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Author Topic: Star Wars: The Last Remnant  (Read 337 times)


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Star Wars: The Last Remnant
« on: April 08, 2017, 02:34:26 AM »

Genre: science fiction, fantasy.
People Required: 1 or as many that want to join in.
Acronym: SWTLR.

Premise: The year is 1BBY and the Galactic Empires grip on the galaxy has reached new heights. After an increasing amount of victories by the fragmented groups of rebels across the galaxy the Empire begins to turn its full attention upon the new threat that challenges its supreme rule.

In 19BBY the war between the predecessor to the Empire known as the Galactic Republic clashed with the Seperatist movement known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems resulting in true victory for neither side as the Empire rose from the ashes of war to envelope the galaxy in darkness.

Now citizens of every race around the galaxy have decisions to make. Pick a side or attempt to remain neutral. The shadow of the Empire grows ever larger continuing to encompass more systems under the guise of order and security. Only some in the right place will be able to form the courage to stand against the Empire.

Around the galaxy fragments of the CIS continue to be hunted down by the imperial war machine. Some such fragments must choose to die fighting against the Empire or help make way for a new galactic democracy to take shape.

The story that I would like to play, is this:
As a fan of the CIS this story will revolve around a remnant of that faction.
At first it will be the CIS struggling to survive however they will slowly become one with the Rebels and as time gos on will become a more integral part to bringing down the Empire.

I would like everybody to play at least one CIS character though I will allow the playing of other potential rebels that find themselves involved with the remnant. Ability to also play an imperial character would be nice but is not necessary and will only be useful if we want some imperial pov stuff.

Extra: I have a good beginning story for us. I am also considering a possible end of clone wars prologue but I will see if people are interested first.