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Author Topic: LCARS Intelligence Database - The Consortium  (Read 311 times)


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LCARS Intelligence Database - The Consortium
« on: October 29, 2016, 06:35:09 PM »

Starfleet Intelligence Central Records Archive (SICRA)

Compiled Consortium Background Report 

As requested, selected report was transferred from the Central Records Archive located at Starfleet Intelligence headquarters. Per regulations, all information in this document is to be considered classified and is not to be shared with individuals without appropriate security clearance. 

The contents of this report have been obtained through various intelligence assets utilized by the major powers of the galaxy and through interrogations of captured Consortium operatives. It has been translated into the Federation Standard language for the reader's convenience.

---Report Begins---


Little concerning the origins of the Consortium is known. Rumors persist that the group is either a puppet for the Dominion, an uprising secretly fueled by the Federation, or even a force within the Gamma Quadrant working to purge The Dominion as well as all outside species which have traveled through the Bajoran Wormhole.

Known recruitment methods:

• Traditional Recruitment and Volunteers
• Telepathic Conversion/Manipulation
• Otherwise Forced

Detection Methods

Species with empathic or telepathic gifts, such as Betazoids, can detect lies or motives that are otherwise less than pure. This, however, usually involves an invasive "scan" of a person's mind, one which can rarely be done without detection. Those who are blindly following are the most difficult to detect, as are some who were telepathically manipulated.

The Consortium is known to have engaged the services of Betazoids and other telepathic species in order to mask this as much as possible.

Consortium Operatives and Assets

The Consortium is known to have infiltrated several Starfleet facilities and Starships during the Gamma Quadrant coup (Also referred to by some as "The Event"). Key among these operatives are Captain Juliana Terlexa and Captain Julius Grady. Typically in these instances, an average of 2 to 12 operatives would gain access (through various means) to the starship or facility. This number would be much higher depending on the size of the target ship or facility and it's overall importance.

Operatives have ranged in rank from Crewman to Captain, and each was optimally placed for takeover, or in a worse-case scenario, sabotage or destruction of the ship/facility.

Operational Methods:

The Consortium will utilize bombings, hostage taking, raids against outposts, propaganda, and other means to advance their goals. With the seizure of Starbase 11 and various Starfleet vessels, and with the help of traitor Starfleet personnel, the Consortiums attacks have become more organized and are being carried out on a larger scale.

Known involved species:

• Varies

Homeworld / Command Base:

• Unknown homeworld. With it's decentralized command structure (see below) it is unknown how many command facilities are used by the Consortium. The only confirmed base is Starbase 11, located in the Idran Sector, with four other command bases reported (but not confirmed or identified) through interrogations.

• Unknown

Command Structure:

• Identities of the top leadership and command structure of The Consortium is still unknown. It is believed that the group is made up of semi-autonomous cells with a decentralized command structure.

---Report Ends---

Disclaimer - This article is based on a work, The Consortium, created by former TF9CO Aio and current TF9CO Jelim_Mar.
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