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Author Topic: The Viss Tribes of Andromeda  (Read 515 times)


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The Viss Tribes of Andromeda
« on: July 08, 2015, 08:27:40 AM »

The Viss are a race of reptiles that are divided into tribes who search the Andromeda  galaxy for slaves.
They are rather primitive but they have developed a number of advanced technologies mostly from artifacts that they have found.
Most Viss armour and markings are unique to their tribes. Viss are reptilian but they look more like ogres of earth mythology.

Viss hunt artifacts of an alien race that once inhabited the Andromeda galaxy along time ago however no information on this race currently exists except for in long forgotten databases that are kept hidden from all Viss except for the chieftain of the Tribe.

They are seperated into tribes who usually fight over territory since their hyperdrive technology is old and slow they are unable to expand quickly.

The Viss fleet is small since they do not settle down long enough to build shipyards nor do they usually fight anyone but themselves however the ships they do have are more then capable of destroying primitive races.

Viss Tribal ship

Viss Tribal ships are the biggest and usually only one is present in a fleet it is an old and ancient vessel that has been repaired many times and upgraded with the technology of countless races they have enslaved and artifacts that have been recovered because of this most Tribal ships are completely unique with very little of the original Viss design remaining underneath.

Viss Frigate

The main vessel of the Viss fleet the Viss frigate is a small warship in the shape of twin blades.
The vessel is usually painted red to signify the danger that they pose.

Viss scoutship

The Viss scoutship is smaller then the frigate but still large for a scout vessel the ship is designed to transport troops ahead of the fleet to secure artifacts.

Viss armies are usually primitive with very little shielding technology the Viss prefer to rely on their species natural hide to guard them against most weapons that other races throw at them.
however this does not mean the main Viss army does not employ armour and energy weapons when forced to fight to defend the fleet and artifacts.

Viss Warrior

The Viss warrior has very little armour and uses swords and axes more then anything to hunt down enemies of his tribe.
They are also usually marked in paint to signify they are prepared to die for their tribe.

Viss Berserker

The Viss Berserker is a more powerful version of the warrior usually trained to dual wield weapons they are also given extra armour to allow them to fight longer and are sometimes sent to protect artifacts.

Viss Trooper

The Viss trooper is much like the warrior except they wear extra armour and may have more technological equipment.
The troopers use a standard Viss weapon known as the Caster which fires electrical energy at their targets stunning them and causing painful death to any enemies that dare get in the way of their tribe.

Viss stalker

The Viss stalker is an elite warrior of the Viss tribes used to employ stealth tactics upon the enemy they are trained to fight on forested planets and are upgraded with some of the best technology the Viss have including tracking equipment and sometimes shielding.

Viss Vanguard

The Viss Vanguard are the warriors chosen to protect the chieftain but they are also chosen to lead the hunt for artifacts across the galaxy.

Viss Ancient

Aged Viss warriors are chosen as commanders to lead their kind in search of artifacts and slaves across the galaxy.
Highly respected and feared the Viss Ancient have mostly given up but not forgotten combat instead they seek to control the tribe through their families legacies.

Viss will also steal battle tactics alongside the technology of races they conquer leaving some Tribes more primitive then others.