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Author Topic: The Meznarid  (Read 654 times)


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The Meznarid
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:36:57 PM »


Race: Goa'uld

Formed: 10,345 BC

Patriarch: Calypso

Homeworld: Nassau

Creed: Rogue / Ashrak


In the early part of the 2nd Dynasty and the discovery of humanity, a Goa'uld Queen known as Calypso saw that the nature of whom the Goa'uld were would change in the Birth of the Jaffa. She feared that her prim'ta would become weaker if give to the care of the Jaffa. So against the others she would spawn her prim'ta in secret and go into hiding. However she didn't cut off her interactions with the whole of the Goa'uld Empire. She earned a spot with the High Council after her help in joining the others in the defeat of Anubis, however she was not trusted by Ra.

Though she was considered a friend to Egeria once, but the two fell part after a disagreement about the future of the Goa'uld. As Egeria spawned the Tok'ra, Calypso, built the asteroid home, Nassau which dispite its size and the fact that it was once an mining asteroid; was capable of going into hyperspace. As Ra brought his forces to bear against Egeria, he attempted to go after Calypso, but was unable to capture her. Thus she went into hiding, continuing her belief of keeping the Goa'uld Prim'ta predatory. As the dust settled she remained hidden however her 'children' came back into the fold of the Goa'uld Empire, in the form of Ashrak. However as with her their mentality was predatory, they craved conflict and looting what they need to survive. Years of her Spawning practice had lead to a taste for other Goa'uld prim'ta in their diet. For unknown reasons the Meznarid hosts iris permanently change to crimson in color.

In 1,002 BC Calypso Spawned her favorite 'daughter', Besmara.

Life didn't come easy to them, they spend their time running and secretive from all the Goa'uld. They learned to adapt, and have stolen technology from the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra.

During the emergence of the Tau'ri, they have struggled harder than in the past. The Goa'uld that were their allies and allowing them to 'take' their prim'ta had decreased. The in balance alone had cause a decrease in their numbers. The overall defeat of the Goa'uld had lead them back to raid P3X-888 for Prim'ta and Queens. Though the prim'ta of the primordial goa'uld are still predatory, the prim'ta of the Meznarid still have an upper hand.

The coming of the Ori, caused a near extinction of the Meznarid way of life as the Lucian Alliance cut into the Meznarid 'criminal organizations', the Ori crusade had dealt a blow to the Spawning Sites. As worlds fell to the Ori, they lost the Queens who have been there on their Spawning Pilgrimage. It was a heavy lose, however Besmara was left the eldest of all the Meznarid Queen; with the exemption of Calypso the All-Mother.


All-Mother: The never changed rank, in life or in death there will be no other.

Pirate Queen: The Leader of the Queens, she is in a sense a system lord according to the Meznarid. She commands the main fleet and forces. She dictates the positions of the Asteroid Homesteads.

Monah: Is a Queen whom controls a Asteroid Homestead.

Pirate Lord: The Leader of the Captains, the warlord of all.

Mentor: Leader and trainer for the assassins and teacher for the Meznarid Goa'uld Hosts

Queens: The protectors and spawners of the Bloodlines of the Captains.

Captain: Lord of the their ship, conquer of assets and provider for the Meznarid. Queens have been know to be Captains as well.

Brigand: The Lowest rank of the Meznarid Goa'uld and the Highest rank for the Humans of the Meznarid. They are Commanders of a small vessel like cargo ships and Al'kesh like craft.


Spawning Sites: The Queens of the Meznarid choose worlds that are lush and covered in water. Living amonst the human inhabitants to hide from the Goa'uld whom may or may not live there. They build a dwelling to house their Spawning Pool. And they will stay to care for their Prim'ta until it hits maturity.

Spawning Pilgrimage: It was started to ensure that Nassau would not be found. The Meznarid Queens would leave Nassau 'if they lived there', and head to a Spawning Site or even construct a new one on another world.

Prim'ta Rising: To ensure the predatory instinct of the Meznarid Prim'ta. Prim'tas would devour the weakest until one was left. Rarely was there two whom survived. To keep the Prim'ta healthy they would be feed other Prim'ta from a Goa'uld ally. This fact was hidden from the whole of the Goa'uld Empire, but was not surprising as cannabism is practiced within the empire.

Host investments: The host for all Meznarid are the offspring of the Queens 'mate'. Whom sires children and later those children are choosen ahead of time to be hosts. Even then these kids are trained as assassins and cutthroats. And survival of the fittest.

Underlings and Worshippers

Humans: Unlike most Goa'uld Lords the backbone of the Meznarid armed forces are the humans that most consider slaves. Though some are slaves however, there are those who serve in the military. Those of the Military are decendents of past pirate lords.

Jaffa: Though Calypso never got into the habit of using Jaffa as incubators for her Prim'ta, there are few Jaffa whom serve the Meznarid. They are brained washed or couxed into service. Used to gain knowledge about info, tech and fighting techniques.

Oranian: This race is treated no different than the humans however they are more or less used as cannon fodder.

Ilempiri: Prized to the Meznarid, most effective warriors and bounty hunters.

Tech: http://lostworlds.megabytetechsolutions.org/index.php?topic=1554.0
Ships: http://lostworlds.megabytetechsolutions.org/index.php?topic=1555.0
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Re: The Meznarid
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