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 on: June 15, 2019, 03:32:36 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Impiousimp

"I've got a few addresses that aren't our own travel coming in now, just a few more minutes!"  She said with urgency, sensing the danger growing around her but keeping her focus on the task at hand.    She couldn't stop yet, and dialing out would ruin all of her progress so far.  Now that the addresses from before they had dialed in earlier that day were finally starting to file in, she'd grinned a little.  "I got them!   Disconnecting and dialing out now!"

She did the work quickly, shutting down her program and slipping the cords free from the DHD, then reassembling it on the fly.  She was precise, she'd done exercises like this a thousand times before and she wasn't about to screw it up just because things were going to get hotter in a hot second.

Closing things up, she began dialing the gate.

 on: June 14, 2019, 06:08:08 PM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Thaddeus
<<Hereford Base, Herefordshire, UK>>
{Mike 'Thatcher' Baker}

Mike gave a wry smile at the response that he had gotten from Valkryie. At least someone was of the same sentiment that Top Brass needed to pull their thumbs from their backsides a little quicker on some occasions, this being one of them. His eyes wandered from the screen to Harry, who had drifted onto a different level when he was thinking - tilting his head when Harry pulled out another name.

His attention shifted to Ding, who clearly recognised the name. Though they hadn't been long in conversation when they were interrupted by a red-head woman. Mike had swiveled on the heels of his boots as he turned to take interest in the newcomer. The attire that she was wearing matched the expression on her face, she wasn't here to give them compliments on their work in the killhouse and certainly wasn't a woman that Mike hadn't seen around the base before.

But, that introduction was soon made - NSA.

Worse news followed the bad news, that they were running 12 hours behind the Engineers. Mike's lip twitched in aggravation at the large head start that these terrorists had on them. What the SAS veteran could already tell was the fact that between the NSA woman and Ding, there was an underlying tension; a story that wasn't quite ready to breach the surface but she had seemingly been pushing at buttons.

Mike was too aware of Harry needing to interject himself into situations that were getting heated or had gotten heated. Before Mike could spit off any cynicism, Harry had beaten him to the punchline by psychoanalysing her - an impressive skill as any.

It was never demeaning, nor hostile - something Mike knew he would never be any good at. He had been a doorkicker as long as he remembered, but knew the world needed both to work properly. Mike unfolded his arms.

"Roge." He replied, turning to follow after Valkyrie downstairs.

He paused, feet on both steps as he turned to look at her. "Trial by fire, nothing tests a soldier like a bit of pressure. It can say whatever it wants on the file, but how they react on the field? You can't write that. As far as I'm concerned, he's an FNG until proved otherwise. Your opinion?"

 on: June 14, 2019, 05:50:56 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Thaddeus

In response to James' comment, Chris had shrugged in mild indifference, a ghost of a smirk on his face as it was the closest he would come to apologising. Though it was soon that they were revving their engines and driving out of the back of the cargo plane, to Chris' relief that they hadn't blown up mid-flight. He had been taught the art of remaining in a small group of cars, not too close and not so far apart that they were burning fuel to catch back up. Chris was quick to pick up on the fact that he was playing overwatch to the duo of Brooke and James.

He had his pistol on him, concealed by his leg against the door and the other in the glove compartment should he find himself in dire need of duel-wielding or, worse case scenario, out of ammo on his primary pistol. There was also the art of multitasking with the satnav and driving along a road trying to keep eyes on. He pressed a finger to further block out the sounds over the comm as he deciphered what Brooke had asked.

"No eyes on yet. Anyone else, Brooke, Jim, you seeing the dust cloud ahead? Or is my windscreen fogging up?"

 on: June 14, 2019, 05:12:28 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Artemis
"Well, we can spare some warheads, should have a bigger impact on Vanir, assuming their missles can fit our warheads. Other than that, assisting their ground forces should be in our capacity." Ingrid was unsure what to add. The situation was far from ideal but the Vanir had to be stopped and neutralised.

 on: June 14, 2019, 04:45:09 PM 
Started by Rodgin Kemph - Last post by Mim
 My apologies to everyone for my absence this week, I've had to spend 3 days in hospital getting checked out. At this time they are unsure what is going on with me other than my blood pressure is out of whack. Heart is okay, so more tests need to be done. I couldn't get online as they didn't allow laptops or even mobile phones in the cardiac ward.

 on: June 14, 2019, 04:00:28 PM 
Started by Khnum - Last post by Khnum
continuation from the previous one...

Rashaken, only after a few minutes of waiting, decided to reach the System Lord, until then present in the throne room not far from where the jaffas were at that moment. Khnum had descended from the throne and had brought himself before the large window that at least partially showed the planet Khenem to the right of the goa'uld and the sun of the Corinthia solar system. The features of the goa'uld were hidden by the large ceremonial mask that Khnum had not closed in the meantime. Only when Rashaken found himself before the System Lord did he dare to speak without direct order.

"My lord ... a letter has arrived from Lady Selqet, she asks for a meeting for some questions concerning probably the control of the planet Bubastis and maybe an attempt to regain control of the minor colony of the main planet!" the First Prime said, waiting a moment before Khnum replied in turn.

"Ra's servant also has the courage to ask me for an audience, Bastet must be really desperate if she sends her Selqet knowing our past ... well, but the goa'uld must be disarmed and accompanied by both you and Faris to avoid potential problems, you have the order to eliminate it in case of imminent danger! " the System Lord replied from under the ceremonial helmet.

"As you order my lord ... I guess it is better to accompany her aboard one of our shuttles to avoid showing our defenses lowered for the occasion, after all this could also be a trick to attack Khenem and this space station ... lead it in my sight as ordered! " he completed the goa'uld while Rashaken nodded bowing his head and leaving the room directly to the hall from which to send the message and the conditions of the meeting. Only when the First Prime sent the message to the origin coordinates of the planet Bubastis did he order the military site, the Serabit el Khadim shipyards, to be called directly. It took a few minutes before the connection to the military site reopened. Faris appeared as serious as ever.

"Commander Rashaken ... what is urgent to contact me at this time of night?" asked Faris, expecting a disaster to occur at the Khnemu station.

"We have the task of escorting an unwelcome guest in the presence of Lord Khnum, it is ..." but his words were stopped precisely by Faris's.

"Let me guess ... Lady Selqet, of course it's almost funny that the traitor now wants to see Lord Khnum and even worse that Khnum wants me to escort the coward with you!" he completed Faris on the edge of the nervous order he had received from his father.

"I understand your disappointment Faris, Selqet is the one who killed your mother by spying at the Suprem System Lord, I understand your poor if not non-existent desire to comply with the mission, but we have very specific orders, Selqet will approach the coordinates indicated with her ha'tak or the one made available by Bastet, we will transport it on board and take it to the presence of Khnum, watching over the meeting, and the main condition is that Selqet be disarmed and without servants, only she! " Rashaken finally concluded hoping to convince his companion.

"It's a mistake, Selqet is false as well as slimy, Khnum is wrong to want to grant her even hearing, we have much more important questions with the information coming from the expedition in the ruins of the Ancients!" Faris replied, trying to assert his opinions in the newly received orders.

"Orders are clear Faris, I await your arrival on board a ha'tak, we will show the determination of our lord and our military power, if Selqet will try anything, we will not hesitate to kill it as ordered even by Khnum himself!" replied Rashaken trying to convince his companion. The connection was closed, Faris would leave immediately with a platoon of chosen warriors. He had only to wait a few minutes, they had time before Selqet's ha'tak reached the coordinates.

 on: June 14, 2019, 04:06:15 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Khnum
Rashaken Ha'tak, pel'tak

Ta'lak's nervous look could disturb or ruin the dialogue between Khnum's First Prime and the goa'uld Sobek envoy. Certainly it was not the way to address one of the personalities of the Khenem empire. But Rashaken knew well that making a complaint would have been useless if not harmful to the mission itself.

"We have been sent to this planet to retrieve a database of the Ancients, containing a conspicuous number of information as thousands of coordinates, your team has collaborated with those sent by the goa'uld Mefitis and my lord Khnum ..."

"... currently as you know, the site is surrounded by the Tau'rì that risk breaking into the building, we were ready to transfer the teams aboard this ha'tak, but if you lower the shields or them remodeled on our frequency, we could transport your team along with a copy of the downloaded database!" Rashaken concluded by waiting for Ta'lak's reply.


In the Tower at the same time as the two ha'tak goa'uld communicated with each other, the teams sent by Sobek and Khnum respectively, saw the third team sent by Mefitis and led by Vezkei.

"Lord Khnum will send Lady Mefitis what was downloaded from the database in the original version if there is no confidence in the translation of the information!" exclaimed Jandir, seeing Mefitis's team come out. Only when the Khnume Sobek teams remained, the jaffa sent the signal directly into the hatak in orbit, waiting a moment before a beam of energy and light enveloped them. The transport was practically immediate. Jandir reappeared in a room adjacent to the pel'tak along with his team, but not with Sobek's. The jaffà went directly to the pel'tak after leaving his men discovering that a second ha'tak was in orbit and that a video channel was open.

 on: June 13, 2019, 11:20:21 PM 
Started by Shadowlord - Last post by Shadowlord
<Skia’s World>

Two ships set course back to the world belonging to Skia. Rak’shee and the other Crocodile Guards recovering from their last battle as well as needing to take on new supplies and warriors for their new mission it was also a chance to see how the newly colonised world was growing. Towns and large pyramid structures had been constructed and the Human followers were pleased when the news of their Goddess returning had come.

Many gifts were arranged and Deinrul had arranged Jaffa and servants to await Skia’s personal presence. Deinrul himself was waiting when Rak’shee and Skia returned. Though Rak’shee felt uneasy trusting the Goa’uld it seemed he was doing his given tasks well.

“Lady Skia, I will make sure the new warriors we take on are only the finest, do you have any other wishes before our departure to be fulfilled?” Rak’shee asked.

Deinrul stood with his armed tucked behind his back looking extremely confident. “Lady Skia, I am pleased to see you have returned unharmed.”

 on: June 13, 2019, 11:12:07 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Shadowlord

The time had seemingly come to leave the planet. Kafir would join Khnum’s forces aboard his Hatak and they would prepare to track down the coordinates they had gained from the planet. Kafir felt no fear from the Tau’ri but did agree that fighting them was pointless when there were treasures elsewhere to gain.

“We best return to your ship now.” Kafir said to the Ram Guard.


Talak snarled and opened his toothy maw to speak. “We were told there was something of worth recovering.” “What has taken place here?” Talak was ready to contact Kafir but it seemed the forces of Khnum were leaving.

If Kafir had failed once more then his honour could surely be tarnished no further. Sobek would expect an update soon enough and if Kafir had failed then Talak would need to make sure the task was completed and this world’s secrets claimed.

“Tell me what has happened on the planet here?” Talak was ready to fire upon the Tau’ri if he needed to.

 on: June 13, 2019, 02:30:33 PM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Cipherhornet18
Whitefall, Dannatt 'Space Port'
{Cassie Foster}

"The hell you doin, leaving your house piping on this poor creature? That's about all the good these pieces are, unless you have a large bit of paper in need of holdin' down." Cassie commented on the coach gun in the saddle on her horse. She looked the critter over, a black and white male who didn't pay her much mind, though he did appreciate Cassie giving him a little quick pet and scratch to give him some attention before mounting up.

Despite Highgate's most popular attraction, an honest to God space elevator connecting two planetary bodies, the main mode of transportation had been anything involving horses. She'd inherited her father's horse after he'd been killed, and wondered now how 'ol Dusty was. He had been a blonde horse full of spirit and power, and when Cassie left Highgate, she'd left him in the care of a family friend, one of the few left to her there.

"Alright then, let's knock off all this jawin' and gonna and get goin." Cassie said, clicking her tongue and lining up her horse to follow Cut.

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