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Author Topic: Alexey Frolov ~ Bloodhound  (Read 366 times)

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Alexey Frolov ~ Bloodhound
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:45:55 PM »

Alexey Ivanovich Frolov ~ Bloodhound

Age:45 - (23.06.2324);

Height: 1 meter 87 centimetres - 6 feet 1 inch;

Weight: 90 kilograms - 197 pounds;


Detailed Appearance: Gray-blue eyes. Dark hair with first gray hair starting to appear, his hair cut as long as an officer is allowed to wear. Very athletic and tough constitution due to the years of PE, excellent health.

Blood Type: A(II)Rh+;

Distinguishing Traits: A knife stab scar over the liver; a plasma discharge burn on the left side from an Entheri black ops team weapon; tattoo of the Succubi Legion on the right forearm - redskinned sexy she-devil, wearing black knee high boots, and seemingly leather black skirt and tight top, with a plasma rifle in her hand. The devil is standing in laid back pose like saying "bring it on, motherfuckers."

Rank: Lt. Colonel in the Imperial Legions;

Position: Commanding Officer. Alhabor, 189th Legion, 4th Cohort, 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion

Specialisations: Sniper, Heavy Assault. He's also trained in close quarter combat, survival and usage of energy weapons and old ballistic weapons alike, as would be expected from an infantry soldier and officer.


Born on Earth in the early years of the 24th century into a Russian family with strong military history stretching back as far as to the WW2 fights even, it was inevitable that as soon as he can, Alexey will enlist with the army. His father helped him to get a transfer from a common school into a military boarding school when he was 12. Until he reached adulthood on the 18th birthday, he studied there in both sciences, arts and war subjects, graduating with excellence and swearing loyalty to the Empire and Empress Catherine. His tests showed however that he'd fit best in the infantry and thus his Legion career began.

He was stationed with the Terra garrison, enforcing the law and pacifying murdering scum all over the planet and Sol system, constantly training in arts of ground combat. Aged 22, he married a civilian girl and his payments were more than enough to keep her well and need for nothing. He fathered son Nicholay in 2346 and daughter Anna in 2349 with his wife. His constant climb of the ranks and salary increase seemed to dawn happy life for them all, until his Lucy was mugged and murdered on a warm summer night of the year 2351. That surely brought a lot of sour notes in his life and the kids weren't very well naturally, Anna being just a toddler and Alexey swore an oath on grave of Lucy to hunt down the bastard, because he could smell that investigation is pursuing the wrong suspect. He had employed all the power and influence and access to data he had as a Legion officer - by that time he was Lieutenant already - and eventually did caught the culprit, getting stabbed with the same knife that murdered his wife in process. The mugger was tried, found guilty in foul murder and framing innocents to cover up and attempt on the life of an Imperial Officer and executed. From this day, Alexey got callsign and nickname "Bloodhound."

With Nicholay already following into his father's steps and studying in a military school, and Anna old enough for a boarding school herself, and unable to handle the pain tearing his aching heart each time he woke up on Earth, he requested a transfer on the front lines when the Entheri Dominion was encountered. As a young, promising officer, he was in the thick of it, and he saw with his own eyes the horrors and atrocities those xenophobic bigots carried out in their own space as the Legions battled constant border skirmishes, thus his hair went gray here and there despite his young age. After the skirmishes have ended, he was already in the rank of Major, and in August of 2364 came the need to give him his own command fitting a senior officer.

He was assigned to the TIS Heimdall as commander of her marine detail, and served aboard the cruiser as she patrolled the frontier systems and showing the flag in the newly charted ones. By the current year his elder son Nicholay became a skilled Mech Warrior, serving guard on a distant world in the rank of Sergeant and his daughter Anna has just graduated in June of the same 2369 as a fighter pilot and rank of Lieutenant, getting assigned for her tour of duty to the TIS Uncia carrier.

That summer surely was full of events in his life, as Alexey got his promotion to Lt. Colonel rank in July, and while going through his file, captain of TIS Heimdall noticed that Frolov had not used any single day of leave he is entitled to since 2351, and nearly forced Alexey to take at least several months of rest, which he chose to spend on Jewel, still not really able and ready to see the Earth again. That's where he resided for a while, shuttling between the wilderness of the remote islands and bustling Sapphire City, until returning to active duty with a freshly minted assignment to take command of a battalion on Alhabor colony, mere weeks before the proper Terran-Entheri War broke out.

Personality and other facts:

Alexey is a little grumpy given his past, but he'll do all that is in his powers to protect those whose lives he was trusted with. He tries to be a father figure to his men, and he knows when they need a whip and when to give them a sweet. He cares deep for his kids and misses them muchly, and keeps up regular contacts and meetings with them.
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