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Author Topic: Joseph Miuk ~ Joey  (Read 455 times)

VagabonD SerpenT

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Joseph Miuk ~ Joey
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:14:11 PM »

Joseph Miuk ~ Joey {Red}

Age:  God alone knows. Every component was made at a different time, and some parts were made as early as the late 21st century, but that means nothing - they could have been scavenged from anywhere.

Height: 4'7'' - 140 cm (without hovering height).

Weight: 908 lbs - 412 kilos.


Detailed Appearance: Hovering metal robot, whose armour plates look quite battered over the many years. Has three multi-tool arms and three eyes/cameras on appendages, both sets attached to a full rotation servos.

Blood Type: None, prefers good old high voltage DC current.

Design Details:

Brain: A small computer brain.
Sensors: Basic sensors with three eyes.
Communicator: Advanced communicator with a human-like voice, Humor Emitter Array (updated).
Arm Motors: Three arm motors, extra-flexible, one having a saw blade, and another - a blowtorch; all of them are outfitted with mutli-tool system.
Propulsion: Single 400 KW jet-powered system, vectored with GEV skirts.
Accessories: Integral mechanic toolset and an extensive set of tools.
Power System: Routine power requirement 400.6 kW. One nuclear power unit with 200 KW output. Eight rechargeable E-cells with 270,000 kWs output.
Subassemblies: Head, three eyes, three arms, one pod, condensation collector and Humor emitter array.
Body Design: Houses nuclear power unit, rechargeable E-cells, integral mechanic toolset, and small brain.
Head Design: Houses sensors, spotlight and communicator. Full rotation.
Pod Design: Houses the jet system.
Arm Design: Houses arm motors and manipulators.
Armor: Metal armor.

Rank: Civilian Robot.

Position: Barkeep in the Cantina of TIS Allosaurus.

History:  It is a bit sketchy to say the best. The only thing known for sure is that Admiral Moran found him in an old scrap heap and dragged him home - he was fascinated with the old robots. He soon managed to fix him up and bring him back to full operation, but, while Joey was a good listener, he still had a few glitches. For example, he was a sarcastic SOB and he never lied, so the admiral decided to stick him in the ships' cantina as a sort of morale officer. And he does his job well, serving the drinks and food, and giving heavy verbal abuse to anyone within his sensor range.

Personality Facts: Joey is a complete sarcastical doomladen cynical rude character beyond any salvation. However, this lovely persona seems to do wonders for the morale of the big flagship. Joey always wears a bowler hat, and woe betide those who try to get it off of him, and personally had painted an old design of the Union Jack flag on his own side for the reasons known only to him.

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Re: Joseph Miuk ~ Joey
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 03:14:25 PM »

Terra Locuta. Causa Finita.

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