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Author Topic: Platoon Advance! - The Stargate Expansion  (Read 304 times)

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Platoon Advance! - The Stargate Expansion
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:18:45 PM »

So. I have mentioned it a few times. But myself and a University friend have made a Wargame. Its designed for use with 28mm Modern Warfare miniatures. Possibly 1/48 scale or 1/50 scale, there is very little difference. (Examples of such can be found here: https://www.spectreminiatures.com/ and here: http://www.empressminiatures.com/page10.htm )

The game is aimed to be played with at least 2 players on at least 2 teams and the sizes of the forces used by each team can range from 4 to 50 miniatures. (Representative of either a military fireteam or reinforced / augmented platoon, which led to the name.)

There are different factions that each have their own bonuses.
If you chose to play as an accepted military. The Bonus can be seen in having a good basis to base your own force on, and also that nations specific equipment, such as the Challanger 2 for the British Army, their deficite is that they have to follow that nations doctrain. If playing an 8 man game, all 8 men can not be armed with LMG weapons
But you can also choose other less conventional factions.
Private Military Contractors. Their benifits is, No order of battle to follow, and in terms of equipment, they can use anything, however they do not have access to anything larger that APC's
Insurgent Forces. Insurgents typically carry older weapons of a higher caliber which normally bypass body armour. They also are not expected to follow health and Safety Standards meaning that its possible to fit 12 people on to a Pick Up truck that may only fit 6 PMC's or 4 SF Operators.

The game is designed to be varied, you can play a 4 vs 4 raid on a 12 by 24 inch map set as if it were a warehouse, or you can have a huge 40 vs 40 battle featuring full infantry platoons APC's Mortars and even tanks.

The Rules are still in the progress of being developed as it has been put on hold up until now due to Final Year University commitments.

The Stargate Expansion

So after finding Stargate Models on sale almost 10 years ago and playing one war game run by a club at a games show that featured a USMC Team going offworld to fight Jaffa. I have always wanted to play that game again. Never nowing the group and never seeing them again I was stuck.

Though with developing my own Wargame along with friends. I started looking for the models once again. And I found them. For a good price from a seller in the UK. So ofcourse I bought a bunch of minitures.

I havnt gotten very far due to well a lack of paint but I thought people would be interested in seeing.

I have SG-1 (Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c and Mitchell.)
I have a back up SG team. (5 random people.)
12 normal jaffa worriars.
4 serpent jaffa (To act as either squad leaders for the other jaffa or body guards.)
2 Staff Canons on Tripods. (Which will not be movable in game, due to their high damage output.)
1 First Prime
1 Goa'uld (A modded First Prime.)

Here are some pictures. Please ignore the BTR Chassis in the background thats going to end up in a water obstical and had nowhere else to put it as it was drying. Also please note apart from the First Prime and Goa'uld nobody is remotely finished yet, I just did this whilst I remembered. Also not all the pictures will be here thanks to Photo Bucket being poo.