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Author Topic: F-306 Rapier Space Superiority Fighter  (Read 202 times)


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F-306 Rapier Space Superiority Fighter
« on: September 23, 2017, 04:18:36 PM »

F-306 Rapier Space Superiority Fighter

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Background: With the success of the F/A-305, the F-306 was born out of a desire to create a potential successor to the F-302. The goal of the Rapier project was to incorporate the latest technologies from Earth in 5th Generation fighters, such as the F-22 Raptor and the T-50 PAK-FA. The use of forward swept wings and forward canards used in the F/A-305 was adopted for the F-306, though the Rapier uses two engines rather than one. The engines feature three dimensional thrust vectoring to further improve agility, but this required more work on the avionics to rectify the further risk of instability. The cockpit is all digital displays with a conventional HUD, but is in testing to have the HUD removed in favor of helmet mounted systems once they become more available. Currently, the F-306 is being produced to complement the F-302 until such time as either the Rapier proves its superiority or a development project to further enhance the F-302 beyond the F-302C/D line is available.

The F-306 has two dual hardpoints on each wing and a unique quad mount hardpoint fitted to the centerline. The gun is a modular mounting system mounted in the nose area, similar to the F/A-18 Hornet’s gun position, and is capable of using either railguns or energy weapons. A prototype plasma beam cannon pack can be mounted on a special dorsal mount, but this is not yet considered a practical weapon system and is only used by the F-306 models being specifically assigned for weapons testing. Another unique system fitted to the F-306 is an internal electronic countermeasure system that combines the latest advances in ECM technology on Earth with alien technologies to further improve survivability. However, the system is extremely power hungry and can only be used in short bursts.

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 19.7 Meters
  • Wingspan: 16.7 Meters
  • Height: 5.1 Meters
  • Engine: x2 Sublight Engine
  • Powerplant: Mk. 1 Naquadah Generator w/Hyperdrive Capacitor
  • Shielding: Regenerative defensive system
  • Hull: Naquadah Composite
  • Sensor:
    • Derivative of AN/APG-81 ASEA Radar System (modified to sensor)
    • Thales SPECTRA Electronic Warfare Suite
    • Lockheed Martin AN/AAQ-33 Advanced Targeting Pod (Integrated)
    • Link-16 Fighter Data Link System
  • Countermeasures:
    • SPECTRA System (Calibrated to be used with AN/ALE-45 Chaff/Flare Dispenser System, SPECTRA EW systems)
    • XALQ-145 “EagleEye” Prototype Electronic Countermeasure Suite
  • Armament:
    • 1 Nose Gun Mount - Compatible with Fighter-sized Railgun or Energy Weapons
    • 2 Dual Wing Hardpoint - Compatible with AIM-9, AIM-120 Missiles, Mk. IV Nuclear Missiles (Note: Only 1 Mk. IV per Wing in this configuration)
    • 2 Quad Fuselage Hardpoints - Compatible with AIM-9, AIM-120 Missiles
    • 1 Prototype Dorsal Mount for Prototype Plasma Beam Weapon
  • Other Systems
    • Inertial Dampeners
    • Grappling Cable w/Launcher
    • Upgradeable to Helmet Only HUD System

    Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.