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Author Topic: Kapu - The Capital  (Read 1159 times)


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Kapu - The Capital
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:10:16 PM »

Passing through the gate was a surreal experience.
To see the space around you bend and turn into a tunnel, to pass by worlds and suns in but a few moments...
The kind of thing that once experienced stuck in one's head.

His euphoria ended after he realized what lied before him.
Mariis expected a plain, but that... that was a city.
Houses with red roofs he could see, and in front of him a massive building with a roof as white as the beautiful Ionian pillars keeping it suspended.
Slightly moving his gaze, he now saw eyes, hollow and made of steel.
Below those eyes, staff weapons.

"Aray kree!". A wolf-headed man with a distorted voice was pointing a staff at him and his men.
"ARAY! KREE!". Now he insisted.

"Stay where you are", if his knowledge of Goa'uld did not betray him.
Slowly turning towards his men, he pointed with his eyes towards their own staff weapons and then dropped his own, followed by them.

Now the wolf approached him. "Who are you? And what are you doing in our city?" the man asked. He appeared to prefer the language of the gods.
"Be we explorers" Mariis replied in broken Goa'uld.
Noticing the poor syntax and struggling accent of the newcomer, the wolf switched to his own language. Judging by the cuirasses that they wore, these people were of his own race, after all. "And those two gliders that came just before you? Explorers, too?"
"They are with us, yes". Now they spoke the same language, though millenia of isolation had made their dialects scarcely intelligible and Mariis still struggled to an extent.
"Then know that they will be our prisoners as soon as we will capture them. Unless they will die in the impact, of course"
Mariis just feigned preoccupation. If those people had the same death gliders as always, then their own fighters would have little issues in disposing of the chasers.
"Our god, the lord of this world, may want to see you. I expect you to explain everything to him, stranger".

With a gesture of his head the wolf intimed Mariis and his men to follow him, parading these strangers throughout the city as trophies in the process.
Used as he was to the villages of his homeworld, Mariis could barely believe what he saw. Paved streets in place of dirt, well-dressed men and women, comparatively even the smallest house appeared to be thrice as big as their huts carved in the stone, with beautiful roofs of red bricks.
The city felt massive, neverending, even, but eventually they reached what appeared to be the home of the god of that world.
Unlike his queen's, where everything was conceived to keep certain natural elements as close as possible to its inhabitants, this was representation of man's triumph over nature. A different, alien kind of splendour, built in the light of this world's own sun rather than in the bowels of its earth.
And, speaking of suns, his captor had finally revealed his face as they passed through a giant arch.
There was a mark on his forehead, an eight-rayed sun.
Another far cry from the tidal wave on his own.


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 01:59:51 PM »

The hall was grandiose in scope and size, easily surpassing in splendour the one of his queen at home. Everything on that world appeared to be grander and bigger than anything of his homeworld. Compared to all this, everything he was used to was so rustic, so lowly...

There, at the end of the hall, several meters from him, lied a white tent, from which emerged a man clad in a richly-decorated cuirass, accompanied by a company of jaffa and a woman with lips that appeared to be roses.
One of the jaffa whispered something to the man he was accompanying, before proclaiming his announcement.
"You stand before Mamers, war incarnated, and his concubine Herentas. State to our lords your business on this world".

Then his fears were confirmed. This world, like his own, was ruled by gods. Those two there were the rulers, and goodness over what kind of world they ruled...
If even a single continent of this world was covered in cities half the size of this one, then its people would have jumped on his own like a pack of rats on a few cockroaches.

"We are explorers, my Lord". Hardly a lie, though this reconnaissance was certainly not for its sake.

"You are jaffa and you want this world". The god appeared to have completely ignored what Mariis said. "Who sent you?".

Straight to the point and without leaving any room for twisting of words. This was a bad day. Mariis had no way out of this. He could only give the answers this god wanted.

"We were sent here by our goddess Mefitis, She Who..."
"Stays in the Middle, of course" the man continued the intimidated jaffa's senntence. He was visibly amused.
"That coward and that beggar queen sends you?" he inquired without hiding his contempt.
"We are here as explorators" was everything Mariis could muster from his throat.
Mamers just dismissed his claim. "The vanguard of an invading force, I can tell. Goodness, look at you... Covered in furs and clad in iron... beggars and goat herders like your goddess".
Mariis bowed his head in shame. He clenched his fist, he wanted to punch that man for his insolence, but how could he deny the might of that world?
Besides, the idea of waging war on the god of war... that would have been suicidal.

"Utterly pathetic. Still, I am not without my mercy. I am disposed to talk to your queen, we shall discuss the terms of her peaceful submission". With a nonchalant gesture of his hand, he ordered some of the guards to escort the visitors out. "Take note of the address to their world. We shall take it and its queen's womb by force should she not be here within a month of the Tau'ri" he added as they went outside. The leader turned towards his god, nodded and then executed his orders.
Besides him, his consort smirked for a moment before recomposing herself.



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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2018, 08:29:20 PM »

Go there, parade through the city, be insulted and made fun of by a god and bear his sacrilege, go back to the homeworld to warn everyone. All of that within the span of a day or less.
Everything happened so quickly... This was wrong, unnatural even.
He wanted to know what was happening, or perhaps what happened to the pilots of the new fighters, but he just had no time.
He was there, typing on the DHD, with his squad waiting and the captain of these foreign guards breathing on his neck taking note of his world's address.
His men were visibly demoralized, they didn't expect their world, their people, to be subjugated as soon as they would step out into the stars.
He would have to reassure those people, reignite the fire of their faith in their goddess and queen, but perhaps he would have to start from himself.

With a sigh, he passed through the liquid horizon followed by his men a few moments afterwards.

<<To Tribom>>


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2018, 02:54:31 PM »

<<From Tribom>>

"Mighty", as her warrior at home described it, didn't cover it. All those people, all that... size. Buildings conceived for who knows what purpose racing for the Heavens, well-dressed people by the thousands around her... She could swear she even envied the clothes of some women.
The people gathered around her, murmuring and whispering, curiosity had taken over.
They had to know what she was, who she was... The flash of her eyes made that clear to everyone, who bowed their heads in awe.
The anger of the guards tasked with escorting her to the palace of this worldly god was visible, she could tell that nobody but Mamers and this Herentas were worthy of worship to them. Under normal circumstances a crowd as disloyal as this would have been harshly punished on the spot but the steel-clad guards escorting her to the palace merely ignored such signs.
Why? This was left to conjecture, and the conjectures were many.

Now the tallest building of all was within sight; the winner of this race for heaven, the abode of the gods of this world. Gigantic to the point of feeling empty inside, for an entire district could fit in the throne room, or to be specific, the... tent room?

One of the guards finally spoke. "My Lords... Queen Mefitis and her servants from her homeworld".
After a moment two figures emerged from the tent. Her old flame was all too recognizable with his thick and well-kept beard and the characteristic three-disked cuirass with lupine decorations, but the woman standing besides him was entirely unknown. Tall, perhaps taller than her vessel, with clean white skin and fleshy pink lips. Herentas, she thought. Mefitis could read contempt all over her delicate face, and she returned the feeling with envy and craving for that host.
"Ah, my old friend from the First World. I bid you welcome to Kapu". Mamers didn't hide his sarcasm here. To call 'friend' an ancient foe... "I hope you appreciate what you saw".
She could tell, he was creating an atmosphere of subjugation. She wasn't merely his guest, she was his plaything, his toy to boast his greatness with. Mefitis wanted to return the sarcasm in kind, but the truth is that her awe at this world was genuine. "Very" she replied with a polite smile. But she could only bend so much. "Man hasn't triumphed over Creation at home as much as it did here".
Mamers' voice boomed in laughter, his guest's subtlety lost to him. To Mamers, that was an admission of inferiority. "Ah, my tender creature, how I missed you...".
Mefitis forced her mouth into a smile that lasted as much as his laughter. After a few moments, she took the first word. "So, Lord Mamers. Why was I summoned here?".
"Straight to the point, I see". Now hilarity had disappeared from his face. "Follow me" he motioned with his head.
Mefitis turned towards her entourage. "You can bring your lo'taur with you. As for your guards, they will be given a worthy accomodation" Mamers' voice boomed from behind.
With no choice, Mefitis intimed her men to follow the local guards to their quarters, then she followed the lords of that world.


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2018, 01:49:56 PM »

She had noticed it only now, but he had a sword with him. A shikra fashioned after the Hispanic falcatas of old. He had kept his right hand close to its handle from the moment they entered that room, and the absence of his consort only alarmed her more. He probably didn't want to show her the bloody business.
She knew it, the words she would have uttered there and then would have determined whether she would have ever left that world. She was afraid, as a human could ever be.

"So... my old flame..." Mamers smiled as he sat on a wooden chair. Pine, perhaps. "In response to your question, you are here for a simple reason, your womb". His hand was still close to the handle.

"My womb?" she repeated, feigning incredulity. And to think she had already went through this... with his superior. "What about her own?" she asked as she pointed to the door.
"As barren as the country of the Garamantes" he dryly replied "She gave me my last brood five old revolutions ago". A sardonic sigh at the end.

"Another one whose heart remained on Tau'ri" she laughed inside. Still, it was a huge demand she was hearing. She already heard it millenia earlier, she fought and almost lost to defend her rejection, but she was forced to flee. Now she had nowhere to flee. She could bluff about her fertility, but it would have been a clumsy attempt. If she had been independent all that time and if she had jaffa with her, she certainly was still fertile, he would have thought. But she could bluff about her power. And, perhaps, lay a trap for him.
"Give me one good reason to accept your request".
Mamers laughed and scoffed in return. "Besides the fact that I can undo you here and now?".
"Yes". Mamers didn't miss her gulp. She was terrified, he could tell.
"I can lay waste to your world, I know the address after all".
"It could be well-defended" she smiled, defiant.
"Here, above" he pointed to the roof "there are ten Ha'taks, with thirty more around this very system. In addition to supporting al'kesh and death gliders, that is. I struggle to think your defenses are able to withstand even a fourth of what I can send you".

"There", she laughed again inside. "The fool has just told me his resources". So easily, and so quickly... But, indeed, that was just not a fleet her own could withstand, even in a case of technological superiority. There was only so much her mothership could accomplish, and it wasn't even battle-tested.
Terror manifested inside her again, the prospect of not merely dying but of having her accomplishments, her name, her people, undone with her, as if she never existed in the first place. But, with terror, came another feeling; craving.
This world, its people, its fleet, this man even... she wanted them as much as he wanted her. Maybe she could have had all these, if she would have submitted.
The hopes that formed in her mind manifested themselves in a question. "What happens if I give myself to you?"
His response shattered all that. "You will be confined to worthy quarters where you will produce children for me, when asked to".

So there she had it. Reduced once again to a mere factory of life, an organic instrument, a tool for power of a would-be superior. This was all so familiar...
And that woman, his consort, who burned away her fertility for him... She pitied her for she was used as much as he intended to use her, but she hated her, for she was to be loved in her stead. And into what would that turn her?
A surrogate for her barren womb, and she was so much more...

"I... will think about it" she said. While she was fuming with anger and resentment towards Mamers for this immense wrong that was committed against her, she knew better than to show her feelings. Above all, she needed to take some time for her revenge, and an idea was already taking form in her mind.
"You will think about it in your quarters".
"Of course" she nodded, already absent-minded.

Mamers' face smiled, brimming with satisfaction. He had her, he knew it, it was only a question of time. "Let her dream of more ways to alleviate her predicament" he scoffed inside. "There are no ways out of it".



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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2018, 06:11:44 PM »

For how long had she been in there? A week? Perhaps less?
She had but one thing to do, surrender and give in. She wouldn't have left the place otherwise, she may have as well given in immediately or soon after her confinement, Mamers thought.
She had been latching food for so long and he was tired of all this. Picking his blade from the wall and taking some guards with him, he went to her chambers, his quick paces leaking his impatience for others to see.
She would have given in now, or he would have done things to her.

As he approached the door he heard two feminine voices laughing. What were these two even laughing about?

"Can I laugh with you two?" he said as he opened the door. Then he turned towards his guest. "Telling her five millenia-old jokes?".
After recomposing herself, Mefitis finally turned towards her host. "No, she was merely telling me of some interesting episodes before becoming my servant" she said as she filled a glass with wine. "Did you want something?".
"You know why I'm here". Mamers' impatience could now be read in his face. She merely chuckled entertained. Of course she knew.

After a few moments, she finally spoke. "I have considered your offer" she emphasised the word, almost spitting it "and as a matter of fact I find it advantageous, but I wonder..." she rose and approached him as suavely as she could "why would you want to keep your queen confined in a swimming pool?" she asked with a mocking tone.
Mamers pushed her. "My queen is outside" he said as she snickered at the statement.
"A queen as 'barren as the country of the Garamantes', if I recall correctly" she kept snickering as she quoted the idiom Mamers used in their previous discussion, if it could even be called that. "What kind of queen is that?" she spat.

Mamers remained silent for a minute. He didn't like a bit where this was going, but for the sake of his pride she was making a good point. What kind of consort would he have? The equivalent of a transvestite? Utterly humiliating.
But he loved Herentas, for as warped a Goa'uld's love could be. She had been his queen, his fertile and child-bearing queen, for millenia. How could she suddenly not be that anymore?
"What would you have me do?" he finally asked.
"Rid yourself of that burden" he knew it "or I shall do it in your stead".
Was this a threat? "Is this a threat?".
Mefitis merely deflected the question. "I can give you what you want, but I have my terms. You have no other choices but those I offer you".
"I shall rape my children unto you" he growled.
"And I shall give you the most corrupt brood you have ever had" she taunted him.
That was a credible threat. Biology itself gave her the last word.
Mamers sunk on the bed nearby, to the surprise of his guards who could barely believe what was happening, and pondered for a few minutes the options at hand.
He wanted to kill her there and now or, even better, extract her from that host she was wearing to enclose her in a tank and physically beat that irritating little eel into the submission she deserved, but her point stood, she could have given him a bad brood out of mere spite.
She needed her. His domain needed her.
She sighed deeply, before asking a question with an answer he already knew. "Why do you need her gone?"
Mefitis rolled her eyes before answering. "Why do you think?".
They both knew it. They were gods, or as close as there was in that wretched universe, and gods have dignity, or at least a sense of entitlement the size of a star cluster. To remind them of what they were... the biggest insult.
"How do you want to do this?"
"You'll see" she smiled innocently.
"I... don't want to"
She just kept smiling. "Then you will not".
Fair enough. Or merciful enough, he supposed. Nobody should have to witness the murder of his wife. He shouldn't go through all this in the first place, but he needed all this.

Drowning in her victory, Mefitis finally approached him again. "So... tell me of the waters of your homeworld, Mamers".
Casual conversation with the future murderer of his own wife. Could he do this?
He was to be his new queen, he had to know her either way. Would this be acceptable before or after the deed was done?
Normally his answer to that question would have been a dry and certain "In neither case", but there was nothing normal in this situation.
Perhaps before the deed... "There is not much to tell...".
At the end of that, he had spent his first night together with her. As friends, for now.
"Good job, stupid" he told himself.



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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #6 on: March 21, 2018, 05:56:24 PM »

For a god of war, he was certainly not the most steadfast. How long did his certainty last?
Not much.
How quickly he had sold her, once faced with reality... Indeed, how easily he abandoned her, leaving her to his new consort's mercy.
Desperation or pragmatism?
Or both?
She didn't hide it to herself, Mefitis expected a far greater resistence. Indeed, she counted on having to kill her clandestinely somehow only to force Mamers to face the fait accompli, but instead there she was, heading for her chamber essentially on his behalf.
This felt great.

Drawing a deep breath she reminded herself of what to do, how to do it, then she knocked on the door.
"Come in" a voice said.
As Mefitis entered she found Herentas there, next to a mirror made of levigated bronze. A servant stood to her side, combing and oiling her queen's chestnut hair. Was she preparing herself for a public appearance?
After a few moments the sterile queen turned, revealing her likeness to Mefitis. She was beautiful, naturally so, and with the bearing of a queen. Tall (certainly taller than her), elegant, a statue in the flesh, and for as attractive as Mefitis herself was by human standards, she felt her petite teenage-like features to be lacking when confronted to the goddess before her.
The envy that she felt when she first saw her returned, stronger and more powerful than before. The idea that the new queen of that world would have something less than the former angered her and displaced her, a wave of negative feelings had gathered in the deepest reaches of her heart and was about to crash on the beaches of her mind like a tsunami.
"Oh, hello" she finally said. "Did you want something?".
Mefitis limited herself to silence, then, after a deep sigh, she spoke. "I... was just passing by". The words struggled to leave her mouth, as if a knot formed in her throat.
Herentas merely nodded with a smile and turned again towards the bronze. "So, have you come to a decision?". With a nod she ordered the maid to return to her previous task. "Not that there were many choices" she chuckled.
"I am his".
"Everything my sweetest craves is" she scoffed. "It is wise of you to concede yourself without a fight".
"Indeed" Mefitis nodded, before falling into a silence.

After almost a minute, the silence had began to weigh on the air of that chamber. Mefitis had began to play with her fingers almost like a child and to Herentas the situation was beginning to feel more and more awkward. But, as she attempted to restart the conversation, she was preceded by her guest.
"But are you?" she asked as she ceased her fiddling.
"Of course" Herentas could, figuratively speaking, put her hand in a bracier, as sure as she was of that simple statement. "Much more and in a superior manner than you are" she turned before revealing a provocative smile, reveling in the superiority of her status.
With a slight gesture of her hand, Herentas ordered her servant to cease her fiddling.
Mefitis approached closer to Herentas to then sit on her bed. "And what makes you say that?" she asked feigning ignorance.
"Oh, he gave me the best I could hope for. Many servants" her hand pointed to the maid next to her "a world to rule with him, a beautiful vessel..." now her hand pointed to herself "and the kind of love that only someone who would love me would give".
Mefitis nodded to her with a smile. "Yes...".
"Never, in so many millenia, have I ever perceived a faltering of this love. Besides..." at that point Mefitis interrupted her.
"Three millenia and yet so naive. Time to shower her with reality" she thought. "Have you considered that this love was somehow conditional on something?" she asked. With a gesture of her eyes she pointed in the direction of the juncture of her legs.
Something purely symbolical, for that was but the exit canal of her children. Her womb lied elsewhere within.
Herentas finally admitted to her farce. After a deep sigh of resignation, she finally spoke. "He told you, did he not?".
"He did".
Now Mefitis could see the sadness in her face. Her gaze moved away from her, now she turned towards the floor. "I thought I would have found a solution" her gaze met the guest's once again, then she drew a deeper sigh "but I suppose I remain a... burden even so...".
Her voice was now softer, almost a whisper. A vocal thought not meant to be heard, but that Mefitis heard nevertheless. "I wonder where I was wrong...".

To Mefitis, these were the words of someone who knew she had lost. Her envy towards her remained, the desire to be in her place, but hearing those words... she just could not hate this woman... or whatever she was. She had trusted him, and the more she received the more she did. Never for a moment had she thought of an escape plan, she didn't even think she needed one. She had been naive, and this is how fate paid her.
Another knot formed in Mefitis' throat.
"Was he... demanding?" her words struggled to leave her mouth.
"I suppose so. I always had the impression that I stretched myself too far and lately..." her sentence was interrupted by a sigh.
In other words her suspicions were confirmed, Herentas had fertilized herself to the breaking point. A lesson to learn, even if that meant renouncing to a few thousands of warriors or replacing them with pure humans.
"Mamers sent the guards away from your chambers. How do we do this?".

But, to Herentas, even with her consort's betrayal, going down without a fight was not an option.
The sheer arrogance of this newcomer... to act as an executioner, and for what crime?
Having trusted her beloved?
Drawing on all of her inner strength, Herentas took the comb from her hair, which then revealed a blade. "We don't". Confidence had returned to her, she intended to live past this, even if it meant leaving this world forever for who knows where.
But Mefitis had been there enough. As Herentas swung her blade, Mefitis' right hand raised and clenched itself almost in a fist.
Herentas began to feel a force within her, host and symbiote alike sharing pain together, the latter crushing itself into the former's cervical vertebrae. After a few moments of agony, the goddess fell on the ground, impossibly dead and with her incredulous servant falling with her in a desperate attempt to save what was already dead.

Without uttering any words, Mefitis returned to Mamers to tell him of the deed.



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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #7 on: March 26, 2018, 07:37:22 PM »

Kill. Take a life. Turn a living being into a dead one. While she was supposed to do this with parsimony, she was supposed to love doing this. Her mother did, and her mother's mother, and all the ancestors before them. Living their memories revealed that if there was something the Goa'uld appreciated, that was killing, at least for a greater reason.
She felt their rush, their fulfilment, their satisfaction by living their memories, by remembering, but doing it herself... She never felt a thing.

For millenia she had reasoned that she never felt anything because, where her ancestors killed fellow Goa'uld, she only killed men in millenia. Frail beings who derive their strength from their neighbours, from their groups. Resources, masses, that may have counted for something together but rarely showed any worth alone.
To take one's life was little worse than taking an ant's life, she knew that and this was what she had been telling herself for all this time as infidel after infidel died.

Now it was meant to be different, it was a Goa'uld that she had killed, like herself. Something strong, of worth... and even now she felt nothing. No satisfaction from slaying a god, no fulfillment. Only the same envy as before, as if even in death that woman had more than she had.

Now she found herself before Mamers, the one thing she had truly noticed in her walk through those halls, immersed in thought as she was.
He was where she had left him, in her chambers. He appeared to be waiting for her but she could tell, she was not looking forward to this.
Mefitis spoke first. "Done" she dryly said.
"Done" he sardonically repeated. He could barely believe this. Millenia with his queen spent together, all undone in the span of few minutes, judging by the time that passed.
And all of this thanks to that woman before him, who had managed to turn his life upside down within less than a week.
"Did she put up a fight?" Mamers asked. He had to know how it happened, what remained of her.
"She did her best, but it ended rather quickly". Keeping it vague would have been better, Mefitis reasoned.
But this was queer to him. He didn't even saw any kind of bruise or cuts on her. Mamers decided to inquire further. "How did you kill her?"
After a deep sigh, she just decided to be honest with him. "I... crushed the host's vertebrae, and her with them". There was but one particular that she decided to keep hidden, how she did that. Common sense would say that she did it with her bare hands. Better to make him believe that, for the time being.

Hearing this a drop of water formed in the god's eyes, but after a soft sniff he prevented the worst from happening. He wouldn't show weakness, especially not before her.
"Poor Herentas..." he thought. "You were never much of a fighter". A tragic joke, but he felt that it was somehow fitting. It was just true, and at least he knew that the pain couldn't have lasted much.
Faced with the prospect of certainly seeing his loved one leave him forever, knowing that she didn't suffer much was a relief. A gift, even.

After many moments of silence, Mamers finally accepted the truth before him. "Then I suppose that this leaves us together" he said forcing on his face a smile.
"I... suppose so..." unlike him, her smile was genuine.
"Till death do us part" he sarcastically observed. In the end, this was pertinent enough to this situation. For all this time he had been convinced nothing could harm him or his loved one, and now she of all people died. Would he be next?
No. Mamers was not Herentas and he knew no woman could beat his swords or his fists. Especially not that teenage-like figure before him, regardless of how divinely augmented she could have been. A figure that certainly imposed sympathy, but not respect.
Mefitis just kept smiling.
"Come" he waved his hand towards the entrance. "I want to show you something. We can call this your dowry" he chuckled.
Having attracted his new queen's attention, he led her outside. He had noticed something when she was around his beloved, but perhaps it was just his impression.
There were two ways it would have went, either she would have been hurt in her pride resulting in their first husband-and-wife quarrel, or she would have welcomed this.
Of course, he hoped for the latter.



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Re: Kapu - The Capital
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After a few minutes of walking throghout the halls of that palace, the two found themselves in a big rectangular room at whose center lied a banquet attended by many young women. Noticing their revealing clothing, Mefitis couldn't help but turn away her sight.
Mamers merely ignored it.

"My good wife, before you lies your dowry" he explained extending an arm towards them.
The queen just did not understand.
"An entire harem? My convictions are avowedly and exclusively towards the opposite sex" she indignantly replied.
Mamers just chuckled.
Her new pharaoh's laughter made her jump to another conclusion. "One lo'taur is enough" Mefitis dismissed.
After a few more moments of laughter, Mamers finally decided to be more clear about this.
"Ah, my sweet and naive consort... before you lies your next host" he explained.
Mefitis just stared him with a blank stare, perplex at the proposal.
"... if you crave one, that is..." he added, as if sewing this sentence with the previous one.
Mefitis remained in silence for a few moments before she replied.
"What makes you think I crave a new host?" she asked. Outrage was slowly but surely building up inside of her, it could be seen in her face.
He went on the defensive. "I thought it would have been a good dowry. I had noticed the way you looked at Herentas, as if in your mind she had something you lacked". If he could, he would have closed his ears in anticipation of her shrieks of outrage. Her face just did not look good.
Mefitis wanted to lash at him for this insolence but the image of Herentas dead on the ground was still fresh in her mind. Even in death she had more than she did, and this enraged her.
Finally she realized: as long as she would remain in this vessel, she would never be able to entirely supplant her.

There was the threat of losing her newfound power thanks to the scrolls found on the colony, but she could have easily regained all of it, she knew how to reproduce the process of activation and there was no energy source that powered them, as far as she knew, they just worked on barely conceivable principles.
But this was too good to be true. What if the temptation to implant herself in a new and better vessel was a ploy to disarm her?
Did he even know of her power?
After tearing open his mind, she realized he didn't even suspect it, convinced as he was of having her in his grasp. An illusion that would prove useful. There was nothing in his mind that would prove the existence of any kind of plot.

Mamers brought her back to reality. "Please, take a look" he said as he pointed to the women at the table.
Mefitis smiled at him, almost a silent "You didn't need to", and finally walked to the banquet. As she approached them, the women all rose while bowing their heads as she examined them one by one. None of them appeared to wear any kind of cosmetic, Mamers had seen that all would show themselves for what they were.

After ten minutes, she found her. Standing fifteen centimeters above her (enough to create awkwardness for both) stood a graceful figure in her late '20s with a straight and small nose, sizeable but not vulgar lips and all-around good proportions and black hair. But, if there was something that Mefitis loved about her, those were her eyes, of a grey so dark to almost be deep blue or even black, with the correct lighting. To finish this, her light skin was as smooth and youthful as her own. She was the one.
"You are a pretty girl" she said smiling. The woman before her smiled back, almost blushing. "What is your name?" she asked as she caressed her cheeks.
"Detfri, your highness" she replied.
Mefitis kept smiling. There was indeed something sweet to that name.
"And how old are you?"
"Twenty-eight, your highness".
She was perfect. There was even a certain kind of symbolism in leaving her skin and settling for that new one.
If marriage was the time in which adulthood was truly reached for a human, Mefitis couldn't think of a closer analogy for herself, shedding her petite, teenage-like body and wearing a more mature but nevertheless still graceful one.
Finally, she addressed her one last time. "Detfri, I have chosen you to serve me from now on. Join my other servant, she will lead you to my chambers". With a gesture the queen called her lo'taur into the fray who gently grabbed the young woman by the arm, intiming her of following her, while the other women cheered and congratulated themselves with her.
"I shall be away for a few days but worry not, I will return and then we will have all the time of this world to know each other" the queen concluded with a pat on her back.

To Detfri this was a dream that had just become true, to be a Goa'uld's servant. She was told of the opportunities that came with this position since she entered the royal harem, the idea of following a god in its daily needs, of knowing it on a closer, sometimes even more intimate level, was just too much for her to refuse.

As the two young women left the room, Mamers and his queen did the same but with Mamers leading in another direction.
Once enough distance was put between them and the room, Mamers finally expressed his judgement. "That was a good choice" he said with a tone of satisfaction. "One thing I appreciate: even then, you'd keep your identity. I appreciate the fact that you did not choose one that would have reminded me of Herentas" in the end, she was unreplaceable. Let her be supplanted, but let none attempt to be like her. "Goodness, I wonder what you see next to you. Your husband or a scroll" he laughed.
She just followed suit. Ah, if only knew how much she could read him... "I have lived inside this shell for millenia and my entire self is atrophied. I suppose I'll have to return in the dark place before wearing her". She just wasn't looking forward to that, Mamers could tell. But then again, who loved to be in those pouches?
"Three or four days should be enough for your muscles to be restored to their ancient vigour" he said, doing his best to encourage her. "Then I will announce the news to the people and you will be given a week off to your world. When you will return, you will give me my first brood"
Hearing this, Mefitis managed to lift herself up a bit. Few days, not a month or a year. She could do it.
As for the rest of his plans... she would deal with them later on.
"Come, let us meet your priestess. This way". Mefitis just silently followed him.
The earlier this was done, the earlier this ended.


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
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A sense of dread was building inside of her. She was not going to die, but she had that fear nevertheless and inside of her a voice kept screaming "No, please. Why?". In five millenia she had devoured that host's soul and annihilated her will in the process, adding her past to her own, and now she heard that voice, fearful of a death that was not coming for her. How could this happen?
She had rarely felt emotions that could have not possibly have been her own but that yet were but never as powerful as now, and as the sea of dread made its way into the sinking ship of her ego, her bucketful of reassurance was an old theory of her own, that as the soul had will (both of which she had crushed and devoured and made her own), the flesh had instincts. And that flesh, for as fitting as it was, was still not her own, none truly was or could be. Had it been so, well, she wouldn't be about to leave it.
It was that body's instinct, nothing but electrochemical reactions within its brain. A lowly, material process, she concluded.
Now she had more time to row to safe shores but water still kept flooding the boat.
"Row" she was telling herself on a subconscious level "as quickly and energetically as possible, before the ocean drowns you".

Before her lied a woman, beautifully clothed in colorful garments and with truly royal lineaments.
"Your incubator" Mamers' voice resonated to her left.
More than that, her safe shore.
Now began the hard part, something she was not looking forward to. To expose herself to the world, to remind herself of her true form - ductile, practical... but in its way humiliating and limited, and certainly alien to man - for what could have felt like an eternity...
Within her memory lied nothing but each host's disappointment and even terror at the sight of their gods. It took so much time to... explain things to them, and so much effort that sometimes even resulted in abuse. She didn't want to inlict pain, what she was going to do shouldn't have been a slight and, though she knew that it was not going to be one, the host's impression at first was going to be just that.
Perhaps the next one deserved better. Becoming one with a goddess should have been a source of joy, not of pain.
Mefitis had but one last thing to do. Turning towards Mamers, she attracted his attention by pulling a small piece of fabric of his linen tunic, then she spoke. "Make sure she doesn't see or hear anything" she uttered to him.
"Who?" he asked confused.
"Detfri". Her last word before the darkness.

Not without effort, the queen finally released the toxin that shut the life out of her host and, as the young woman fell dead on the ground, the queen leaped her way out of the vessel's mouth and into the exposed pouch of the priestess.
Her husband's helping hand allowed her to fully slither inside her resting place.

Then a false eternity of nothing. Her serpentine senses were weak and incomplete enough as they were and now, in the darkness of the pouch, she couldn't see anything, while her body was constrained by the small size of the place.
Meanwhile, tendon after tendon and muscle after muscle came back to life after millenia of atrophy and coma.
And, finally, at the end of that eternity, a voice spoke. "She is ready" it said, the only thing she had ever heard for all that time. Itself a miracle, for a creature with no ears. In reality a message to her very mind.
Slowly and gently she came out of the dark place to re-emerge in the world, albeit the vision was as dim as expected.
She catched a glimpse of a vaguely masculine figure waving his hand over the forehead of a vaguely feminine one, before it was transferred to what she assumed was a stone altar.
Then, finally, the two figures, one by then, were now in her reach.

Slowly and elegantly she descended on the pink, motionless figure before slithering her way to the base of her neck, then she finally jumped and burrowed with her jaws, reinforced by her permanence within the priestess, inside of it.
A shriek of pain filled the walls of that room, short and atrocious but only a couple seconds long, before it ended.
Within the span of a few moments Mefitis hijacked every motory function while her host forcefully shared her sensations with her.
Still overwhelmed by her new senses, she rose with her new body from the altar and released part of her within the host's bloodstream. By the time her two new eyes opened the naquadah had reached them, making them appear for a few moments closer to two moons than to human eyes.
A mirror in front of her showed her her new likeness and, behind her, the prostration of those human and jaffa servants who had assisted to the miracle.
The first of her new host's memories surfaced in her mind, that of the pain of her entrance which she now felt as her own.
Mefitis had done her best to make sure that this was the only pain she was ever allowed to feel and, forcefully making her way inside of that mind, she assisted to its freshest memory.
She saw a man - her husband - waving a gauntlet with an eight-rayed star in the palm of his hand and a red gem in the middle. With her senses dulled sound disappeared and her view became hazy. She saw an azure liquid-like thing serpentinely elongating itself out of a woman's abdomen and the rest... well, it was the now.
In the end, Mamers had shielded this young woman from the sight of her true form, as he was asked. Everything was immensely simpler now.
A hand gently caressed her new cheek and, as she turned, she saw her husband. "Welcome back" he softly said, almost a whisper.
The queen just smiled and caressed his hand in return.

Now a long schedule lied in front of her.


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
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Everything was so small from up there... tiny, even. Nothing had meaning or personality, everything, when taken alone, was but a drop, a microbe, a number.
That was no crowd, but a sea. Or at least so it looked from up there.
How many were they?
Half a million? A million? Two, perhaps?
Either way she had never seen so many people together in her life. A third of the population of her homeworld could be concentrated down there, in that massive square.
True to his word, Mamers had rallied the people to give them the news, addressing them from that balcony overlooking that sea of men and women and children.
To Mefitis, this was her first sight worthy of note with her new eyes.
That new host appeared to indicate so much change in her life...

"My people" a voice boomed next to her; her husband's. "I come to tell you of something which will bring both sorrow and joy to you. Your queen, your beloved goddess Herentas, is dead" For a few moments Mamers stopped, in order to allow the people to digest the information. A loud gasp filled the air, then he finally resumed his speech "slain on my orders by a better spirit". Another gasp, to which Mefitis herself joined. What was he doing?
"My people, kneel before your new godddess" Turning towards her, he intimed her with a gesture to appear before her new people. She turned towards him with an inquisitorial gaze, almost asking explanations for what he said to the crowd, but she had no time. Stepping forwards, she revealed herself to that ocean and as if they were one mind in hundreds of thousands of bodies, they all prostrated themselves before her in unison. The discipline and unity of that baffled her. "Mefitis" the god concluded her introduction.
She had nothing to say. She preferred the silence of their devotion, it was easier than uttering any spoken words.
After having reveled in all that for a few minutes, she stepped away from the edge of the balcony and, together with Mamers, she went back into the palace.

Fifteen minutes later

Finally they were alone again, and together. Mefitis was still recovering from that sight, never in her own life she had seen so many people, all kneeling before her. In fact, never in her own life she had felt as powerful as there and then. The old world made her feel like a peasant in comparison. Still, there was something she had to know. Did Mamers create a plan B of sorts by mentioning his wife's slaughter?
"Tell me, why did you say to the people that I killed Herentas?" she asked him without hiding her curiosity.
Mamers smiled and scoffed at the question. "Ah, my beautiful wife... you have slain a goddess. By this act of violence, you have proven yourself to be worthy of being to my side. And, of course, by slaying the avatar of love, of beauty for its own sake, of weakness" he spat "by substituting herself with yourself, you have sent a message to them, that her values are not something to live by anymore, and that... whatever you embody shall be the new Word". In hearing all that, Mefitis thought of all the effort that would be needed to reshape the population according to her desires. Something to keep herself busy, that would have made herself feel wanted. "What do you want me to do? Write a new gospel for them?" she asked provocatively.
"I merely left you carte blanche to reshape these people as you see fit, if you want. Within certain limits, of course. They are a devoted and productive people, poison them not with frivolity". And how frivolous could the values of her homeworld could be? They were a rugged people, indepedent and used to hardship. But, in the end, this was an intriguing proposal.
And it was an explanation that made sense. Reassured, the queen changed argument. "I have been away for some time from my homeworld..." Nothing but a few days, but her son had to know. He had to know his mother was a powerful queen now. Mamers understood where she was going. He approached her closer and he gently grabbed his hand. "Mefitis, show me the waters of your world" he pleaded to her.
The queen didn't miss the citation. It was what she had told him a few nights earlier, when the two had spent one night together, as friends back then. With a blushing smile she showed him her appreciation. "Do you want to meet your stepson?" she teased him.
Mamers replied with a dry, certain "Yes".
He was serious and he appeared to have no reason to jest. And she... damn it, she had no reason to reject him. Not an official one, but now that she had a new, weak host she had to regain her power, and how would she do that without giving away to her husband that she had the resources to create a hok'tar? And no, she would not share the power of those scrolls with him. Let him keep his mastery of the sword...
No matter, her son would have helped her. Somehow.
"Call the servants" she slightly pointed with her head the door "They shall prepare our belongings".
Satisfied, Mamers went closer to her and, noticing that she opposed no resistence, she gave her a long, warm kiss.
When it ended, the two were chuckling at each other.

A honeymoon. Not many on that world could claim to have experienced that, as a matter of fact they didn't even know it. Mamers himself had no terms for that.
And the prospect of a reverse situation of "I'm introducing you to mommà"... well, that would have certainly been entertaining.

<<To Tribom>>


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
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<<From Tribom>>

Home sweet home. He didn't hide it, he missed it. The grandeur, the beauty... the fact that there was no stench of goats and peasants... he missed it.

For a moment he turned his head, to the throne on his left on which his consort was sitting.
Would she miss the stench of her home?
She'll better not, he reasoned.
Aaaah... even the throne was more comfortable. What was wrong with her? Why would she sit on stone?
Unless she spent her days elsewhere, that is.

His frivolous and complacent thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps, which prompted him to immediately reacquire his composure.
His hand reached for his consort's, which he began to gently caress. Mefitis was now looking at him with an inquisitive expression. He ignored it, too intent on keeping that royal demeanor that he thought so much belonged to him.

Mamers spoke first at the man few steps from him. "Ah, officer. What do you bring me?" the self-proclaimed god began.
Without uttering a word, the jaffa extracted a white gold device from his pocket and silently activated it. A hologram was now filling the room.
"Hail to you, master. I bring good news. The Tau'ri may have found an ancient artifact, possibly a map to a city of great treasure. Attached to this transmission will be visual and audio recordings of the find, some... second hand. There appears to be a servant of another Goa'uld on this planet, some are hijacked from his transmissions. I am waiting for more instructions. Shak'ran out".
As the message ended, the hologram disappeared just as it came.

The self-proclaimed god's hand reached for his chin, scratching it in self-satisfaction. What to do?
He would've gladly spared the effort to recover them, but then again stranding them there would mean being captured by those godless Tau'ri. Intercepting their transmissions and then opening a channel for Kapu would've eventually given them their position, assuming they didn't have it already.
Holding back a sigh of annoyance, a wide smile appeared on his face. "It is good to know that some efforts bring fruits" he began.
With a gesture motioned the jaffa to open a communications channel for the stranded boys. A few moments of fiddling and... he was broadcasting.
"A good job, soldiers, you will soon be brought back home. I am sure that your families miss you".
Short and straight to the point.
As soon as the transmission ended, Mamers didn't even need to tell the jaffa what to do, he was already on his way to send the broadcast to their world.

Cold, silent efficiency. He loved it. He would have to analyze the reports from his service, but that man certainly looked worthy of a promotion.



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Re: Kapu - The Capital
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Queen's quarters

If there was one thing she had noticed since she had changed body, this was that she had never felt the need to rest in a sarcophagus. Not for a moment.
How long had it been since she had discarded the old one? A week? Perhaps more?
In all this time, her favourite place of rest was something as worldly as a bed, something that, lack of night gowns notwithstanding - the drawbacks of choosing a new host. The seamstresses would have to take her new measures in order to fill her wardrobe - she certainly did not mind.

But for how long could she go on like this? After all, she could only do so much before this host would begin to degrade.
Later than a regular human, but it would have happened eventually, if she wouldn't have staved off the process through the sarcophagus. And she despised the dependency, if not even the addiction that it created. She despised the sense of powerlessness that she felt as she saw her host degrade, day by day, without the use of that thing. Microscopic changes that nobody but her could see.
What would have happened to her if she would've been closed in a cell for two centuries, with nothing but bread and water?
Oh, the Goa'ulds could do that and more, this was but the tip of the iceberg that was their sadism.
Not that she was in such danger, was she?

Looking at a mirror, she noticed that something had changed from the day before. She couldn't even articulate in spoken or thought words what changed, but it did.
The thought of the perfection of her host withering day by day before her eyes finally enraged her to the point that, in a fit, she shattered the glass of that mirror with a rapid wave of her hands.
Shards of glass were sent flying, piercing the silk of her dress and creating wounds into her skin, but the "goddess" held back a cry of pain.

"Good going, idiot", she told herself. More work to do. Clothing to sew, and skin to repair. Not that she would've had to sew the dress herself, and not that repairing the wound would've taken more than an hour before the wounded parts of her arm would've returned as new, but still...
Normally she would've drowned her frustration into those two preoccupations, but the way in which all of that happened focused Mefitis' mind to her fit of rage. And in that fit of rage, she found the solution to her woes.

She could manipulate any object and its temperature, but what if... what if she could use that power to replicate on her own body the effects of the sarcophagus? What if her own blood and cells would be the subject of her manipulations? She would keep her host from aging indefinately without depending on a vulgar and worldly machine, a further assertion of godhood.
But how did these processes work?
She needed test subjects.

Covering her sleeves, she left her room and approached a guard. "Call for my lo'taur" she spat. Without thinking twice, the man bowed his head and disappeared.
A few minutes later, a knock was heard coming from the door.
"Your servant, my queen" the same man obsesquiously said as he pushed a dusky-skinned young woman towards the door.
Mefitis welcomed her with a satisfied smile. "Ah, Vibia...". A gesture with her head dismissed the guard, and the two entered the room.

The young woman noticed the broken shards of mirror on the ground, but she didn't say anything. The face of her queen appeared to order her not to do so.
The queen's hand gently reached for the young woman's shoulder. "I have decided to grant you a great honor" she said with a comforting voice.


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
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The material around was rather scarce but nevertheless the result was not too bad. The way this new "plugin" to her kara'kesh worked, it was like entering a person's memories, but the person here was nothing less than the central computer managing the sarcophagus. She only had to interface herself with it like she would with any human mind.
A wieldy and elegant device to know the deepest secrets of Telchak's magnum opus, one of the creations that had made the Goa'uld what  they were now.
She wondered: were there others who had ever managed to deconstruct the inner workings of this machine? But maybe it didn't matter.
There was nothing they could have possibly done with the knowledge, except acquiring it for knowledge's own sake.
She had seen much so far, the machine appeared to intervene on so many sensitive parts of the human body... blood, innumerable glands, even the body's own metabolism.
So many microscopic changes... all to obtain the perfection the Goa'uld were known for. Replicating all that she was learning would have been hard and likely dangerous, but perhaps with the appropriate practice on test subjects...

Then, after who knows how long, the trip inside the computer's own memory ceased. Did she see everything?
Opening her eyes and relaxing her hand, she noticed something on her shoulder.
Now she heard a deep voice. "What are you doing?" it said.
Turning, she saw Mamers' face.
How would she explain this to him?
"A... mental exercise..." her tone wasn't the surest, and Mamers noticed.
"A mental exercise?" he replied with a mix of incredulity and sarcasm.
She just nodded and this took words out of his mouth for a few moments, then he tightened his grip on her shoulder. "We should really spend more time together" she saw his face approaching close to her. "Give you something more productive to do than playing with toys".
She didn't like this. She didn't like how he held her, she didn't like his tone, she didn't like his... argument. If he meant that she should have taken her own responsibilities as a queen, then she would. Immediately,  but at her conditions. Not without tying some loose ends first.
"Let's go to the pool. I can be productive there" she almost whispered as she rubbed her belly.
"She understands so quickly..." Mamers told himself satisfied. "Yes. Let's go to the pool".
Mefitis draw a sigh of relief. It was certainly useful that he decided not to inquire into what she was doing. Good for her.
The earlier she took her responsibilities and addressed once and for all this man's impudence, the earlier she could return to her pursuits.


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Re: Kapu - The Capital
« Reply #14 on: October 24, 2018, 06:56:52 PM »

Even there and then, on this new world and within this mighty new home, the pool was her favorite place, one of those in which she spent the most time.
This was furthered by the familiar size and the tendency to constantly keep its water warm and limpid and mildly shallow.
So eager she was of immersing herself within its warm water that she essentially led the way from the sarcophagus room to that place, Mamers barely able to keep up the pace.

Now they were there, in that spacious room, almost as spacious as the one on her homeworld, behind closed doors.
Mamers was convinced he knew how and what to feel, but deep inside there was absolute confusion. "So, my beautiful wife. How do you intend to do this?" he didn't even realize how clumsy and clueless he sounded at that moment.
Mefitis allowed herself a smile - if only to tranquilize her partner - and decided to feign some healthy naivete. "What do you mean 'how do you intend to do this'? How did she do it?" she chuckled innocently.
The god of war was reduced to a bambling child at that point, struggling to put together the simple concepts he wanted to express. Before this show she couldn't help but roll her eyes, before finally taking the situation in her own hands.
She approached closer to him, attempting to forcefully undress him, but Mamers stiffened himself, broadening his shoulders and inflating his chest.
Not expecting this resistence, the queen went on to plan B.
The message had to become clear to him, and so she grabbed his hands and dragged him on the edge of the pool, before she finally began to undress herself.

Finally understanding, Mamers followed suit and, by the time he had finished, the queen had began to drag him again until they both splashed into the water.
Mamers' resounding laughter began to fill the wide room for a few moments, entertained by his queen's playfulness, until she grabbed him again, pushing his lip into her own and him inside of her.
Noticing no resistence from Mamers, Mefitis pushed her consort deeper into her and prolonged her kiss in order to obtain as much of him as she could, even suppressing a moan of pleasure.
Seeded with the juices of his consort, the goddess stalled for a few seconds, apparently recovering from the moment before she finally feigned another kiss.
Noticing that he took the bait, Mefitis' plan finally reached fruition. Softly, she blew a blue mist that entered his mouth and transpired through his skin, before finally engaging in a last kiss with her helpless consort.
It was then, during that moment of deep intimacy, that she felt his will wither away, host's (whatever remained of him, at least) and symbiote's, replaced by endless devotion and desire.

"It is done" she whispered as she ended her kiss, pleasure and satisfaction as one in that moment.
"You can leave, unless you want to see your queen giving birth to our progeny". Mamers hesitated for a moment, but he decided to stay. He still desired her too much to let go of her.
He was hers. Not a godling like her son but the master of a great world, of many warriors and a mighty armada. A greater being than her, a Goa'uld would think, and yet there he was, reduced to a hopelessly infatuated man who needed her as much as he needed to eat and breathe and sleep.
The men of her species underestimated their queens so much, they who had power over the continuation of their species and so much more...
In thinking of Herentas she wondered how many queens had fallen slaves of their consorts, forgetting that they had the power to overturn this.
Too good they were, and to think that queens like Hathor and Isis made everyone more than fond of them...
It didn't matter, and perhaps now with so few Goa'uld queens left it was for the better.

Now that she had secured the loyalty of her mate, she had to secure the future of her species.
With Mamers distantly admiring her, the queen's fingers reached inside her mouth and left covered in a white-reddish foam, the genetic material of her offspring, seeded with the genetic memories of their enslaved father (after all, what better way to ensure the loyalty of the children holding your mate's genetic memory than enslaving him first?) and with enough human code to ensure compatibility with a human womb and a human host.
Finally, her fingers reached inside of her host's intimacy, seeding it with the foam for gestation.
"Rejoice, my child, for you shall give birth to the progeny of a goddess, and you shall do so in ecstasy" she told her host.
And, if the first wave of pleasure came from outside, after about half an hour the second wave, far stronger, came from inside, with the larvae leaving their mother.
And the ecstasy came, stronger and deeper and more intimate than anything that woman had ever felt or could have felt before.

"Praise to you, Mefitis, forever and ever and ever and ever until the end of time" the host lauded her goddess.
It was then, in that moment that protracted itself for hours, that any leftover passive resistence disappeared in Detfri's mind.
Having experienced... this, and with the promise of experiencing it so many more times until nothing would have remained of her soul, what good was freedom?
No freedom could have possibly beaten this splendid slavery.

ooc: hope I didn't overdo it with the description. I could rewrite it if necessary. Contact me in private in case of perplexities.
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