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Author Topic: Game of Thrones ~ Reborn Era  (Read 577 times)


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Game of Thrones ~ Reborn Era
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:24:47 PM »

Name goes here: Game of Thrones ~ Reborn Era
Image goes here:[/B
Link goes here: http://iceandfirethrones.forumotion.com/
Format?: Forumotion
Your Account: http://iceandfirethrones.forumotion.com/u2
About you: I am 28, people usually call me Cassie or Kiara, Kiara being the name i used on my first site and just stuck. been RPing since 2009, mostly in Harry Potter and fantasy like sites. Ever since I seen game of thrones on tv I feel like it would make a really interesting RP but I never found one i liked. So I started making one with a friend of mine.
Where is our LW Icon?: It on the left side of the home page under Affiliates.
Classification: Game of Thrones Fandom  Role play
Activity: Fairly new site and still looking for members, we have 3 members active daily 61 posts total and we play multiple characters, pending Real life we each try to post atleast once a day.
Rating: Considering Rating for Game of Thrones it self Going with M for Mature
For Role Play sites
Story or plot: It is a Alternate Universe to that of the show Going back to the time when Aerys Targaryen was King of the seven kingdoms. However changing the fate the kingdom took the first time. Roberts rebellion will never occur and Prince Rhaegar will become King to replace his father who is steadily going Mad.

Also somethere in the North in a Tiny Village a young woman finds a dragons egg and it hatches. The biggest secret the Seven Kingdoms has ever seen rests on one girls shoulders.

Any other notes: There are many Canon characters of that Era still avalible to be taken, King Aerys and Prince Rhaegar are already in play. We would be really happy for someone to try their hand at one of the others, Such as Queen Rhaeglla and Tywin Lannister the Hand of the King. We are a relaxed site, there is no word count for posting just post why you feel is natural and do your best. There is also no character Limit, play as many characters as you want.
Contact?: Email me, kiaralight@live.ca