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Author Topic: CG/CE 340 Heroine/Battle Class escorts  (Read 795 times)


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CG/CE 340 Heroine/Battle Class escorts
« on: July 10, 2013, 09:31:32 PM »

CE/CG-340 Attack Cruiser Heroine/Battle Class

Production information Manufacturer

1/ Boeing Aircraft Seattle, WA USA
2/ ADI, Adelaide, SA Australia
3/ Nippon Heavy Industries, Nagoya, Japan
4/ EADS, Toulouse, France
5/ To be named off-world partners (optional)


Cost: $7.3 billion

Technical specifications:

Ship Length: 172 metres
Ship Width: 100 metres
Ship Height/depth: 35 metres
Weight dry: 28,000 tonnes

Engine unit(s):

Manoeuvring Thrusters, 16+ 4 vertical thrusters
Asgard modified MKIII Hyper-drive unit
MKIV Naquada Generators 3 (a smaller unit than the MK 1)
Distributed Naquada Capacitors


MKIIIa Colson Industries shield generator


Titanium/Incolloy/Trinium alloy matrix war-hull
“Demon Skin” Diamond Battle Plating

Sensor systems:
CG340 unique-multi phased array, 360 degree
Which includes surveillance, active jamming, targeting.
16 LIDAR Systems
Subspace Sensor System
6 Reconnaissance Probes
Navigation system SQS -49 Raytheon Computer Navigational Systems

Electronic Counter Measures
Holographic Countermeasures
Scuttling Protocols
Venting System
Naquada Power-plant Cell Ejection Pod
Blast-door Lock-down System
Active Camouflage

Other Systems:
Separate CIC one deck below active bridge
2 x Ring Platforms
2 x Beaming Stations
4 x Med-bays
Neural interfaces for command

3 Heavy Plasma Cannon Turrets (CE) 5 (CG)
5 Light Quad Pulse Cannon Turrets (CE) 3 (CG)
16 125mm Dual Rail-gun Turrets
20 VLS Missile Tubes
Mark VI and X Nuclear Missiles
Optional Horizon Weapons Platform
Defensive decoy drones


6 AC-401s (Various marks) (CE) 4 (CG)

-or -

10 F302's (CG only)


112 crew + Air Wing
Passengers (as per requirement)
100 Marines and or SF's

Cargo capacity:
1200 tonnes
130 days worth of Consumables to 160 days if rationed.

Other systems:
IBM contracted mainframe
2 Asgard Beam stations
2 Ring Transporters
Long-range VHF SWIFT (Subspace Wireless In Formation Transceiver)
75 x Stasis Pods

Usage Role(s):

Attack and Escort Cruisers
Deep Space Escorts
Independent Patrol
Disaster Relief

Lead-ship: (Britannia) CE30


The CG340 class will be introduced as an intermediate escort and attack ship,
which could be produced quickly with modular production. It was designed from
the outset to assist and escort larger fleet ships and be a primary platform in
planetary defence, Easily repairable and upgraded, these small vessels can be utilised and assembled by even the most unindustrialised of our allies. Assembly takes 3 months from start to finish, with modules being produced around the globe.
Configurations can be altered within 48 hours if required.


The Water in the fuel section is there to generate the plasma for the Naquada
Pulse Propulsion drives; the actual naquada pellets after all are tiny.

The “Demon Skin” armour is literally made up of solid diamond scales that are
harvested from black dwarfs with beaming technology. Since carbon has the
highest mass-vaporisation temperature ration on record, it would do quite well
against plasma based weaponry.

Of the 36 planned ships; nine are now in service, four more will follow every six months.

Britannia- Joan of Arc- Marie Curie - Iwo Jima - Guadalcanal - Rabaul - Coral Sea - Normandy-Okinawa

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