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Author Topic: Posting Format  (Read 448 times)


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Posting Format
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:03:01 PM »

Originally by Atlantis GM - http://lostworldssff.com/index.php?topic=1491.0

Typing actions

"When typing speech, make sure it is in quotations. We also colorize our speech in order for it to stand out. Please choose a color for each of your characters and stick with it. Make sure the color chosen is easily readable. Try and stay away from the darker colors."

NOTE: The color red is designated for use in writing the speech of an NPC. Ensure that any NPC speech you use is colored in red. This also means that you cannot choose red as your character's speech color.

'Thoughts must be italicized and in single quotations without color.'

When leaving one location please make sure you embolden the location you are going to next. It is also suggested that you add a link to find the next post easily. Example:

<< To Stargate >>

'Telepathic communications are done inside single quotations marks, is italicized and colorized to indicate there is speech happening in some form.'

Communication using Comm badge

Person to Person

When your character wants to use a comm badge in order to speak to a character in another location, state that they are doing so as the person they are contacting. Example:

John taps his comm badge lightly and then speaks.

"Jones, I need you, Wallace and Jacobs at my position asap." He says as he takes up position near the gate.

In the thread where Jones is, John would post the following:

{ Sergeant Major John Smith }

"Jones, I need you, Wallace and Jacobs at my position asap."

Plotline Format

Lost Worlds has a linear plotline format. This means that your character can only be in one location at a time. It also means that anything happening in another thread is happening at the same general time that it's happening in your own thread unless otherwise indicated in the forum's description or in a post from an Administrator.

There are also no double posts allowed IC. The edit (or, Modify) button is there for a reason. Please use it. The only time double posting is allowed IC is when your character has left a location and returns before anyone else posts in that thread. Another time that double posting can be overlooked is if you've made a general post that your character is doing something and have not left that location/thread and it has been several days since you posted. You can double post in this case, which will alert others to the fact that you have continued with this character.

If you are waiting for someone, simply tap their shoulder in the Official Poking Forum which can be found in the Bulletin Board. Please make sure to wait a decent amount of time before doing this. Do not PM a member if you have not posted in the Official Poking Thread located in Roleplay Discussions and given a reasonable amount of time for  them to respond. A reasonable amount of time would be either a week, or however long it usually is that it takes them to post. Example, if they post about twice a week, then a week's waiting period would be due. If they post every day, give them a few days and so on.

OOC content is not allowed in IC posts. Period. If you have something to say in regards to something that was said or done IC, post it in the Roleplay Discussions forum.
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