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Author Topic: SWTLR Jac Phobos  (Read 341 times)


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SWTLR Jac Phobos
« on: April 08, 2017, 04:17:35 AM »

Name: Jac Phobos


Species: Human

Homeworld: Talus

Backstory: General Jac Phobos was born on the planet Talus near Corellia.
One year before the outbreak of the clone wars he decided to travel to the outer rim planet of Desevro joining an academy there to continue his education.
Once the clone wars began he decided to sign up to the Desevro military academy where for five months he was trained to become a soldier, instead of returning home to his family he chose to join the CIS military where he was quickly thrust into a war he knew little about.
Being skilled he was eventually promoted to the rank of General a trivial rank he decided as the higher in rank he got the more he seemed to be placed in armies consisting of droid units.

Nevertheless he occasionally contacted his family who never ceased to attempt to convince him to come home. However he eventually found himself quite capable of leading battle droids and as he soon discovered the damage the Republic was doing to the outer rim he led his forces to the battlefield of Tharkos to defend the Thanium worlds which eventually lead to a CIS victory.

Near the end of the war he contacted his parents far less deciding that working on planning his next victory was far more important. He was eventually given command over an army that was assembled to attack the core. Some time later he was shocked to discover his intended target was none other then his homeworld of Talus.

He knew that he could ruin his chances of victory by warning his parents of the coming invasion yet he did so knowing he could never live with himself if he did something to harm them. Sadly he never received a reply from them, all the way up to his deployment on the planet he never knew if his parents had gotten his warning.

Soon after this battle he was eventually forced to withdraw under the knowledge of an imminent Republic reprisal which served to be the last time he would ever see his homeworld as he was forced to once again flee back into the outer rim, afterwards the CIS would quickly fall apart and he would end up on the run from the new Galactic Empire.