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Author Topic: Erin M. Parker  (Read 560 times)


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Erin M. Parker
« on: July 16, 2017, 12:12:17 PM »

*Approved by SD*

Played By: Cipherhornet18
Character Type: Main Character
Full Name: Erin Maye Parker

First Position: Strategic Operations Officer

Second Position: Chief Tactical Officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Assigned Quarters: Deck 4, Senior Officer Quarters
Duty Shift: Alpha/Beta Primarily. As needed.


Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 33

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Physical Description:


Father: Henry Parker, Civil Engineer, Utopia Colony
Mother: Dr. Janice Parker, Surgeon, Utopia Colony Hospital
Siblings: Lieutenant Daniel Parker, Engineer, USS Intrepid
Other Family:

[Personality & Traits]

General Overview: Erin is very confident in herself and her abilities, though there was a time she wasn't, and it both haunts her and drives her desire to always grow and improve. As a result, though she is professional, she injects her sense of humor into her work with sarcasm and wit. When interacting with others, she tends to be friendly to start, and will open up more to those who show to be motivated and friendly, but dislikes arrogance and laziness, becoming more distant and quiet around those types of people.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Erin generally looks for improvement in what she does, which means that while she takes critisism mostly well, she also hates the phrase "good enough", and may try to actively scrutinize herself just to find something to improve upon. This is largely driven by the fact that she used to not be as confident in herself, and there is a perpetual fear that she will fall back on old habits and ruin herself and her career in the process. She tries not to let that show, but in times of extreme weakness, the past can resurface.

Ambitions / Personal Goals: Erin wants her own ship to command, but she knows that it is a destination that is perilous and requires sacrifice and growth, and while many people want to sit in that chair, very few actually do. But she wants to get there without running others over. She has also struggled with romantic relationships, since she often found people drawn to her physical appearances were then turned away by her emotional turmoil, and Erin had to put that aside to improve herself as a person and as a Starfleet officer.

Hobbies: Erin enjoys holonovels set either in the Old West or World War One. In the case of the former, she favors stories involving a famous lawman, Wyatt Earp, while the latter, she will favor stories set with T. E. Lawrence. As a result of both, she has developed a taste for playing card games and horseback riding. Past that, she is open to trying new activities with her friends or just casual socializing as time permits.

Interests: On top of her interests in parts of history that overlap her hobbies, Erin has always had an interest in the evolution of Starfleet from it's Earth origins, and continues to keep up, as best as she can, on the continuing changes made in Starfleet's tactical fields. She also likes old Earth music of the rock and roll genre, actually not a huge fan of classical music like many of her peers.

Personal History: Born on Mars in 2355, Erin spent most of her time growing up in the custody of her paternal grandparents, as both of her parents were more committed to their careers than their children. While younger brother learned early on to be self-reliant, Erin instead began to doubt her own self-worth, questioning why her parents didn't seem to care or love her.

Starfleet offered her a chance to prove herself to them, to become someone they would finally appreciate, so she threw herself at being accepted into Starfleet Academy. She applied in 2373, failing to gain acceptance, but her application was reconsided and accepted after the Dominion War offically began.

By the time she graduated in 2377, Erin had managed to overcome some of her self-doubt and graduated into the Security/Tactical field. Initially, she wasn't given much of a chance to figure herself out on her first posting, aboard the USS Budapest. Her superiors saw her as a liability, technically competent but too unstable and just a mistake made by Starfleet in a snap decision to recruit as many people as possible in the face of the Dominion War. However, a year later, while on an assignment working with the crew of the USS Potemkin, the Chief Tactical/Security Officer of the Potemkin objected to the way she was being treated and requested she be transferred to his ship, a request obliged by his counterpart on the Budapest.

While serving on the Potemkin, Erin learned to finally come to full terms with her relationship with her parents and her own motivations. She came to realize that her parents were simply too career minded for a family and that their neglect was not her fault, as they were still too career minded to maintain good relations. And with that, Erin began to open up more, to seek out improvement in her own life for her own sake. By the time she was sent to her next posting, Erin had become one of the shift leads for the Security Teams on the Potemkin and left the ship as a Lieutenant.

In 2380, after spending 2 years on the Potemkin, Erin was transferred to the USS Phoenix. Initially, her time there was quite enjoyable. She began to make good friends and her life seemed to be on track, and for most of the time, it was. However, in 2384, Erin faced a difficult situation. She was responsible for leading a team rendering aid to colonists being harassed by pirates and criminals, but was under clear orders not to resort to force. When a raiding party hit the colony, Erin was supposed to just evacuate her team and the colonists, but the leader of the colonists pleaded with her not to uproot them. So instead, Erin defied orders and led the defence of the colony. It was successful, and Erin was unrepentant in her actions. Her superior officers were all unhappy with her defying orders, and she was given an official reprimand and transferred off of the Phoenix.

Erin was transferred to Starbase 173 as punishment, but she quickly demonstrated that she was anything but a problem officer, taking the initiative to improve the base's security. However, her eye for details on a strategic level caught the attention of the station's senior staff, and Erin was given the chance to change career fields and go into Command. She was assigned as the station's Deputy Strategic Officer, which put her in good stead for being assigned to the USS Valhalla in 2388.

Starfleet History:
  • 2373 - 2377 - Starfleet Academy (Tactical/Security Field Orientation & Cirriculum)
  • 2377 - 2378 - Assigned, USS Budapest (NCC-64923) (Junior Security Officer)
  • 2378 - 2380 - Assigned, USS Potemkin (Junior Security Officer -> Security Shift Lead)
  • 2380 - 2384 - Assigned, USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) (Security Shift Lead -> Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer)
  • 2384 - 2385- Assigned, Starbase 173 (Assistant Chief of Security)
  • 2385 - 2387 - Career Path Change, Command Route. Reassigned, Deputy Strategic Officer, Starbase 173
  • 2388 - Present - Assigned, USS Valhalla (NCC-18000)

Medical History:

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