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 on: Today at 10:56:48 AM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Cipherhornet18
{Cpl. Sarah Cohen}

"Uh...you haven't asked a single question since you sat at our table, just made statements." Sarah pointed out as she finished rolling down the window to get the shortened barrel of her CAR-15 out of the cab.

"Please ask quickly, but Texas Bill can answer questions a lot better than I can." Jeff said over the din of the engine rumbling after the truck started.

While the engine sounded about right for a late 80s Bronco, it was the smell that was a bit off. Not quite gasoline, more like it smelled a bit like burning alcohol too. A common fix for the lack of gas was to compensate with alternatives. It seemed to be easier than expected, an irony being it took nuclear near annihilation to put alternative fuel sources on the map.

 on: Today at 10:18:36 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Khnum
As mentioned previously, the containers for depositing the stuff for Chenal and the other two jaffas, was decidedly cruder than the jaffa imagined. But for him it was fine, after all he did not look for comfort, he did not even know what it was. Serving Olokun had been a test case, now the real test was to adapt to that place, to those people like Teal'c had done many years before. They would keep uniform jaffa, armor that still made all warriors worthy, but would serve in their new duties. After a moment, a slight oscillation was perceived by those present.

"I would say that we entered Hyperspace!" exclaimed Chenal smiling at his companions.

 on: Today at 08:51:37 AM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Khnum
Planet PX7-994

The Tel'tak shuttle would have come from there at least according to the standards of the new Hyperdrives supplied to the ships of the Khnum Empire. But in those hours there had been no movement and this was a little worrying about the goa'uld spy on the planet. Surely he would have been captured, he could not keep hiding as easily as before. It had been hours past several hours and even with an improved engine, it would take many hours pushing the engines to half the new power. Suddenly a signal reached the small device and the goa'uld extracted it waiting for it to activate. To appear on the viewer was a jaffa that we know having already seen in the past.

"I am Kel'dar, I have been sent to recover you, we are taking your coordinates before entering the atmosphere completely hidden from view, wait a little while and we will be with you!" completed the jaffà closing immediately after the video channel. The shuttle in the orbit disappeared cloaked and invisible entering the planet's atmosphere and darting very fast towards the learned coordinates of the goa'uld spy. The shuttle darted over the head of the goa'uld, reappearing and stopping a little further. Laid on the ground, the tel'tak waited. Kel'dar and Fai'san waited on their heads with their helmets. The spy appeared from the forest approaching the two jaffas.

"Kree, God Dedwen sends you I imagine, disguise the tel'tak and follow me, we have to transfer some artifacts found on this planet!" he completed looking at the two jaffas. To reply, Fai was this time.

"As you wish ... but we must hurry, we are not sure we were not detected when we entered the orbit of the planet and then in the atmosphere, the heat of the engines could have signaled us!" he concluded by opening his mask with his partner and showing his face.

 on: Today at 08:36:32 AM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Khnum
On the other hand, among the most beloved I put in particular the goa'uld and among them the Pragmatic Yu Huang ShangTi ... but above all the terrifying Nirrti, the goa'uld to my warned better created for history and personality. I liked the wraith less, but only because of a question of inaccurate vision of Stargate Atlantis. I was curious about the vanir but the series ended too soon.

The Aschen with their calm and seraphic face are to be counted among the best characters best suited for the SG1 series :yes:

 on: Today at 07:31:02 AM 
Started by Shadowlord - Last post by Shadowlord
“Have a think about what ships you desire for this mission, I can only spare a handful of ships for now however.” Newer Hataks, Older Hataks, Pyramid ships and Alkesh were all rather vital in his upcoming strikes.

“Of course they will be filled with the necessary ground forces as well, and any ships and troops you convince to join you on your missions will be available for your selection as well.”

“However I may not be here when you return, this world will continue to provide a stable flow of ships but it isn’t going to make up for what we once had, I will be moving a more mobile construction facility closer to rebel space, time will be of the essence.” Sobek’s bloodlust could not be sated for long.

 on: Today at 07:06:27 AM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Shadowlord
So am I still having my troops on the ground being attacked by this mysterious enemy? I just don’t really know what I’m fighting so I don’t really feel it’s my place to write for them. Should I just write a post with what I do know or wait for more information?

 on: Today at 07:00:40 AM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Troy
Yeah, today.  :cools

 on: Today at 03:22:06 AM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by VagabonD SerpenT
<<From SGC>>

The trip through the StarGate was seemingly instant as usual, and just as usual it always brought a bit of a increased heartbeat whenever Elena went through a wormhole. No matter how often she did it, no matter how many planets and space stations she had visited this way, there always was a tiny nagging worm lodged in the depth of her mind, where the subconscious was bordering the conscious reasoning, and that worm was always whispering fears into her mental ear. Fears that the tunnel might collapse before she goes out, and every trace of her will be gone forever. Fear that the things would go pear-shaped completely  when she emerges the other side, and there will be all hell loose out there and all her friends dead, and so on. So far they have managed to avoid all friends dead situation, but all hell loose happened quite often lately. At least this one mission was supposed to be a quiet one, without having to save the damn universe on the go before it gets destroyed. Again.

Still, even if it was supposed to be quiet, the gate on PX7-994 popped Colonel Ovcharenko out with her rifle clutched tight in her hands, and not on her shoulder, the woman ready to go into battle immediately, just as her friend was voicing her opinion on the situation and how to approach it. But the quick scan of the surroundings told her that it was indeed serene and quiet. Lena smiled and relaxed her stance, throwing the weapon back on her shoulder and grabbing its belt with her right hand, turning head left and right to take in the scenery.

"Cate is not wrong. The very first thing we need to do is to go to the Dig Site, check on them and their work. Then I'd like a reminder on how did the Tok'Ra learn about an infilitrated Goa'Uld. If they have a field agent here, let's talk to them. If they do not, we'll look around and then we'll try to provoke the sorry bastard..."

Elena breathed in a lungfull of the local air and grinned. The air smelt very nice, and reminded her of her own homeland a lot.

"But personally I am hoping that Tok'Ra were wrong, and this is just a sample of a great Taiga-like forest and a dig site and nothing else. Then we could rest a while... Okay, come on, get a move on, folks. But stay sharp anyway. The last thing we need is a predator of some kind or a stray shot to the head... Will, take point. I will watch your arses."

Colonel waited for the rest to start moving before she would start walking herself.

 on: Today at 02:46:01 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 {Nicholas Freeberg} NPC

  "He's awake!" Someone down the tunnels called out to them. Anise calmly put her cup down to stand as if it were an everyday occurrence.

 "Come my friends, we shall how our young Prince fares this day." She led them quietly down to where they had left him almost a full day earlier, time had passed swiftly. When they came into the chamber, Nick was indeed awake but still on the platform bed, propped up with some cushions.

 "Nicholas, how are you?" Geldinin inquired sincerely. "Your face is blooming like a new spring blossom." Not quite the thing to say to a young man but different cultures made some allowances.

 His eyes were wide as he looked at the three of them mumbling under his breath. "Three hot chicks, oh man!" He sat a little upright. "I'm fine, well better than I've been for a long while. Mali is resting, she still has a lot of work to do. Um...er Sarah, can I speak with you privately for a bit?"


 on: September 18, 2018, 11:24:46 PM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Mim

 To her it seemed like it was a guy thing, this Jeff didn't even bother saying a word to her. Fine, Cate could deal with that easily. Once outside she stopped by their truck. "Look I know what that you need us, but I need a little communication here. Twice I've asked pertinent questions and twice I've been ignored. Three times is a strike out. So can I please get a couple of answers before I make my final commitment?" She wasn't p*ssed, just put off a little, feeling as if they hadn't even seen her.

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