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Title: Keraan Ch'ezhakrohr
Post by: Troy on June 25, 2019, 10:29:12 AM

Character Name: Keraan Ch'ezhakrohr

Position/Rank:Chief Science Officer

Character Information:-

Callsign: Ron

Gender: Male

Species: Andorian

Age/Birthday:39 05/24/2119

Place of Birth:Andoria

Physical Appearance:
Height 6’1” 1.85 Meters
Weight162lbs, 73.48 Kg (
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Brown

Physical Description:
At six foot one, Ron is a bit on the tall side. His short silver hair, and blue skin is typical for an Andorian. He tries to keep up with his fitness level.

Father:Isisiav Ch'ezhakrohr
Mother:Osalliat Ch'ezhakrohr
Siblings:Vretaa Sh'vhaorrik, Pyllo Ch'ezhakrohr, Oryhr Ch'ezhakrohr
Other Family:
Shethal Th'kaothil, Ishas Th'qaoross, Sobiahr Ch'ezhakrohr

While a physicist by trade, Keraan enjoys learning other languages. During his time on Denobulia, he quickly picked up a working knowledge of their language. Due to the conflict with the Vulcans, he studied their language while at Seriahl University. When Andor strengthened ties with Earth, Keraan began learning English.
He enjoys a good debate, and will sometimes pick apart an argument just for the fun of it. While still distrustful of the Vulcan government, he understands the need to unite for a common cause and is willing to work with individual Vulcans on a case by case basis. When stationed on the Tamaqua, Keraan was introduced to the human game of chess.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
At times will overlook a simpler solution to a problem due to overthinking.
Honest and Direct

Hobbies & Interests:
Reading, Painting, Languages, Chess, Juggling

Language(s) Spoken:
Andorian, English, Vulcan, Denobulan

Personal History:
Keraan was born in the Prymont province of Andor. His father was captain of the Ice-cutter Zh'tannil and his mother served as the Chirurgeon. The Zh'tannil was a top of the line merchant vessel, helping to facilitate trade among the various provinces. Growing up, Keraan enjoyed seeing the various areas of his homeworld. This would help lead to his decision to go into the sciences. As an adult he attended the prestigious Seriahl University. It was there he received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry. He continued on to get his Advanced Degree in AstroPhysics. Upon completion of his studies in 2144, Keraan was recruited into the Andorian Imperial Guard. He spent the next five years as a science professor at the Laikan Military Academy.

In 2149, Keraan was part of a small group that travelled to Denobula in order to study their scientific and medical advancements. Upon his return in early 2150, he was assigned to the cruiser Zh'qenir. The cruiser was involved in several skirmishes with both the Vulcans and Tellarites. In 2152, he was part of the team deployed to reclaim Weytahn.  After Captain Archer negotiated a cease fire between the Vulcans and Andorians, the Zh'qenir resumed her normal patrols. While not directly involved in the Xindi conflict, Keraan was one of the scientists and engineers given access to the weapon data from the Kumari. In early 2154, the Zh'qenir was part of the Andorian fleet lured to Weytahn.

With the formation of the Coalition of Planets, and the subsequent opening of hostilities with the Romulans, Keraan found himself on the frontlines of the conflict. When the Zh'qenir was destroyed in mid 2156, Keraan applied for a position within Starfleet. His application was accepted and he soon found himself aboard the Daedalus class USS Tamaqua. He would remain aboard the Tamaqua until July 2158, when he was transferred to the USS Washington as Chief Science Officer.

Service Record:

2137-2144: Student at Seriahl University. Degrees Conferred: B.S. Chemistry, Doctorate Astro-Physics

2144-2149: Professor; Laikan Military Academy, Andorian Imperial Guard
2149-2150: Detached Studies on Denobulia
2150-2154: Science Officer, Zh'qenir, Andorian Imperial Guard
2154-2156: Chief Science Officer, Zh'qenir, Andorian Imperial Guard
Aug 2156-July 2158: Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Tamaqua, Starfleet
July 2158-Present: Chief Science Officer USS Washington, Starfleet

Title: Re: Keraan Ch'ezhakrohr
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on June 25, 2019, 10:34:11 AM

Lieutenant Keraan Ch'ezhakrohr, the Andorian Imperial Guard has approved your continued service with Earth Starfleet aboard the Earth Starship Washington.
Title: Re: Keraan Ch'ezhakrohr
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on June 25, 2019, 12:43:45 PM

The Andorian Imperial Guard has approved your promotion, the equivalent rank of Commander in United Earth Starfleet, effective this date. This is to reflect that you have been approved to the position of Executive Officer of the Earth Starship Washington, also effective this date.
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