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 on: Today at 05:02:41 PM 
Started by humonjello - Last post by Khnum
Enrique  Iglesias - El Bano

 on: Today at 04:56:11 PM 
Started by Rodgin Kemph - Last post by Khnum
I am feeling better than I did Friday, could be better still but that is my lot at the moment :) So thank you all for your well wishes, I am very grateful.

 Catching up, still a few more to do, but they may have to wait until tomorrow.

as chronically ill as you, I understand you and as you well know, take all the time you need

 on: Today at 04:53:28 PM 
Started by Khnum - Last post by Khnum
continued ....                                                                                              2/2

"Prepare Tan'su's head as you did for that of Gemenefherbak, it will be set in a new throne!" He completed the System Lord as he nodded at the man who made his eyes shine, showing his possession by a goa'uld .

"As you wish Lord Achaman!" He exclaimed, taking the tray in his hands, disappearing from view through the columns of the throne room. Only when the System Lord remained in the company of the jaffas present in the room, the atmosphere became less tense.

"Route to the planet Parvash, maximum speed!" Ordered Achaman then exiting the pel'tak / throne room, headed for his private apartments, or the large room where his sarcophagus was waiting for him. Dacil, Doramas and Zonzamas remained in the hall. Nobody dared to speak. Achaman had eyes and ears everywhere even in his own ha'tak. Talking freely could be risky. A death sentence for treason could have resulted from it. Zonzamas moved around the hall, disabling any microphone and sensor could record or hear what he had to say before addressing those present.

"Our lord is blinded by vengeance, we must prevent this lust for blood from becoming constant, or lead him to ruin, remember well all of what happened to God Marduk ... that not his thirst for human blood and goa'uld, He was finally deposed and imprisoned with a shel'mek creature in the whole of his beloved sarcophagus, I would not like Achaman to repeat this risky journey! "Zonzamas concluded, looking at those present in silence until then.

"Foolish, what do you think Achaman is so stupid to repeat the same mistakes of the past, you do not have faith in your God Zonzamas or worse, you're at his service as a detractor or maybe as a spy of rebel jaffas, your words are serious, but Achaman it will not come that long, it will just take the conspirators' heads, its bloodlust will cease then! "Doramas concluded in turn, looking into the eyes of Zonzamas, and then his faithful disciple, First Prime Dacil.

 on: Today at 04:47:45 PM 
Started by Khnum - Last post by Khnum
Achaman Ha'tak, Jade Orbit                                                             1/2

We see Achaman in the company of his queen Chaxiraxi inside the pel'tak room. Chaxiraxi herself is seated on a lower throne and placed beside that of the System Lord. The look of the latter pleased while Achaman with his large golden collar and long robes is also sitting on the throne, larger and covered with an animal skin. We see Zonzamas approaching the ear of the goa'uld and whisper something. Achaman's gaze softens. In the room we see four Tibicenas Guards complete with the helmet and Ninja himself.

"My lord as promised ... Tan's su head " He exclaimed, showing the gruesome trophy in his hand. Achaman smiled as we saw the assassin's face. This is Abora finally freed from the imposed mental control, making him a za'tarc.

After Gemenefherbak, even Tan's head had fallen and soon everyone would die, Achaman had identified them in a very short time. This is why all those who participated in the conspiracy knew that their end would be a matter of time, perhaps a few hours. Achaman had no mercy for any of them, too much had dared to touch him, too much had been done to get unpunished. The purge would have been something no one could have escaped. This was the terrible conclusion of that madness which now became a tragedy. As once the seven sovereigns of the Canary archipelago fell, so now the conspirators would have fallen. The scene returns to show us Abora's face and the distorted one of Tan su. Achaman is visibly satisfied.

"You did a great job, but the list of conspirators is not yet extinct, too many still live their unpunished existence, the next you have to eliminate is Pharat Kah, one of the sons of Queen Satis, who dared to rebel even against his mother and Khnum himself, he provided him with his collaborator Jal'nor, the basic information to attack us ... and for this I want his head that will have to adorn my throne! "concluded the System Lord showing a ferocity that before it had not yet manifested itself. Abora paused for a moment before replying in turn, almost horrified by the brutality and taste of blood that Achaman was manifesting.

"As you order my lord, I will return as soon as I have his head, I will contact you anyway to send me a goa'uld that can replace Pharat Kah driving the planet Setange!" Replied completing Abora bowing his head, standing up and leaving his head of Tan'su above a silver tray decorated with guanches symbols. Only once out of the throne room of the same Abora, the System Lord beckoned to a figure left so far apart in the columns. The latter came up. Dressed in a very primitive manner, but with hands adorned with some jewelry as well as a pectoral that came down from the neck, resting on the thick goat fur. Light eyes, short, silvery hair.

continued ...

 on: Today at 12:45:56 PM 
Started by Rodgin Kemph - Last post by Veteran52
After reading some of the earlier posts on "Shore Leave", I feel a need  to explain that Im not really clear about Lupus.   As Im now reading, I am understanding a bit more about the necessity of rest, especially in light of this new meds. regimen!!  We all do this for fun and to make friends, so, a friends health is paramount right now!  Please take care MelGood thoughts to you! Mark/Cooper

 on: Today at 10:44:23 AM 
Started by Staff-Team - Last post by Teddy

Radek smiled and nodded

"It's Zelenka, but please, Radek will do"

He looked at Mel and rolled his eyes at her mispronunciation of his name,and, he also wondered about a battle cleric

"Battle cleric, is that someone who breaks out the axe if you refuse to put in the collection?"

 on: Today at 01:27:47 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Cipherhornet18

Michelle glanced over at Trigger, finally cracking a slight grin.

"You can play spotter for that shot. I just want to make sure she gets what she has coming to her, or else I'd leave her to you." Michelle said, putting a hand on his shoulder. He was so much like Ice, despite the age difference, a rock in a storm. It was a trait she didn't have, especially now, but she wasn't ashamed for it either.

She said nothing to the Australian as she walked past, before shaking her head and taking several deep breaths.

"Something ain't quite right about her. Even that Wraith broad saw it. Not everything is as it seems around here, but we're still tip of the spear, guys. No matter what." Michelle said.

"Roger that, skipper." Ice replied, letting go of Michelle. She took a step back.

"Alright, situation's probably going to get even more sideways. Ice, get me and Trigger new weapons. If these jarheads have anything resembling a DMR, grab one each. Deuce, give Ice your M32 and get something rocket-y. And a -302 for your rifle. Bones, ditch the shotty and load up on medical supplies. Voodoo, you're good so keep standing there being fabulous. Trigger, on me, we're going to report to the skipper." Michelle said, her head back in the game for the moment.

"On it. C'mon, Fabulous, let's go get the gear." Ice said to Voodoo.

"Hey, Gambler said stand here, not be your packmule." Voodoo protested.

"You keep whining and you're not getting any sugar cubes. C'mon." Ice replied, but Voodoo was already right behind him.

"Heehaw. Heehaw." Midas bayed as he followed them. Deuce just laughed as he fell in behind Midas.

"Let's go." Michelle said to Trigger, leading the way to the Bridge.

 on: Today at 01:11:11 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Cipherhornet18

Jason stepped back to stand next to Sheppard while Rhiase took over the conversation.

"She's p*ssed, isn't she?" Sheppard asked just enough for Jason to hear.

"Yup." Jason replied, not taking his eyes off of Cellar Witch.

"And she wants to kill Rhiase, doesn't she?" Sheppard asked, more for his own sake.

"Yuuup." Jason's answer was a bit more drug out for emphasis, "But, she'll keep her end of the deal up. Self-respect and all that. Me, it's more that there are too many lives at stake or I'd have already tried it."

"...you know she broke a couple of my teeth." Sheppard said. Jason shrugged.

"Huh. Well, you're not supposed to get beat down in a fight, sir. Just in case you forgot." Jason replied. Sheppard just shot the Master Chief a glare.

 on: Today at 01:01:00 AM 
Started by Mim - Last post by Cipherhornet18

"Oh. It was." Jack said with a nod for emphasis.

Then came Sara.

That subject was still a bit of a gut punch, especially on today of all days. But he couldn't blame Jon asking. It wasn't like he could reach out to her. How would you even open that without sounding like a lunatic?

Hi, I'm your ex-husband. What? No, see I was in bed and I got abduct...where are you going?

"We haven't spoken in a while. I never even told her I was getting remarried or about George and Debra. I didn't want the worst case scenario, less than I wanted one between you and I. Sam asked me a while back, still asks every now and then...I just brush it off, change the subject. I don't want to reopen old wounds, for either of us." Jack replied, his tone a bit quieter and regretful. He then opened the door, "C'mon, you had other reasons for being here today."

Jack led them both back out before being intercepted by Kim and Sophie.

"Hold on there, you two. Jon still needs to see the kiddos too." Jack said, letting Jon into the room, "Sam? We've got one more visitor."

He shut the door behind Jon before looking to Kim and Sophie. "Everything's all good. It's just been a while since we've spoken, that's all." Jack said.

 on: March 18, 2018, 10:59:54 PM 
Started by Kendrall - Last post by Mim

 That was easy. Bonnie felt there might have been more but she found the new CO very direct and economical with words, so that suited her fine. "Thank you Admiral." She looked at Reynolds as she stood. "Colonel, if you need me I'll be in my room. I seriously need cleaning up before I even think about leaving the base." Was that a dream? She asked herself. After a month on the planet, getting out into the real world seemed so distant. For her and Bryan, that meant much needed downtime together, she did though wonder about Tim, surely he wasn't going solo? At least not until after that dinner date with the Colonel.

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