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Author Topic: Abigail Belinda Lawson  (Read 277 times)


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Abigail Belinda Lawson
« on: December 08, 2016, 06:20:24 PM »

Full Character Name: Abigail Belinda Lawson (Abi, Able or Psycho)
Date of Birth: January 10th 1996
Place of Birth: Christchurch New Zealand
Job at the Shatterdome: PPDC Strike Trooper
Military Rank: Staff Sergeant

Appearance: Abi is a healthy 5’8” tall with a well proportioned physique, not exactly what you would call athletic as in the sense of ‘slim’, more like a brick wall if you envisioned one who could have been a model. She has intense blue eyes that express her emotions through the entire scale. Her full lips add to that with her often typical scowl. She has a fair complexion which is a reflection of her Nordic heritage, Strawberry blonde hair that will often be seen with various coloured ends.

Not too long ago Abi had been told she was carbon copy in the looks department for the actress who played the role of Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad Movies. There was something in this that clicked with her after a tragic incident. Now she is regularly seen even on duty in the full persona of that character.

She is a very outgoing, gentle and understanding person. But she doesn't just let people walk all over her kindness she will put her foot down when it is necessary. Abi is quick witted and not prone to turn her back on you unless you give her a very good reason. She likes to deal with people in person, rather than on the phone. She is friendly and will not use people to get what she wants. She has gained everything she earned by hard work and dedication. She is not a flirt and usually tends to shun guys when they attempt to entertain her. Abi has her heart already set.

There is a darker side when she gets mad and it tends to make people think she is simply exchanging anger for emotion. She can use her attitude when she wants to but she tries to keep it reserved for when she's trying to make a point. But upset her and you are just going to feel pain, she is not adverse to striking out. Crossing her isn't a great idea. She dislikes being called a feminine liberal even though she really is once you get underneath of her attitude. She has confidence in herself and in her abilities but she can be easily overloaded sometimes. She likes her glass of beer most nights, it doesn't matter whether it’s is a heavy lager or a light ale. She prefers boutique beers though. She has been known to break protocol to get the job done but very rarely in a military setting. She has the fear of losing someone close to her again.

Abi has been considered at times psychotic, neurotic, OCD, mad and insane. Most of that a cover for her intense bravery and loyalty to those she serves with. It also gets her plenty of pats on the back every time she brings her team back alive.

Skills: BA in Policing and Law enforcement, University of Dunedin NZ, a PhD in Psychology, Cambridge UK. Advanced military training towards each rank attained. School of Military Auckland New Zealand, Urban Warfare Training unit Holsworthy, Sydney Australia. Two tours in the Iraq theatre 2015-16

History: What can be said about her, she’s damned complicated. Abi was born to loving parents Susan and Edward (Ted) Lawson in a tiny village just outside of Christchurch on a stormy day, the same day a 6.8 earthquake hit the area. Her maternal grandmother said that was a bad sign and perhaps she was right.

From the age of seven her parents noticed something rather unusual in their only child, she was advancing so rapidly in her school work always asking for more difficult things to do. She was a virtual sponge for knowledge. By the time she was eleven, Abi was already doing junior high school exams but because of her age she had to in the end attend a special and quite expensive college for gifted kids like her. Life though up to that point and even her delayed High School graduation at just sixteen, was fairly uneventful. By rights she could have finished her studies before her fifteenth birthday, but again because of silly laws she was unable to officially graduate.

At that point she was undecided at to what to pursue, she really could have done anything she wanted and being who she was, Abi took on modeling to fill in the boredom. That too became tedious for her as there was nothing for her to allow her mind to escape, so in the end she decided on doing Policing for that in indeed was directly from her Senior Sergeant father.

Abi entered Dunedin University on a Police Scholarship just before turning seventeen. She graduated with honors after just two and half years entering into the New Zealand Federal Police Force. From there after a years service she was selected to join an international team for Policing advisement services to Lebanon. After just six months the worst tragedy imaginable occurred when her team of six coalition police officers were attacked by a suicide bomber. Fortunately Abi escaped unharmed as she was still inside their armoured Humvee when the attack took place, but three of her companions from France and the UK were killed instantly.

That incident almost destroyed her. When she returned home full of so much sadness, regret, hatred and a need for vengeance; she resigned from the Police service immediately, citing emotional stress. Yet she still needed to be doing something and that was born out of her horror that Police officers serving overseas as ‘advisors’ are unarmed and essentially their defence is relied upon by the locals. They cannot fight back and that galled her.

She left New Zealand almost a month after coming home, going to Australia to take up citizenship through the military recruitment scheme they had going and the fact that her paternal Grandfather was Australian. Abi entered into the Australian Army as a general recruit, going at first into the Army Police unit, then when the laws were changed she went into the infantry, serving two successful tours in the new Iraq wars. The wars of man though seemed insignificant when the Kaiju, where making mince meat of us.

In late 2017 she was recruited for the Shatterdome Defence Corps. She retained her rank as Sergeant, being quickly promoted to Staff Sergeant. Abi even found time to complete her PhD and find a possible romantic connection in one terribly hunky Ranger,Quinn Cash Douglas. Everyone found it a bit of a giggle with his first name and her alter ego, Harley Quinn.

Face claim: Margot Robbie

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