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Author Topic: LCARS Science / Medical Database - The Omega Molecule  (Read 408 times)


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LCARS Science / Medical Database - The Omega Molecule
« on: October 29, 2016, 06:03:45 PM »

Omega Molecule

An Omega molecule is a highly unstable molecule believed to be the most powerful substance known to exist. With sufficient amounts of boronite the molecule can be synthesized. However, proper containment methods do not exist to prevent the violent destabilization of the molecule, which destroys subspace and renders warp travel impossible.

• Some cosmologists theorize that Omega existed in nature at the instant of the Big Bang, when the universe as we know it was born.
• Presumably, an Omega molecule would be so energetic that a small string would be able to power a whole civilization.
• It is unknown if the molecule's effect on subspace would also impair subspace communication.


Borg Records

The Borg learned of the substance in 2145 through the assimilation of thirteen species, and were able to synthesize a single molecule of Omega that remained stable for one-trillionth of a nanosecond. The experiments the Borg conducted on Omega destroyed a total of 29 Borg vessels and 600,000 drones. The Borg, who referred to Omega as Particle 010, regarded Omega with near-reverence as they believed it to exist in a flawless state. Because the Borg saw the Omega molecule as "perfection", all Borg were ordered to assimilate it at any cost. From their data, the Borg designed a harmonic resonance chamber which could theoretically stabilize the molecule.

Starfleet Records

A single Omega molecule was synthesized in the late 23rd century by the Federation physicist Dr. Ketteract on board a classified research station in the Lantaru sector. The molecule remained stable for a fraction of a second before it exploded, killing 127 leading Federation scientists and consequently destroying subspace throughout the sector through rupturing.
This secondary effect made it impossible to create a stable warp field, complicating rescue efforts. The accident was covered up and the impassibility of the Lantaru sector was explained as a natural phenomenon. Starfleet Command then suppressed all knowledge of Omega, and enacted the Omega Directive on which only starship captains and flag officers were briefed.

USS Voyager

"Omega destroys subspace, a chain reaction involving a handful of molecules could devastate subspace throughout an entire quadrant. If that were to happen, warp travel would become impossible. Spacefaring civilization as we know it would cease to exist." - Captain Janeway
Another civilization in the Delta Quadrant was actually successful in synthesizing some 200 million Omega molecules in 2374. They were able to keep the molecules stable by using Omega's own resonance frequency (1.68 terahertz) to calibrate their containment-field, though eventually an accident devastated their research facility. The starship USS Voyager managed to neutralize the molecules before they could do any further damage to subspace. Seven of Nine adapted the Borg harmonic resonance chamber design, to emit an inverse frequency which would dissolve Omega's interatomic bonds. Seconds before the harmonic resonance chamber was jettisoned into space, the molecules started to stabilize spontaneously, and remained stable for at least 3.2 seconds. The remaining Omega molecules were destroyed by a modified gravimetric torpedo.
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