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Title: Brisbane, Queensland
Post by: Mim on May 31, 2019, 03:06:52 AM

<RAAF Amberly, 50km S/W of Brisbane>

 To Mike and Elle's good fortune they were very lucky in that their flight in the venerable C-5 Galaxy to Brisbane from California was aboard the medevac version of the aircraft. Comfortable almost first class accommodation in the front third, with the rear two thirds given over to what could be only called a flying hospital. The aircraft was returning empty essentially other than a change over of staff for the joint services Medical Unit in Afghanistan, here in Australia to pick up Navy, Air Force and Army medical staff from that nation. Apart from the fact that both Mike and Elle slept for most of the 13 hour flight, one small highlight was an old friend who knew Mike from back in the day. Apart from a quick reunion chat he left them alone; knowing the weirdly odd feeling they'd be suffering when they landed having their body clock pushed forward by almost a full day. By the time the C-5 stopped on its designated hard stand to spend its two day stopover, it was early morning almost a day and a half after they left Colorado.

 The two of them were guided to the empty officer's mess for a breakfast, Elle's brother Rick was to pick them up at eight am, another hour away. "You know I could call him, but after that flight with the both of us sleeping almost the entire way..except for that very dodgy movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes. That was weird, I mean I saw all those old movies when I was a kid Mike, now they've spoiled the illusion." She was rambling and for one reason, finally she had Mike back here on her own turf and she was as nervous as a teenager on her first date. "Anyway, we could do with an hours alone time don't you think? It's all been so rushed and besides I am hungry." Standard fare for the day would be porridge you could use for cement, with a meal of bacon, eggs, grilled tomato and toasted brown bread.

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Post by: NG on June 16, 2019, 03:11:53 PM
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He’d hoped that he’d feel more rested when they landed, but the deep sleep he knew he needed had eluded him, making him awoken every now and then. So he felt more sleep deprived than after a 36 hours on call shift.
Mike pulled off his baseball cap and tucked the sunglasses in his new Hawaiian shirt pocket as he entered the mess hall right behind Elle, “Well, at least they had Roddy McDowall exchanged… We have to give them that.”

Eyeing the offered food, Mike settled for some toast and coffee. The grey-ish porridge looked like something he most definitely would have had trouble with even while on board that Wraith cruiser and now when actually having a choice, it was easy - thanks, but no thanks.
"Naah, no need to rush him." With a grin, he patted Elle affectionately on her arm, “Calm down Elle, If anyone should be nervous, that would be me, right? It’s your family we’re about to meet, so no matter how we put it, it’s me who’s under the microscope. Which leads me to the more obvious questions...”
He walked over to one of the tables sat as he continued, “What have you told them about our relationship, and I’m talking professionally as well as privately. And what do they know about what we do for a living? Stuff like that.”
Mike lowered his voice even if he knew that were all alone in the mess hall, “We can’t exactly tell them where we’re stationed or what we’ve been up to for the last couple of months.”
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Post by: Mim on June 17, 2019, 02:30:48 AM

 "Roddy who..?" She blinked, Elle wasn't focusing though she knew exactly who Mike was talking about and that was such a fantastic achievement for him in her mind. At least he didn't so far appear to have some holes in his memory. She expected a few here and there of course, he wasn't showing it and that made her happy.

 A few moments later the breakfast was served by an airman, the smell right at that moment something bordering on divine, although as Mike did, Elle tactfully declined the porridge, promising herself that she'd have her Mother make some at least once while they were here. One hand fell over his, it was a moment like this she always cherished. "Yes I know the roles should be reversed Mike, I know. It's just that, well..." She drew it out trying to find the right explanation until it came. "...boys were not my strong point growing up, I was far too focused on school then straight into the Navy. I guess I just skipped over that part of bringing the boyfriend home to meet mum and dad."

 Then of course was the question he had to ask, Elle had never prepared herself for it. So it had to be the truth. "I've told them the essentials Mike. More to Mum than Dad, which I suppose is natural for me and I'm lucky, we're both lucky that they are extremely understanding parents. Given though that I'm in my late thirties now, they are far less inclined to ask questions about what I'm doing and I have told them enough for them to get the picture that we are extremely close. As for what I am still doing based in the US, that has become harder and harder as each year passes; you can only tell them you're on exchange for so long and with Dad being ex Navy, Paul in the Army, they both know sooner or later that is going to become a lie. As of now they think and I hate lying, that I'm seconded to the US Air Force out of Edwards and that was where we met. Beyond that if they start to get more inquisitive I don't know what to do really Mike, Paul can as easily start digging through his own service channels." While she didn't look glum, Elle found herself with a touch of self doubt as the words came.
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Mike couldn’t help but to raise a brow, but the grin was still there, “You’re telling me, that you never brought home a boyfriend? Wow, I’ve always pictured it as if your father more or less would have to be lying around in the bushes with a shotgun, chasing them away as they came along.”
The coffee served in the mess hall, turned out to be strong, definitely the caffeine kick he needed to keep going for another 12 hours… or at least it was a start, so one cup was soon replaced by another as he listened to Elle explaining the layout of their background.
“Edwards. Alright, I can work something out of that,” he concluded. “I guess all test sites are the same when it comes down to the need of surgeons to patch up the hot shots. Sort of universal?” He had a quick flash back of the moment where he’d first met Cate – might have been a generator that had blown up back then, but still the same from his professional point of view.
“And if Paul actually do pull some strings and find something out, well, that means he’s got a security classification that rival ours, and there will be one less person to lie to. And that can’t all be a bad thing, so let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, ok?”
Mike grew silent when the airman came around with an offer of another refill, something Mike reclined this time around.
“Look, before we move on, I’ve got something I need to say,” he continued when the man had left out of earshot. “Cate never made any promises that whatever she did to me would have a long lasting, curative effect. That the door she unlocked would remain open. We both hope so, but we don’t know that sure, ok?”
Taking her hand where it rested, he looked at it for a second, stroking the back of it with his thumb a couple of times before looking back at her face as he continued. “When I was kept prisoner on those ships and everything they put me through, it was this that kept me going. This is what it felt I was protecting and fighting for. The thought of seeing you again, talk to you again, to *be with you. To be able tell you how much I love you.”
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Post by: Mim on July 08, 2019, 12:36:14 AM

 Matching grins as Mike opened up on the first subject, Elle had at least one fond memory back there. "Does a twelve year old count Mike? There was one boy in my class, he kid of followed me around like a puppy everywhere I went." What was his name? After all these years had she forgotten? No she hadn't. "Like any good puppy that following one day extended past the school gates, he made this excuse his older brother was on detention and he had to make his own way home; which was a block or two away from our house. His name was Steven, I'm sure that was it. Kind of cute but so annoying. We had milk and biscuits while watching Danger Mouse." It was a one off naturally, but at least her mother met someone. "Moving on, I will have to say a definitive yes to the shotgun, Dad was just a wee bit over protective in every way. Even when I made it to the academy he and mum had to come down to make sure I was okay almost from day one, that I was as far away from the male cadets as possible as far as our accommodations were concerned. We were, the girls I mean. I don't know what he do if I enlisted now, it is a lot different if you get my meaning." Not that they had mixed rooms, but they did share the same buildings and that had to lead to some after hours liaisons didn't it?

 "I think that's pretty much the story I've been feeding them. They know every large base has a medical unit, so it wasn't hard to pass on. With Paul, really he can get suspicious and he does know Cate's brother, not personally but I know they've crossed paths in the past and men do talk....well some of them." She had to add that, she knew Mike didn't fall into that same category. "If something sounded off to him, he might start to wonder. I don't know though Mike if we'll see him this time around with him teaching down in Canberra, unless of course he gets leave at some point while we're here. I wouldn't be worrying too much about him. Rick now, he is another matter being a cop he is going to be naturally suspicious. We just have to be careful what we say around him. So yes, its bridges." She laughed, it was such a common catch phrase around the SGC. "Cate hmmm, well all I can say is Mike, hang onto what you have now. I seriously doubt anything that monster of a Wraith woman did to you would have been permanent in any case. She did dance around the fact that quite possibly in time your memories may have returned naturally. If worse comes to worse and anything did happen, well let's not go there for now okay? I can't even think about that." She hadn't even looked at her food and by now it was most likely cold. This was far too important.

 Then her world exploded in coloured lights like some psychedelic experience. That was what her mind saw as she felt her body heat increase dramatically when Mike caressed the back of her hand, speaking those words, words that she thought she'd never hear again. Elle wasn't sure if she was going to faint or not; certainly it felt as if she would. She was totally lost for words, an extremely unusual event for her. Stuttering, finally something came out so softly only Mike would have heard her. "I think I can say this now Mike, from the day I met you I've always known that it was only.....oh stuff it." There were times she felt frustrated with herself. "I've waited as long Mike and I think you know how much I love you and always have." She buried her head in his shoulder, Elle didn't want this moment to end.

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No matter how nice it was to be near her again, feel her smell and touch, Mike slowly nestled his way out of her arms and looked at her, frustration bordering anger visible in his face, “Whoa, wait! Hold on. Do you mean that you knew? Knew al long that my amnesia might have been something temporary? Why didn’t anyone bother to tell me? Do you mean that you… that you spoke to her…? Please don’t tell me she’s still walking around out there.” That last phrase was almost a whisper.

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 "Yes of course I did speak to the monster, Mike you have only just got 'back' figuratively, we haven't really had a chance to talk about it have we? If I had brought this thing up 24 hours earlier you'd have no idea what I was talking about would you?" Calm, he had to see how calm she was and that for a fact was no lie. For despite the horrors he and indeed Elle herself had been through, since that last session at the SGC she had found a new place in the center of her soul and that was only that way while she was with him. Elle wasn't going to delve into other spaces she could reside in mentally, not now, they had come too far.

 Placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder looking him straight in the eye, Elle told him exactly how things stood. "One day we both might come to understand why creatures do what they do Mike; for now though it will remain a distant memory and one neither of us will ever revisit. You need to know and it utterly galls me to say this, but right now in a galaxy far far away, our people are actually working with the enemy, her. We can scream our lungs out till we're blue saying how unfair it is and it is; we can't change it. For you and I now have a clear path to make something of the future, we can't let what happened cloud that. Do you understand?" She moved her head even closer.
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‘Horowitz is going to have a field day with me once I’m get back to the SGC…’
Emotions running wild and mood swings were part of the symptoms dealing with traumas like this, he knew that, but it sure didn’t make them any easier to control. But knowing about it and understanding it was a natural process helped at least partially to deal with it
Mike closed his eyes for a few seconds and sucked in a deep breath in an attempt to calm down before looking back in to Elle’s eyes.
“No, I don’t, but let me put it this way. Even in my altered state 24 hours ago, I would have appreciated someone telling me I would most like retrieve my memory if given some more time. Although a bit out of patience at that point, I would have understood that and settled at that. About Rhiase though – no. I can not come to terms with our teams and joint forces work together, or fight for that matter, along side her. In my book she’s an evil entity with her own agenda and it doesn’t matter what you say, I’m not going to change my mind. Period. End of discussion.”
There would most likely come a time when he wanted to talk and share his experiences as a prisoner and why he found it so hard to accept any collaboration with her, but this was not the time or the place.
He let an arm sneak up over Elle’s back and pulled her closer, placing his head on her shoulder so that he could take in the smell of her hair and feel her closeness. Crap, how he’d missed her!
Too soon though, a somewhat familiar man approached them from the doorway Mike whispered, “I think our ride is here,” as he let go of her.
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<RAAF Amberly Officer's Mess>

 Well he had a point, if it were her in his position Elle might have liked it if someone had that ability to let him know how things stood. Her problem with that from her own point of view was in saying it in a way that wouldn't frighten the pants off him. Somehow after all of this she felt inclined to me far more protective of him than perhaps she should be. He is a grown man after all. "I'll make it up to you." The feeling of him being so close was like drinking in the smoothest Bourbon ever made by mortal man, or the comfort of a parent's warmest hugs, she needed that, so did he. "You know, I feel sorry for those we left behind really Mike. How in the hell does one console oneself to the fact your new ally might well tomorrow be hunting you again? Professionally I know it had to be done, personally no...." She looked up and had to blink as the afternoon sun formed around the solid blocky figure who had just walked in the door, dressed casually in too tight shorts and a O'Neill surfing tee shirt. There could only be one of them. "I see." She whispered.

 Free to stand Elle pushed away from the table. "Rick!" Her brother's name rolled easily off her tongue.


 Standing as tall as his older sister, but twice as wide, the fair haired Federal cop approached the table in several long strides. "G'day Sis." He grinned widely, emulating Elle's own wide smile, giving her a quick hug. "I know this is Mike, seen your photo often enough mate. How're doing? I'm Rick." His big paw thrust out ready for manly shake.
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Getting up as well, Mike gave the man’s hand a firm shake, “Pleasure to finally meet you, Rick.”
The first thing that struck him was the size, being almost as big as Coops. The next was the smile – yeah, they were definitely siblings.
“As good as expected considering jet lag and having spent the better part of a day in the back of a C-5,” he grinned as he swung his back pack over one shoulder, picked up Elle’s grayish-green duffle bag in the other hand and looked between the two.
“Off we go?”

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 Standing back for a moment, Elle let the 'blokes' have their minute of bonding, she too was cracking that all too wide Colgate smile. This was a moment to cherish and one she had waited for so long. Still there was an element of intrigue she knew on Rick's behalf, yet at the same time the sister was well aware that he had most likely over the last few years done some digging. The clan was notorious for snooping, at least on the male side. "Yeah not exactly business class Rick." Elle said without changing her expression one iota.


 "Same mate." He let the hand go to start walking back to the car, parked of all places in the base CO's spot right outside the Mess. Two SP's were looking it over, a deep red Ford Mustang. Before they got to the car he turned sharply. "Sis, there is something you need to know, I guess with all that's been going on around here no one had bothered to let you know. Dad is in a Nursing home, he's been there three weeks now. Dementia, it started about two months ago." He dropped his head sadly.

 That was all she needed. Elle went weak in the knees, gripping Mike's shoulder, almost immediately tears were forming in her eyes. "Where is he?" She asked

 "The RSL Veteran's Home at Balmoral. Mum is there now if you'd like to go see him."

 What else could happen, first Mike now her dad. "Of course. Mike you don't mind do you?"

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(https://i.imgfly.me/atfeD.jpg) (https://imgfly.me/i/atfeD)

Mike almost made a gasping face-palm when he saw where Elle’s brother had parked his car, but that feeling soon turned in to a grin, realizing that the man most likely knew exactly what he was doing. And enjoying it to the fullest.
Yeah, he was already taking a liking in Rick.

Taking a steadying hold of Elle’s elbow with his free hand, Mike felt a pang of sorrow. Not that he’d met the man or knew what he was like more than she’d told him, but he knew how close Elle was to her family. So very much unlike the family he was part of back in Detroit.
“What? No! No of course I don’t mind!”
Without any further do, they squeezed the bags in to the trunk of the car, and out of courtesy to Elle, Mike took the less spacious place in the back seat.
In an attempt to alleviate the stress and put their minds more at ease as the left the parking lot, Mike said, “So, what is it about the McFearson’s and your love of big engines?”
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 The car rumbled out of the base, after a quick ID check and the ubiquitous Air Force salute, Rick pointed the Mustang for the city freeways. Elle sat silently up front, her hand in between the two front seats reaching for Mike; she needed him now more than ever. Not one easy to tear, they were streaming from her face, she let them fall where they may.

 After a slow start, Rick sensing his big sister's anguish picked up the conversation. "Big, Mike? Nah mate more noisy than anything else. Even this beast which is less than a year old has a custom exhaust. Dad, well he's got his old pick up truck, not a US job but pure Brit, a 1972 Bedford two tonner with a few add ons, the engine for example is the same as you'd find in almost any Chevy or our own Holdens for that matter." He rambled on a little more just to pass the time, then as they drew closer to Brisbane Rick pointed out a few significant features. Before long they were rolling up into the RSL (Returned Serviceman's League) Aged Care facility. Elle and Rick's mother's care was there in the car park as expected.

 A slow walk inside soon found Arthur's private room, Maria was dozing in a wicker chair next to the bed, holding his hand. They both looked so frail despite only being 67 and 65. Arthur at least for now was like his wife sleeping; Elle stopped by the door pausing unsure whether to go in immediately. As she was about to commit, a familiar women walked by then stopped. "Elle, is that you?" She asked.

 Nodding, almost whispering she said yes it was. "Theresa?" It was of course and out of uniform she still knew the woman. Drawing aside Elle mad the introduction. "Mike, this is Theresa Goh, I told you about her years ago. We were class mates at the Academy, she is or was a Colonel with the Army Psych unit."

 "Still am Elle and I'm very pleased to meet you Mike."

 "So, why are you here?" Elle asked curiously.

 "Your dad Elle, they can't figure him out at all. The basic diagnosis was dementia, yet he has far too many livid and bright moments as if nothing is wrong, the whole pattern is wrong so they called me in to see if I could work something out." At 5'5" she was typical for her Chinese/Malay heritage, the accent though was all Australian. "One of the Immunologists from the Mater Hospital who look after this facility thinks it might be far more than we suspect; but so far their tests are coming up empty."

 Blank faced, it all sounded far to much like something Elle was aware of? Coincidence? She looked hard at Mike, squeezing his hand. There was a tiny little bit of hope in her heart.

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Stepping in to the nursing home more or less as a relative was a strange feeling. Last time he’d been 8 years old…
More or less continuing to take the back seat, he quietly followed Rick and Elle through the corridors, ending up just outside Mr McFearson’s room. Crap, he looked so different from the pictures Elle had showed him. Somehow his features seemed ‘older’ even when asleep... and the closeness of his wife didn’t go unnoticed either.
“Pleasure to meet you too, Theresa.” Mike greeted her with a smile, before listening to the brief summary.

‘Very atypical for something as common as the every day dementia.’ Mike sucked in a deep breath as Elle looked up at him. ’Slower onset, but very much the same… and he’s a galaxy away fercryinoutlaud!
Squeezing Elle’s hand back, he cleared his throat and looked back at Theresa.
“Please, do not take offense in this, but sometimes a fresh pair of eyes tackling the problem from another angle might find something one has missed. I’m a surgeon at Edwards Air force base back in the US and I’m wondering if…”
Mike hesitated for a the briefest of a second, ‘Tread lightly my friend’ “I’m very much aware of me not having the license to practice medicine here, but if I get consent from his next of kin - would be possible for me to have a look at his medical file?  Like any CT’s or MRI scans you might have? Lab reports?”
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 The younger McFearson scratched his head for a second. "This bloke is a surgeon isn't he? Or is there something else he and Elle haven't let on?" Then he recalled something his twin Paul said about three years ago that not everything Elle did or the people she worked for and with on her 'special weapons' development project was all black and white. He told him then that he should prepare himself for a few surprises one day. Now at the time Rick thought it was purely typically Paul, speculating on the weird. The man should have been writing for X-Files.

 He shrugged his shoulders. "I'm fine with it Mike if Elle is, though we should ask Mum. And of course Doctor Goh, what do you think?"


 Elle shot a glance at Mike. She knew as much as he did, although when it came to the finite details of all the trials and tribulations in regard to the medical calamities both Stargate Command and Atlantis faced. She knew by Mike's expression he was onto something; but what, how would or might that effect their father? The thing was she trusted him implicitly, that was what counted. "Yes, of course I am." She knew she couldn't say more, right now she was very likely to say something she shouldn't with her current mindset.


 The Army Colonel gave Mike a friendly smile once the introduction was over; somehow between medicos there was always this unspoken bond whereby they could work together easily despite the disparity between their chosen fields. "I can't see any issues at all, we are after all dealing with a military veteran and this facility is governed by the DoD. Let me place a quick call Mike and I'll get right back to you. In the meantime, Rick, Elle you should speak to your Mum."

 The siblings looked at one another with an unspoken word passed between them. "Let me, Mum knows I'm here, well at least I was earlier and she knows where I went." Rick said casually brushing passed Tess. While she ducked away up the opposite corridor to the one they had entered earlier.

 Rick knelt beside the wicker chair, the mid afternoon sun filtered through the windows casting an angelic aura around their mother. "Mum." He whispered.


 "You'll have to speak up Rick." She pulled the ear plug out. The dear old girl had been listening to the radio all this time, so not asleep. "I never realised how good Kenny Rogers' voice sounded you know that?" A very slight hint of her accent mixed with the Aussie asked the question. "Is Elle and Mike going to stand out there all day?" She smiled that exact same smile as her kids, so it wasn't hard to figure out where it came from.

 Rick blinked, caught out nicely. "Yeah, sorry Mum. Elle, Mike!" He called to his sister and her boyfriend/fiance', he wasn't too sure on the details.

 Tugging Mike forward Elle went to her Mum, even before she was within a meter Maria was on her feet arms out wide. Mother and daughter hugged, whispering fond things in each other's ear as only mothers and daughters do. "Been too long girl, but I'm so glad you're here with us now. We'll let your dad sleep for a while he had a rough night."

 "We should. Mum this is Mike." Elle said merely to fill in the gaps, she was confident Maria knew just who he was.

 "I know, how're you doing Mike. I feel like I've known you for quite some time now." She and Arthur had an album devoted to all those 'de-classified' photos sent to them. On the shores of the Flood, no to them that was somewhere in the US and so on. She hugged him briefly.

 As they were about to engage in further conversation, Theresa returned, popping her head in. "They said go ahead Mike." A mobile ward station on a trolley was wheeled in, she typed in Arthur's details bringing up the material Mike requested.

 "Go ahead with what?" Maria asked suspiciously.

 "Trust me Mum, trust Mike. He'll explain." Elle put her arm around his waist lovingly.

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Seeing how Elle’s mother greeted her daughter made him warm to his heart. He really envied them, in a good way, to have this kind of relationship. How the heck did she manage to be so far away from them for such long periods of time?
“Pleasure to meet you too, Mrs. McFearson,” Mike replied, returning the warm smile. “Yeah, Elle has told me bits and pieces, so I've really been looking forward to finally meet you in person. I just wished it had been under better circumsta...”

Before he got any further, Theresa came back; Mike had hoped for a bit more privacy or at least a chance to get to know her before asking what he was about to. It felt border line to obtrusive, but there was nothing more to do than to play the cards as they were dealt.
Turning back to Elle’s mother, Mike took on a slightly more serious tone, “As Elle might have told you, I work as a medical doctor in he US and like her I’m in the frontiers in that area. When Theresa here mentioned the rapid decline of your husband, it piqued my interest and I was wondering if I could have a chance to look in to this a bit? Maybe there’s something someone has overlooked or hasn’t taken in to consideration when looking at the problem from another angle?”
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 "I was at University when Arthur and I met Mike, studying to be a Pharmacist and while I did graduate, I've never had the opportunity to work in my craft. I don't regret that by the way. Still something like that even forty something years ago you don't forget." The older woman had an intensity in her eyes Mike had surely seen in the daughter. "If you can find anything, anything at all that might offer a glimmer of hope, I can only say yes. Kids?" She said to her children.


 "Go for it mate." Rick said as he studied his father.


 "You know my answer already Mike, is there anything I can do?" Elle asked, throwing a veiled hint his way. She squeezed his hand tightly enough to let him know she was in his court.
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(https://i.imgfly.me/atfeD.jpg) (https://imgfly.me/i/atfeD)

Mike looked between the four of them and nodded, “Alright. Thank you.” He gave the sleeping man in the bed a long look before moving on, “I’ll go sit in the couches I saw further down the hall when we arrived. Might make things a bit easier for all of you to do some catching up?”
Before leaving he gave Elle a small pat on her arm, “You know how I can be when digging in to something. Forgetting time and all. So check up on me in say, 30 minutes?”

After having excused himself to the others, Mike left the room, pushing the trolley in front of him until he reached the end of the hallway and sat down in one of the surprisingly soft, but very comfortable couch, placing the lap top in his knee and started reading.
He knew what he was looking for, but had no idea if this gut feeling was right, nor if he would be able find it.
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 Thirty minutes eh? Well she was known for being a fast talker. Of course not in 'that' way, much the same as a speed reader, Elle could as her Aussie nature dictated when she chose to, speak incredibly fast. For any other Australian born it was almost natural, for listeners from across the oceans it was what many Americans might call 'machine gun' speech; like when a company was getting a radio ad done, you had maybe two minutes of your ad to do in just thirty seconds.

 In that allotted time, she did do exactly what she set out to do, without giving away hardly anything. Rick was still highly suspicious and she was certain at some point he'd do some poking. By the time he might find the truth, as things went the Stargate Program may well be revealed in any case. Maria said she had to head home soon, although she'd be back for Arthur's evening meal; Elle told her that it was most likely her and Mike could still be here. So they left things as they were, with Rick curling up in his mother's vacated chair before quickly letting out a softer version of his father's snoring.

 "Hey." Elle said appearing over Mike's shoulder, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "How's it going, do you think you're onto something Mike?" She sat next to him on the couch, doing her best not to stare at his work.
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(https://i.imgfly.me/atfeD.jpg) (https://imgfly.me/i/atfeD)

Holding up a finger in a gesture of ‘Hang on’ , yet smiling towards her, Mike finished off the conversation he had over the cell phone.
“Yes! Thank you Andy. Really appreciate this!... Nah, I’m good. Don’t worry,” he looked up towards Elle, “Elle’s keeping a close eye on me… Of course. Good night!”
He turned off the phone and placed it on the table next to the lap top, “Andy says ‘Hi’ and hopefully he’s forgiven me for waking him up by the time we get back home. To answer your question - yeah, I think so. That’s what I called Andy about. I wanted a second opinion and as well as a way to move on since I apparently lost my credentials during my absence.” Slipping a frustrated sigh, Mike continued, “I tried to call Sydney but it was like talking to a brick wall. All denial and refusal to connect me further up in the hierarchy… Anyway! Here, have a look at this.”
He changed from the patient record and lab reports to a CT scan of a head on the screen.
“Now, I know you’ve had enough scans on your own to recognize a brain, right? This scan was done about seven weeks ago which corresponds to the time of your dad starting to be slightly symptomatic.”
Without really waiting for a reply, he zoomed in on a very small area at the bottom side of the frontal part. “Lesson number one when reading scans – if you don’t look for it, you don’t see it… and since no one knew what to look for…”  His voice trailed off and he waited a second before pointing at the centre of the screen, “See this small dark, almost black area up here? It’s not supposed to be there andI’ve only seen something like this once before Elle.”
Facing her again for the first time since she came, he wondered if she had caught on to his train of thoughts and continued in a low, serious voice, “In a scan Jennifer Keller showed me.”
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 "Aww gee and I could have said something to him." For the first time since they left Amberly, Elle smiled again. "Not sure what though but something. So its a belated Hi back to him." The man was a great person and considering the circumstances she knew he wouldn't feel put out at all.

 On the second point she had an idea, well in fact it was Mike's boss. "Call Anne if you need to, she's the head of both departments and she 'can' open closed doors for you." Then she studied what she was shown, closer as Mike pointed out the irregularity. "I can see your point. Its the same when we're training pilots into combat on instruments only with no visual Mike, look for the unexpected and you'll find it."

 The last bit struck her numb, she knew then exactly what he was talking about, a name slipped from her mouth. "Rodney McKay?"
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(https://i.imgfly.me/atfeD.jpg) (https://imgfly.me/i/atfeD)

“Great minds think alike; Andy was on it even before I asked him, saying he’d be right on it as soon as we hung up,” Mike grinned. “So I really owe him big time by now.”
Moving on, he got more serious and lowered his voice even though he knew no one could be ears dropping. They were completely alone in the corridor.
“Yes, McKay. I just don’t understand how that,” Mike nodded towards the screen, “could find its way to here… to infest your dad, but I guess that’ll be an issue to deal with later. So far though, apart from the slower onset, McKay’s had full effect within a few weeks, with your dad we’re talking months. He had the flue, complicated by pneumonia two and a half months ago and that’s probably what started it all.”
Placing the lap top back on the trolley, Mike faced Elle, trying his best of not promising her anything, praying not to disappoint her, hoping he was right. “Look, no matter how we do this, we’re going to need another scan to verify this and see how much it has spread. Our facility in Sydney has a hybrid lab, a combination of an MRI and regular x-ray, so if we could get your dad transferred there, we might get a bit closer to understand what that is and maybe be able to do something about it while we’re at it…”
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 A slender although calloused finger tapped her chin; for this was not only a revelation, it was something that in the end could save her and her brother's father from a premature death. She knew Art would have a good joke with Mike if he could, saying something like 'screw dying Mike, way too much paperwork!'. Her father was like that, saw humor in the most mundane things in life.

 "We both owe him Mike, and my family. The question yes, is how and something occurred to me. Do you recall reading in old SGC files how they tried to get at General Hammond through his grandkids? My mind right now is heading in a direction along those lines. This...."  She waved her hand back towards Arthur's room. "....is far too much of a coincidence." Nodding her head in agreement she flipped out her phone. "I'm calling Anne." If there was a timeline, they couldn't waste a minute of it.
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"Elle, its lovely to hear from you. How is the holiday and most importantly how is Mike now?"