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Author Topic: Celatus~The Ancient outpost  (Read 3506 times)


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Re: Celatus~The Ancient outpost
« Reply #135 on: July 03, 2017, 02:16:18 PM »

Nicholas Rush
<Creepy corridor>

Rush lingered against Greer for a moment, sighing softly as the pain ebbed from his side again. His chest wasn’t particularly happy about the movement, but a quick inspection made it clear that he had not caused himself any further harm in his eagerness to keep exploring the corridors. The wound on his side had not re-opened, and no more red than before lingered on the bandages.He scooted away from Greer, having used him for support and not because of any deep connection to the man, and straightened himself up again.

As Lou came over and asked him if he was alright, he rather petulantly glared at her, clearly sore about her disrespectful attitude from earlier. Slowly, he moved away from her, waving a hand as he went. “I’m fine, let’s keep moving,” he commented.

Though he would have liked to rush ahead and explore things on his own, he didn’t have a light to do so with, making it rather impossible for him get too far ahead without the limited lighting in the hallway getting the better of his nerves. It wasn’t like he could move that quickly with body in such a sorry state, anyway.

He stuck close to Griff, mostly because he had a gun and if anything lurked in the forgotten corridors, he would be the best one to hide behind before it could attack. He’d already met his ‘try to help’ quota for the day, and he by no means had interest in getting himself hurt for someone else again. Did he look like some kind of hero?

Eventually, his curiosity did get the better of him, the corridor soon decorated with what looked like aged graffiti. He quickly moved to one of the walls, brushing his fingers against the old, permanent text. Some of it looked like Ancient, but some of it- something else. Perhaps two other languages? “I think there were squatters here,” he commented idly as he pulled out his notebook to jot down some of the symbols written on the walls.

“I hope they’re not still around.” He paused from his writing to look down the corridor, though the further in it got, the more of a black abyss it became. How much further until they found where the corridor led, and why was it so deeply hidden from the rest of the compound? A control room, perhaps? The power generator for the base? Something... else? It must not have been so secret once, with the writing all over the walls.

Metal groaned in the distance, the compound buckling against the wind outside, and Rush did his best not to leap out of his pants at the sudden noise.


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Re: Celatus~The Ancient outpost
« Reply #136 on: July 24, 2017, 07:48:55 PM »

 All the little woman could effectively do at this point was to follow. Yes she was armed, a 9mm side arm and her knife and whatever else was in her kit; her failure to bring a main weapon was her own fault really, more so because she was already carrying probably more than she needed. That was Lou.

 As they descended even lower though, it became darker but not so much in the sense of light, that was still filtering from above, it was more a sense of 'darkness' as in gloom, doom and all that, a sense of overwhelming foreboding. She found herself pressed in between Nick and Griff with the others not far behind, the word creepy kept filling her mind as she looked at the ancient script, luckily she paid attention to the good Doctors endless lectures on the subject although she was nowhere near at that stage she could translate as easily as he did. "I remember seeing one of those 'Time team' documentaries years ago, showing how humans have been doing random graffiti for centuries, so I guess the ancients must have had teenagers to maybe?" She was trying to make light of it, but it didn't come easy as her tummy turned over in fear.
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