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 on: Today at 04:13:28 PM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Ellen_Ripley

"Boring Fred? How could you say looking for Treasure, erm I mean Ancient artifacts could be boring. Really, SG1 has always found these type of missions to be rather exciting haven't they Cameron?" Yes, like having to fight for your life with some old virtual Knight of the realm, or dragons! Now that was exciting. She whispered to Taleeya. "I'll tell you about that soon." She added a wink.

 on: Today at 04:05:11 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Ellen_Ripley
I don't think the Cafeteria thread is locked. From reading Mel's message it appears that she merely wishes to keep it free to finalize the posts with Mike. I can't ask her at the moment as she has taken her hubby to the airport.

SG4 can be posted as arriving in the SGC leaving Catherine behind.

 on: Today at 04:00:36 PM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Ellen_Ripley

Standing with his arms folded in between Radovic and Sheppard, Richard wore a slight frown from not having slept well. He surveyed the crowd, possibly sixty percent of the base was present but that was enough. "We have our El'Dari ambassador here as well, I think she should be present for this testing Doctors. Colonel Sheppard make sure as well we have the medical team in place, you know in case something doesn't go to plan." He thought for a moment. "Ah yes, we've finally made contact with our friend Todd, or Guide as he prefers to be called these days. He can be here whenever we need to bring him in."

 on: Today at 03:53:59 PM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Ellen_Ripley

Being absorbed in the oncoming mission with Al going through data on his Tablet with an ear piece in, he didn't hear the initial prattle that Bonnie was going on with. That soon changed when she turned in her seat to address Nealson. A short sentence of more or less accusation and he knew the jig was up. It hadn't been planned but Al did tell the Lieutenant that sooner or later the team would have to know, besides fair was fair, Jon had to know exactly who his team member was in Bonnie. He shut his tablet down, removed the ear piece as he put on his Colonel face. "Sorry son, I think that won't fly too much longer with Heckman, best get it out now while we can and Bonnie, you've got some explaining to do for the Lieutenant's benefit as well."

"We'll send something to Tim when we arrive alright?"

 on: Today at 02:19:17 PM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Bowsy 112
SPARTAN CORPS Green Team (Taken 2558)
SPARTAN II Sierra 112. Master Sergeant  George.
SPARTAN III Beta 091. Petty Officer First Class. Lucy
SPARTAN III Beta 292. Petty Officer First Class. Tom
SPARTAN IV Ronald Sykes. Gunnery Sergeant
UNSC ONI Artificial Inteligence. Alexis.

The rest of Green Team hung back But George stepped forwards.
"Sir." He said as he looked to the view screen at the other two ships that had joined them. He had to admit they didnt look like much, but then again not a lot did, especially seeing as the Corvette they had arrived in was one of the smallest and weakest covenant ships and it dwarfed most of the things here. He looked to Hunt.
"Sir, I would suggest we contact the other landing teams, find out where they intend to go, And see weather everybody wants to go to the same location or if we want to fan out." He added with a shrug.
"Safety in numbers, Depending on if you trust those numbers." He looked back to the view screen.
"We'll take the offered lift sir. We can provide security for your team or we can act as a second team and preform our own Recon, Though I would ask." He nodded to Lucy, who reached behind her and unhooked some kind of container from the back of her belt then approached them.
"I dont know if you have Artificial Intelligence Rampancy where you are from." He looked to the android to explain.
"In our Universe AI only last 7 years before they become so, smart they start to tare themselves apart through over thinking, essentially, but, I was reading some of your publicly accessible files." He turned to the Android, and then looked to the representation of the woman on the screen, he understood they were the same person but also different, it was just a little hard to remember that when things normally worked differently to him.
"And I am under the impression that your Andromada Interface AI is more than seven years old." He added. Lucy handed him a container that seamed to hold some kind of chip in isolation.
"We have an AI here, Sif, she was the AI for a battleship, however the ship was disabled and the crew abandoned ship, tough her crew never enacted the Cole protocol and she was left behind." He looked to the chip in the container in his hands.
"She should have deleted herself, though she didnt, we dont know why and were in the process of recovering her, to return her to the Office of Naval Inteligence where they could make sure she hadn't been investigated by the Covenant." He then looked to hunt and held it out.
"Can you, remove her rampancy?" he asked.
"I dont mean to ask a huge thing of you sir, but she would be a great help. Even if its just to the ship that's using the Corvette we rode in on to rearm its of she could work as a assistant aboard the central space station and help co-ordinate all these ships. She is an Asset we could all benifit from and there is no sense in keeping her locked up if she can be repaired by your technology." He then added.
"But if you dont want to or cant we will carry her to the surface with us and continue recon weather you want us to head out on our own task or if you would like us to join your insertion team as a security element."

 on: Today at 01:43:37 PM 
Started by Cipherhornet18 - Last post by Troy

With no one else signalling their intent to scope out Venus, Dylan gave the order for Becca to pilot Andromeda to the second planet. Once ensuring they were at a safe distance, the massive starship jumped to slipstream. A few short minutes later they dropped out in the vicinity of Venus.
   On the viewscreen the command crew looked out at a planet slightly smaller than Earth, but with the familiar blue/green hue that suggested a habitable world.
“If that’s any indication, it will make things easier. Becca bring us in closer. Rommie, launch some sensor probes. Let’s see what’s really out there.”

“Aye Captain. Launching probes.”

As the ship moved closer, Dylan activated the internal comm system.
“Hunt to Green Team. We have arrived at Venus. You’re welcome to come to the Command Center and have a look.”

Once she had enough sensor data, Andromeda gave the condensed results of her scans.
“The planet shows signs of terraforming to make it habitable for Humans. No sign of life, but there are low signals emanating from the surface. I estimate it will no longer have a breathable atmosphere in 75 years time and in less than 300 years you won’t even be able to tell it had been terraformed.”

While Andromeda was still speaking the hail from the Ticonderoga came through.
“...anything they want to suggest?”

“Seems like a viable plan to me. Rommie, tell them we’ll send a team of our own to meet them.”

He paused to think of who should go.
“Tyr, take Trance and Rev Bem with you. Snag Brauk on your way to the shuttlebay, he’s been itching for a chance to get planetside. Oh and Rommie, I want you with them also. Take the Paelun.”

He was going to address the visitors when another hail came in, this time from the Shenzhou.
“This is Captain Georgiou. A landing party is being assembled and will meet you on the surface. We stand ready to provide any other assistance as needed.”

After acknowledging the hail, Dylan returned his attention to the Green team.
“Master Sergeant, if you wish to go down to the surface be my guest. There’s room on the Paelun or we can loan you a different shuttle. If need be, I can assign a shuttle pilot.”

USS Shenzhou

She still wasn’t sure what to make of the whole situation, but that hadn’t stopped her before and wasn’t going to stop her now. At the request of the Enterprise, her crew provided engineering support to the Challenger. She had read about the NX Enterprise while at the Academy and was aware of the current Enterprise under the command of Captain Pike. The letter B at the end of the ship’s registry number suggested there had been another one between Pike’s Enterprise and that under the command of a Demora Sulu.

Now they found themselves tasked with aiding in the investigation of Venus. Supposedly there were some clues on the surface about the still unknown threat they were facing.

As the Shenzhou dropped out of warp, Phillipa examined the planet filling her viewscreen. While  parts of it were habitable in her era, much of the planet remained uninhabitable.
“Detmer, take us into optimal scanning range. Mr Saru, let me know when you have something.”

It didn’t take long for the Kelpian to start receiving data. He relayed the important data to the viewscreen as he spoke.
“As you can tell, the planet has been terraformed into an M class world. However, it is slowly reverting back to an N class. There are several indications of having been inhabited in the near past. A large portion of the planet is jungle like, and has begun to reclaim the settlements. There appears to be the remnants of a large settlement in the middle of Aphrodite Terra. A sinkhole is threatening to swallow it up.”

With the Ticonderoga sending a team to that location and the Andromeda following suite, Phillipa saw no reason not to do the same.
“Commanders Burnam and Saru, assemble a small landing party and join the others. Take a shuttle, I don’t want to risk you getting stuck if we can’t get a transporter lock.”

 on: Today at 11:39:49 AM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Teddy
and Zelenka

McKay looked at the woman with a bewildered look

"Do I know you?"

Then, he clicked his fingers as Radek was about to tell him who she was

"Yes yes yes, I remember, Annie Oakley, I remember because of the film, not that you're Annie Oak............ly,....so, yes, it is ready to test, and I am one hundred percent sure it will work, of course"

He was waving his hands and looking around, and wore his usual smug grin.

Radek rolled his eyes and smiled

"We have rigged a Vanir shield out at the testing field on the mainland, I am afraid that it would be far to dangerous to test the weapon near the city, it is a highly concentrated  energy beam we do not want an accident occurring, it would have devastating consequences...."

Mckay jumped in

"Well that would only happen if you,  screwed up"

Radek scowled  and Mckay just looked at Michelle and grinned, like he was trying to impress her by putting another scientist down

"I did not screw up  you.............."

He shook his head,  and sighed resigning himself, once again, to the fact, it was useless to argue with him and he  raised his arms in resignation and continued

......so, when you are ready we have requested a jumper it is ready to go"


 on: Today at 11:30:48 AM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by NG

>> From Infirmary >>

Blending in during their walk through the hallways of Atlantis, turned out to be harder than Mike thought. Because in spite of there being quite a few men and women dressed in the same sort of flight suite he wore, people still took notice of him, and a lot of the people they encountered offered everything from a nod and a smile to a “Good to see you, Doc” and “Welcome back, Mike!”

Even though he understood he’d been missed and that a lot of people had been involved in getting him back, he still had a hard time to grasp the range of this. Why so many cared about him being back or even the fact that they knew he was back…

Once they reached the mess hall and stood by the variety of food, Mike was starting to be a bit anxious due to the constant attention and all he wanted was to sit down and have his food in peace and quiet. Maybe even alone, away from it all.
As they moved on towards where the food was at display, he looked around in the room, spotted Cate sitting next to a blond woman he only saw the back of, so all he could do was to raise his hand in small gesture of greeting, before getting up next to Annie and the counter. Looking at the food, he concluded, “So, you said I should start with something simple. What here would you classify as ‘simple’?”

 on: Today at 10:47:49 AM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Troy
So for the half of SG-4 returning to Earth first, do we ignore the time jump or did we stick around for 2 days before being sent home?

 on: Today at 08:26:58 AM 
Started by Ellen_Ripley - Last post by Teddy
Ill get to answering my posts when i get back later, be a few hours guys :D

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