now." Iden said, as the three modified TIE Fighters roared out of the Corvus and headed for the moon below them.

The surface was a blue ocean, impossibly blue, and it seemed that there was some rain and wind that did cause the three experienced pilots to apply some compensation to their rather un-aerodynamic fighters to account for the weather. All three TIEs were the same pale blue/grey color with red rings around the starboard wing arm and around the rear exhaust port. That was the external difference to the improvements made to the fighter, including a single proton torpedo launcher, shields, and controls that were tuned to each pilot.

"Commander, settlement up ahead. Looks like a floating rig of some kind. Massive, though. Goes on for kilometers." Del reported.

"Understood, Inferno Three. Let's find a place to land. Inferno Two, do a fly over before starting your patrol." Iden ordered, banking her fighter to follow Del's.

"As ordered, Commander." Gideon replied, maintaining his course.

The TIEs howled towards the massive sprawling structure built above even the highest waves, but as they got closer, Iden could see the facility was starting to fall apart from disrepair. Likely it would be dangerous to traverse, but far from impossible. Del selected a landing platform, or at least it looked like one, on the closest end of the rig, furthest from the massive dome structure at the center of this sprawl. They landed their TIE fighters next to one another, and Iden popped open the hatch.

The droid on her back, ID-10, chirped and warbled that the air did not require their life support, it was breatheable. Iden disengaged her suit's life support then, and clambered out after grabbing her TL-50 Repeating Blaster. Del was on the ground next to her, armed with a DLT-20A Scoped Blaster Rifle, looking around.

"What do you think this was, Commander? Research base? Mining installation?" Del asked. Iden's small smile at his curiosity was hidden under her helmet.

"Hard to say, Del. Let's see where our friends landed and head to them first." Iden replied as Hask's TIE Fighter roared on ahead above them for the fly-over of the facility.
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As the Federation ship, identified as USS Cochrane enterd Titans orbit, a brief message was dispatched to them, by one of the Klingon vessels:

<Lt Grika,Commanding>
"Cochrane, this is IKV Gorkon, requesting the Honor of Joining in with your forces in the exploration of this moon!  This ship and her sister ship have revived two combat teams, of 30 warriors each, to assist in our common goals!  Awaiting your reply..Grilka of the Gowron..out!  Grilka looked to her XO and smiled a 'dry smile'..We will see if this alliance can produce some answers for getting us all home!  The teams will follow the orders of their Klingon officers, who will, in turn, follow the orders of the designated leaders of this "Exploration Team"..understood?  The XO replied with one word..Qapla!"

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(USS Cochrane)

They weren't sure what was to be found in the atmosphere of the large moon, but there was only one way to find out.

"Set condition blue throughout the ship. We're taking her down."

This was why Captain Zaveri volunteered the Cochrane for this mission. She was the only Starfleet vessel present capable of landing. While the Phalanx was capable of atmospheric flight, it was felt better to send them to the asteroid field.

While the various stations moved to comply with the order, a hail came in from the Gorkon. They hadn't expected the Klingons to offer assistance but weren't about to turn them down.

"Ensign Merry, hail the Klingons."

"Aye sir." Came the response from the young man filling in for Wildman.

"IKV Gorkon, this is Captain Nigem Zaveri of the Cochrane. We appreciate your help in exploring below the surface of Titan. We are preparing to enter the atmosphere, you are welcome to follow us."
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{Bridge:IKV Gorkon}

{Lt.Grilka}"Message received and understood,Captain!  The Gorkon will begin atmospheric Ops momentarily, as I have just transported the 2nd Combat Group over from..IKV Kors Wrath!  We will follow you down and face our challenges together..Qapla to us all!..Grilka..out!"
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{Bridge:IKV Gorkon}"
{Lt. Grilka}"Comms, send a priority message to Le'Vek..We are entering the atmosphere of Titan..Combat teams revived..reports to follow!  Grilka..out!

{Comms.:IKV Gorkon}
{Sgt. M'Gar}"Aye, Sir!

{Comms:}"Sir, Lt.M'RoK requests permission to come to the Bridge, even though his cycle hasn't started!
{Ly. Grilka![/color]}"Permission Granted
{Lt. M'RoK} "Message received Sir! Im on my way..Out!
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As her ship prepared to enter Titans atmosphere, she thought about some earlier engineer or comms. officer that had served onboard this vessel.  Sgt M'Gar was still reporting glitches and random bits of data that would pop up or otherwise interfere with his station!  She had lost her grin about this, especially in light of their current situation.  It was bad enough that another ship had been awarded the name.."Gorkon", leaving her ship 'nameless'.  But, when making the decision of a new designation and being approved by the High Council, she now commanded the IKV Gowron!!

{Bridge:IKV Gowron}
{Lt. Grilka,Comm.}"Comms. send to USS Cochrane..A 'glitch' has been discovered in our Comms. system..old data bytes interfereing with ships recognition system and IFF(Identification Friend or Foe.  Engineering has finally purged the errant data-bytes and IFF is now displaying the correct ships ID..IKV Gowron.  This is a 'point of Honor' for my crew.  I send my apologies to your Captain for this delay!  We are now descending into Titans atmosphere!  Gowron..Out!"

{Comms.,Sgt.M'Gar}"Aye Sir!"
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USS Cochrane

Once condition blue was reported by all decks and all stations, the Intrepid class starship descended through the thick atmosphere. As they did so, several small craft from the Corvus zoomed past. They didn't look like anything used by Starfleet or other major races, but apparently they worked. The craft seemed maneuverable, and cursory scans showed light armaments.

The crew's focus however was on potentially landing the ship and gathering data on the environment. The normally nitrogen rich atmosphere had a larger amount of oxygen than expected.
From the science console, Lt Nall gave a brief report.
"They've done some modifications to the moon as evidenced by the oxygen levels.Based on sensor scans,  I would classify Titan as an L class habitat. We should be OK for a few hours without supplemental air."

Captain Zaveri took the report into consideration.
"Understood, that's good to know. Ensign Gair, any landing sites showing up?"

The Cardassian scanned his helm console.
"I'm reading a large structure below, it's several kilometers in size with what appear to be landing sites scattered around the perimeter."

"I found one large enough to fit the Cochrane. Transmitting the coordinates to your station."

Commander Mazzir had been scanning the structure herself both to help the young helmsman and look for any security concerns.

After a few tense minutes, the Starfleet vessel set down on a platform towards the top of the structure. The platform held, so the decision was made to remain in place.

"Commander's Mazzir and Kim, assemble an away team and start scouting the station."

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The ship descended into the atmosphere, following the trail blazed by the Cochrane.  Sensors registered the Earthers ship landing on a large pad, which could accommodate its size.  Helm was scanning for a landing site which would accommodate the D-4..

{Bridge:IKV Gowron}
{Helm:Sgt. M'Gar}"Sir, Helm has located a suitable landing site for our ship..we  are preparing to land, at your order!

{Lt. Grilka}"Very well Sgt., begin landing ops.  Lt. M'Rok, get our first combat team to transporters, get them ready to beam down to a position away from our landing site, but ready to cover our landing zone.  Transporter control..make sure the team is outside of our LZ!
{Transporter Room}
{Lt. M'Rok, OIC of Combat Teams 1&2}"Team 1, prepare for beam-out to the designated site, Team 2, you will beam out to the site as soon as the ship lands. Standard deployment..Feklahr35..understood?  Qapla!
{Bridge: Lt. Grilka}"Set her down Sgt.!

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After the last Klingon had solidified on the surface, the two teams. The OIC of the operation quickly studied the square and the surrounding buildings:
{Surface of Titan/Alien city:Lt. M'Rok}"Group leaders,utilize Feklahr35 as ordered.  Recon this plaza and the adjacent buildings, sensors at maximum, relay all tactical data to me and to our two vessels.  Any unusual activities or traces of the inhabitants is to be reported immediately, understood?  Qapla'then to you all!..M'Rok..out!
{Bridge:IKV Gowron,Lt. Grilka, commanding..}
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Titan Orbital Complex:

Due to the potential hostile nature of the scenario, there was a higher than normal ratio of fully armed Security Officers to those from the other departments. Harry Kim took charge of one team, while Verid Mazzir led the second group. Aside from the Commanding Officer, each group consisted of two scientists and two engineers. Everyone was outfitted with a hand phaser and tricorder, as was standard for away teams. While the atmosphere was currently breathable, everyone also carried rebreathers on their belts as a precaution. Also due to the potential hazards, every away team member was equipped with a light Polyalloy Weave Armor. Not only was it stab resistant, it also had some energy dampening properties. Hopefully this would enable the Starfleet teams to survive any dangerous encounters.

The two groups set out in opposite directions with the security guards taking up positions in front, on the sides and in the rear of the formation. As they started walking, Petty Officer Paige turned to Commander Kim.
“This is some impressive architecture, I’m reading several different materials used in constructing this station. I know the Corps of Engineers have tried to make a Tritantium, Regolith alloy but have so far been unsuccessful. If my scans are correct, the station is partly constructed using that alloy. At least we know it’s possible.”

The ship’s Chief Engineer was equally intrigued by the materials used in construction.
“Agreed, it’s supposed to be lighter than standard Tritantium but sacrificing only a fraction of the durability. If we get a chance we’ll have to look into this in more detail before departure.”

The team followed an enclosed walkway that would its way down the side of the complex. Why there were no entrances on top was unclear. Perhaps the landing platforms had an elevator mechanism that only triggered by a specific sequence. After several minutes the walkway split. One could continue heading down, or enter the complex through a man door. A keypad on the left allowed for controlled access. Hooking up a tricorder, Harry waited for it to cycle through the various combinations. A soft click indicated a successful cracking of the entry code. Lieutenant Hill and Crewman Nos entered first. The room was pitch black except the beams from the flashlights on their rifles. As they took steps further into the room, the lights slowly flickered on. After a quick sweep revealed no obvious threats, Hill told the others to enter the room. While a more detailed search was carried out, Harry tapped his commbadge.

“Commander Kim to Phoenix, we have found a cargo bay. Life support is functioning, we will continue pushing inward.”

“Confirmed. Mazzir’s team has located what appears to be an office complex of some-sort. I’ll alert the Klingons to your position in case they wish to join up. Cochrane out.”

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{Combat Team OIC: Lt. M'Rok}
"This is Lt. M'Rok, message received Phalanx.  Request you maintain a continuous burst from a comms unit, that way we can make our way towards you.  Given the size of this complex, I want to link up as soon as possible..M'Rok..Out.