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Author Topic: Madison "Maddie" Carter, Ranger  (Read 141 times)


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Madison "Maddie" Carter, Ranger
« on: January 23, 2017, 02:45:01 PM »

Full Character Name: Madison Carter
Date of Birth: June 24, 1993, 27 years old
Place of Birth: Charlotte, Virginia
Job at the Shatterdome: Ranger, assigned to Striker Eureka
Military Rank:

Appearance: 5’8 tall, Madison is lean and athletic but has some curve to her. She has hazel eyes, and long brown hair that she keeps always tied back in a braid of some kind to keep it out of her face. She always wears neutral colors; greys, dark blue, black, white, except for kahki green, and is more concerned with being comfortable for work, training and workout than with making a fashion statement.

Personality: Proactive, she looks toward the future always. She tries to stay a step ahead of whatever is after her, whether it’s human or not. She’s easy going, easy to talk to, but she can come across as harsh, distant or aloof when she has something on her mind. She likes puzzles, to solve problem, and she just won’t quit until she finds some kind of solution with the least amount of collateral damage. One could think that she doesn’t get angry, but in fact she’s just the kind that internalize any emotion that could be considered as a weakness. She was raised to be strong, and never saw a reason to change.

Skills: Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, these are the three that she really has mastered.

History: Maddie was born in a family where all the boys were expected to join the Marines. Being the fourth daughter of a family who couldn’t afford to try a fifth time, she became the boy by default. Her parent’s marriage went to hell when she was still a young child, when her father learned that two of his daughters were not his. He tried to take most of his children with him, but most were more attached to their mother; only Maddie was taking more after her father.

Her childhood, moving from Military base to Military base with her father led her to form a very solid bond with him since no one else was a constant in her life. She kept in touch with her mother, but her sisters became distant, estranged. Following her father everywhere, including the moment where he was on leave and going hunting or fishing, Maddie became more and more boyish without forsaking her femininity completely. He even taught her to fight; kickboxing was his discipline of choice and she took to it quite easily. He even taught her to shoot, and she shot her first buck by the age of 14. Growing on the base, with a military father who wasn’t always the easiest man to deal with gave her a solid grasp of discipline, and she went through her teenage years without really going through a rebellious stage but delved further into martial arts.

When time came for her to decide what to do of her adult life, it was a no-brainer. She followed in her father’s footsteps. It wasn’t easy, but it was easier for her; she had been groomed for it all of her life. She thought that she headed into the marines first, but when time came, she headed straight for the PPDC Academy, where she took to the training like fish to water. Her best scores were in the simulator, with the only mark against her being that she sometime strayed from mission plan, though she rarely ever failed.

After a long training, she was assigned to the Sydney shatterdome and told to report to the Marshall for a possible pair with another ranger. Maddie was more than ready to tackle the task, with solid nerves and a quiet, peaceful mind. Her decision to go and fight the Kaiju was solidly anchored in her mind, and she wanted to believe that she wouldn’t cling to one memory during the first connection between her and this stranger who would share her mind, a few hours at a time.

Face claim: Jessica Biel