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Author Topic: X-Zone Rules  (Read 375 times)


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X-Zone Rules
« on: March 23, 2017, 11:55:13 PM »

Welcome to the X-Zone!

Here, you will be able to roleplay any idea that isn't quite worth its own long-term section on Lost Worlds. If your thread in the Interest Check section doesn't garner very much attention, it may indeed be better suited as a series of short-term roleplays here in the X-Zone.

The premise of this section is simple: If your idea isn't intended to be a long-term roleplay or you simply want to try out a new writing style or a different genre, you can set up a concept thread in this section that details your roleplay idea, any rules you feel are relevant, and then wait to see if anyone's willing to take you up on the offer.

The X-Zone is also an excellent way to test chemistry with other writers. Perhaps your forever-penpal is hiding amongst our ranks! Private roleplays between certain members are definitely welcome here. Just make sure they're properly labelled as such!

There will be a separate thread for the form you need to use for concept threads. You can find that here.

  • Members are responsible for their own roleplays. Admins and moderators will, for the most part, be only involved for housekeeping and basic responsibilities like moving threads.
  • Incomplete or wrongly filled out forms will result in a PM being sent to the thread poster. If the form is not fixed within 48 hours, the thread will be archived.
  • Participation in an X-Zone roleplay is always optional. People may leave roleplays at any time with no hard feelings; this section is intended for short roleplays, new ideas, and different experiences.
  • The premise of an idea does not need to detail all the applicable lore. It only needs to describe the premise. If someone is interested, further detail is recommended to be posted.
  • Once an idea is coming to fruition, all thread titles in the Character Creation and X-Zone Roleplays sections must utilize the listed acronym in the concept thread at the beginning of their titles.
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