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Author Topic: Farah Steele ~ Shep  (Read 401 times)


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Farah Steele ~ Shep
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:28:24 PM »

Farah G. Steele {Humon}

Callsign: Shep.

Race: Human.

Age: 28 - (06.06.2341);

Height: 170cm - 5'8";

Weight: 61kg - 134lbs;


Distinguishing Traits:

Farah's got a bit of ink:

- An anchor hooking through the eyesocket of a Entheri skull, inked on her right bicep;
- A red snake curving its way from her left armpit around her shoulder and baring its fangs at her collarbone; it's just low enough that it can be hidden by a shirt and therefore does not violate uniform standards;
- A small green butterfly on her right buttcheek that she got when she was a teenager and now wishes she hadn't.

Rank: Police Constable in the ACPD. Also an E-4 in the Imperial Space Navy Reserves (Petty Officer 3rd Class).

Position: A cop on a night beat for the Alhabor City Police Department, and also a navy reservist one day a week (trained as an engine technician).

Specialisations: Martial arts, Sharpshooting, Starship engines.


Born on Earth to a middle class family (no relation at all to SteeleTech, unfortunately). From the time she was 5 years old she was obsessed with space exploration and couldn't wait to get off planet and see the big wide universe for herself. After high school she went to college on Mars. She almost joined the military after the Entheri confrontation in 2361, but she was persuaded by her family and professors to wait and finish her education. She got a technical degree in starship systems, and joined the Imperial Space Navy (because she wanted an adventure, not a job, as the posters went).

She was hoping to see action against the Entheri, but the ship she was assigned to never went into hostile territory. By the time it was finally scheduled to cycle into combat action in the summer of 2364, the incursions were stopped completely and those combat orders were cancelled. Dismayed, Steele finished her 5-year term of enlistment and was honourably discharged in May of 2368.

Farah settled on Alhabor and continued on with the naval reserves while finding a full-time job as a police officer in the planet's capital city, conveniently close to the large naval base. She currently works two shifts each night with the Force, five nights a week. She also spends one day a week (sunrise to sunset) at the naval base to fulfil her duties as a reservist. The night shifts are 6 hours and 5 hours by planetary time (on the 56-hour clock), with a 3-hour rest period between them. This translates to about 11.5 hours and 9.6 hours in Terran Standard Time, with a 5.75 TS-hour break in between.

The time between shifts is normally spent sleeping in bunks at the police station, to avoid a long commute, and she spends her daytime hours in a small apartment in Alhabor City that she shares with her boyfriend of two months: a SSH'olok bureaucrat named Andy, who spends most of his daytime working at the planetary government office in Alhabor City. This means that Farah and Andy only ever see each other when passing each other on their way to and from work, but with both of them being such busy individuals, it works out very conveniently, since they have no chance to get on each other's nerves, and they are always happy to see each other in those brief moments when their schedules allow them to be together.

Farah works: 1800h to 0000h; and 0300h to 0800h (plus once a week 0600h to 1800h at the naval base)
Andy works: 0900h to 1300h; and 1500h to 1700h (standard public sector hours on Alhabor, though he likes to pull overtime on top of that).

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Re: Farah Steele ~ Shep
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 03:28:38 PM »

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