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Author Topic: Radio and Telephone Communications  (Read 584 times)


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Radio and Telephone Communications
« on: February 02, 2015, 10:23:59 PM »

We're going to be using these throughout the RP. Radios more likely often than the telephones. To do this via the RP is simple.

You must always state that your character is turning on the radio, or picking up the phone before using either.


When your character wants to use a phone, state that they are doing so as well as what type of phone (cell or landline). State that they are dialing a number. They must then wait until the person they are calling picks up, if they do. Example: The reply in the receiving thread will be in Italics with the tag *Radio* (or other device such *Phone*) in bold.

John picks up his cell phone, taps it to the dialing pad and dials the number for Jane, then brings it to his ear to await the results.

John would then post in Jane's thread the following:


Jane's phone receives a call from John.

It is then up to Jane's player to state whether she hears the phone, it's on vibrate or if it's even on at all and it goes to voice mail. Jane's player would then post the results in John's thread accordingly, using the same format.


Using a radio is obviously different from a phone. It only has a certain range and a few channels, and the frequencies are always open. To use a radio, follow these formats, depending on which type of radio your character is using to communicate. Remember that the earpieces work the same way as the walkie talkies and on the same frequencies. They are all interconnected so long as they are on the same frequency.

Walkie Talkies

John holds the talk button down on his radio before speaking.

"Jones, I need you, Wallace and Jacobs at my position asap." He calls into his radio before taking up position near the Gate.

In the thread where Jones is, John would post the following:


"Jones, I need you, Wallace and Jacobs at my position asap."

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