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Author Topic: Angela Knyazeva ~ Dark Angel  (Read 343 times)

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Angela Knyazeva ~ Dark Angel
« on: September 23, 2016, 03:50:29 PM »

Angela Knyazeva ~ Angel

Age: 24 - (10.09.2345);

Height: 175 centimetres - 5 feet 8 inches;

Weight: 65 kilograms - 143 lbs;


Detailed appearance: Steel-gray coloured eyes. Long and thick natural red hair of molten lava colour. Sometimes it is perfectly died to become a very saturated red brick colour, or it's a gradual colour radiance from one shade into another if she feels like it. Angela mostly keeps it up so it'd not interfere with whatever she's doing, but she's not an alien to the various hair styles either, mostly dependent on the situation at hand.

Her figure is nice and curvy and she's fully aware of that. Her body is also very well toned. She might not have relief bulges playing under her skin with every step she takes, sooner seeming to be just a week woman, but it'd be a big surprise for anyone daring to hurt her to learn how big is the density of her muscles. Angela's body is in its prime and will stay like this for a while yet, and she has excellent health.

Given her background and position, it'd not come as a surprise that her teeth, skin, face, nails and so on are in the perfect condition, even if this girl doesn't mind to get a bit of physical labour done if the situation calls for it. But otherwise, she's a radiance of human female perfection. Well, to most of the people, at least.

Blood Type: AB(IV)Rh-;

Distinguishing Traits:  Angel's face alone, sometimes additionally adorned with her tiara, is a distinguishing trait enough with her being who she is. Resources at her disposal allowed her body to get rid nearly completely of the scars she earned during her life and adventures she's constantly getting into. Being an official person in the nation, she doesn't delve into the body modding either. However, just for the sheer hell of it, she had her family crest inked where they usually put tramp stamps. Consider it a seal of the house.

Rank: Imperial Princess of Pax Terrana;

Position: Second in line to the Throne of Terra;

Specialisations: Diplomacy of various levels and civic studies. On a more personal level, Angel has "Ace of Aces" ribbon and can fly any fighter humanity had ever built like she was born inside of its cockpit, currently ranking as one of the most skilled fighter craft pilots in the Imperium. And although it was more expected from her brother rather than her, Angel also has significant personal combat training as well - war is the trade of kings after all, and she is a queen by birth. But most of this training went very quiet - she was very careful not to ruin the image she was building, of a spoilt royal brat.

History and Personality:

Princess Angel is a twin sister of Crown Prince Alexander, and just as him she was raised to rule since her lungs took in the first breath of air. Empress Catherine gave birth to her children already after the contact with Rhaggtan happened, and so she was resolved to give them the best education and upbringing she can for she very well knew that a day will come when one of those two crying babies will have to rule in her stead, and fight for the humanity's place among the stars. And until that day comes, Catherine decided to train them non stop in that account. A step by step, a little by little every day.

The kids grew. Their life in the Imperial Palace was luxurious. They had no need in anything, and every their whim was catered to sooner or later, but they also were taught by the finest tutors Empress could find and pre-test herself before letting them close to her family. Thank the heavens, the children proved to be a very fertile soil and soaked every bit of information like a sponge sucks in water, demonstrating already high and constantly growing high intelligence and sharp and fast wit. The early, untimely and horrendous death of their father the Emperor in a car accident shook the entire family, but at the same point, consolidated them ever more in their resolve to achieve the supremacy over the other races there are. That thought, along with the basic virtues was ingrained in them since the day one of their existence. So by the time the contact with Cordrazine occurred, little royal twin couple was already taking some burden off of their mum's shoulders. Nobody was telling them to go play somewhere if they expressed interest in the state affairs and will to help. So by the time of the Entheri Pacification Operation, the duo was 19 already and actually both of them led the campaigns, but Angel had already developed her personality, so it was Alexander who got nearly all the glory, even if her own campaigning was crucial to the victory that was achieved. After all it was a break from the university in the middle of a semester. Fun!

Today Princess Angela's open, widely known skills are helping her mother and brother to maintain an ever-growing, even if slow growing, interstellar Empire, with incline into diplomacy of various levels and civic studies. The girl spends more time sorting out problems of the people and populations, of the planets and their biospheres, industries, agriculture and scientific pursuits, civilian and colonial logistics, rather than dealing with the military aspects of the Imperium, be it building a base, a new ship, or meeting a recruitment quota from the local populace or charting patrol routes for the first battlegroup of the second fleet. That's her brother's turf and, of course, mother's.

However it is impossible to say that she knows nothing about the war effort. On contrary, Angel possess a great deal of knowledge about that, and when she's not busy working or partying, she spends every moment of her free time practising with weapons and her favourite past time - piloting a fighter. But only a few people know that. For all the rest there's a picture of a typical royal brat who got it all easy, a bimbo even sometimes, who does her job because she has to do it and then the moment she is free, throws full weight gold Imperials around cause she can. But if one was to peek under the cover of yet another "female novel" she is reading, they'd find there a book on tactics, strategy or politics and Machiavellianism in general. A ruler is supposed to be able not just fight, but fight knowing where and why do we strike, right?

Another picture is that she's very annoyed by the fact that her brother is going to inherit the throne and for everyone in and outside of Pax Terrana, it seems to be that she'll do her best to replace him in the position and that a risk of civil war even is present in case she won't get what she wants.

And that's all just a layer, an act to be well-played every day, for Angela's more subtle, more interesting skills would probably be scheming on the scale of entire Milky Way, plotting with the benefits to reap years in the future, rooting out the moles the other empires set inside of her nation and weed out the threats to the future prosperity and golden age. Her bratty behaviour, her playful, childish feud with Alex is nothing more than a carefully planned, well thought out play-act, that both of the siblings readily support. In fact, one have to try and find some other pair of twins who loves each other as deeply as those two. Whoever of them gets the crown, the other will wholly support and help the partner and sibling, not try to depose them. Both know that it is the only way to lead Terran Imperium to glory with all this competition present - to pretend we are weak and vulnerable. There're even rumours circulating that while Prince Alexander helps his mother the Empress run the military part of the Imperium, Angela quietly controls from shadows the entirety of the covert and black ops carried out by the agents of Pax Terrana throughout the charted space, along with the subtle control over the Imperial Security Service. If those rumours are true, then the Imperium is in effect lead by three people at once with nearly equal and unlimited  powers in their possession - a very effective and dangerous combination, because even if one of the trio is suddenly eliminated out of the equation, the other two or even one are very well able to immediately effect the situation, especially considering the fact that most of the time Angel is travelling the Milky Way back and forth to solve the arising problems in person, naturally knowing her Empire inside out as a result, and sometimes meets up together with her twin brother who travels the human space of Milky Way for the same reasons, sharing the experience and info they gathered. Sometimes they work together. Sometimes they have fun together. But they are never out of touch for a long time, coordinating their efforts for the greater good, ready to take on anyone threating their home and the people in their care. Being a royalty is a lot of responsibility too.

Princess Angela has a pet Siberian tiger that she grew personally out of a suckling cub, and who's extremely loyal to her, probably considering her his mum. Amba is always with Angel wherever she goes and whatever she does, and appears to be completely tame and safe to everyone around. Until she gives him a subtle command or two, anyway...

Most of the time the Princess is indeed somewhat resembling a giggling party girl brat. But if the act drops by some reason, it becomes apparent that it's a very confident in herself, extremely cool and dead serious person, always radiating an aura of dominance, supremacy and authority around her in these moments, with a gaze that is almost literally able to see through everyone present, a gaze that reads the character of a person without any mistake in a second.
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