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Author Topic: Ngol-n'SSH ZZen'gHa ~ Andy  (Read 381 times)


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Ngol-n'SSH ZZen'gHa ~ Andy
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:33:20 PM »

Ngol-n'SSH ZZen'gHa {Humon}

Alias: "Andrew Gray", or just "Andy" for short.

Race: SSH'olok.

Age: 52 - (09.13.2317) -- His DOB was converted from the SSH'olok calender into Gregorian calender for the purpose of assigning his work visa; As far as SSH'olok lifespan is concerned, he's in his prime, not even middle-aged.

Height: 195cm - 6'6";

Weight: 96kg - 211lbs;


Detailed Appearance:

The SSH'olok are a tall and lanky reptillian species from the planet AngHa in the Procyon system. Terrans might compare them most closely to snakes, though to say as much would be like calling a human being a monkey. AngHa is a very wet and swampy tropical world, and the SSH'olok speak of an amphibious evolutionary history, and their very first civilizations were founded underwater, though everything since then has been built on dry land, or at least only partially submerged. Ancient cultures revered the sun and sky, and sought to build upwards towards it, as high as they could manage.

The SSH'olok retain many vestiges of their underwater ancestors, including hairless bodies streamlined for swimming, shiny fish-like scales, transparent eyelids for seeing underwater, gills on the sides of their necks, and small fins on their ankles and forearms.

Among his kind, Andy has an unusually wide forehead and more slender skull-jaw. This skull shape is characteristic of those from the SSH-n'nUN continent of AngHa, where high-altitude springs permit taller individuals with longer arms, wider gills, and more pronounced facial features. His head is bald, with short cartilage plates extending from the back of his skull like dragon-fins on a motorcycle helmet. Andy's eyes are a very dark indigo that normally shows up as black, except when he enters a fight-or-flight emotional state, at which point his eyes shimmer with lighter blue hues in the centre. The effect is caused by a rush of blue proteins to the optic nerves, similar to the way that blood rushes to a human's cheeks when blushing.

His body is streamlined for swimming. His ribcage is gently curved to reduce drag, and his belly and waist is perfectly flat until the point where his hips and legs flare out. Even then, it is impossible to identify where his hips end and his legs begin. Andy's limbs are in proportion to those of a human of the same exceptional height: long and stretched, but capable of exerting significant strength. His scales a dull gray all over, except on his elbows and collarbone where they are silvery, like a fish.

Andy has two sets of eyelids: one transparent, like an amphibian, and the other opaque and scaly. He only needs to blink with the former--unless he's protecting his eyes from an incoming object--but since moving to Alhabor he has picked up the habit of occasionally shutting his outer eyelids intentionally, since he learned that humans find it a bit creepy when they never see him blink.

While on Alhabor, Andy normally wears dark suits in the human fashion, but custom tailored to fit his alien body shape. He wears ties in different patterns, but favours blue/indigo/violet colour schemes, sometimes with hints of red.

Distinguishing Traits: There's a vertical groove on the left side of his jaw from when he got into a fistfight as a schoolboy and was shoved face-first into the corner of a brick wall. He turned his head in time to save his face, but his jaw took the hit and almost broke in half. Needed stitches; all that messy stuff.

Position: Cultural Advisor for Alhabor's planetary government. Duties include consultation with members of government regarding SSH'olok culture, physiology, psychology, and language; managing the team of translators working on documents and agreements; and attending committee meetings as a subject matter expert with respect to SSH'olok relations and the impact of proposed policies on SSH'olok nationals living on this planet.

Specialisations: Has degrees in law, history, and medical science from one of the top academic institutions on AngHa. Speaks seven languages fluently, including English, Latin, and Ragghtan. Also has a naturally hypnotic way of speaking and looking at people, which is common to all members of his species, and has been described as somewhat cobra-like. Despite the sinister implications of such a trait, he strives to maintain a reputation as an honest person who would never stoop to deception to get his way.


Ngol-n'SSH (his SSH'olok name as transliterated to the Roman alphabet under the interstellar standard k'Swa-Manning system) was only 20 when he heard the news about first contact with the United Ragghtan Consortium. He was studying law on AngHa at the time, anticipating a career as a lawyer that might one day earn him a place in the judiciary. But contact with another advanced civilization changed everything for Ngol. He followed all the news about the exchanges of scientists betwen his culture and theirs, and what was being learned, and he dreamed of being part of all that one day.

Only two years later, there was the news of contact between the URC and the Terran Empire, and the subsequent alliance between the SSH'olok and the Terrans as the Procyon system seemed to fall naturally within the Terran domain. There were of course those among SSH'olok society who grumbled that the Terrans had no right to occupy Procyon as they did, but Ngol was not so concerned. Instead, he found himself fascinated by the human species in a way he had not been by the Ragghtan. Their bodies seemed so similar in form to SSH'olok bodies, and yet their physiology was still so strikingly different. In much of their culture and history, he could see parallels with his own, and that intrigued him to no end.

Ngol set his career aspirations toward becoming an interstellar ambassador and getting to understand these humans better. There was always the question in the back of every SSH'olok's mind, "Are humans dangerous?", and perhaps he wanted to solve that riddle for himself. While working as a legal clerk on AngHa, Ngol put himself through school to acquire several degrees that he thought would be valuable for an ambassador to learn, and also tutored himself in English on the side, as well as other languages commonly spoken in different parts of the 'verse.

Ngol didn't quite achieve anything as glorious as an ambassador post yet, but he did manage to score a position working in Terran space for the planetary government of Alhabor. There was a large collaborative science project going on between the SSH'olok and the Terrans on Alhabor, and that had created a peripheral industry for SSH'olok bureaucrats who could help manage communications between the two research groups. When Ngol applied for a Terran work visa, he gave himself the human-sounding pseudonym, "Andrew Gray" (on account of his gray scales), so that humans would not have to stumble over the pronunciation of his real name. His colleagues at the office came to address him either as Mr. Gray, or Andy Gray, or just Andy.

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Re: Ngol-n'SSH ZZen'gHa ~ Andy
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2016, 03:33:57 PM »

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