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Author Topic: Samiya Nazari  (Read 522 times)


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Samiya Nazari
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:25:34 PM »

Samiya Nazari {Nzu}

Race: Human.

Age: 38 - (22.02.2331).

Height: 5'10" - 1.78m.

Weight: 151lbs - 68kg.


Detailed Appearance:

A career military woman, Samiya is in excellent physical condition. Being a combat veteran she likes to keep herself battle ready, not to mention she appreciates how being fit makes her feel. Despite being in excellent condition, Samiya is aware that she is an attractive woman, her mixed race heritage giving her what some have described as an an exotic appearance. As as a fairly well endowed woman she knows where people's focus is when they meet her.

Despite her beauty only a fool would believe she is only just a pretty face.

Blood Type: AB Rh+.

Distinguishing Traits:

Deep black hair starting to show signs of lightening toward grey.

Full-muscled figure; she has curves and is ok with that.

6" Shrapnel scar, running diagonally along the LLQ of her abdomen, surrounded by several smaller ones.

Rank: Commander, Imperial Space Navy.

Position: Commanding Officer of TIS Athena - a Frigate vessel.


Military Tactics;
Starship weapons systems;
Qualified Fighter Pilot;
Ground Combat.


2331 - Born to Terran parents, but spent her childhood on Luna. Father was an Officer in the Imperial Legion, mother was an Agricultural Minister on Luna Colony.

2347 - At 16 enrolls in the Imperial Navy Officer's Preparatory Program.

2349 - Accepted into the Imperial Naval Academy.

2353 - Graduates INA, assigned to the Corvette TIS Shamash as a Weapons/Security Officer; battles Pirates for several years.

2355 - Qualifies as a fighter pilot assigned to a tour of duty aboard the Deep Space Carrier TIS Tiger Claw.

2359 - Assigned as Weapons Officer aboard aboard the TIS Gaia, a frigate often involved in anti-Piracy operations.

2360 - In a surprise attack on their ship with CO & XO killed, Samiya, now a Lieutenant, takes command of the ship. In recognition for her actions and needing to get the ship back into service, Samiya is granted command of the Gaia.

2362 - Gaia is heavily damaged and nearly destroyed in a early border skirmish with the Entheri.

         - Given Command of the newly constructed, Heavy Frigate Athena.

2364 - Athena participates in final campaign to secure the Imperium borders against the Entheri.

2365 - Nearly married Fleet Operations Officer and longtime friend Amita Indrani, but their relationship was too strained from long separation despite how happy the two were when they were together. Have remained friends but really only see each other on leave.

2369 - Meets Princess Angela while on Jewel. What started off as just a hook up quickly turned into somewhat of a whirlwind romance. Transferred to the Navy Special Operations Division. The pair were often separated, but never far apart.

Personality and other facts:

Stoic and serious, Samiya is a dedicated professional and military commander, somewhat hardened by her experiences in the skirmishes with the Entheri. She cares deeply for those under her command and sees them more than just troops or bodies to be sacrificed. She may not always show it, in fact she tries to keep her relationship with her people as professional as possible. Samiya has good working relationships with many of her colleagues, although she only considers a couple of them close friends. Because of her strong devotion to duty and the Empire, she's been accused more than once of being a true believer - a position she had no problem agreeing with, thanks to the Imperium being the first and only world wide government that has kept the peace without military force.

In training and in combat Samiya was always aggressive, always wanting to push the enemy even when not attacking. Her pig headed style fits well with her role as a Frigate Commander. While she has an intense dislike to those who don't bring their best to an assignment, Sam will give everyone a chance to prove themselves. Her gruff way of mentoring those she doesn't feel measures up has earned her more than a few enemies and from time to time grumblings from some crew members. Malcontents like that don't last long on her ship.

When the Athena was giving a small science and exploratory spec ops contingent Samiya did not take it well, arguing the Athena was a military vessel not an explorer, even if she does not only understands the importance of exploration but actually supports it. However, while she does believe there is a place for exploration and science in the military, she doesn't believe it belongs aboard a warship. Her worry being that this will have a negative affect on Athena's combat ability. Secretly Samiya hopes that she's wrong.

Sam loved Amita deeply, it was the only relationship she ever had that she actually considered taking to the next level. Samiya had considered transferring from active service, but despite how many times they've discussed it, Amita often reminded her that she wouldn't be happy being land locked. As this reality set in, they drifted further and further apart until eventually their engagement fell apart. Despite this, they remain friends and exchange messages from time to time and meet up when they're in the same sector. While it's highly unlikely they'll ever get back together, their relationship left a mark on Samiya. She'd never considered settling down before Amita and from time to time the idea of finding someone pops back into the back of her mind over the years.

These feelings have never been stronger than after meeting Angela. While Samiya truly has no idea how things will turn out or even if her dreams are in any way possible, it doesn't stop her from hoping.
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Re: Samiya Nazari
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