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Author Topic: Balaur  (Read 1043 times)


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« on: July 17, 2014, 06:16:17 PM »

All of the following is entirely OOC info.  Characters/Players caught using Information not gained through IC research and review will be addressed.

Balaur Race

During the expansion of the Titans, Tethys was exploring a volatile section of space near the galaxy's epicenter.  The super condensed gasses and star clusters hid dangers untold for space travel, meaning most avoided it entirely if at all possible. Tethys was bold, and curious and took a lone ship deep into the heart of those super heavy star clusters.

The super heavy stars created gravity waves and distortion unknown anywhere else in the galaxy.  Sensors of any kind were rendered utterly useless, and ship systems had to be taken off line to put double the power into shields, and engines just to be able to move around at sub light speeds.  Along her travels, she saw a great many things; dense star clusters fighting for dominance over super heavy gas giants well on their way to being stars of their own, newborn planet bodies being torn asunder by the opposing forces of gravity.  But perhaps the most interesting of all, was the beings she found living there.

They called themselves Balaur, and their race was as old as some of the stars that vied for position in the dense clusters.  There was no planetary origin, no system they came from.  Their own history was as unknown to them as any outsider.  For untold eons they'd grown, evolved, and lived here in the center, sending out scouts and raids occasionally to gather material required for their evolution.  They had a unique structure, and lived in the vacuum of space as easily as any atmosphere. 

When one of their higher caste 'Daemons' made contact with Tethys' ship, it was as curious about her Unas host as she was of it.  They traded knowledge, learned to share language, and when the Daemon found out she was not the Unas he saw, but merely a smaller entity within, he was curious to see what would happen if she took one of theirs instead.

Tethys absorbed the knowledge of the host she inhabited, and was nearly broken by the staggering amount of information.  It took her many months to swim to the surface of her own thoughts and control her new body.  She was able to relive experiences unimagined by her own kind.  Watching the birth of a star, experiencing the sensation of cosmic rays as planetary bodies collided, the exhilarating thrill of soaring through open space like swimming in a sea.  She reveled in the push and pull of gravity, the dense caressing waves of graviton emissions, the showering sensation of gamma rays and delta patterns.  All these things nearly erased what sense she had of her previous existance.

She also discovered that the Balaur were once vastly more numerous, spanning multiple galaxies and the spaces in between.  Now only a handful resided here, in the safety of the dense gravity.  The initial alliance of races had culled them back; the Asgard, the Ancients, the Nox and the Furlings, had banded together to assault the Balaur and pushed them back.  They'd nearly exterminated the Balaur then, a war they called the Age of Wrath, which is why the few survivors had never ventured back out into the galaxy.

While assimilating this information, she found that her crew had been devoured by the Daemons, their DNA used to alter and evolve the species to better understand Tethys' race.  Like the Goa'uld, the Balaur were able to use a genetic memory, and could access the memory in other genes when consumed.   Most was discarded, and served no purpose, but some few traits were incorporated into their ever increasingly complex DNA, and spread through their race.  What they obtained from Tethys however, was a hunger for naquida bordering on addiction.  While she came to grips with her lost crew and overwhelming mental traits, the Balaur began to devour the ship, literally chewing pieces out of the hull and consoles until there was nothing left. 

Assimilating into the new caste, Tethys was no longer the Titan she was.  Now, she was something else entirely.  Welcomed into the high ranking circles of the caste of Daemons she began the long process of  preparing her newfound allies for return to the galaxy in search for naquida to appease their hunger.


Racial breakdown

The Balaur are devided into 4 specific categories; Possession based, Daemon Castes, Evolved, and Beast.  Each has it's specific role in their society.

Possession Based:

Skinrider - The skinrider is the default drone of the Balaur.  They are merely energy imprints, released by the Daemons in tens of thousands upon a populated planet.  Visually, this release looks like a smoke screen that divides into individual wisps that go off in multiple directions. When a Skinrider imprint finds a suitable life form, it assaults it in a war of biological energies.  The Skinrider overrides the normal synaptic firing, replacing with it's own.  Any sentient or semi-sentient life form can become 'possessed' in this manner; animals, humans, jaffa, or weak willed goa'uld even. 
The skinrider has complete, if jerky control of the possessed motor control, and their one driving function is to hunt and feed.  A Skinrider is most easibly identified by the jerky, puppet like motions, or feats of unusual flexibility, such as bending arms the wrong way, or unhinging jaws to get a better mouthful.  Other signs include dilated pupils to the point of nearly completely black eyes, a smell like sulfur, and the fact that the possessed act like little more than wild animals.
Any Skinrider can be killed by either a high power energy blast, removing the head, heart or destroying the host entirely.  The Skinrider also has very limited lifespan,(24-48 hrs) as it's own energy slowly but surely consumes that of the host until its internal organs fail from extreme levels of stress.

Striga - The Striga is a slightly more advanced version of the Skinrider imprint.  They have the same mentality and mannerism, the same signs can be used to identify them, but what they do the possessed body is slightly different.
A Striga's host body becomes emaciated as its energy is consumed from within, but this appearance is in no way an indication of it's strength.  The Striga are capable of manipulating the host muscles to function at 100% until complete collapse.  They also have an additional motivation; they don't feed by consuming what they catch, they feed by transferring the biological energy of what they catch into their own bodies, replenishing their reserves to continue the hunt.
A Striga can be killed in the same manner a Skinrider can, but are particularly vulnerable when feeding as it takes all their concentration to transfer the energies.

Daeva - The Daeva is a specialized skinrider with a specific role; seek and destroy.  They are the hounds, the hunter-killers.  Their mannerism is still barely better than animals, but they're capable of reasoning, basic problem solving, and pack mentality.  Also when they possess a host, they alter the chemical makeup of the dermis, creating a light bending effect.  A Daeva is only visible when moving, or when in a lit area, as they still cast a shadow.  Daeva are also capable of dumping mass amounts of endorphins, and adrenaline into their hosts, making them faster, and stronger at the expense of a shorter life span as the strain overtaxes their possessed bodies.
Once a Daeva has the scent of their target, they stop at nothing until they've captured it.  Daeva are capable of staying hidden, and hunting right up until the end of their life spans, until they've found their designated targets.

Daemon Castes:

The various castes of Balaur exist in a constant cycle of evolutionary war with each other.  The four 'houses' each have an idea of what the best course of evolution for their kind is, and follow it with a level of fanatic zealotry.  Some of the ideals conflict with others, and open war between houses is a common occurrence and pastime.

The Halaku/ "Reapers" - One of the smallest Houses, designated "Reapers" by their kin, follow the path of Death.  The ideal behind their philosophy is that everything except them ages, everything dies, and everything decays. They've decided that this is a irrefutable fact of the universe, and that it must be carried out.  Those that impeed this basic function of the cosmos are considered heretics, and the Reapers go out of their way to continue the 'Great Cycle'.  Sometimes shunned by other houses, the Reapers have evolved frightening abilities over time.  Their study and philosophy has an air of serenity surrounding it.  The Halaku are elegant, thin and well versed as far as etiquette, and speach. Their attire varies from robes to gauze like wrappings and cowls.  They rarely if ever carry a weapon.  Quick to debate, but long to provoke, the Halaku are generally a peaceful house, only looking to keep the Great Cycle turning, and study it's infinate workings.
-Death touch: The Reapers have an enzyme they are able to secrete through touch that is a basic compound breakdown.  It attacks the cellular structure like acid at an atomic level, disassembling the basic building blocks of it's makeup.  Organic, mineral, or otherwise, the enzyme adapts and does it's job no matter the material it's spread upon.  Once the process has begun only the Daemon can stop it with an antigen.
-Extinguish Life: The Reapers have developed the biological ability to halt a living organism's basic functions.  With an extended touch, a grappled victim's body starts to shut down; renal failure, hematuria, breakdown of blood and cells, respiratory failure and finally the heart stops.  The effect takes several minutes, and the process is relatively painless, as the body is flooded with endorphins creating a near euphoric state.  If the Halaku's grip is broken, the process is stopped, and the body begins to fight to survive again.
-Torment: When this process is used, The Reaper's touch releases a black ichorish substance that soaks into the victim's skin.  This ichor infects the blood stream and travels to the nervous center. Depending on where the victim is touched this could be near instant, to several hours.  Once the ichor reaches the spine, or wherever the thoracolumbar region of the sympathetic nervous system of the organism is found, it attaches to the neurons blocking preganglionic transfer.  In short terms it blocks the ability of the body to transfer signals to the brain from the body.  Then it begins to send severe doses of synaptic signals of pain to the blocked brain.  The infected organism begins to feel at first generally uncomfortable, thinking they itch all over.  The itch becomes a burn, which turns into incrementally increasing pain as the receptors in the brain become overtaxed and eventually fail entirely, causing massive brain aneurism and living coma.
-Unlife: This powerful ability takes several hours to complete, treated as a ritual, on a single lifeless organism.  The Halaku secretes massive amounts of an enzyme that saturate the formerly living being. An intricate series of cell breakdowns occur, using the host body material to redesign a network of neural impulses.  Once the network is complete, the Reaper can exert a moderate level of control over the animated body.  Only able to be used on a body that was once alive, no matter the species, and only able to control muscle function. There is no mental access, and no mental process of the newly animated Unliving.  The Unliving are able to exist for as long as the basic body is intact (arms, legs, torso, no head is necessary).  Decay is slowed but not stopped, and eventually even the most sturdy body falls apart. It is common practice for Reapers to reanimate their fallen enemies as servants for basic chores and message delivery as a sign, and reminder, of their power over Death itself.

The Lammasu/"Defiler" - The Lammasu study the path of instinct.  They live mostly isolated, even from each other, galvanized by the quest for self discovery.  Every instinct, every impulse, every biological and psychological reaction possible they study.  Through this study they have become master deliberators, invokers of both peace and strife among other houses, as well as maintain the aspect that they are the voice of the Balaur.  However this study makes them hard to reach on personal levels, as they are constantly analyzing their own responses as well as those they're speaking with.
Defilers are usually well proportioned, and their attire varies from stately garb to near nudity in the pursuit of their studies.
-Empathetic response:  Through intense study the Defiler is capable of reading the emotions and desires, and react to them without thinking, molding their behavior to conform perfectly to the subject's expectations.  The subject thinks the Daemon is everything they expected, or dreamed of, banishing suspicion, hesitation or fear.
-Manipulate senses: With a touch, a Defiler can manipulate a person's nerves, enhancing perceptions and heightening sensation.  The effect can be as broad or subtle as the Daemon wishes, and the effects are often addictive unless the victim possesses a will of iron.   
-Obsession: This frightening ability allows the Defiler to take one of a subject's interests or desires and heighten it's allure to the point that a victim can think of nothing else.  This obsession can be about a person, an idea, or a project.  During many house wars, this ability is used to distract, disarm, and otherwise sow chaos as enemies fixate on seemingly random tasks with a fanatic level. 
-Inspire:  This potent talent literally expands a subject's consciousness, permitting them to achieve heights of insight and awareness that border on the inhuman.  The subject is able to draw upon the fullness of their mental potential, but when the ability fades, the return to reality can be a blow for the person's sense of self worth as well as confidence. A Daemon's presence in proximity is all that's required for this ability, and it wears off after time spent out of line of sight of the invoking Daemon.

The Asharu/"Scourge" - Almost directly opposite the Halaku, is the house of Asharu Daemons.  Their primary focus is life; how it's formed, how it evolves, from basic cells to complex beings as intricate as themselves.  This study has opened many pathways for the other houses evolutionary paths,  but in the same breath has isolated them.  Their knowledge about life, energy and the forces behind existence frighten even their own kind. The Asharu are sturdy, usually very well built, and wear various outfits of ceremonial armor and melee weapons.  Their study of life blends with study of living, and the functions of the body.  In turn this study has made them a martial force to be reckoned with.  Their philosophy makes them rambunctious, energetic, and sometimes seeming to be down right wild.
-Heal: With but a touch, a Scourge can heal even the worst injuries of daemon and mortal alike.  They accelerate the natural healing systems of an organism's body while at the same time reinforcing the immunities to purge infections and disease.  Inversely, this ability can be used to cause further damage to an already injured target, by inhibiting natural healing or halting it completely.
-Fist of Air: This martial technique allows the practiced Daemon to manipulate air pressure, allowing them to crush objects, stun living beings or cause them to burst apart from within. Line of sight is required for targeting, and the intensity of the attack is based on distance.  In space, this ability manipulates the currents of stellar winds, and is drastically damaging against ships reliant on maneuvering thrusters.
-Manipulate Flesh: This practice is unique in that it allows the Defiler to manipulate the flesh and muscle of a subject's physical form, be it their own or another's. Anything from adding muscle mass, increasing bone density or expanding mental faculties.   Manipulating the subject's biological functions, the Daemon can promote specific growth, alter muscle structure, skin texture and mental acuity.  The effects are permanent, as the body is actually creating the changes.  Inversely, this ability can be used to create a wasting in a subject, causing their body to break down instead of build up.  A massage like session is required and time is dependant on the number or amount of changes taking place.
-Awareness(innate): Through the study of life they've attuned themselves to the ebb and flow of life's various energies.  A Scourge can 'smell' life currents, and track their sources through various olfactory and visual glands that have evolved to see the energy signatures, patterns and fluxuations of living entities.

The Annunaki/"Malefactor" - The Malefactor Daemons follow a philosophy of creation.  They're builders, studying and tinkering with an obsessive level of intricacy.  This included fantastic if ceremonial weapons, highly elaborate forms of armor and an overwhelming urge to determine how things work.  This study has opened pathways into mineral harvesting, refinement and alloy combinations unheard of or unimagined, as well as fundamental laws of physics.  The Malefactors are usually large, burly and proudly displaying their latest suits and weapons.  They are the forgers for the other houses during times of war, and are usually a neutral party in their internal struggles.
-Earth Meld: This evolution allows the Daemon to bond their physical body with a solid object.  Thus bound the object is fused with the Daemon's body and becomes part of their makup.  Technological devices that require energy to function draw power from the Malefactor's own bio-energy instead, devices that have a projectile ammunition still require being reloaded once depleted. 
-Roil the Earth: This evolution of Earth Meld allows the Malefactor to reach into a planetary body or solid object, and through concentration, causes the earth to roil and churn, forcing the object of concentration to the surface (e.g. gold, iron, corpses, mineral deposits)
-Caustic Bile: The Daemon is capable of regurgitating a stream of corrosive bile at will, able to strike targets up to a distance equal to their height.  This bile eats through anything it touches until all the matter it's come to rest upon is consumed.  Time of corrosion dependant on the density of the material's makeup. A wooden object is dissolved in a matter of seconds, a trinium wall would take a few hours.
-Manipulate Gravity: The Malefactor can alter the way gravity affects their body, allowing them to leap enormous distances, hang suspended in the air or plunge at foes like a meteorite. This often leaves a wash of turbulence in their wake, randomly increasing or decreasing the effects of gravity on surrounding objects or people who pass within yards of the site. 

High Evolved Daemon - These massive creatures are extremely ancient and have undergone eaons of evolutionary perfection.  Depending on the House they evolved from determines the type of High Evolved caste they fall into.

Nightlord: The Reapers and Defilers evolve into these enigmatic giants. Outwardly they are massive men and women (8-10 meters), with extremely pale skin and hair, garbed in elaborate black armor which is actually their own body hardened into exoskeletal plates.  Retaining all their previous house traits, they gain a few others, and lead their respective houses, addressed as Prince, Lord or Regent in public.
-The Becoming: The Nightlord experience a transformation, dropping the humanesque facade and assuming their true self.  This 'Morphus' or true self varies vastly from one Nightlord to the next, highly dependant on their evolutionary path taken.  Some change into demonic monstrosities, others turn into what could only be described as mythical beasts.  This transformation takes a full 5 to 10 minutes, and the visual effects are usually terrifying to behold.  The Nightlords are vulnerable during this period of transformation.
-Darksong: The Nightlord emits a piercing, deafening sound; it can be an inhuman howl, a mighty roar, or ultrasonic keening, sometimes even electronic feedback depending on the Morphus of the Nightlord.  This is an area effect, that both friend and foe suffer from, and is usually used to cripple an opposing force and shift the direction of the battle in their favor. (Usable in Morphus only)
-Darkwhip: This evolution creates tendrils of darkness that inflict supernatural levels of damage for short bursts of time.  The tendrils can have any shape, not limited to whips and tentacles, although those are the most common.  The Darkwhip can be used to strike and also to entangle or disarm, provided these are skills known to the wielder. (Usable in Morphus only)
-Nightbringer: This terrifying evolution is where the Nightlords get their name, allowing the Nightlord to absorb light around them, creating an area of darkness so complete some victims never recover.  Sight even with enhancement or using alternate spectrums is impossible, and sound is slightly muffled. The Nightlord that uses this ability, can see perfectly.

Overlord - These massive figureheads of each house are the pinical of their Evolutionary paths.  Each House has a single super-evolved leader, and their outward appearance reflects their entire lineage.

Sauriel, The Releaser - Halaku soverign, commands the respect and obedience of his fellow Reapers. When Death is called, it is Sauriel's name that is heard.

Senivel, The Caller - Lammasu soverign, leads the voice of the Balaur and mediates the disputes between houses with an aristocratic approach. It is his voice and leadership that unites the Balaur as a whole.

Suphlatus, Duchess of Dust - Asharu soverign, she is the visual personification of their physical evolutionary best. No house can claim they have not had need of her life giving qualities.

Nuriel, Throne of Inexorable Command - Annunaki soverign, she is the overlord of daring liberation, and many Daemon and High Evolved who have opposed her still owe their existance to her superbly executed resue raids during the Age of Wrath.

Beast - The Beast class of the Balaur is usually an evolutionary mistake.  Physcial evolution overpowers the mental capacity reducing the resulting outcome to little more than an animal with fearsome qualities.  These 'mistakes' are kept in great numbers instead of killed off, and are used to back up their possession onslaught.

Bane - This beast, like the Nightlords, in a resting state resembles a burly, if brutish humanoid.  They are docile, and often quite friendly to handlers.  When excited, enraged, or commanded, the Bane undergoes a 'Becoming' and transforms into a monster of untold ferocity.  The varying types of transformations are too stagering to list. Each house has a large number of these Banes held in reserve for titanic clashes with each other in the tens of thousands.

Chimera - Like the mythic that it has inspired through history, the Chimera is a combination of three or more physical evolutionary directions.  Often times a Daemon consumes the wrong DNA and their body evolves in an unexpected direction; growing a tail, extra limbs, exoskeletal armor, animalistic features and traits.  These Chimera retain some of their former mental clarity but are barely able to handle more than one order at a time, adhering to that order as if it was the only thought in their mind.  Giving the orders to a Chimera is a kind of game, as the wording must be specific lest the Chimera misunderstand, and go of in a completely different direction than intended.

Juggernaught- These massive highly evolved creatures are the siege weapons of the Balaur.  Their physical evolution has taken turns that make their bodies highly resistant to damge, nearly ignoring any pain, and their feral appetite for destruction and thrill of the hunt is only tempered by their need to sleep for long periods of time to regain enough energy to function.  There are only a handful of these Siege Beasts, and each house hoards them as precious commodities.

Dreadgion- Resembling a massive hive crusier, each house has one of these super carrier to reside in and upon.  The Dreadgion is seven kilometers long, and three kilometers wide.  It has no weapons, or shields.  It does emit an electromagnetic field around itself that extends a full light year in all directions, creating a 'blackout' zone that inhibits sensors, and unshielded technology.  The Dreadgion's role is to transport the 'families' of the castes as they travel through the stars, functioning as social centers, and hosting various rites, events and staging grounds.  The Dreadgion, like the rest of them, is alive, and it is constantly sending out 'feelers' that act like sensors, small particles of organic matter that gather information and return to the Dreadgion when their minute genetic memory is full. There is a significant delay (5 -10 minutes) between reception of data, and the return of the particles to the Dreadgion's processing centers. 
The Dreadgion moves along at sublight speeds. As they have not seen a need to evolve anything faster than light, they have no concept of dieing from age, they're in no rush.


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The  balaur  return ^^ wow


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we should implement them in RPG