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Author Topic: Kaiya Akela ~ Kix  (Read 341 times)


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Kaiya Akela ~ Kix
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:17:16 PM »

Kaiya Akela ~ Kix {Greenhorn}

Callsign: Razorback.

Age: 35 - (15.07.2334).

Height: 5’9'' - 175 cm.

Weight: 149 lbs - 68 kg.


Detailed Appearance: Because of her good conditioning and constitution, Kix remained in quite an excellent physical state except for a few scars, both physical and mental. Her hair is short and spiky blonde with varies of colored tips, mostly blood red or magenta. She is athletically built with a strong, well muscled body while keeping her curved and agile.

Blood Type: AB Positive.

Distinguishing Traits: She has several tattoos hidden from sight by her clothing or armor. Because of her tough girl personality, she keeps her hair short to medium length. It is usually spiky depending on her preference.

Rank: Captain, Imperial Aerospace Forces.

Position: 63rd "Fighting Cocks" Squadron, TIS Pardus Melas, TIS Allosaurus Battlegroup.

Specializations: Fighter Pilot, SF-88 Pilum Medium Fighter.


SF-54 Arrow Light Fighter;
SF-98 Lance Heavy Fighter;
Advanced pistol training;
Basic SMG training;
Basic hand-to-hand training.


Kix was born on one of the outer laying colonies on the outskirts of the Pax Terrana along with her twin sister. They never knew her mother as she died when they were young. Her father raised them as best as he could. Being a military officer, however, he was gone almost everyday and left his children in care of his mother. Some days, however, when their father did come home, he taught them to be strong, especially Kix - the girl was older by several hours. That made her technically the eldest and responsible for her sister.

That colony was a mining world. They were rich in materials for the construction and shipbuilding of vessels for the Terran Imperium. Kix's father was part of the Imperial Legion assigned to defend this sector of space. They were almost always deployed on a mission at one mining base or another, with their colony serving as the sector hub, so he barely came home. He did however send some holo messages and gifts for his girls whenever he had a chance.

When they turned thirteen, the Psionic Corps came around and screened several people for the potential. They found it in Kix's sister and sent her the invitation to join the program and maybe eventually become an officer within the Corps. Kix tried to discourage her sister from going, but she was adamant about it. She left and Kix started to blame the Corps for taking her sister away. She gets letters from her sister, but it never was enough to tender Kix's anger. Eventually, she grew to hate her sister for leaving.

When she turned seventeen, Kix went to a school where she went through the preparatory pilot training to enroll in the Imperial Aerospace Force. She was pretty smart to graduate from the school with the flying colours, securing her a position in the Academy for further study and specialized training, and her IQ was quite high, borderline even with the minimal requirement for the Psionic training, but she disliked the Psionic Corps, so she had deliberately failed a few tests as to not trigger unwanted attention.

During her training in the Aerospace Fighting Academy she learned everything that could help her to become a good officer like her father. However, upon her graduation, she heard through the radio of her father's death in the hands of a pirate king who paid dearly for that. She was there for the funeral as she released her father's ashes and scattered it into space. Her sister was contacted, but never attended. This strained their relationship further as the rift between them grew and caused Kix to hate her even more.

Soon after the graduation with nearly complete excellence, Kix became a permanent asset of a pilot throughout Pax Terrana and her territories. And just as her father one day, she made the Oath of Allegiance to the Throne of Terra, promising to protect and defend the life of any royal or important person among the other things.

Personality and other facts:

Kix's sister's name was Ariel. Her birth name was Oona Akela. Ariel hated her first name and changed it to suit her own personality.

Kix grew up with this tough girl personality. She had to for the sake of protecting her sister who, despite being twins, was the polar opposite of her. Her sister was more of a flower child. She had long hair and loved everything that was pretty and nice. Even if her sister was strong enough on her own accord, Kix still fiercely protected her from everything and everyone. Ariel grew up with a strong heart, but she was easily misled, so Kix had to protect her from herself. When the Psionic Corps came to evaluate everyone for the potential, they saw it in her and tried to sway her. They succeeded and Ariel went with them by her own will. Kix felt that she failed her family to even protect her.

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Re: Kaiya Akela ~ Kix
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 03:17:30 PM »

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