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Author Topic: Into The Breach  (Read 1007 times)


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Into The Breach
« on: June 21, 2017, 10:43:12 PM »

"Feh. Fe-Hu!"

"Feh! Fe-HU!"

These words were intercepted from the communication channels used by the Ekee warriors whose sapper had rammed so violently into the hull of the Allosaurus. Their speed of collision made 0x7F more like an artillery shell than a landing craft. But thanks to the superior quality inertial dampeners aboard the vessel, and the hard work put in by the First Minion's own personal ground crew to maintain them, all 99 souls aboard that short-lived tin can had survived the impact in full fighting form.

"Feh. Fe-Hu!", was the voice of First Minion Gar-Na-Kuul as he sounded off to rally his men.

"Feh! Fe-HU!", was the voice of Sub-Commander Kes-Ba-Uut, who was Gar-Na-Kuul's second in command aboard Sapper 0x7F. His response signaled the readiness of he and the other 97 Ekee warriors to storm the target ship, balls-out, for death and glory.

There were supposed to be 2400 Ekee warriors boarding this Terran capital ship, but as fate would happen, only 99 had made it past Sally's exterior defenses. All the great songs and epics began with moments like these, and Gar-Na-Kuul would not have it any other way.


Sapper 0x7F had slammed into the neck of the great beast. They were only 200 metres from the bridge, as the crow flew. The plan had been for Gar-Na-Kuul and his followers to engage the Imperial Guard at this critical point while the other 2300 warriors took their time spreading out to sabotage the ship before converging upon the bridge in support of their First Minion. Things did not work out quite this way, but Gar-Na-Kuul was nonetheless fully prepared to engage any Terran force he might find along the way to his quarry.

He had hoped to meet the Terran princess in single combat, but as he had already heard Angela on the radio, broadcasting from a fighter craft, he would have to settle for the fleet admiral as the primary target. And no matter whom was the target, Gar-Na-Kuul would inevitably have to fight his way through numerous humans of lower station before reaching it.

It was almost like a video game, but with no respawns.


The breach was a flaming mess of twisted metal. Oxygen leaking from the exposed ventilation shafts fueled the blaze for several minutes, until the partitioning of the ship cut off the supply and snuffed the flames. From the mangled wreck of Sapper 0x7F, lithe bodies garbed in black poured forth and began carving with their plasma cutters through the layers of twisted metal to further open the wound in the Allosaurus' hull and expose her vulnerable innards.

Like a virus infecting a host, the Ekee warriors surged into the ship until they reached the first of the sealed bulkheads. Perfectly content in the vacuum of space, thanks to their Entheri-tech armoured-and-pressurized space-combat suits, the 99 warriors began the slow but deliberate task of carving through the many layers of sealed blast doors one by one.


The Imperial Guard soldiers waiting on the other side of the first bulkhead were met with a jubilee of flashing and sparkling grenades designed to overwhelm their optical aids and fill the ship's hallway with thick putrid smoke that would block visibility for a few precious seconds until the vacuum of space sucked it all away. Likewise, the automated turrets were unable to acquire specific targets and forced to shoot wild or not at all.

During that short grace period, the first rank of Ekee warriors swung into position, latching onto all four walls of the exposed tunnel with their magnetic grappler-boots and deploying their energy batons as shields against the barrage of plasma fire the Terrans would certainly let loose against them. A second rank of Ekee fighters fell in behind the first warriors and took aim with plasma carbines to return fire upon the Terrans.

In the chaos of mutual suppressing fire, the elites among 0x7F's crew, led by Gar-Na-Kuul himself, swooped forward with the full speed of their Ironman-like suit-thrusters, and overran the first line of Terran defenders, slashing and chopping furiously with their swords and talons to make sure none survived.

The few Ekee casualties taken were tossed out into space without much thought, along with the bodies of the Terran dead, and the remaining warriors pressed forward. The second bulkhead loomed, and the same plan of attack was to be executed again, for as many bulkheads as it took to reach the bridge, or until every last Ekee warrior was dead.

"How many is that now?", asked Kes-Ba-Uut as he wiped the red human blood from his sword using the floating body of one of the vanquished.

"Wort wort wort!", chortled one of the warriors nearby.

"Maintain discipline!", barked Gar-Na-Kuul in response, wishing to keep everyone ever focused on the next line of defenders.

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Re: Into The Breach
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2017, 01:15:14 PM »

Ekee efforts surely did not go unnoticed by both the crew and the ship herself. One of the advantages that the Terran Imperium had over the Entheri Dominion was the extensive robotics and Artificial Intelligence employment. And Sally allowed the automated defences of the Allosaurus to adapt to the tactics used by the intruders and evolve her own programs on the fly, as well as relate all the combat information quietly and securely to the crews. There simple was no chance that those Ekee boarders could survive the entire regiment of the Imperial Guard and take the ship, yet of course they would do their best, partially aided by Sally having to seal the sections and splitting the crews in smaller groups.

Flashbangs, you say? The crew was informed and now, when facing the moment of another bulkhead breached, heavy sunscreens for the EVA situations when the local star blazes in your face would protect the visors and helmets. Putrid smokes blocking the vision? Heh, thermal radiation doesn't care for the gases, switch the main data input channel and adjust IFF a bit to account for the Ekee suits. There was a lot more surprises up Sally's sleeves yet...


The Sapper has reached the hull close to one of the recreational decks, full of gyms, cinemas, libraries, arboretums and such for easing the morale state of the crew aboard over the long journeys. The intruders would have to cut through two more bulkheads to storm in the deck proper. Behind the first one they'd find seemingly empty corridor, which however, would be ridden with the traps - water would suddenly douse them and a good old electricity would gleeful discharge from the overloaded conductors Sally would would expose.

Behind the other bulkhead there was now a fire team of the Imperial Guard clad in the Powered Armour waiting, armour's black colour making it nigh invisible in the darkness of the ship for the AI had killed all the power here but the most critical systems. It was painted pitch black specifically for the possible operations like these, for hiding in shadows. This was a team of the heavies and each of the soldiers carried a good old reliable heavy plasma repeater, in addition to the grenades and knives and what not. Even four of them would make a good stand against the Dominion pawns here and take a lot of them down before being forced to retreat or be killed.

((Think Enclave PA for the IG soldiers, them getting the best

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