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 on: March 25, 2019, 11:53:06 PM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by DanielRyder
Lieutenant Jon Agathon

At that comment Woolsey made, Jon pouted, "Whaaat? All the tables are going away?" Softly, he mumbled ...but how are we going to make a fort out of the tables? Taking another bite out of the apple, he turned to see more people arriving. Responding to Jennifer's inquiry, he replied, "Not sure. Mr. Woolsey is about to make an announcement."

Seeing his commanding officer, Jordan O'Neil, he gulped and hid his apple behind his back to straighten himself up to look at least a bit professional like an XO should be. Watching Woolsey, he stood at attention and waited.

 on: March 25, 2019, 11:43:54 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by DanielRyder

In the group conversation, Taer had been silent and processing what the others said. He even nodded at the newcomer that joined. At this point, he watched the news broadcast after Stephanie's intel breakdown on what's going down. Taer had a bad feeling at the pit of his stomach about what was being said. Shaking his head, he replied after the new showing, "This can't be good and that's stating the obvious."

Listening to the few words being spoken, he added himself to the group after being silent for so long, "I might have some old contacts of myself somewhere, but I wouldn't trust them with my own half glass of beer."

 on: March 25, 2019, 11:37:09 PM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Mim

 Well she had to admit that she wasn't last this time with only a small few here so far. That was a good sign.




 Right behind Jennifer other members of Atlantis's exploration teams began making their way in, finding places to sit or stand if need be as most of the tables and chairs had now been moved away. Jen found herself standing near Radek and Rodney, R & R, that made sense to her. "Soooo, anyone know why I've been hastened to show myself here?" She asked.

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 on: March 25, 2019, 11:00:45 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Mim

 Loud speakers had recently been fitted on the exterior of the city and for good reason.

  "Attention. All personnel are required in the base Cafe immediately. All personnel are required in the base cafe stat!"

 on: March 25, 2019, 10:51:11 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by DanielRyder
Tech sergeant Guy Hart

It wasn't long before Guy followed in line with his XO into the Armory while thinking of all the weapons he could take into battle. At this point, the only two weapons he needed was his sharp mind and a laptop. A pistol was secondary. Still, he would be more than happy to carry a rifle into battle as commanded. Looking around in the room that seemed small in comparison to the rest of the other rooms in the base, it was big enough to compensate for the amount of people in it.

With a sigh while looking one direction at the Armory officer, he turned to the Corporal, "Hey, mate. I think we all should equip pencils so we can fling it at whoever's firing at us."

Stopping himself, Guy just realized it was probably the oddest thing he said all day, so he added "Not sure where we're headed either, but its got to be better than the last training mission I went through."

 on: March 25, 2019, 10:31:38 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by DanielRyder
Guy looked up just as the radio called for SG22 to report in. Having a good meal with his ham and cheese sandwich along with a can of Monster lite beverage, he exhaled shaking his head. The caffeine nearly went straight to his head and he could feel his heart beating. Quickly, he followed the footsteps of his team and responded, "Alright. Maybe, they'll give me something nice in the Armory." He grumbled slightly to himself.

Quickly, he caught up with his team.

 on: March 25, 2019, 07:03:41 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Ellen_Ripley

"I can tell you some stories, another time perhaps Sarah. For now I'll leave you two alone while I make my rounds." Anne stood allowing Karen to do her work undisturbed.

"Part of the job lass, we'll chat later Karen." There were times when Anne felt she could use a secretary just to manage the social aspect of her position here. "Sarah when you're done, swing back by my office so I can do your write up and then you're free. Which I will say right now is free to go home and get some rest okay?"

<<Anne back to CMO's office>>

 on: March 25, 2019, 06:54:31 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Ellen_Ripley

<<From base Cafe>>

Along the way Chris managed to text his Mom, letting her know he was fine and that when he had the time available to him he'd send her a video from his 'exercising' with the Yanks. How long he could keep that pretense going he had no idea; supposing something else will come along for him to create another cover story. For now he had a job to do and that entailed loading himself up with his stuff. That to him was the simplest way to describe all those little nick nacks a team sniper had to carry. Hopefully that didn't include the Ghilly suit, not today surely? "A bit crowded innit mate?" He leaned against the wall outside the 'tube' that led into the armory, standing next to the Aussie Leftenant. His mixed Yorkshire/Filipino accent sounding rather strange to most people except his team. "I wonder though where we're headed this time and I'm wonderin' whether the Cap'n can keep his act together this time. You know I'm beginnin' to think the most dangerous thing he should be allowed to have is a flippin pencil."

 on: March 25, 2019, 06:27:01 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Ellen_Ripley

"I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. Alexander, you may kiss your bride."

The words Alex had wanting and hoping to hear for quite a long time now. Decades if he was truthful, yet not until that day Michelle had walked into his life had he reason to dream that it was ever possible.

He didn't need prompting, not for a second. Taking his bride in his arms Alex kissed her deeply, totally oblivious to the friends looking on. At that moment, for of course there was no Church steeple, but somehow Fran had made it feel that way with a recorded sound track of the Wedding peel ringing out, most likely echoing throughout the base. "I am the luckiest man alive." He whispered in her ear as he reluctantly eased back, taking her hand to face the congregation. His smile was priceless as was the ongoing red tinged cheeks on his fair skin.

 on: March 25, 2019, 05:40:06 PM 
Started by Maximum7 - Last post by Maximum7
I always wondered why they didn't convert the Stargate in some way, to make the kawoosh a weapon, i know its the wrong Star, but does Star Wars have anything like this??

Yes. The Gree had hypergates

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