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Author Topic: Planetary Description/OOC Information  (Read 1200 times)


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Planetary Description/OOC Information
« on: May 31, 2013, 05:40:37 PM »


A green oasis strewn with time, now Khenem is the only planet inhabited in the solar system Corinthia after the cataclysms that took place in a few weeks. The surface of the planet is extremely arid with occasional traces of water except for the presence of two thin polar ice caps. A large city welcomes refugees from Zebib and Haraga, and protected by a shield in case of coronal eruptions from the star of the solar system. A large pyramid is the center of the vast city, located in the Lords of the System. Thanks to Goa'uld terraforming technology, the planet is slowly rediscovering its waterways and its lost flora. There are many mining activities active on the planet as well as the large carnage basin of the entire Khnum domain, the latter located in the region called Serabit El Khadim, a place where it is hidden when not orbiting the entire fleet of goa ' uld In the solar system of Corinthia.

Khenem Moon's (Qa'ab and Zebib)

In the past two smaller planets similar to Khenem, both moons have suffered a cataclysm that has almost squandered their atmospheres, making it nearly impossible life on them. Protected by thermal and atmospheric shields, now both moons are home to many active workshops. In addition, the cataclysms have exhibited different surface deposits of naquadah, allowing the start of mining. Numerous laboratories are on the surface and below it, including the famous "Maharraqa temple" is definitely the most famous amongst others.

The Asteroids Belt

Generated by the destruction of the planets Jedar and Haraga, the asteroid belt is the place where there is the greatest concentration of naquadah of the Solar System Corinthia. The asteroid belt contains a large area where large ships are unable to move due to orbital instability of individual asteroids. Numerous mining stations have been opened in pressurized environments on the single major asteroids where naquadah is present, a fundamental material in goa'uld technology. In addition, the asteroid belt also acts as a protection against possible unauthorized access attempts within the Solar System Corinthia.

Bubastis  Minor

Left for millennia under the control of the System Lord Bastet , the planet is currently under the control of Goa'uld Khnum. At home to intense mining, the planet Bubastis Minor is the most productive of the domains of System Lord Khnum as well as its second capital. The main city on the planet has seen a pyramid emerging from the government of the entire planet. Although the technological level is very low, Bubastis Minor is learning a new age of gold thanks to the government of Khnum

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