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The White Tower~ Tar Valon

The White Tower is the tallest building in the Aes Sedai compound in Tar Valon. It is both home and training grounds to Aes Sedai, those training to become Aes Sedai, and Warders. It is a bone-white tower nearly 100 spans (around 600 feet) in height. Its roof is flat-topped with a waist-high railing.

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Caemlyn is one of the most beautiful cities in the land, second only to Tar Valon, though its natives may argue that ranking. Like a gleaming crown upon its gently rolling hills, the city is actually made up of two sections, the New City, built well under two thousand years ago by the hands of man alone, and the ancient Inner City, much of which bears the mark of Ogier stonemasons. A great fifty-foot wall of silver white stone surrounds most of the official perimeter of the city, broken by tall round towers that flank massive arched gates. Outside the wall, buildings cluster thickly like lichen to a log, spreading outward from the glittering mosaic of the city in a gradual dispersion. Within its outer walls the city is laid out in a crazy quilt of streets and byways, with towers and domes gleaming white and gold in the sun.

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Ebou Dar~Altara

Ebou Dar is the capital city of Altara, located on the southern coast, straddling the River Eldar. The city is built around a large bay, with the river dividing it in two. One side contains the palaces, homes, and shops of the upper and middle classes, the other, known as the Rahad, is home of the lower classes in the Ebou Dar society.

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The waking dream. The paths trodden by many in that grey mysterious world. Principle location will be Rhuidean, but of course there are other places to be found.

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Memories of what went before

Within this board you can create those stories that tie all the pieces together, your character's past and those they may have interacted with over time.

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