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Amazonia System

Home to several inhabited worlds of some very war like races. A hostile environment to any unwary visitor. Though out the universe there are many planets with various types of life and cultures. What makes each planet different is its amount of what is called "Ark" technology. Each planet has some of it. Left over from advanced civilizations before the current ones. These technologies range from the size of a coin to massive buildings. All have different uses which makes different groups of people chase them. From military to scavengers. This of course causes massive fights over controlling areas with Ark technology. One example of a highly fought over area is the planet named Atlis to outsides of it. This planet has been confirmed to have massive amounts of Ark technology. The only problem is other forces and scavengers fighting over it. That's not the worse though. There are the natives of the planet. There not advanced like other planets. It's a savage planet mostly. Tribes of people who use weapons hard forged of metal. They might look savage but each tribe has there customs and law. They are strong and fast thanks to being barbaric like. Able to use their weapons well. Using the land to their advantage. The planet having trees miles high where some branches seem like the bottom because there so pressed together and rips in the earth said to fall to nothing but empty space.

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Last post by Mim
in Q79-86R~ Atlis
on August 11, 2015, 02:20:41 AM
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Unchartered Realms

The uncharted realms of Andromeda could hold the key to many mysteries of the Universe.

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Last post by Khnum
in Re: Crematoria
on September 30, 2015, 05:37:49 AM